My Lord's Secrets revealed

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Man's eternal question is:
    "Who is God?"
God's immediate answer is:
    "My child, who else is God,
    If not you?"


I am never alone.
When I am absolutely helpless,
    God is for me.
When I am absolutely powerful,
    Humanity is for me.


I knew God in Heaven.
God knows me on earth.

I knew Him there by seeing Him repeatedly.
He knows me here by giving me constantly.


I think of God
Because I want Him and need Him.
God thinks of me
Because He loves me and cherishes me.


“O God, where are You?”

“My child, I am in between your desire and aspiration.”

“My God, do You have anything special to do with my desire and my aspiration?”

“Yes, My son, with your desire I bind My outer Body, and with your aspiration I free My inner Breath.”


The God of a child
Is his pure imagination.

The God of an adolescent
Is his sure creation.

The God of a youth
Is his fatal frustration.

The God of an old man
Is his dying and crying aspiration.


“My Lord, what is the difference between human love and divine love?”

“My child, the difference between human love and divine love is very simple:
Human love desperately needs.
Divine love abundantly feeds.”


“My sweet Lord, I have only one desire, one prayer, one aspiration:
Please show me only once the face
Of unconditional surrender on earth.”


In Heaven I used to get endless Delight
From God for the asking.
On earth I get endless Compassion
From God for the asking.


God is anxiously and eagerly waiting
To be claimed by you.
What you need is the right way
And what you will need
Is the right moment
To claim Him as your very own.


I am God’s slave.
Who can be prouder than I?

I am God’s friend.
Who can be happier than I?

I am God’s son.
Who can be as real as I?


“My sweet Lord, please tell me the difference
between You and me.”
“My child, the difference is very small.
You are possessed by your little possessions
And I am released by My Infinite Possessions.”


My question is:
“How can I leave the world better than I found it?”

God’s answer is:
“Give the world a moment of your concern,
And give Me your endless night of ignorance.
Lo, you have achieved your noble goal.”


“In this incarnation, my Lord,
I have only three desires:
My first desire is to make my life
One long gratitude.
My second desire is to make my life
One long aspiration.
My third desire is to make my life
One long surrender.”


God entrusts us with
The Transcendental Blessing of Freedom.
We entrust Him with countless obligations
Of our unworthiness.


My Lord tells me that I need
Both science and spirituality.
In my life of desire, I need science
In order to relay my thoughts outwardly
To the furthest end of the globe.
In my life of aspiration I need spirituality
To bring me the message of the Unknown,
The Ultimate Beyond.


This morning I accused God
Of making Heaven superior to earth.
He denied my accusation.
He said: “I offer My Blessings equally
To both Heaven and earth.
Heaven is with Me and in Me.
That is why Heaven is eternally divine.
Earth is of Me and for Me.
That is why earth is eternally evolving
Towards My Transcendental Perfection.”


Consolation and Compassion.
“My Lord, do I need both
Consolation and Compassion,
Or is one of the two enough?”
God's answer is:
“My son, you need both Consolation and Compassion.
You need Consolation from Me because
You are defeated in the battlefield of life.
You need Compassion to act as a divine hero
In the battlefield of life.
Also you need Compassion to act as a victor
Over the forces of failure.”


Yesterday the name of my Lord was Doubt.
Today the name of my Lord is Fear.
Tomorrow the name of my Lord will be Joy.


Yesterday I got my first lesson
From God on Divinity.
Today I am getting my second lesson
From God on Eternity and Infinity.
Tomorrow I shall get my third lesson
From God on Immortality.
The day after tomorrow I shall get
My fourth and last lesson
From God on Reality.


“My Lord, I have millions of desires.
Do You have any?”

“Yes, My child, I have.”

“You have?
Please tell me what they are!”

“My only desire is to see you eternally happy.
Can you fulfil My desire?”

“I shall try, my Lord.”

“Try, My child, try.”


