Meditations: food for the soul

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January 1

Three hundred and sixty-five opportunities to realise the Supreme, to reveal the Supreme and to fulfil the Supreme.

January 2

What do I do? I let God think for me. What else do I do? I let God speak through me. What more can I do? I can let God make me as divine and perfect as He is.

January 3

I do not compete with the world. I compete with my ignorance. I do not compare myself with the world. I compare myself with my soul's perfection. I do not cooperate with the world's stupidity. I cooperate with my heart's purest sincerity.

January 4

Life and death. These are the two Blessings that I have received from God. Life inspires me to realise the highest Truth. Death wants me to wake up and hurry up.

January 5

God gave me the happiest news that He loves me even if I don't care to love Him. I gave God the greatest news that I think of Him although ignorance constantly thinks of me.

January 6

What I can do. Although I am feebler than an insect, I dare to criticise God the Omnipotent. What I can do. Although I am His child of love, I dare to forget and ignore Him.

What I cannot do. Although I am a man, I fail to live a true human life.
What I cannot do. Although I assert my own existence on earth, I do not know who I am and what I am here for.

January 7

When I desire, impossibility frowns at me. When I aspire, possibility beckons me. When I will, I smash the pride of impossibility and transform possibility into inevitability.

January 8

Where joy is wanting, love is wanting. Where love is wanting, everything is wanting. Where Truth is, Fulfilment is there. Where Fulfilment is, God is there, there alone.

January 9

NO speaks through my mind: "If there is a God, then how is it that I have never seen Him? No God." YES speaks through my heart: "Since there is only God, I am sure to see Him one day. Although I see Him not, I feel Him all-where." The mind sleeps while the heart aspires. The heart cries for God, while the mind doubts God and shouts at Him.

January 10

I look upward. I earn time. I look forward. I utilise time. I look inward. I save time. I look backward. I waste time.

January 11

To help humanity is to see Unity.

To serve humanity is to earn Divinity.

To possess humanity is to welcome Multiplicity.

January 12

I tell the truth. The world is hurt. I tell a lie. God is hurt. What am I to do? Silence. I must live in silence and become the smiling breath of silence. Lo, the world loves me, and God blesses me.

January 13

I have realised my error. I shall no longer stay with ignorance. Ignorance has understood its folly. It will no longer stay in me. I say to ignorance: "You have tortured me." Ignorance says to me: "You have fooled me."

January 14

Love the world. You will be suspected. Love God. You will be emancipated. Love the world with the feeling that the world is God. You will revive the truth. Love God with the feeling that God is the world. You will immortalise the truth.

January 15

I stayed with death. Death offered me its life: Ignorance. Death told me that I could never see the Face of God. I stayed with God. He gave me His Life: Immortality. God told me that I shall not only see Him, but eventually I shall have to become God.

January 16

When I obey the Command of God's all-illumining Light, God obeys the command of my snow-white devotion.

January 17

Pray with fear. God sheds bitter tears. Pray with love. God smiles with the Beauty of the Golden Dawn. Pray with all that you have. God wings towards you to clasp you. Pray with all that you are. God becomes your Liberation.

January 18

God has Patience. It is in His unconditional Love. Man has patience. It is in his surrender. God's Patience expresses Itself through His infinite Compassion; man's patience through his long-delayed wisdom.

January 19

Knowledge says that this is right and that is wrong. Wisdom does the right and shuns the wrong. Spirituality embodies the journey of knowledge and the goal of wisdom.

Knowledge manifested, wisdom grows. Wisdom manifested, spirituality soars.

January 20

When the power of love replaces the love of power, man will have a new name: God.

January 21

I am without fear. I am happy. I am without desire. I am happier. I am without ignorance. I am the happiest.

The Supreme is with me. I am happy. The Supreme is in me. I am happier. The Supreme is for me. I am the happiest.

I am happy because I love the Supreme. I am happier because the Supreme loves me. I am the happiest because we love each other.

January 22

I hated myself in order to become good. On becoming good I realised that I hated not me, but God in the making. I loved myself in order to become good. On becoming good I realised that it was not I who loved me, but God the Lover who loved God the Beloved.

January 23

The reward of losing. I lost my anger. Joy, everlasting joy, came into my immediate possession. I lost my desire. The entire world has devotedly become mine. I lost my ignorance. Lo, my sweet Lord is proud of me.

January 24

Some seekers will do anything for their Self-realisation — except work for it.

January 25

What is my inspiration? It is my discovery. What is my discovery? It is my wakefulness. My life's sleep has been transformed into my soul's wakefulness.

January 26

Conviction can be enlarged and surmounted. Don't halt. There is no end to your discovery.

January 27

The body is a temple. The temple needs some windows. Its windows are books, elevating and soulful books. But the temple door, the main door, is aspiration.

January 28

I begged. I got nothing.

I desired. I got something, next to nothing.

I aspired. I got everything, even more.

When I begged, God said: "I have nothing to do with a beggar."

When I desired, God said: "I have little to do with you. You don't want my Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence. You want to be satisfied only with an infinitesimal portion of my Reality."

When I aspired, God said: "You are my chosen child. You are my pride. You want me fully. You want my Existence, my Revelation and my Manifestation.

January 29

Let me not speak ill of any man. If I speak ill of a man, I may not see him at all in this life for his forgiveness. But if I dare speak ill of God, God being everywhere, I shall be able to find Him for His forgiveness. In such a case, I may speak ill of God, but not of man. God will forgive me openly. Man will kill me secretly.

January 30

God loves man because man is helpless.

Man loves God because God is selfless.

God thinks of man because He knows how to think lovingly.

Man thinks of God because he does not know how to think properly.

January 31

I praised God. God blessed me.

I praised myself. God blessed me.

When I praised God, I felt that I must do nothing but that.

When I praised myself, I realised that I can do nothing but that. Alas!

Lo, my ever-compassionate God blesses me both in my wisdom and my ignorance.


February 1

I found the Truth. I told the world. The world ridiculed. I found the Truth. I told God. God smilingly said: "My child, you have found Me, too."

February 2

We feed stupidity with our idleness. We feed sincerity with our wakefulness. Our spirituality feeds Divinity with what it has: the tears of gratitude. God's Divinity feeds our spirituality with what it is: the Compassion-flood of Infinity.

February 3

God the Destroyer and God the Builder. When I look at God the Destroyer, I see Him smiling through the eye of science. When I look at God the Builder, I see Him smiling through the eye of spirituality. Science justifies its action by saying that the world is past correction. Spirituality justifies its action by saying that the world needs immediate redemption.

February 4

Choose a friend. He will help you. Alas, he deserts you. Choose an enemy. He will fight against you. Lo, he corrects and perfects you.

Choose what you want. Want what you need. Need what you deserve. Deserve what God gives. Give just to discover and realise that you were already given.

