Lord, I need you

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1. Not a fiction

O aspiring humanity,
Liberation is not a fiction
Of your Heaven-imagination.

O illumining divinity,
Perfection is not a fiction
Of your earth-realisation.

2. Two places to live

Live in the doubting mind.
Yours is the torture of the sound-life.

Live in the crying heart.
Yours is the rapture of the silence-life.

3. Historical achievements

Greatest historical achievement:
Man doubted God.

Greatest historical achievement:
Man loves God.

Greatest historical achievement:
Man shall become God.

4. Greatness and goodness

You are great
Only when you illumine
Your darkened mind.

You are good
Only when you feed
Your hungry heart.

5. Donkeys and tigers

O talkative humanity,
Your donkey-stupidity
Is torturing your soul.

O silent divinity,
Your tiger-cruelty
Is devouring your life.

6. Just because

Just because
You do not love God
You are ruthlessly challenged.

Just because
You love yourself
You are embarrassingly exposed.

7. Educate yourself

Educate your thoughts;
Earth-infancy will appreciate you.

Educate your mind;
Earth-maturity will admire you.

Educate your heart;
Earth-divinity will not only love you,
But need you, too.

8. Where is your Compassion-flood?

O indifferent Heaven,
Where is your Compassion-flood
When I pass through death-pangs?

O jealous earth,
Where is your oneness-blood
When world-prosperity embraces my life,
Inner and outer?

9. Lord, I need You

Lord, I adore You
Because You are great.

Lord, I love You
Because You are good.

Lord, I need You
Because You are
My Eternity's All.

10. Who always smiles?

Who always smiles?
Not true.
Heaven cries for God-manifestation
On earth.

Who always cries?
Not true.
Earth smiles at God
For God's sake.

11. My Lord's Compassion-Feet

Lord, I love Your Compassion-Feet
More than I love Your Illumination-Heart.
Because Your Compassion-Feet
Touch my ignorance-head
Long before Your illumination-Heart.

12. Just tell me once

Lord, even if You have to tell me a lie
I won't mind.
I assure You I shall not be angry with You.
Just tell me once,
Only once,
That I am Your best instrument,
That I am Your most perfect child.

13. Journey's start, journey's close

My Heaven-dreams are totally shattered,
My earth-realities are aimlessly scattered.
I love both Heaven and earth
Heaven was my journey's start,
Earth is my journey's close.

14. In silence

In silence I grieve.
No, not even God consoles me.

In silence I smile.
No, not even ignorance-prince ignores me.

15. Sleep with a prayer

Sleep with a prayer.
You will wake up
At God's choice Hour;
You will grow into
God's highest Tower.

16. My love crowns you

My love crowns you,
My crown honours you,
My God needs you
Claims you.

17. My search

My mind is in search of something
Great, very great.

My heart is in search of something
Good, very good.

My soul is in search of something
Perfect, absolutely perfect.

18. A fulfilling perfection

Is an encouraging thought.

Is an illumining will.

Is a fulfilling perfection.

19. The life that is still becoming

Earth's is the soul
That is still pursuing.

Heaven's is the goal
That is still achieving.

God's is the Life
That is still becoming.

20. Fears

You are afraid to die.
I am afraid to live.
Earth is afraid to smile.
Heaven is afraid to share.

21. The eternal Master

I do not know
Who I am.
I do not know
Why I am not another God.
But I do know
That I can really love and serve God
If I want to.
From now on
Let me love my God,
The eternal Beloved,
Serve my God,
The eternal Master.

22. I shall not bury you

Darkness, I shall not bury you.
I shall ask light to transform you.

Ignorance, I shall not bury you.
I shall ask wisdom to befriend you.

Death, I shall not bury you.
I shall ask life to illumine you.

23. Lord, I shall speak

Lord, I shall speak
Because You are divinely great.

Lord, I shall listen
Because You are supremely good.

Lord, I shall become
Because You are my Eternity's All.

24. Across the ages

Across the ages
The human in us
Tried and failed.

Across the ages
The divine in us
Willed and became.

Across the ages
The Supreme in us
Cried and smiled,
And smiled and cried.

25. I refuse to speak

I refuse to speak to myself
Because I overestimate myself.

I refuse to speak to you
Because I underestimate you.

I refuse to speak to God
Because I have nothing new to say.

26. Waiting

What was I waiting for?
I was waiting for man to cry.

What am I waiting for?
I am waiting for God to smile.

What shall I be waiting for?
I shall be waiting for man
And God to barter their possessions.