When I am without God, I cry.
I cry because there is no other way
To realise God than to cry
Silently and incessantly.
When I am with God, I shed tears.
I shed tears because there is no other way
To express my eternal gratitude to God
Than to shed tears soulfully and unreservedly.


“My Lord, Your knowledge-Sun
Is unimaginably expensive.”

“My son, your ignorance-night
Is unbelievably explosive.”


“Please tell me, my real Lord,
How I can live without trouble
And without pleasure.”

“My son, to live without trouble,
What you need is your soul’s light.
To live without pleasure
What you need is your soul’s joy.”


“At times I achieve according to what I believe.
At times I believe according to what I achieve.
Am I doing the right thing, my Lord?”

“My son, the right thing will be for you
To achieve only what I want you to achieve
And to believe only what I want you to believe.
What I want you to achieve
Is perfect perfection.
What I want you to believe
Is the immortality of your aspiration.”


When I speak loudly,
God hears me coldly.
When I speak coldly,
God hears me compassionately.
When I speak silently,
God hears me devotedly.
When I speak devotedly,
God hears me unreservedly
And unconditionally.


Work by itself proves nothing.
Work for mankind proves something
    Always appreciable.
Work for God is something always adorable,
    Also profitable.


Love I always must.
When I love mankind I am the constant subject
Of admiration in the outer world.
When I love God, I am the subject
Of constant admiration in the inner world.


God and I admire each other.
God admires my humility.
I admire God’s Sovereignty.
God admires my surrender.
I admire God’s Compassion.


Earth has only one advice for me: “TRY”
Heaven has only one advice for me: “CRY”
God has only one advice for me: “SMILE”
I have only one advice for me: “ACCEPTANCE”


“I am telling You a secret, my Lord.
When I think of You, my life is hopeful.
When You think of me, my life is meaningful.”

“My son, I tell you a secret.
When you make Me think of you,
My entire Life becomes cheerful.
And when we think of us together,
Our lives become supremely fruitful.”


I tell God that there is nothing
As useless as my incapacity.
God tells me that there is nothing
More useless and more futile
Than my advice.


From passion to liberation
Is man’s role.
From Vision to Compassion
Is God’s Role.


Man openly demands God’s Reality.
God secretly hopes
For man’s Receptivity.


Man commands:
“God, come to me immediately.”

God commands:
“Son, see Me consciously,
See Me happily, see Me bravely,
See Me totally and see Me everlastingly.”


“Lord, tell me frankly one thing.
Is it because I am a fool
That I always listen to You,
Or is it because I am clever and wise
That I always listen to You?”

“My son, you always listen to Me
Because there is no difference between
My advice and your acceptance.
A devoted son and a devoted Father
Are forever destined to go together.”


“My Lord, a friend of mine
Says that he has the right aim in life,
But he does not have the right courage
How can I help him?”
“Tell him, My son, he needs the strength
Of sincere and total surrender to God’s Will
If he has this, his will be the life of right,
Constant and boundless courage,
Inner and outer.”


“My Lord, I would like to drink Your Nectar
So that I can be immortal like You.”

“My sweet child, certainly I shall give you
My Nectar to drink, but there is another way
For you to be immortal.
If you offer Me your pure love, your true devotion
And your total surrender, you become immediately immortal.
Now tell Me what you want.
Do you want to drink My Nectar?
Or do you want to offer Me your love, devotion and surrender?”

“My Lord, I want to do both, I want to drink Your Nectar and also I want to offer You all my love, devotion and surrender.
While drinking Your Nectar I shall sit down at Your Feet with my life of gratitude.
While offering You my love, devotion and surrender I shall try to enter into Your Heart of Infinite Compassion with my unreserved aspiration.”

My Lord smiles.


“My Lord, I am singing.”
“Fine, that is what pleases Me.”
“My Lord, I am dancing.”
“Wonderful, that is what enchants Me.”
“My Lord, I am suffering.”
“No, My child, you are not suffering.
That is not true.
What you are having
Is a series of experiences.
Try to realise that it is I who am having
All the experiences in and through you.”


“My Lord, I am dying.”