February 5

Ignorance is an enemy, even to its owner. Knowledge is a friend, even to its hater. Ignorance hates knowledge because it is too pure. Knowledge fears ignorance because it is too sure.

February 6

I trust myself when the world needs me. I trust myself when God wants me. I help the world with my ego's pride. I serve God with my surrender's light.

February 7

Human achievements are relative but not man's divine worth. His divine worth is the absolute Truth of his inner Self.

February 8

Success teaches me the necessity of patience. Failure teaches me the necessity of accepting the truth as it is. My earthly success depends on my heavenly humility. My earthly failure exists precisely because the ignorance in me constantly supplies my failure with an everlasting breath.

February 9

To be afraid of truth is to injure one's life. To injure one's life is to deny God's Grace. To deny God's Grace is to grow into Destruction's Face.

February 10

Man says to God: "O God, you have created the world. But at any moment the world may collapse. So I want to save the world. You are the Creator and I am the Saviour."

God says: "Wonderful, my child, it is simply wonderful. You save the world."

Lo, in a twinkling, the world devours man and his foolish pride. Poor God, He has now to save the self-styled Saviour. The world says to God: "Father, you are my Creator, you are my Protector, and you are my Transformer. I need no human help. Nor, I pray, impose human help upon me." God smilingly says: "There is no such thing as human help. It is only the darkest futility of human stupidity."

February 11

What is Fulfilment? Renunciation. What is renunciation? Renunciation is the God-ordained, detached and disciplined activity of man who grows into a flower of transformation.

February 12

I want my life neither to be external nor internal. I want my life always to be integral and continuous, transforming my nature and fulfilling God's Breath, killing my ignorance, and building God's Grace, swallowing the pride of Falsehood, and drinking the Light of Truth.

February 13

To serve humanity is good. Better is it to serve Divinity. Better still is it to serve Divinity and humanity together. Best is to serve Divinity first and then serve humanity.

February 14

The Joy of the Supreme is my strength.

The Love of the Supreme is my life.

The Inspiration of the Supreme is my salvation.

February 15

Man says that he has a crying body. I say that he has an aspiring temple. Man says that he has a wandering soul. I say that he has a glowing and flying bird. Man says that he achieves the Truth. I say that he embodies and reveals the Truth.

February 16

God has prepared my meal. I have to prepare my hunger. God is ready with my Victory. I have to prepare myself to accept my Victory.

February 17

Who is blind? Not he who has no sight, but he who feels that God is for somebody else.

February 18

To fly with God I need no wings.

Lo, I am flying without wings.

To run with God I need no legs.

Lo, I am running without legs.

To think with God I need no mind.

Lo, I am thinking without the mind.

February 19

My life is examination when I love myself.

My life is excursion when God loves me.

My life is severe concentration when I try to perfect my life.

My life is clear illumination when God wants to and does perfect my life.

February 20

To help humanity I want my life to be a life of ceaseless duration. To serve God I wish my life to be a life of selfless donation.

February 21

I see myself as another stupendous failure.

God sees me as another God.

February 22

God is. I am. God is my Breath. I am God's Life. God has. I have. God has in me His Transcendental Vision. I have in God my Supreme Reality.

February 23

Do you know the secret of my spiritual success? I have freed myself from the past. I live in constant, unending newness of life. To me, God is my immortalising Freedom. To God, I am His devoted assurance.

February 24

Because I love mankind, God loves me. Because I love God, Truth loves me. Because I love Truth, I really and truly love myself.

February 25

"I want to be the white man's brother, but not his brother-in-law."

- Martin Luther King

Marriage does not unite the world. Love unites the world, more so reciprocal dedication.

February 26

I am never happy except when I am crying — crying to the Supreme for the Supreme.

February 27

I take the greatest lesson from compassion — it takes away all the conceit out of my life.

February 28

Books can teach me a little, very little. But even that very little I prefer to learn from God.


March 1

My aim is to be what I am not: a divinised earthly being.

My aim is to see what I have not seen: God's perfect perfection in the field of His manifestation.

My aim is to give what I have not given: my breath to God, and God's Breath to humanity.

March 2

To serve God, I need one thing: Joy.

To help mankind, I need one thing: Patience.

To love God, I need one thing: Purity's breath.

To love mankind, I need one thing: Humility's soul.

March 3

Man can replace everything except God's Compassion.

March 4

It is possible for you to believe that God is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. But it is impossible for you to believe that God has what you have: death. It is also impossible for you to believe that God is what you are: ignorance. But it is true. Father and son are one. Father is son's Realisation. Son is Father's Revelation.

March 5

You are a doubter when you see the Universal Consciousness in you. You are an unbeliever when you feel the Universal Consciousness in you. Go deep within. Lo, what you see and feel is your True Self, your own Transcendental Divinity in unity and multiplicity.

March 6

My aspiration is my transformation into the newness of light's life. My frustration is the multiplying power of destruction's utterance and destruction's action in my life.

March 7

To look at the appearance and feel that the appearance is real is to starve one's faith in God.

To look beyond the appearance is to feed one's faith in God and become one with the living, unfolding and evolving process of life.

March 8

You are more than you seem to be. In your outer existence, you have to offer explanation to the world. In your inner existence, you embody the Answer. You are the creation's aspiration. You are God's Revelation.

March 9

I have three things to offer to my God: fear, doubt and ignorance. God has three things to give me: Power to replace my fear. Light to replace my doubt. His oneness with me to replace my ignorance.

March 10

Aspiration you want? Knock at the door of Silence. Silence you want? Knock at the door of Surrender. You will get what you want and something more: Liberation.

March 11

Silence is the fulness of my thought. Silence is the light of my inner understanding. Silence is the voice of my soul. In my silence is the Breath of my Reality's Life.

March 12

Science helps me to observe and make an experiment with the Reality that is going to be manifested here on earth. Religion teaches me how I can practise the Truth. Spirituality teaches me how I can feel the Truth. Yoga discloses to me the secret of how I can be the Truth.

March 13

Achievement is the man of the hour. Sacrifice is the man of Eternity.

March 14

When I live in the body, I am consciously finite, and unconsciously Infinite. When I live in the soul, I am consciously Infinite and at the same time I can become consciously finite if I want to.

March 15

Inspiration, Aspiration and Realisation are tax-exempt. Let us earn them as much as we want.

March 16

Animal love punishes us.

Human love judges us.

Divine Love illumines us.

March 17

Greatness says, "I wish to be immortal."

Goodness says, "Then enter into me."

Goodness says, "I wish to fulfil God."

Oneness says, "Then enter into me."

March 18

An ordinary man needs me to help him.

A great man needs me to serve him.

God needs me to play hide-and-seek with Him.

I need an ordinary man to love him.

I need a great man to be loved.

I need God and God alone to love and be loved.

March 19

God wants to fulfil His divine Mission in you and through you. But don't you forget your own part. You have to use the divine qualities that you are already endowed with. Your divine qualities are faith, love, devotion and surrender.

