My Lord, I pray to You

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My Lord Beloved Supreme,
I pray to You to grant me
Only one Boon
In this incarnation of mine:
Every morning and every evening
I wish to wash
Your Infinity's Compassion-Feet
With my heart's gratitude-tears.


My Absolute Lord Supreme
My outer Success entirely depends
On Your Eye's Compassion-Flower.
My inner progress breathlessly depends
On Your Heart's Satisfaction-Fragrance.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
I am proud of my
And You are fond of my


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
From today on
I shall use my heart
In a new way
To feel spontaneously
Your Compassion and Forgiveness
Infinitely more
And also to give You
My newly-born love and surrender
Cheerfully and unconditionally.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
Is there any special way
To please You in Your own Way
At every moment of my life?

"My sweet child,
There is a way, there is a way.
Just give Me your obedience —
Cheerful obedience
And soulful obedience,
And fulness-obedience.
Lo, you have the capacity
And you are the capacity
To please Me in My own Way
At every moment of your life."


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
Alas, why do I feed and nourish
Teeming imaginary sufferings
And thus disappear
From Your Eye's
To enter into
The desolate desert-Sahara?


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
In my devouring
Animal incarnations
You loved me unconditionally.
In my doubting
Human incarnations
You loved me unconditionally.
And now,
In my aspiring divine incarnation
You are loving me unconditionally.
My Lord,
Do grant me the supreme capacity
To breathe in the sweet fragrance
Of sacred remembrance.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
My body is hiding my purity.
My vital is hiding my humility.
My mind is hiding my sincerity.
My heart is hiding my divinity.
My soul is hiding my Immortality.
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Do compel them to give me back
My Eternity's treasures
In infinite measure.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
With my heart's mounting cries
I wish to prove to myself
That I need You only.
With my eyes' glowing smiles
I wish to prove to myself
That I love You only.
With my life's self-giving ecstasies
I wish to prove to myself
That I serve You only.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
When I cheerfully place
At Your Compassion-Feet
My life's tiny success-leaf,
You immediately, blessingfully
And unconditionally help me
Climb Your Heart's
Tallest Progress-Tree.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
My desire-mind thinks
That it can have everything.
My aspiration-heart feels
That it has everything.
My realisation-life knows
That it is everything.
My Lord, You are telling me
That I am Your Eternity's
Dream-fulfilling child.


My Absolute Lord Supreme
Who, if not You,
Can and will liberate me
From the meshes
Of ignorance-night?

My Lord,
When, if not now
Will You grant me
Your Eternity's Closeness,
Your Infinity's Oneness
And Your Immortality's Fulness?


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
My gratitude-heart
Is the only place
Where I can see
Your Compassion-Feet.


My Lord,
Now is the only time for me
To be a perfect instrument
Of Your Vision-Eye.


My Lord,
I am one of those
Supremely chosen instruments
Of Yours
Who are going to please You always
In Your own Way —


My Lord,
You are telling me
That You are not going to waste
Even a fleeting second with me
If spirituality is my mind's luxury.
But if spirituality is my heart's
Supreme necessity,
Then every day You will teach me
A new lesson
Absolutely illumining
And supremely fulfilling.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
My yesterday's dream was
To become another Supreme
Like You.
My today's dream is
To see Your Infinity's
My tomorrow's dream shall be
To touch Your Immortality's


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
You are the Supervisor
Of my hesitation-mind,
You are the Inspirer
Of my dedication-hands,
You are the Lover
Of my aspiration-heart
And You are the Dreamer
Of my perfection-life.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
How can I please You
At every moment
In Your own Way?

"My child, easy!
Just give Me at every moment
Your biting thought-monkeys
And take from Me
My roaring Will-Power-Lion."


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
This morning I was so excited
To see You secretly entering
Into my heart-room,
And now I am so delighted
To see You smilingly
Throwing away
My heart-room's exit sign.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
This morning to You I offered
My mind's ten desire-thorns
To make myself happy,
And now to You I am offering
My heart's seventy aspiration-flowers
To make You happy.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
This morning You said to me
That You will never revoke
Your Heart's
Forgiveness-Credit Card.
Please keep Your Promise!

"My child,
This morning you said to Me
That you will never remove
The gratitude-plant
From your heart-garden.
Please keep your promise!"


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
How can You prove
To the world at large
That I am a supremely chosen
Instrument-child of Yours
To realise You, to reveal You
And to manifest You here on earth
Unless and until
I forcefully silence
My doubting mind?


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
This morning
When my heart caught You
In Your Vision-blossoming,
Playful Mood,
You immediately gave me back
My Eternity's childhood
To smile at You soulfully,
To play with You sleeplessly
And to dance with You


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
You are telling me
That You will grant me
Your Eternity's Divinity,
Your Infinity's Quantity
And Your Immortality's Quality
If I just give You
My sincerity's purity.
My Lord, I am ready.
My heart is ready
And my life is ready.