“You fool!
Have you played your part?
Don’t think of dying right now.
You have to manifest
My Dream on earth.
You have to make
The world conscious
That I am still alive.
Don’t disappoint Me, My son.
Don’t desert Me, My son.”

“If I disappoint You, what will You do?”

“If you disappoint Me, I shall take
A new instrument.”

“If I desert You, what will happen?”

“If you desert Me, you will be known as a
Lifelong failure and I shall be known as
Unconditional Forgiveness.”


“My Lord, what happens when aspiration fails?”

“When aspiration fails, exasperation reigns.
To be sure, your aspiration will never fail you.
What fails you is your wild temptation.”


“My Lord, are You as busy as I am?”

“No, I am not.
As a matter of fact, I am never busy.
You are busy digging the graves
Of the fruitless past and I am just looking
Within, upward and forward.
Within I look to see My Face of Aspiration.
Upward I look to see My Face of Realisation.
Forward I look to see My Face of Manifestation.”


“I really can’t understand how You, my Lord,
Made everything out of nothing,
Whereas I can’t make a thing out of everything.”

“My child, you have to know what you want.
Then only will you know how to do it.
What you want is perfection in life
And the only way you can achieve this perfection
Is through your constant self-sacrifice
And constant inner cry.”


“Lord, be sincere.
When I criticise You,
Do You get angry with me or
Do You punish me inwardly?”

“My son, when you criticise Me,
Neither do I get angry with you
Nor do I punish you.
I simply try
To lift your standard of human understanding
To My highest standard of divine dispensation.
There I show you My Love, Joy and Pride,
As here I show you My Patience,
Concern and Compassion.”


“Lord, You have not given me the mind to think.”
“But I have given you the heart to feel.”

“Lord, You have not given me the vital to strive.”
“But I have given you the soul to conquer.”


This afternoon God and I made our decisions.
My decision is to hate temptation.
God’s decision is to love my frustration.


When I defend my sincere opinion,
God nourishes and cherishes
My pure aspiration.


“My Lord, who is the fool, You or I or both?
You have created me.
My ignorance is frustrating You.
I want to fulfil You.
My incapacity is frustrating me.”

“My child, neither you nor I am a fool.
What I need is more Compassion-Height
And what you need is more patience-light!”


“I am a weak human being.
That is why
I am at times compelled to change my plans.
But You are the Lord of the universe.
You don’t have to change Your plans.”

“My child, just because I am the Lord of the universe,
I don’t have to be bound by My plans.
While changing My cosmic plans, I play
With new possibilities, I sing with new opportunities
And I dance with new necessities.”


“My Lord, are You ever sick
Of my complaints?”
“No, I am not.
But I am sick
Of your constant feeling
Of unworthiness.”


“My Lord Supreme, this time You have to be really frank with me.
You know I have hundreds of enemies.
Do You have any enemy?”

“My son, I have only one enemy.”

“Only one enemy?
I can kill him immediately.
Just tell me the name of Your enemy.”

“My son, My only enemy is your fear,
your fear of Me.”

“Father of eternal Love, is it so?
Lo, I have killed Your enemy
I have no fear of You.
I am all love for You.
I am all gratitude to You.”

“My son, I am truly proud of you.
In My case, I shall not kill your enemies,
I shall illumine them.
I shall illumine
you too.
What you want is joy.
This joy you will get only when you and your
enemies are illumined all at once.”


"My Lord,
Every human being thinks that he is not loved enough
And that he is not understood properly and fully.
Can I be of any help to them?"

"No, My son.
If they feel that they are not loved and understood,
Then tell them to give Me a chance.
    Let them try Me."


“My Lord, I have read much about
Heaven and Hell.
I have also heard more about Heaven and Hell
Than I can possibly digest.
What do they mean when they say that someone
Is living in Heaven and someone is living in Hell?”

“My son, I do not know what they mean
When they speak of Heaven and Hell.
But I shall tell you what I mean.
To live with Me is to live in Heaven.
To live without Me is to live in Hell.”