March 20

Time wants to push me into the future. I want to pull time into the past. When time pushes me, I say to time that I am not ready. When I pull time, I get no response from time. It is long dead. Let me not allow myself to be pushed by time. Let me not pull time either. Let me just place my earthly existence in the Lap of Universal Time.

March 21

To choose the Truth is to gain God. To gain God is to conquer death's pride and Immortality's Smile.

March 22

A poor man tries to make friends.

A rich man knows how to make friends.

A spiritual man neither tries to make friends nor has he to learn the art of making friends, for he is everybody's friend and the whole world is his.

March 23

Aspiration and realisation are reciprocal.

Realisation and manifestation are reciprocal.

Manifestation and divinisation are reciprocal.

March 24

Faith gives you what you have not: simplicity. Once you have faith, you will like it. Devotion gives you what you have not: purity. Once you have devotion, you will love it. Surrender gives you what you have not: sincerity. Once you have surrender, you will cherish it.

March 25

Prayer uplifts your throbbing body.

Concentration strengthens your searching mind.

Meditation feeds your aspiring heart.

March 26

My body is the Experience of God.

My life is the Manifestation of God.

My freedom is the Perfection of God.

My silence is the highest Pride of God.

March 27

My soul is in charge of my glowing deeds.

My heart is in charge of my soaring feelings.

My mind is in charge of my transforming thoughts.

My vital is in charge of my flowing energy.

My body is in charge of my striving life.

March 28

There is joy in telling the truth.

Our outer life knows it.

There is joy in becoming the truth.

Our inner life reveals it.

March 29

I am not equal to my life's demands when I see the world around me.

I am more than equal to my life's demands when I see the entire world within me.

March 30

True success is the only thing that you cannot have unless and until you have offered it to others.

March 31

Everything can be prevented, I believe and accept, but not the birth of human transformation and the life of Immortality here on earth.


April 1

Spirituality is NOT a compromise between life and death. Spirituality is the absolute affirmation of life and the total negation of death.

April 2

When I think of God, He acts in me.

When I love God, He tells me how He and I can divinely work together.

When I devote myself to God, He acts through me.

When I surrender my life to God, He acts in me, with me, through me and for me.

April 3

To love somebody is to see the Supreme in him. To see the Supreme in him is to see the flowering of the universal Soul in humanity.

April 4

You have understood the world. It needs your instructions. God has understood you. You need His forgiveness and illumination.

April 5

Harmony is sweet. Sweeter is Peace. Sweetest is Bliss. Harmony removes fear of dire conflicts. Peace awakens our heart's divine confidence. Bliss establishes the reign of our divinely fruitful life.

April 6

It is not unwise to appreciate oneself. You can appreciate yourself just because you feel that you are God's chosen child. If you sincerely feel that you are God's chosen child, then you can rest assured that God also truly feels that your life is of great importance to Him.

April 7

Mahatma Gandhi says: "To a man with an empty stomach, food is God." But to a man who hungers for spirituality, divinity, infinity, eternity and immortality, God is and can be the only food.

April 8

He who has seen my soul has seen the Supreme in me. I see the Supreme and the Supreme alone in the soul of each individual on earth.

April 9

My wealth lies in my mind's divine thoughts, in my heart's pure sacrifices, and in my soul's conscious oneness with the Supreme.

April 10

My thought will run the gamut of human interest when I make God my only thought and take humanity as my only soulful concern.

April 11

I have made one choice and one decision. My choice is to become one with God's Life. My decision is to be the ever-dedicated breath in the fulfilment of God's universe.

April 12

To forget the dark futility of blind ignorance is the permanent Law of God. To forgive the scorching heat of human pride is the permanent Law of God. To see oneself always with a smiling face and an adamantine will is the permanent Law of God.

April 13

O Supreme, to Thee I offer what I am: my life's soulful gratitude. O children of the Supreme, to you I give what I have: my life of dedicated service and oneness.

April 14

Five years ago my life was born in the West. The Western world has accepted me with love and joy. I have accepted the Western world with confidence. The New World has accepted me with certainty. I have accepted the New World with my soul's inner urge.

April 15

Authority is final. What is authority? Love. What is love? Concern. What is concern? Sacrifice. What is sacrifice? Sacrifice is the infallible feeling of oneness.

April 16

The master desire of your life is to show the world what you can do for it. The master aspiration of your life is to tell the world that you want to be nothing but the ever-dedicated servant of God's Love and Light.

April 17

With my emotion, I create my life. With my personality, I build my life. With my Will, I become the breath of my life.

April 18

Who says that you are wanting in faith? When you aspire, you have faith in God. When you desire, you have faith in yourself. When you deny the significance of your own existence, you have faith in the undivine. To be sure, you are always endowed with faith.

April 19

Do not be afraid of your thoughts. Use them. Your thoughts can and will create Heaven in you if you just allow them to be empty of ugly desires and at the same time surcharged with a mounting flame.

April 20

The cosmic Vision has an existence called the Absolute Reality. Reality has a house known as Consciousness. Consciousness owns two palaces: Power and Silence. When we live in Power, we feel that we can equal God. When we live in Silence, we feel that God is just another name for our earthly and heavenly existence.

April 21

What is Creation? It is the manifestation of Consciousness. What is Consciousness? It is the common life-breath of man and God. In Consciousness, man becomes. In Consciousness, God is.

April 22

God will change my past if I am not afraid of my future, the future that tells me that I can be as great as God and as perfect as God.

April 23

The name of Truth is Consciousness. The name of Consciousness is Reality. Reality's name is God. God's inner name is Love. God's outer name is Glory.

April 24

God has created only one impossibility in His entire creation, and that impossibility is that one cannot hate mankind if one really loves God.

April 25

Our human nature likes more to destroy than to build, more to cry than to smile, and more to correct the world than to love and embrace the world.

April 26

The animal in us does not want any compromise between truth and falsehood. The divine in us does not need any compromise. It wants the Truth. It embodies the Truth. It reveals the Truth. The human in us needs and wants a compromise, for it is afraid of the naked Truth and at the same time loves falsehood most dearly.

April 27

Anger has an enemy: Peace.

Peace has no enemy.

Peace has a special friend: Joy.

Anger has only one friend: Destruction.

April 28

Perfect honesty and absolute safety can be yoked most easily and most effectively if the aspirant's heart makes only one choice and that choice is God the Father, God the Mother and God the Friend.

April 29

Our mind wants to possess the body although it knows perfectly well that the love and concern of the soul own the body and its life.

April 30

I refrain and thus I enjoy moral beauty. I widen my mental horizon and thus I enjoy intellectual beauty. I dig deep within and thus I enjoy psychic beauty. I surrender myself to my Inner Pilot and thus I enjoy the Beauty Eternal, Beauty Infinite and Beauty Immortal.