27. I wanted something else

This is not something I wanted;
I wanted something else.
I wanted God-Compassion.

This is not something I wanted;
I wanted something else.
I wanted earth-perfection.

28. I tell them what to do

I tell my inner world what to do:
Aspire and inspire.

I tell my outer world what to do:
Love God and become God.

29. Just a thought

Just a thought of perfection
Can easily raise
Earth's God-Height.

Just a thought of satisfaction
Can easily transform
Earth's ceaseless pangs
Into Heaven's endless rapture.

30. I need the delight

Oh let me serve!
I need the delight of service.

Oh let me love!
I need the delight of oneness.

Oh let me become!
I need the delight of God-satisfaction.

31. Opinions of the mind

An old opinion of the mind:
God is great and complicated.

A new opinion of the mind:
God can be given
The supreme chance to say His say.

32. Vision, mission, perfection

Vision wants to rest.
Mission wants to work.
Perfection wants to smile;
Perfection wants to serve and become
And become and serve.

33. Little, less, least

Little we see:
Less we feel:
Least we are:

34. In your life

It is in your face:

It is in your heart:

It is in your life:

35. Battles

Battles to be fought:

Battles to be won:

36. Little sorrows, big sorrows

His little sorrows:
He is unrealised,
He is imperfect.

His big sorrows:
God does not love him,
God does not need him.

37. Alternatives

Another place to stay
Is in humanity's heart.

Another thing to do
Is to love God.

Another way to realise God
Is to perfect oneself.

38. Twice I was misunderstood

Twice I was misunderstood.
Once when I said to earth:
Heaven is my realisation-height;
Once when I said to Heaven:
Earth is my preparation-light.

39. I am thinking of quitting the world

Why are you thinking of quitting the world?
Because the world does not need you?
Because the world does not love you?

I am thinking of quitting the world
Because I see the world has no need for God,
For His Life of Light
And for His Heart of Love."

40. The realisation of impartiality's sun

If you are greedy in your demands,
God will forgive you
And the world will forgive you.
But you will not forgive yourself
When the realisation of impartiality's sun
Dawns in your devoted mind
And surrendered oneness-heart.

41. Your best and only friend

Your best friend is your only friend.
Your only friend is he who tells you
That you are not only of God and for God
But you are unmistakably
The God of tomorrow.

42. When God hides Himself

When God hides Himself
You cry.
You try to find Him.
But do you know
That you have been trying
To hide from God for countless centuries?
What has God been doing?
He has been pleading with you
To come to the fore and replace Him
For He is tired.
He wants you to play His role.

43. Confess your folly

You confess your folly.
The world neither ridicules you
Nor appreciates you.
But God in you gets the opportunity
To help you in emptying yourself,
Your unconscious bondage-night.

44. A heavy weight

O earth, your weight of forgetfulness
Is considerably heavy;
Yet I try to lift you and your weight.

O Heaven, your weight of indifference
Is unimaginably heavy;
Therefore, I dare not lift you
And your heaviest weight.

45. My pilgrim days are over

My pilgrim days are over.
My days of searching are over.
My days of surrendering have begun.
My days of smiling and dancing have begun.
My days of God-service and
God-manifestation have begun.

46. One soulful smile

One brave step is not too much to take.
Take one brave step toward your destined goal.

One kind word is not too much to say.
Say one kind word to the lost, orphaned world.

One soulful smile is not too much to offer.
Offer one soulful smile and transform
the face of the world,
Within and without.

47. Transportation of life

Transportation of life from below to above
Is the transformation of life,
Within and without.

Transportation of earth-cry from
below to above
Is the perfection-manifestation of
God's Smile,
Within and without.

48. No U-turns

In the desiring life
There can be and there are U-turns.
But in the life of aspiration
There can be no U-turns.
Once you leave your earth home,
You have to reach your Heaven-home
without fail,
For there is no U-turn,
Nothing of the sort.

49. Indian homes

There was a time when each Indian home
Cried for liberation from bondage-night.
But now each Indian home
Cries for freedom from starvation-hole.
There shall be a time when each Indian home
Shall cry only for God-Compassion,
And God-Manifestation.

50. Try, you can easily do it

Before another God manifests Himself,
Why don't you try to manifest yourself?
Before another God can love the world,
Why don't you try to love the world?
Before another God is needed
by the world,
Why don't you try to offer your service
to the world?
You can easily manifest yourself.
You can easily love the world.
You will be sorely needed by the world.