"My Lord, forgive me for asking You
An embarrassing question.
Birth control
Is the question of the day.
Please let me know
Your advice on this matter."

"My son, My advice on this matter is
That the individual couple must decide
What is best for them.
Let them do what they feel
Right from within.
There should be no outer compulsion."


“My Lord, I am curious to know where
Hitler and Stalin are.”

“My son, this time I am willing to feed you curiosity.
I am afraid that in the future I shall not be able to feed your idle curiosities.
Now let me tell you where Hitler and Stalin are.
They are here on earth in the hearts of those who do not love the world and want to destroy the world.”


“My Lord, You are the King of kings.
What is the name of Your kingdom?
What is the name of Your capital?”

“My son, the name of My kingdom is Justice.
The name of My capital is Forgiveness.”


“I give you according to my means.
How do You give me, my Lord?”

“My son, I want to give you
According to your wishful necessity.
But alas, I am compelled to give you
According to your receptivity.
If I give you beyond your receptivity,
Your vessel will give way.
In that case, both of us will be the real losers.”


“My sweet Lord, I need Your constant Love.
I am sorry that I don’t deserve it.”

“My child, don’t worry.
Try just to preserve My Love.
If you can do that,
It is more than enough.”


"My Lord,
I have to make a confession.
I talk too much.
I am ashamed of it.
When can I stop talking?"

"You can stop talking, My son,
When your writings begin to speak for you."


In man's world,
    Fear is the Lord.
In God's world,
    Love is the Lord.
In man's world,
    Ignorance is the slave.
In God's world,
    Compassion is the slave.


“My Lord, do You want me to write my diary?”

“No, you need not.
I have been doing it for you!”

“You have been writing my diary?
Since when?”

“My son, from the day you offered Me your surrendering life and surrendered breath.”


“What is strength?
What is weakness?
What is doubt?
What is certainty?”

“My son, obedience is strength.
Disobedience is weakness.
Doubt is futility.
Certainty is reality.”


“My Lord, I am consumed with the desire
To be as great as You are.”

“My child, that is very easy.
Just widen your vision,
Deepen your consciousness
And sharpen your life.
Lo, you have equalled Me.”


"My Lord,
Is there any way for a seeker
To become spiritually rich overnight?"

"Yes, there is a way.
Just tell the seeker to give up devotedly
What he has and to wake up immediately
With what he is."


“My Lord, what is death?
What is immortality?”
“My son, death is hunger.”
“What else?”
“Death is hunger for night.”
“Anything else?”
“Death is the desiring mind.”
“Now, my Lord, what is immortality?”
“My child, immortality is hunger.”
“What else?”
“Hunger for light.”
“Anything else?”
Immortality is the surrendering heart.”


“My Lord, why is it that You
Always do the right thing?”
And I always do the wrong thing?”

“My sweet child, you always do the wrong thing
Because you have no faith in yourself
Whereas I have all faith in Myself.”


"My Lord, please tell me,
Once and for all, who I am."

"My child, you are My eternal partner
And co-creator."

"Am I a creator?
What have I created, my Lord?"

"My son, you have created constant necessity
Within and without you."

"Now, my Lord,
What have You created?"

"I have created fulfilling Divinity
And fulfilled Reality."


“My Lord, is there anything which,
Once attained, is never lost?”

“Yes, My child, there is something.
There is something, and you already have it.”

“I have it, yet I do not know what it is.
My Lord, for God’s sake, do not torture
My curiosity.
Please let me know what it is
That I have that will never be lost.”

“My supremely stupid child, you will and can
Never lose your self-knowledge, self-realisation.”


“My sweet Lord, do You ever miss me?”

“I miss you, I miss you always, My child.”

“You miss me?
You miss me always?

“I miss you, My child, when you make Me feel that you are an inch below Me.
I miss you always when I enter into the heart of My creation’s ingratitude!”


“My Lord, this time I shall ask You a question, although I definitely and unmistakably know the answer.”

“That’s fine, My child, but I am anxious to know your question and your answer.”