May 1

Mysticism has a language of its own. Its name is Intuition. A mystic sits on the wings of the Intuition-Bird and flies towards the Ultimate Real. Intuition means immediate revelation. Intuition reveals the perfect oneness of the Transcendental Vision and the Reality Absolute.

May 2

To see God in Himself is to see His Immensity and Eternity.

To see God in human life is to see God's Soul.

To see God in the human body is to see God's Beauty.

To see God in the human heart is to feel God's Delight.

To see God in the human mind is to discover God's Glory.

May 3

Purity is my body's name.

Clarity is my mind's name.

Sincerity is my heart's name

Spontaneity is my soul's name.

May 4

Divinity awakens the truth in the heart of my purity.

Divinity walks inside the head of my clarity.

Divinity sees through the eye of my sincerity.

Divinity fulfils itself in the Nectar-flow of my spontaneity.

May 5

He who dies for God lives in the heart of humanity. He who lives in the heart of humanity to serve, illumine, transform and fulfil humanity in Divinity is the very Breath of God.

May 6

Man has a body. It dies. Man has a soul. It forever lives. Man's soul is his body's necessity. Man's body is his soul's opportunity.

May 7

Man is not alone. Sorrow plagues his existence. Joy does not leave his soul. Power and weakness like to play hide-and-seek in him. Knowledge and ignorance stay together in man from his very birth to the end of his life's journey. Man is not alone. He is with God's divine Love and his human fear.

May 8

Man is happy because he has acquired the power to destroy the world. Man is unhappy because the Eternal Life and the Transcendental Delight are still a far cry.

May 9

Divine consciousness is of two types: The "I" Consciousness and the "I AM" Consciousness. The "I" Consciousness reveals the Truth that I am all-pervading. The "I AM" Consciousness reveals the Truth that my existence and I are one.

May 10

God has attributes only when Existence and Consciousness reveal themselves in order to taste the all-energising Delight.

May 11

What you do not use yourself, do not give to others. For example, advice.

May 12

When doubt wants to speak to you, your "No" answer is the real answer.

May 13

My mind appreciates the truth when it sees it. My heart admires the truth when it feels it. My body adores the truth when it grasps it. My soul loves the truth simply because the truth exists.

May 14

God thinks of me. What more can I want? God loves me. What more can I need? I think of God. Because He is the only Thought. I love God. Because He is the only Love.

May 15

Keep your mind centred on God. Your futile thoughts will be transformed into fertile ideas, your fertile ideas into glowing ideals and your glowing ideals into the all-fulfilling INFINITUDE.

May 16

Since it is you who want to have what you have not, then do here and now what you do not.

May 17

Imagination carries me into the skies to see God. Inspiration carries me to the farthest corner of the globe to see God. Aspiration tells me that it will bring God to me from above. Vision tells me that it will bring God to me from afar. Realisation tells me that I have not to go anywhere to see God. To go elsewhere outside to see God will be an act of sheer stupidity. For God to come to me from elsewhere is absurdity. God is where I am.

May 18

My humility does not mean that I want the world to ignore me. That is no humility. My humility wants that I should neither veil my ignorance nor make a parade of my knowledge. To be violently dissatisfied with oneself and curse one's fate is not the sign of humility. The true signs of humility are one's constant aspiration and one's inner cry for more peace, light and bliss.

May 19

Is God astonished at our stupidity, insincerity and ignorance? No. Why? Because in spite of all apparent obstructions He knows when and how He will clear the road leading to our Destination.

May 20

Faith. What is faith? It is the safest way to Liberation. Devotion. What is devotion? It is the swiftest way to Liberation.

May 21

Renunciation. We need it. Renunciation. We want it. But how can we have it? We can have it the moment the love of God wells up in our heart.

May 22

Man has not to lose his individuality. Only he has to feel and realise that his individuality is an all-serving and all-pervading personality.

May 23

What is fear? Fear is the fever of our aspiring soul. And who is responsible for this fear? Man the ignorant mind.

May 24

When is a man actually sick? He is sick only when his mind is empty of belief and his life empty of promise.

May 25

Human personality and God-realisation do not talk to each other. NEVER.

May 26

When are we not an accessory to the inner crime? Only when we feel that God is and His absence is nothing short of our death.

May 27

God is Temptation almost unavoidable. God is Salvation always divinely adorable and supremely infallible. Our desiring heart cries for God the Temptation. Our aspiring heart cries for God the Salvation.

May 28

Weakness is the spoon. Doubt is slow poison. Ego is the cup.

May 29

The soulful heart acts like a fool when it feels that it cannot live without the mind. The imprisoned mind acts like a fool when it thinks that it can live without the heart.

May 30

To cry for God is a sign of the heart's ABILITY.

To cry for God is a sign of the mind's SANITY.

May 31

"Be like a tree. The tree gives shade even to him who cuts off its boughs."

- Sri Chaitanya

O Ignorance! I want to be the tree of compassion.

O Man! I want to be the tree of forgiveness.

O Skies! I want to be the tree of aspiration.

O Earth! I want to be the tree of patience.


June 1

Man needs freedom. God gives freedom. What is freedom? Freedom is God's sacrifice and man's miracle-power.

June 2

No renunciation can be commanded.

No renunciation can be demanded.

Renunciation has to grow from within.

Renunciation has to flow from without.

Man renounces the futility of his ignorance-night.

God announces Man, Infinity's Light.

June 3

Faith is God's mighty power in man.

Devotion is man's mighty power in God.

Faith carries man into the heart of God.

Devotion carries God into the heart of man.

June 4

My vision tells me that God is in the heart of my realisation. My realisation tells me that God is in the heart of my revelation. My revelation tells me that God is in the heart of my delight.

June 5

The atom has taught me that the little things do count — most.

June 6

I need not mourn in order to be comforted. In order to be comforted, what I need is wisdom. This wisdom is at once the cause and effect of my spontaneous and soulful action.

June 7

My heart's poverty never can take me into the Kingdom of Heaven. My soul's all-loving and all-embracing plenitude alone can take me into the Kingdom of Heaven.

June 8

I do not forgive humanity so that I can obtain forgiveness from God. I forgive humanity because humanity has time and again forgiven me when I speak ill of humanity in order to please God.

June 9

True, my heart of purity can alone see the Face of God. Equally true, my heart of impurity is not ignored by God. On the contrary, my heart's impurity is well taken care of by God's constant Compassion.

June 10

You are the peacemaker. Hence you are the child of God. I am the peacebreaker and still I feel that God is eagerly waiting for me.

June 11

If the world ignores you, reviles you and hates you because you love only God, then I must say that you have made a serious mistake in your love of God. You have forgotten to love humanity, which is another name for God.

June 12

To glorify my heavenly Father, I do not act. I act in order to fulfil my Father who is in heaven. And also I act to manifest the same Father on earth.

June 13

The inevitable danger of judgement does not prevent me from killing others. The inevitable danger of judgement does not prevent me from getting angry with my brother. What prevents me from killing others is my life's inner and outer oneness with them. And what prevents me from getting angry with my brothers is my sincere concern for their ignorance.

