My green adoration-gifts, part 2

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Chalre Rabi Bhai

Chalre rabi bhai
Chalre shashi bon
Chalre sabai hriday bane
Nitya anukkhan


Come, Sun, my brother dear,
Come, Moon, my sister sweet,
Let us all go into the garden-light
of our oneness-heart.
Let us all live for all Eternity there.

Chhilam Swapane Nandana Bane

Chhilam swapane nandana bane
Prabhur charane puja aradhane


In the garden of paradise
I supremely enjoyed my dream-life
By placing my soul-existence
At the Feet of my Beloved Supreme
And worshipping Him,
Devotedly and unreservedly.

Tomar Pijush Pariche Jhariya

Tomar pijush pariche jhariya
Nehari se shobha pulaka bhariya
Dhanya jibana tomai smariya
Raho raho more ajike dhariya


Your Nectar-Delight is constantly pouring
Into my heart.
My heart and I constantly enjoy
This supernal experience.
My heart and I are blessed
By remembering You constantly.
O, never leave me.
Keep me always in You and for You.

Phanki Tomar Dhaka Dhaki

Phanki phanki phanki
Tomar dhaka dhaki
Saibo keman kare
Amar jiban bhare


More deception, deception, deception.
How can I endure all my life
Your thunderous noise?

Phirbona Ar Phirbona

Phirbona ar phirbona
Dharar lagi kandbona
Phirbona ar phirbona
Bishwa moher bandhbona
Phirbona ar phirbona
Ashar bani shunbona


I shall not return.
I shall not cry for this world.
I shall not return.
I shall not allow myself to be
Bound by the world-attachments.
I shall not return.
I shall not listen to the message of hope.

Sakal Bhore Sanjhe

Sakal bhore sanjhe
Bedan bina baje
Basana hiyar majhe
Taito mari laje


My morning and my evening
Are filled with the sad music
Of my sad violin.
I am always ashamed
Of my teeming desires
That have occupied
My entire heart-life.

Habe Aji Abasan

Habe aji abasan
Pashan andhar pran
Habe aji suru jani
Amar gurur bani


Today my stone-consciousness-life
And my darkness-life
Will come to an end.
Today marks the beginning
Of the blossoming
Of my Master Guru’s message.

Ami Amar Barabo Dui Hath

Ami amar barabo dui hath
Trishita prane janabo pranipat
Keman kare saibe ankhipat
Ogo amar hiyar jagannath


I shall stretch out my two hands.
With a thirsty heart
I shall offer my heart’s obeisance.
O my heart’s Lord,
How will You suffer
The soulful existence
Of my doleful eyes?

Ekti Shudhu Gan

Ekti shudhu gan
Gahite chahe pran
Ekti shudhu katha
Kahibe hiya byetha
Ekti shudhu asha
Shikhbo tomar bhasha
Ekti shudhu parichoy
Tomar shudhu joy


Only one song my heart wants to sing.
Only one word my suffering heart wants to say.
Only one hope: my life of aspiration
Shall learn Your language-life.
Only one acquaintance-revelation:
I shall constantly sing Your Victory-Songs.

Chokher Jale Pujbo Bale

Chokher jale pujbo bale
Tomar kache esechi
Moher bandhan charbo bale
Mor amire sanpechi


I have come to You to worship You
With my tearful eyes.
I have surrendered my little ‘i’
To Your care.
I want only one thing:
I want to break asunder my world’s

Bhagaban Bhagaban Keno Eto Byabadhan

Bhagaban bhagaban
Keno eto byabadhan
Tomar amar majhe
Mari ami sada laje
Tumi bujhi baso bhalo
Tai rakho prane kalo
Bhagaban bhagaban
Dao more jyoti pran


Lord, my Lord,
How is it that there is such a big gap
Between You and me?
I am truly ashamed of it.
It seems that You enjoy the darkness of my life.
Lord, my Lord,
Give me Your life of Divinity’s Light.

Amar Ashrujal Mor Shudhu Sambal

Amar ashrujal mor shudhu sambal
Amar khudita asha mor shudhu bhalobasa
Samarpaner dala karibe e pran ala


My only wealth is my tearful heart.
My hungry hope is the only thing that I love.
I know my life’s surrender-branch
Can only purify and illumine my heart.

Keman Kare Gaibo Ami

Keman kare gaibo ami jiban bhorer gan
Asha pradip kothai tumi dake akul pran
Keman kare gaibo ami maran sanjher gan
Bishwa prabhu kothai tomar kripa aphuran


How can I sing my life’s morning song?
O my hope-flame, where are you?
My heart is extremely eager to see you.
How can I sing my life’s evening song?
O my Lord Supreme,
Where is Your Compassion-Light infinite?

Tomar Katha Shunbo Ami

Tomar katha shunbo ami
Tai ami roy hriday bane
Amar katha shunbe tumi
Taito raho samirane


I wish to hear Your Nectar-Message.
Therefore, I always remain inside
The garden of my heart.
You wish to hear my inner message.
Therefore, You remain inside air all around me.