“My question is, do You ever fall sick like me?
My immediate answer is, You never fall sick.”

“My supremely foolish child, you are totally mistaken.
I do fall sick from time to time.”

“You fall sick!
Don’t tell me a dark lie.
For God’s sake — tell me, why do You fall sick?”

“My child, I fall sick when you threaten Me that you will no longer work for Me on earth.
I fall sick when you untimely want to drop out of My cosmic game.
I fall sick when you don’t tell the world that you and I both badly need each other.
I fall sick the moment your foul and impossible mouth tells Me that you don’t deserve Me.”


"My Lord, I am sure You feel sad when I am angry with You.
I am sure that when I speak ill of You, You get angry with me."

"My child, you are My eternal pride.
When you are angry with Me, instead of feeling sad I allow My astonishment to capture Me, My Heart and Soul.
For then I see in you an unusual, unimaginable aspect of yours.

"Now, when you speak ill of Me, I don't get angry with you in the least.
On the contrary, I smile and dance.
For I know that since you and I are one, eternally one, inseparable, you have to share half of your kind offering with Me.

"Also I am glad, My fondest child, when you speak ill of Me, because at that time I get the opportunity to sharpen My weapon of self-defence.
You know well that on very rare occasions you give Me the chance to use My indomitable weapon, self-defence.

"Dearest child of My Heart, you fight with Me because your heart needs Me.
I fight with you because My Soul loves you.
When you fight, you give Me what you always want to give: strength.
When I fight, I give you what I always am: Concern, eternal Concern."


"My most perfect Lord, I am most certain that You appreciate my sincerity."

"Not only do I appreciate your sincerity, My child, but I admire your sincerity.
What is bothering you now, My child, sincerity incarnate?"

"For the last twenty-five years, my Lord, I have been using and explaining and interpreting three most complicated words: Infinity, Eternity and Immortality.
But to my sincere sorrow, I myself do not know what they actually mean.
At long last I have decided that I shall no longer fool humanity nor shall I fool myself.
That means I shall not use the words Infinity, Eternity and Immortality any more."

"My sweetest child, you don't have to deceive yourself and humanity.
I am teaching you the meaning of Infinity, Eternity and Immortality.
Infinity means the realising, the realised and the eternally realising God.
Eternity means the revealing, the revealed and the eternally revealing God.
Immortality means the fulfilling, the fulfilled and the eternally fulfilling God."


"My Lord, I have been wondering if You could possibly tell me what Your Substance is, and what Your Essence is, and what Your Aspiration means, and what Your Realisation means."

"My child, My Essence is Nectar-Delight.
My Substance is Will-Power.
My Aspiration means that I am the Transcendental Tree.
My Realisation means that I am the Eternal Climber."


"My Lord, You know that I am a victim to constant doubt.
Please tell me if You ever have any occasion to doubt Yourself."

"My sweetest child, only once did I have the occasion to doubt Myself in the course of My endless Life."

"My Lord, only once!

"My child, it was the time when I created My creation and saw it becoming totally attached to Me.
I am the Creator, eternal, free and detached.
How could My own creation be attached, totally attached and bound?
Believe Me, My child, I could not account for it.
I had to doubt My own capacity."

"My Lord, forgive me.
I can't agree with You.
You have created me.
I am Your creation.
How can I live without being attached to You?"

"My child, I don't want you to be attached to Me, but I want you to be devoted to Me."

"My Lord, what is the difference?"

"My child, the difference is this.
Attachment is frustration, and frustration is destruction.
Devotion is wisdom-light, and wisdom-light is realisation-height."


“My Lord, is there anything sweeter than forgiveness?”

“Yes, My child, gratitude is by far sweeter than forgiveness.”

“My Lord, is there anything more fulfilling than the feeling of oneness?”

“Yes, My child, when you feel that you are the eternal lover
and I am your Eternal Beloved, and when you feel that I am the eternal lover and you are My Eternal Beloved, the feeling of oneness is supremely transcended and immortally fulfilled.”