June 14

Yoga is the search for Self-realisation. Self-realisation either ends in absolute self-withdrawal or in total God-manifestation.

June 15

Science tells me what the world is and what the world looks like. Yoga tells me what the human problems are and how they can be solved.

June 16

Nothing can and will perfect education without perfection in Self-realisation.

June 17

True yoga and life go together. Do not try to separate them. If you want to separate them, you will fail. Yoga and life are as inseparable as the Creator and His Creation.

June 18

Yoga is the wisdom of the soul. This wisdom has the last word to say about man's inner life. Science is the result of the mind's query. Today's physical world without science is meaningless. Today's physical world without spirituality is useless.

June 19

When we try to express the experience of the Infinite Consciousness, our human tongue loses all its power of expression. What shall we do then? We shall have to remain silent. Lo! In no time we shall realise that Silence is infinitely more eloquent and more fruitful than words.

June 20

In yoga breathes Self-realisation. Self-realisation embodies self-perfection. Self-perfection is followed by the absolute manifestation of God.

June 21

Yoga guides life for the experience of existence. You may call this a theoretical experience. Yoga guides life towards the fulfilment of existence. This you must call a practical experience.

June 22

If somebody strikes me on the right cheek I shall not turn to him my left cheek. I love him and just because I love him, I do not want him to enter into deeper ignorance.

June 23

I love my enemies for two reasons: they inspire me to recognise my weakness. They also inspire me to perfect my imperfect nature.

June 24

When I give alms, I shall allow my left hand to know what my right hand does so that my left hand gets immediate inspiration to follow the right hand.

June 25

I pray in temples, churches, synagogues, streets and restaurants, not because I want the appreciation and admiration of others, but because I want to be the most devoted child of my mother, Inspiration and my father, Aspiration.

June 26

I repeat God's Name, not because I feel that by repeating God's Name I shall be able to unseal God's Ears, but because I see Him in different forms of inner beauty while each time I repeat His Name.

June 27

I do not judge anybody, not because I am afraid of being judged by others, but because my judgement is bound to be wanting in inner satisfaction and pure joy.

June 28

True, where my treasure is, there will be my heart also. Now, what is my treasure? God's Compassion, God's Compassion alone.

June 29

Someone says, "When your neighbour's child goes wrong, he is a juvenile delinquent; when yours does, he is just passing through a phase."

When my spiritual children do something wrong, I feel that it is I who am passing through a critical phase.

June 30

Somebody says, "Some people's thoughts need washing even more than their bodies."

The writer is a real mind-reader. He has stolen the secret; but not the sacred experience of the spiritual teachers. The spiritual teachers wash the filth of others, not because they feel that they are great and generous, but because their love of others has made them totally and inseparably one with them.


July 1

God does not want to enslave man by a miracle. He wants to guide man with an embrace.

July 2

I am my Beloved's. Lo, His spontaneous Love flows towards me. My Beloved is mine. Lo, my spontaneous cry carries me towards Him.

July 3

Deliverance is the perfect manifestation of renunciation. Renunciation is the embrace of freedom's all-fulfilling light.

July 4

Some say that evil is misplaced good. I say that evil is the follower of good; evil walks in the footsteps of good.

July 5

A student of mine came to me and said that he had committed a vital sin. He also prayed to God to forgive him. But he is not sure whether God has forgiven him or not. I assured him that God has forgiven him, for he no longer continues to do the wrong thing.

July 6

Do not be afraid of evil. But be always cheerful in doing good. Evil will soon leave you, for evil is extremely jealous of good.

July 7

To me, everything begins in half nakedness of truth, and ends in the full nakedness of truth.

July 8

The dangers of innocence are destructive, too. In my constant experience of the soul all dangers I can kill and I shall.

July 9

I shall die even if I want knowledge against God's Will. I shall survive and be illumined even if I want ignorance after having offered myself totally to God's Will.

July 10

I am the eternal image of God. Unlike my discovery, God finds in me perfect perfection.

July 11

Man has two experiences: the experience of his soul's responsibility and the experience of his body's stupidity.

July 12

Every morning I win my freedom afresh. Also every evening I do the same. What is my freedom? My freedom is my soul's aspiration and the Compassion of God's Heart.

July 13

In my freedom is my creation. In my creation is my activity. In my activity is God's responsibility.

July 14

God is always eager to share with me what He has — Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. Alas, it is I who am not willing to share with Him my doubts, my bondage and my ignorance.

July 15

O God, let Your paradise be for You alone. It is Yours. Give me this earth. I shall turn it into my paradise.

July 16

We love God because we feel that one day He too will love us. God loves us because His Heart has compelled Him to do nothing but love us.

July 17

Humility is not a self-imposed, willed virtue. It is an inner state of consciousness that feels pure joy in its expression.

July 18

I am proud of my God because He is supremely Great.

My God is proud of me because I am soulfully humble.

July 19

Law is not love. But love is law.

July 20

Beauty is not truth. But truth is beauty.

July 21

Grace is not God. But God is Grace.

July 22

Ignorance is not man. But man is ignorance.

July 23

When God's Will is not my will, everybody can dare to be my master.

July 24

I want freedom for me and my life. God wants independence for me and my life. Freedom from ignorance I want. God wants me to be free from everything.

July 25

The body is the reality that seeks for other realities. The soul is the reality that seeks only God.

July 26

I love life because God is Life. I love God because God alone knows and tells me that He and I are one.

July 27

Man desires the Infinite. He will one day possess the Infinite. After possessing the Infinite he will realise that he has always been the Infinite.

July 28

To understand the Truth is to achieve the Truth. To misunderstand the Truth is to blight the Truth.

July 29

Love humanity and then do whatever you want to do with humanity. Love Divinity and then do whatever Divinity wants you to do.

July 30

When we serve humanity, God loves us. When we love God, both humanity and God serve us. God serves us with His soulful concern. Humanity serves us with its dedicated feeling of oneness.

July 31

My aspiration wants to reach the Highest. My meditation wants to enter into the depth of the universe. My realisation has revealed to me that I have not to go anywhere. I have everything and I am in everything.


August 1

My sleeping body I offer to my God's Compassion. My dreaming body I offer to my God's Love. My crying body I offer to my God's Concern.

August 2

To sow the seed I need purity and sincerity. To reap the result I need aspiration and meditation.

August 3

Action is bondage when I love my life alone. Action is freedom when I love the life of the world.

August 4

Love is experience itself. It is the wisdom of our soul's light.

August 5

I lifted up my eyes to see the Heaven. I saw it not. I closed my eyes to feel the Heaven. I felt it not. I thought of God. To my widest surprise, God said that I am not only the Heaven but His Heaven.

August 6

Surrender to God's Will is the highest realisation of our hidden power.