My Absolute Lord Supreme,
I am offering You
My heart's love-bouquet,
And You are blessing me
With Your Eternity-Heart's
Open Door.


My Lord Supreme,
My Beloved Supreme,
Your Vision tells me
That my name is Madal,
The God-dreamer.
Your Compassion tells me
That my name is Chinmoy,
The God-seeker.
Your Illumination tells me
That my name is Sri Chinmoy,
The God-lover.
Your Perfection tells me
That my name is Guru,
The God-server.
And Your Satisfaction tells me
That my name is Gratitude,
The God-knower.


My Lord Supreme,
My Beloved Supreme,
What is a miracle?
A miracle is something
That the finite cannot accomplish
By itself,
But that the Infinite can easily do
In and through the finite.
I am the finite.
You are the infinite.
I am gratitude sleepless.
You are Compassion breathless
And deathless,
Plus unconditional,


My Lord Supreme,
Do grant me the capacity
To be a sleeplessly
Self-giving child
Of Yours.


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
This morning I am determined
To accomplish something
At this very moment
I shall start counting one by one
Seven good qualities
In my most deplorable enemy.
My Lord,
I desperately need
Your Help.


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
This is a day off for me
From trying to fool You.
Today I shall only
Devotedly and soulfully
Count and see
How many Compassion-Eyes
And how many
You have for me.


My Lord, my Lord,
I am engulfed in the flames
Of doubt, fear, worry and anxiety.
Prayerfully I invoke You,
Soulfully I implore You
To come to me and save me!


My Lord, my only Lord,
It is I who have allowed myself
To be whipped by unwillingness,
And now I am dumbfounded
By the ruthless threats
Of giant doubts.
My Lord, save me,
Save my existence-life on earth!


My Lord Supreme,
Out of Your infinite Bounty
Do grant me
The blessingful capacity
To choose immediately
My faithful heart
Over my doubtful mind
Every day, every hour,
Every minute and every second
Of my life.


My Beloved Supreme,
With the purity of my inner eye
And the sincerity of my outer eyes
I wish to cry sleeplessly
For You, only for You.


My sweet Lord Supreme,
Now that I am absolutely certain
That my love for You
Is genuine and unconditional,
I wish to forget once and for all
Even my last stumbling dance
With uncertainty, incapacity
And unwillingness
When I could not make
My unconditional surrender
To You.


My Eternity's Lord Supreme,
Today You have made me
A pioneer-citizen
Of the transcendence-delight-world.
May my ever-climbing
Someday, at Your choice Hour,
Touch Your ever-descending
Golden Feet!


My dear Lord, my sweet Lord,
My Absolute Lord Supreme,
As Your unconditional
Is far beyond my comprehension,
Even so, alas,
It seems my conscious love
For the temptation-volcano
Is far beyond Your Comprehension.


My Beloved Supreme,
Could You spare a moment?
I shall be eternally grateful to You
If You powerfully put
Your Purity-Handcuffs
Around my impurity-mind.


My Lord Supreme,
When I tell You
That I have been thinking of You,
I sincerely feel that I am offering You
A piece of good news.
My Lord Supreme,
When You tell me
That You have been thinking of me,
I immediately feel
That I have made
Tremendous progress
In my life of aspiration,
And I clearly see
That my life's transformation-goal
Is not a far cry,
But is within my easy reach.


My Lord Supreme,
I have only two friends:
Your Compassion-Eye
And Your Forgiveness-Heart.
"My child,
I also have only two friends:
Your morning's smiling face
And your evening's singing heart."


My Lord,
I am ashamed
Of my lethargic body.
"But, My child,
I am proud
Of your strong body."


My Lord,
I am ashamed
Of my aggressive vital.
"But, My child,
I am proud
Of your sleepless vital."


My Lord,
I am ashamed
Of my suspicious mind.
"But, My child,
I am proud
Of your searching mind."


My Lord,
I am ashamed
Of my impure heart.
"But, My child,
I am proud
Of your self-giving heart."


My Lord,
I am ashamed
Of my insecure life.
"But, My child,
I am proud
Of your perfection-dreaming life."


My Lord Supreme,
I am sure that You are
Extremely happy today,
For I have finally dethroned
My life's ego-king.
"My child,
I am more than happy,
More than proud
And more than satisfied.
But now you have to do
Something else for Me.
Soulfully, devotedly
And cheerfully,
You have to become another God!"


My Lord, my sweet Lord,
My Supreme Lord,
I do know that my life's
Unconditional surrender to You
Is fast asleep.
But I clearly see that my heart's
Most sincere gratitude to You
Is wide awake.


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
I may not know
What Your Compassion-Eye
Looks like,
And I may not know
What Your Forgiveness-Heart
Feels like,
But I do know
That You have been
Sleeplessly and eagerly waiting
For only one perfection-cry
From my heart
And for only one satisfaction-smile
From my life.

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