“My Lord, if ever I don’t listen to You, what will happen?”

“My child, don’t worry.
Millions of times you have listened to Me.
If you once don’t listen to Me, no harm, I shall listen to you at that particular time.
If you don’t want to listen to Me for the second time, don’t be sad, depressed and surprised since I Myself am making the infallible promise that I shall listen to Me on your behalf.”


“My Lord, I am afraid this time You will not be able to answer my question.”

“Tell Me, let Me try at least, My child.”

“My Lord, my Lord of eternal forgiveness, who asked You, who compelled You, who inspired You to be the Creator of the world?”

“My child, My Concern asked Me to be the Creator of the world.
My Realisation compelled Me to be the Creator.
My Compassion inspired Me to be the Creator.”

“My Lord of endless forgiveness, You have answered my question.
I accept my humble defeat.”


“My Lord, I know that You don’t have to read any book.
Nevertheless, have You read a few books, or should I say any book?”

“My child, I have read only three books in all My endless Life.
The first book I read was called Life, written by your mother, Infinity.
The second book is called Realisation, written by My son, Eternity.
The third book is called Manifestation, written by My daughter, Immortality.”


“My Lord, may I cut a silly joke with You?”

“By all means, My child.”

“My Lord, I have now consciously become one with You.
You and I are inseparably and eternally one.
Suppose today I leave You, tomorrow I surpass and go beyond You, what will happen?”

“O silliest child of My entire creation, you know that we two are inseparable.
You can’t leave without carrying Me.
How can you surpass and go beyond Me alone, without Me, when we are eternally inseparable?
My sweetest silly child, something more.
I tell you, today if you leave Me, tomorrow if you surpass and go beyond Me, the day after tomorrow you will cry for your new Goal.
To your utter surprise, you will see that Goal, too, is I, your Beloved, your eternal Father and Friend.
My child, I am the Ever-Transcending Beyond.”

“My Lord, You are something else.
You are also my ever-forgiving Father.”


“My Lord, I have a friend.
He says that he will never need You.”

“No harm, My child.
Since you are his friend that means he needs you.
As long as he needs you I shall fulfil his present desires and future aspirations in and through you.”


“My sweet Lord, You are the essence and substance and I am the flower.
Am I correct?”

“You are half-correct, My child.
You are the flower and the petals.
Petals signify multiplicity, the flower signifies unity.
I want you to be both unity and multiplicity in My creation.”


“My Lord, I know now that You are Kindness and Compassion infinite, but where were You before?
Twenty-eight years ago You came to me with countless desires.
Where were your Kindness and Compassion then?”

“My child, this is your false accusation.
I did not go to you with endless desires.
It was you who wanted to play constantly with your darkening and darkened brothers and sisters: desires.
You did not care for your illumining and illumined brothers and sisters: aspirations.”

“Forgive me, my Lord Supreme, I withdraw my shameless charge.”


“My Lord, which religion is by far the best?”

“The religion that says, ‘Man above all, Truth above all.’”

“What religion is really the worst?”

“The religion that proclaims that it has the only road and it is the only door to humanity’s salvation.”

“My Lord, which yoga is by far the best?”

“The yoga that carries Me down on its widest shoulders and places Me in the heart of the seeker.”

“My Lord, these shoulders, do they have any name?”

“Yes, My child, they do have names.
The left shoulder is called the Loving Devotion, and the right shoulder is called the Devoted Surrender.”

“Now my Lord, which is the worst yoga?”

“The yoga that constantly speaks about the songs of man’s personal efforts and not about God’s constant dance of unconditional Grace.”


“My Lord, it seems to me that at last I have understood You.”

“My child, it seems to Me that at last I have found you once again, and this time forever.”


“My Lord, after all, I am a human being.
Once in a while I have to take the side of the human beings as well.”

“My child, take as many times as you want to take their side.
I enjoy both your wild ignorance and your wide wisdom.”