August 7

Do not try to approach God with your thinking mind. It may only stimulate your intellectual ideas, activities and beliefs. Try to approach God with your crying heart. It will awaken your soulful, spiritual consciousness.

August 8

An aspirant's spiritual growth is gained silently in love. His growth is nurtured secretly in devotion. His growth is perfectly developed in surrender.

August 9

Love quickens activity. Devotion radiates humility. Surrender multiplies proficiency.

August 10

There is only one goal and that goal is perfect perfection. This perfect perfection neither limits nor is limited by earthly or heavenly achievements.

August 11

When inspiration comes from the heart and aspiration from the soul, then liberation comes from God.

August 12

Thinking divine thoughts is a consecrated service to both humanity and divinity. Thinking undivine thoughts kills God's divine pride in man and slackens man's bond of closeness and oneness with God.

August 13

I live with my satisfying possibility. I have given away my opportunities to mankind. I have offered my responsibilities to God.

August 14

Responsibility is no anxiety. Responsibility is the possibility of opportunity culminating in inevitable fulfilment.

August 15

Aspiration will become mere routine to you if you do not renew your inspiration every day. How can you have a new inspiration every day? You can have it just by loving intensely your love of God every day.

August 16

Imagination is no self-deception. Imagination is the road that leads man to the life of practicality wherein lies man's true fulfilment.

August 17

The mind needs thought-transference. The heart needs feeling-transportation and importation. The soul needs silent conversation.

August 18

There is only one spiritual Mother. She is God in His feminine aspect. She has three names: God the Compassion, God the Concern and God the Perfection.

August 19

God is the "I am" in man. Man is the dream-boat of God.

August 20

Sickness is imperfection. Weakness is limitation. Death is obstruction.

August 21

Think of God. God's Grace will cry for you. Think of God's Grace. God with all His glory will forever be yours.

August 22

Sacrifice is the common meeting ground for man and God. Man's sacrifice is his ignorance. God's sacrifice is His Compassion.

August 23

Meditation is the language of spirituality. Spirituality is the language of unity. Unity is the language of divinity.

August 24

Truth is at once inspiring and challenging. We have infinitely more latent Truth than we are using. When Truth inspires us, we challenge the teeming ignorance of life. Lo, Victory is won. We can free ourselves from living half a life.

August 25

Mysticism is not only a human belief but a divine faith. This faith is the creative principle of life. Mysticism is also the outer expression of man's inner flowing of life.

August 26

What you have is the reasoning mind. What he has is an unchanging fear. What I have is an untiring impatience. What God has is the unfailing Love.

August 27

"O Supreme, I am tired. I need rest." "My child, there is no such thing as rest. There is only one truth and that truth is called fulfilment in self-offering."

August 28

O Supreme, I have unreservedly opened myself to the inflow of Your Grace. The time of mutual acceptance has come. You will bless my life with the thought of freedom divine. I shall fulfil Your Life with my world of glowing sacrifice.

August 29

The reasoning mind is too weak to feel the breath of mysticism. Mysticism is today's ideal. Tomorrow's experience. Realisation of the day after tomorrow.

August 30

Life is vast. So is mysticism. Life develops into purity in mysticism. Mysticism develops into certainty in life.

August 31

Try not to change the world. You will fail. Try to love the world. Lo, the world is changed. Changed forever.


September 1

There is only one hopeless task and that task is to endeavour to fathom the secrets of the universe before one has discovered oneself and understood oneself.

September 2

It is not bad to question. But the questioning mind must be willing to surrender to constructive thoughts. If the questioning mind is fed by destructive thoughts, then there can be no light but darkness, no life but death.

September 3

I wish to be a perpetual student; I know I have always something more to learn. I shall have something more to become and be.

September 4

The highest good is found in truth and truth is the breath of delight.

September 5

Our vital loves to be loved. Our heart loves so that it can also be loved. Our soul just loves devotedly and eternally.

September 6

My seeing of truth can be an uncertain fact of life. Likewise, my feeling, too. But never, never my growing into the truth. My growing into the truth is the most certain fact of life.

September 7

The kingdom of ideas and ideals is not the true homeland of the soul. The kingdom of all-seeing, all-growing and all-becoming Will is unmistakably the true homeland of the soul.

September 8

Unlike the realm of Will, the realm of thought is not only infinitely visible but divided in our daily life. So let us be the realm of Will to reach the Truth and be the Truth whole.

September 9

Character is your body. Reputation is your jacket. Character is your life's soul. Reputation is your desired goal.

September 10

The ideal life is the life of sacrifice. In sacrifice alone lies the true fulfilment of divine potentialities in man with clear understanding of the life without.

September 11

Sincerity says: "I do not know where God is." God says: "I am in your very breath, and nowhere else."

September 12

Love talks, and it tries to tell the truth. Devotion talks, but it does not always tell the truth. Surrender talks, and it can do nothing but tell the truth. Always.

September 13

When we see nature with a human eye, we see nature as an unsatisfactory expression of world-reason. But when we see nature with our soul's light, we see nature as the most satisfactory experience of God in the process of His perfect Perfection.

September 14

Don't torture a liar. He is already tortured because he finds it difficult to believe anybody.

September 15

There is and there can be only one definition of today's man: "Man the God of tomorrow."

September 16

True knowledge is the result of the action of the soul. It is the soul's illumination that makes knowledge in the inner world perfect and in the outer world immortal.

September 17

God's all-fulfilling Grace transcends all human comprehension. Man's constant oneness with ignorance transcends his soul's comprehension. Although God is transcendental, He gets joy in being bound by both ignorance and knowledge.

September 18

Individuality God gave me at the time of my birth. Personality I shall give Him at the time of my death.

September 19

My soul is God's peerless experience. My life is God's most powerful confidence. My nature's transformation is God's loftiest assurance.

September 20

Pride devours me when I say that I am God's only choice and hope. Ignorance devours me when I say that I am God's failure, utter failure.

September 21

Ambiguity is the mind's song. Possibility is the heart's song. Inevitability is the soul's song. Ambiguity cries. Possibility tries. Inevitability flies.

September 22

In man is God's activity. In God is man's certainty. In God's activity is man's immortality. In man's certainty is God's Reality.

September 23

What is true joy? True joy is man's knowledge of God and God's love for man combined.

September 24

O God, when anything concerns myself, make the flow of my tongue as limited as possible. I also implore Thee that in no instance I depart from this soulful promise of mine. I am God's. What more do I need to add to my glory, pride, achievement and fulfilment?

September 25

I do not launch into an ocean of uncertainty when I say that God will do everything for me. My God has already done everything for me by cutting asunder the wild ties of dire ignorance.

September 26

When I enter into the bosom of the soul's country and from there lay myself under the most cheerful obligations to awaken and assist my body, I see in no time that my results have gloriously equalled my most sanguine expectations.

September 27

My pride in God is justifiable because I am his faithful child.

My pride in ignorance is excusable because my life is an unconscious and unlit innocence. But I can't expect to be excused forever.

September 28

God has worked very hard for me, and I am enjoying the most precious recollections of his tireless efforts. In God's world I have a room of my own: "Gratitude."

September 29

I humble myself before the magnitude of my soul's understanding: the divinisation of my physical consciousness, the transformation of my outer body, the true embodiment of the God in me, and the perfect manifestation of the God in the process of becoming.

September 30

O Lord, my life abounds in the necessaries and I enjoy these blessings in their fullest extent. O Lord, to You I offer what I have and what I am. You give me just one thing: the strength of surrender.


October 1

Sincerity is the opportunity to say something. Purity is the opportunity to do something. Humility is the opportunity to be something.

October 2

Turn your attention to the inner corners of your life. Lo, God smiles at you and you have every reason to expect Joy everlasting.

October 3

Fear is the fever of aspiration: Doubt is the heart-failure of aspiration.

October 4

What does it mean when I say that I am indispensable? It means that I was wiser yesterday than I am today. What does it mean when I say that I really and truly need God? It means that I am infinitely wiser today than I was yesterday.

October 5

I have declared that I wish to love the world. O Lord, do make me realise the importance of the attitude in which I shall have to stand before the world.

October 6

When the aspirant's unconditional surrender to God's Will is complete, God will carve out for him an eternal place not only in the bosom of His creation, but in the Breath of His Life.

October 7

O man, when are you going to be conscious of the fact that you smilingly and secretly cherish the presence of a host of criminals inside you? Let me now tell you the names of only a few criminals: 1. The venomous doubt. 2. The ugly thought. 3. The dirty jealousy. 4. The strangling fear. 5. The threatening anxieties and worries. Drive them out of your life. Lo, your life grows into God's highest pride.

October 8

Between fear and doubt choose neither. Between God and Truth choose either. Between realisation and revelation, choose both.

October 9

All great men look wonderful from afar. All spiritual men look soulful from afar. All leaders, especially the political leaders, look thoughtful from afar. Be careful!

October 10

True, everybody has his better. But in my case, I know and feel that my conscious awareness of the ETERNAL NOW in me is my only better.

October 11

The bitters of life exist and loom large because we hesitate to fight the battle to the bitter end after having realised that Truth is God and God is Victory.

October 12

Before you think, make friends with humanity. Before you act make friends with divinity.

October 13

It makes a great difference whether God thinks of us or we think of God. When God thinks of us, we can enjoy our life to the fullest extent. But when we think of God, we have to be soulfully conscious, mindful and careful.

October 14

To improve and not to prove, I came into the world. Improvement from the spiritual standpoint is evolution. This evolution is God's own evolution in me and through me.

October 15

Do not try to entrap others with your haughty knowledge. To your wide surprise, they will entrap you with their lengthy ignorance.

October 16

Do not forget that deliverance is next door to ignorance, realisation next door to frustration and divinity next door to humanity.

October 17

God has not to see from above. I have not to see Him from below. He and I are always together, the self-same Dream and Reality.

October 18

God has the Truth. Man knows the Truth. God is the Truth. Man becomes the Truth.

October 19

God's Grace is man's salvation. Man's life is God's Compassion. God is the action in man. Man is the meaning of God.

October 20

I knew my soul's age. But I have to calculate my body's age. When I am in the soul, I fix my own age. When I am in the body, the calendar fixes my age.

October 21

Compose books. Man may either love you or hate you. Compose yourself. God blesses you. Man loves you. Finally you will be surprised to discover that both God and man are truly proud of you.

October 22

If you sincerely want peace in the outer world, then offer all your wisdom. If you sincerely want peace in the inner world, then offer all your silence.

October 23

Gratitude offered to mankind by the realised souls, gratitude more than is due, is highly likely to be misunderstood. My teacher, Experience, has kindly taught me this truth.

October 24

Hope says, "Action is easy." Inspiration says, "Action is easier." Love says, "Action is the easiest."

October 25

People have friends, many friends. I have one friend, only one, my old good friend: God. He says that I am His soul. I tell him that He is my only GOAL.

October 26

Labour is pleasure when I wish to be loved by the world. Labour is torture when I want to love the world.

October 27

He who has no belief in God must at least have some belief in fate. He who has no belief in fate must at least have some belief in ignorance. One simply cannot escape the snare of belief.

October 28

I spoke ill of myself. The world became my compassionate friend. I spoke well of myself. The world became my worst enemy. I spoke ill of the world. The world hesitated to believe it. I spoke well of the world. The world felt that it was not enough, it deserved abundantly more.

October 29

There are two reasons why I don't speak to doubt. Doubt says to me that the world does not love me, and that I don't need God.

October 30

Sincerity is a fool when it thinks that it cannot live without fear, doubt and anxiety. Aspiration is a fool when it thinks that it can live without sincerity.

October 31

For realisation, you may do as others do; but for revelation and manifestation, you must do what the Supreme wants you to do.


November 1

Surrender must direct.

Aspiration must obey.

November 2

Perfection, when aspiration is realisation, and realisation is manifestation.

November 3

If you really want to raise yourself above yourself, then you must prefer today to yesterday, unconditional surrender to your coveted and glorious achievements.

November 4

Next to the eternally unconditional surrender is the spontaneously soulful appreciation of it.

November 5

The soul's aspiration and the life's humility must be remarried and brought to live together eternally.

November 6

If your life's name is soulful gratitude, then you can most powerfully broadcast yourself to God.

November 7

Sacrifice is the one real thing in the aspiring life. The joy of sacrifice is to sacrifice. When you sacrifice what you have, you become what God is.

November 8

If you want to attract the world, then tell the world that your name is love. If you want to hold the world, then tell the world that your name is devotion. If you want to win the world, then tell the world that your name is surrender.

November 9

The essence of my human personality is God the eternal Lover. The essence of my divine Individuality is God the eternal Beloved.

November 10

An ignorant man is running away with ignorance. An unaspiring man is running away from God. An aspiring man is running fast with ignorance towards God ready to lay it at His Feet and have it transformed into knowledge divine.

November 11

Aspiration earns the Truth.

Realisation uses the Truth.

Manifestation fulfils the Truth.

November 12

At times to think of one's outer helplessness is good, but to think always of one's inner strength is infinitely better.

November 13

If you know how to wait for God, God will certainly come to you one day. But your meditation can and does give you quicker and better results.

November 14

The human accent is on strength today, but the divine stress is on peace.

November 15

A crying heart always discovers the truth by taking inner lessons. A broken heart discovers the truth accidentally, nay, on very rare occasions.

November 16

An unaspiring person believes according to what he achieves. An aspiring person achieves according to what he believes.

November 17

Live in your mind's insincerity, and you will learn that you have done more than you ought to. Live in your heart's sincerity, and you will learn that you can do infinitely more than you already have done.