“My Lord, here is my question.
On behalf of my brothers and sisters I am asking You this question.
Why are You so inaccessible?
Why don’t You make it easy for my endless brothers and sisters to realise You?
You know well how hard it is for them to come to You.
Even to think of You is so difficult for them.”

“My child, O humanity’s advocate, since I don’t have any advocate of My own, I have to play the role of My advocate.
My child, I agree with you that it is difficult for your countless brothers and sisters to come up to Me, to My transcendental-Height.
It is difficult for them even to think of Me.
Now you have to agree with Me.
Just because it is difficult for them to come up to Me, I have not come to them?
Have I not entered into their abysmal ignorance?
Where am I now?
I am now in their climbing aspiration.
Where shall I be?
I shall be in their glowing realisation.
And finally where shall I be?
I shall be in their fulfilling manifestation.
And since it is difficult for them to think of Me, I think of them constantly.
O humanity’s advocate, do you agree with Me?”

“O humanity’s Salvation, now I know why I tell that Thou art Great and Thou art Good.”


“My Lord, I don’t want to think anymore.”

Then give Me your mind back.”

“My Lord, I don’t want to see with my eyes anymore.”

“Fine, wonderful!
Then give Me your eyes back.”

“My Lord, I don’t want to feel with my heart anymore.”

“Fine, wonderful, marvellous!
Then give Me your heart back.”

“My Lord, if I give You my mind, eyes, and my heart, how are You going to replace them?”

“Don’t worry, My child, don’t worry.
I shall replace them with My endless and unconditional Concern.”

“My Lord, then take them.
From now on they are Yours.”

“Thank you, My child.”


“My Lord, twice I get joy.
Once when I see You, once when I think of You.
Which one is more important?”

“My child, you have forgotten that you get joy four times.
Two you have mentioned, the other two I am going to tell you about.
When you work for Me, and when you feel that you are of Me.
By devotedly seeing Me once a day if you get joy, then for that joy I shall give you seventy out of a hundred.
By constantly thinking of Me if you get joy, then for that joy I shall give you eighty out of a hundred.
By soulfully working for Me if you get joy, then for that joy I shall give you ninety out of a hundred.
But by devotedly, constantly, soulfully and inseparably feeling that you are of Me and of Me alone, you get one hundred out of a hundred.
Finally I want to tell you what I get, My child.
I get joy one hundred and one out of a hundred when I see that you have really understood My inner history and My higher mathematics.”


"The difference between You and me, my Lord, is this: I come to You when I need You; You come to me even when You don't need me."

"My child, it seems that I shall have to correct your philosophy all My Life!
You come to Me outwardly when I inwardly need you.
I come to you even when you unconsciously need Me."


"My Lord, this morning a friend of mine told me that I am a fool.
That is why I need You.
He is a wise man.
That is why he does not need You."

"What was your answer, what was your reaction, My child?"

"My Lord, I simply kept quiet."

"My child, indeed you are a fool.
Easily you could have told him that I can live without him, too.
Further, you could have said to him, 'Look here, my wise friend, in case you ever need God, you will have to pull my God down alone, an impossible task.
In case God wants to lift you up, I, your friend, God's son, shall push you from below, and God will pull you from above, a task sooner done than said.'

"Now about yourself, My child, why don't you tell your friend and the world that you need Me just because I needed you first, you want to live with Me precisely because I wanted to live with you first."


“My Lord, I have decided that from now on I shall call You only by one name: Compassion Supreme.”

“I have decided, My child, that from now on I shall call you by one name: My Pride Divine.”


“My Lord, when I choose, I choose You first.”

“And, My child, if I lose, I shall lose you first.
Since I don’t want, My child, to lose you, you also must not choose anybody else.”

“My Lord, I choose You and that choice is for eternity.”

“My child, I have you and this possession of Mine will last for eternity.”


“My Lord, I am a human being.
Hence, I know what human love is.
But You are a divine Being, I am sure You know what the divine Love is.
Is it something that a spiritual man gives or receives or is it both?
Or is it mutual, reciprocal?”

“A spiritual man receives divine Love from Me first and from Me he gives to others and mankind.