November 18

There are three kinds of aspirants: deplorable, unable and able. There are three kinds of realised souls: promise-makers, promise-attempters and promise-fulfillers.

November 19

An aspiring soul loves God for what he knows God to be. An unaspiring soul loves God for what he thinks God has.

November 20

You play your role. You admit your teeming faults. The world will play its role. It will without fail acknowledge your countless virtues.

November 21

Joy, inner and outer, is a supreme necessity. Pleasure, outer and inner, is certainly a dangerous luxury.

November 22

When a man feels that he really needs God, he takes more out of ignorance than ignorance takes out of him.

November 23

A sincere man is more sincere than he looks. An insincere man is more insincere than he thinks.

November 24

I love my soul because it always inspires me. I love my vital because it always promises to be. My soul loves me for what I am. My soul loves my vital for what it can be.

November 25

You have lost nothing in losing your outer capacities and achievements. Simplicity lost, something is lost. Sincerity lost, much is lost. Purity lost, more is lost. Humility lost, your entire inner world is lost.

November 26

Most of us sell our realisations before we have launched into the path of meditation.

November 27

When an unrealised and false teacher teaches and preaches, be careful of your purse, and keep your sincerity under your control.

November 28

At times the sincere disciples are displeased with their Master when they see that their Master does not warn or scold the insincere and faithless disciples. Unfortunately the sincere disciples have forgotten that their Master repeatedly told the disciples that he had sold his heart to the sincere disciples and his smiling and compassionate mouth to the insincere disciples.

November 29

Our mind and heart must split their differences. The mind must not ruthlessly be indifferent to the heart and the heart must not cheerfully speak ill of the mind.

November 30

Concentrate! Humanity will like you.

Meditate! Divinity will love you.

Contemplate! Humanity will adore you and Divinity will cherish you.


December 1

When I think of God, I choose to be free. When God thinks of me, I am free to choose.

December 2

I always say that beauty is soul-deep. Beauty in the outer world is the total transformation of one's human nature. Beauty in the inner world is the perfect realisation of one's divine Reality.

December 3

Aspiration deserves the truth. Sincerity observes the truth. Purity preserves the truth.

December 4

Try to please God. God will not only be pleased with you for what you have done for Him, but also will forgive you for what you have not done.

Try to please a man. There is no certainty that you will get any credit for what you have done for him. But be fully prepared to receive a volley of criticism for what you have not done for him.

December 5

A false teacher speaks twice: once when he brags that he knows the truth; once when he says that he does not want to show the truth.

A true teacher speaks twice: once when he says that God has the truth; once when he says that God is the truth.

December 6

Keep your heart's door open. You will become the purest man. Keep your ego's door closed. You will become the surest man.

December 7

I do not want to have a host of admirers. What I want is a bosom friend. Sorry, I do not need even a bosom friend. What I need is a mother's affection and a father's protection. Sorry, what I truly need is God's deepest blessingful satisfaction.

December 8

When you live in spirituality, aspiration is what you expect, but realisation is what you get. When you live in humanity, admiration is what you expect, but admonition is what you get.

December 9

An unconditional surrender to God's Will is by far the best opportunity because it has so little outer competition.

December 10

I want to be sincere. When I love the world, I complain of my poor capacity. When I love God, I complain of my sure insincerity.

December 11

The ignorance-sea fulfils our teeming desires. The Knowledge-Sun feeds our endless needs.

December 12

An unaspiring person always complains. There is no end to his complaints. He bitterly complains even when the blessings of opportunity knock at his very door.

December 13

If you want to be a good man, then contradict yourself when sincerity demands.

If you want to be a noted figure, then don't contradict yourself even when necessity demands.

December 14

If you are going to God without the Love-Flower, Devotion-Fruit and Surrender-Tree, then rest assured that you are pushing the door marked "Pull."

December 15

Do you love man? Then give him what you have: sincerity.

Do you love God? Then give him what you are: ignorance.

December 16

I asked God what He was looking for. He said, "I am looking for gratitude's home in My vast world."

December 17

The heart is rich when the body is pure. The life is rich when the soul is sure.

December 18

The physical parents unconsciously bring their children from God. The spiritual parents consciously return them to God.

December 19

If a seeker of the Infinite Truth enjoys idle talk, then his mind's determination, his heart's inspiration and his soul's aspiration are bound to starve.

December 20

I sell my heart to the world and buy it back. I sell it when I live in impatience-night and buy it back when I live in patience-light.

December 21

Even an ex-President of the United States is a "has-been." But if you live for God, only for God, then you can rest assured that you will remain great both in humanity's eyes and in God's eyes, equally and eternally. Your present, past and future can never be buried in oblivion.

December 22

When I accuse my mind of stealing away my heart's joy, I always meet with flat denials from the mind. Lord, what am I to do?

"My child, do not accuse the mind. Just adore your soul. Your soul has the power to inundate your heart with infinite Joy."

December 23

Intellectual discussion is good and helpful before you have entered into spirituality. But once you have started concentrating and meditating and getting inner experiences on the strength of your inner and higher aspiration, you must not accept the feast of reason. The feast of reason is venomous to those who want to realise the Truth of the Beyond.

December 24

God awakens my life with His purest Concern. God blesses my life with His sublimest Thought. God has awakened me. I am no longer asleep. God has blessed me. I have emptied my life of problems.

December 25

The Christ told the Truth. The Truth existed before. The Christ became the Truth. Hence the Truth lives and breathes on earth.

December 26

Jesus was great. Greater was His mercy. Greatest was His sacrifice.

December 27

In Baptism the Christ realised the Truth for the second time. In His crucifixion, the world realised Him for the first time.

December 28

Three fleeting years between His Baptism and His Crucifixion. But during this strikingly short period, His Father could and did say what He had intended to say through His Son's lips.

December 29

We know that Peter denied the Christ. We also know that the Christ wanted nobody else save Peter to be head of His church.

What do we learn from this? God is not bound by His cosmic Laws. But He is the ever-delightful listener and fulfiller of His Infinite Grace.

December 30

The year is ending. My desires are ending. My body's bondage is ending. My life's ignorance is ending.

December 31

The year has ended. The role of my little "i" has at last ended. My Supreme is now teaching me how to smile His transcendental Smile.

Editor's preface to Archive version

Sri Chinmoy spoke about Food for the Soul in Dependance and Assurance [DA 5]:

«Food for the Soul was originally entitled Flame-stars and Flame-worlds. Now I would like to explain the original title. ‘Flame-stars’ comes from particles of divinity that are entering into each aspiring soul. ‘Flame-worlds’ means that in the message of each meditation you will see a different world. If you soulfully read these aphorisms three or four or six times, I wish to tell you that you will see something more meaningful and more significant than if you just read them once. It is not that you will have different ideas or different thoughts. No, you will see that one truth is being expressed powerfully, more powerfully and most powerfully. So this is how you can concentrate on an aphorism.»

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