“Then they give and take, and take and give My divine Love.”


“My Lord, when each and every human being realises You, will You not stop creating more souls?”

“My child, what about My animal kingdom?
I have to transform My animal kingdom into My human kingdom, and then the human kingdom into the divine kingdom.
Further, I have to think of My plant and mineral kingdoms too.
They too have to be transformed.
So you can see, My child, that this poor Father of yours has an endless job to do.
But unlike you, I get joy from My work.”

“My Lord, everything will be paid for!
You are being compensated!”

My eternally forgiving Lord smiles.


“My Lord, how far is humanity from perfection?”

“My child, the distance is very short.
As light and darkness go together, so also perfection and imperfection go together.
As light transforms night into light, so also perfection will transform imperfection into perfection.”

“You are right, my Lord, but in case night devours light before it has been illumined, and imperfection devours perfection before it has been perfected, what will happen?”

My child, you are right.
And just to prevent it from happening, I watch and live, and live and watch.”


“How can I love You, my Lord, the way You love me, constantly and unconditionally?”

“It is quite easy, My child, just feel that I am your Life-Seed, I am your Life-Plant, and I am your Life-Tree.”


“My Lord, my philosophy is Love, Devotion and Surrender.
What is Your Philosophy?”

“My Philosophy is, My child, unconditional Love, unconditional Devotion, and unconditional Surrender.”


“My Lord, I have told hundreds of people in hundreds of ways the difference between truth and falsehood.
May I learn from Your divine lips the difference between the two?”

“My child, here is the difference, here is the definition.
Truth is a never-ending divine feast.
Falsehood is a never-ending animal hunger.”


“My Lord, I am in Your celestial Palace.
Do You have a name for Your Palace?
I am at Your Feet.
Do You have any special name for Your Feet?
Do you have any special name for Your Throne, my Lord?
My Lord, do You have any special name for Your Crown?”

“Yes, My child.
The name of My Palace is Justice.
The name of My Feet is Compassion.
The name of My Throne is Aspiration.
The name of My Crown is Realisation.
My dearest child, all these are yours.
I offer them to you.
You need them to work for Me on earth.
My sweetest child, there you are.”

“My Lord, my life of aspiration bathes in the sea of ceaseless gratitude.”


“My Lord, You are my Lord, You are everybody’s Lord, You are the Lord of the Universe.
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, for this time I shall ask You a most unpardonable question.”

“I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you.
My child, tell Me.”

“My Lord, did You ever take anybody as Your Lord, just for a day, or even for a fleeting second?”

“Did I?
Just for a day?
Even for a fleeting second?
My Lord is constant, permanent, eternal.
The surrendered love of My dearest lovers is My constant, permanent, eternal Lord.
I have always been a perfect slave of My lovers’ surrendered love.
Verily, you are also one of My Lords, My child.”


“My Lord, I am sure You are now tired.
You are now tired of my ceaseless questions, You are now tired of our marathon talk, You are tired of my endless stupidity.”

“My child, I get joy only when you talk to Me.
My Joy is Rest, ever-nourishing and ever-fulfilling.”

“My Lord, I am a clever fellow.
I was just being modest and polite.
It is I who am actually tired.”

“I see, then, My child.
You sleep inside My Life’s Depth, inside My Soul’s Breath, inside My Vision’s Glow, inside My Reality’s Flow.
Sleep, My child, sleep.”

Editor's introduction

This book consists of a series of brief, revealing glimpses of God the Supreme Father by a spiritual Master who has experienced them first-hand. Many of these revelations take the form of conversations between Sri Chinmoy, the son, and his all-loving, all-illumining Father. The son knows his Father will answer all his questions, from the most profound to the utterly insignificant. Indeed, the Father is never too busy to speak with His child; His only desire is to see him happy and fulfilled.

The conversations convey the loving intimacy between God and man. They also express, on another level, the parallel relationship that unites the realised spiritual Master with his disciple-children. The secrets revealed in this book stand as the supreme realisations of an illumined soul.