Swapan Amar Bastabe Dake Aj

Swapan amar bastabe dake aj
Asha mor shudhu nirashare dake aj
Charidike shuni dhangsha ashani baj
Charidike heri phankir kurup saj


My dream is calling my hopelessness today.
My hope is also doing the same.
Around me I hear today
The thunder of destruction-night.
Around me I see the robes of deception-form.

Ami Jani Ami Habo Swaruper Sandhani

Ami jani ami jani ami jani
Ami habo swaruper sandhani
Aruper sandhani amrita sandhani


I know, I know, I know
I shall become the discoverer of my
self-form reality.
I shall become the discoverer of my
selfless form reality.
I shall become the discoverer of my
nectar-life reality.

Sudha Swapaner Khule Gela Dwar

Sudha swapaner khule gela dwar
Tai ami pari bijayer har
Heribona ar moha karagar
Mor mita habe shanti apar


The door of my ambrosial dream
Is fully open today.
Therefore, today I am wearing
The garland of victory.
I shall no more see the prison
Of attachment-night.
My only friend from now on
Will be the infinite expanse of peace.

Shudhu Ek Mor Tiyasa

Shudhu ek mor tiyasa amiya sindhu
Shudhu ek mor hatasha khudra bindu


My life’s only thirst
Is for a sea of ambrosia.
Alas, what I now have
Is a tiny drop of an expanding despair.

Jibaner Bhore Maraner Ghore

Jibaner bhore maraner ghore
Eso eso mor hriday bhara
Tumi je amar chira jibaner
Ananda ghana tiyasa hara


In the morning light of my life
And in the evening darkness-death of my life,
O my Lord, come
And fill my heart with Your presence.
You are the most nourishing
And most illumining nectar-delight
Of my life of eternal thirst.

Tomar Hasi Bhalobese

Tomar hasi bhalobese
Diyeche dhara prane ese
Kripa plaban nache aji
Ogo amar hiya majhi


I see Your loving Smile
Inside the very depths of my heart.
Today Your Compassion-Flood is dancing
Within and without my heart,
O my heart’s Boatman.

Tumi Amar Karun Ankhir Jal

Tumi amar karun ankhir jal
Tumi amar hiyar shatadal
Tumi amar ashesh pather bal
Nahi heri mithya jiban chhal


You are the tears of my soft eyes.
You are the lotus-beauty and lotus-fragrance
Of my heart.
You are my infinite strength
While I am walking along Eternity’s road.
I see nowhere the deception of my falsehood-life.

Sanga Habe Amar Asha

Sanga habe amar asha
Mor abanir bhalobasa
Sanga habe kanna bishad
Mor alo ar andhar bibad


My hope-life will terminate.
My love-life will expire.
My life of sad depression and wild frustration
Will close its eyes for good.
And also the fight between darkness and light
In my life will finally end.

Shunbo Kane Tomar Bani

Shunbo kane tomar bani
Dibo tomai hriday khani
Bandhbo tomai bhalobese
Premer bale kende hese
Tumi amar mukti giti
Pran gabhire nai je bhiti


I shall listen to Your Message, I shall.
I shall offer You my heart, I shall.
I shall bind You with the powerful strength
Of my heart.
You are my liberation-song.
Today I have cast aside my teeming fears.

Dekhte Tomar Premer Ankhi

Dekhte tomar premer ankhi
Dibas nishi base thaki
Pete tomar madhu hasi
Hiya diye bhalobasi
Dite tomai mor amire
Bhengechi aj sab phankire


To see Your Vision I remain awake
All day and night.
To see Your Honey-Smile I love You
With my heart-life.
To offer You my little ‘i’
Today I have smashed asunder
My deception-life.

Tomar Piche Thakbo Ami

Tomar piche thakbo ami tomar piche
Tomar niche thakbo ami tomar niche
Tumi bina sakal kichui kurup miche


I shall always remain behind You, I shall.
I shall always remain below You, I shall.
Without You everything is ugly,
Everything is totally false.

Shudhu Asha Niye Thaki

Shudhu asha niye thaki
Baki sab jani phanki
Asha chira sambal
Hridayer shatadal


I live with hope and nothing else.
Everything else is deception.
Hope is my only eternal possession.
Hope is my heart’s lotus-beauty.

Ajike Amar Pran

Ajike amar pran
Ashru nadir ban
Ajike amar deha
Andhar nishar geha
Ajike amar man
Maha ghor achetan


Today my heart has become
The flood of tear-river.
Today my body has become
The home of tenebrous night.
Today my mind has become
The sleep of a vast inconscience-night.

Ami Habo Aji Sadhu Ekjan

Ami habo aji sadhu ekjan
Hriday gabhire karibo gaman
Ami habo aji yogi maharaj
Paribo jatane ananda taj


Today I shall grow into a saint.
Today I shall enter into the very depth
Of my heart.
Today I shall become the emperor-Yogi
And I shall carefully wear the crown of delight.

Bandhan Bandhan Tai Prane Krandan

Bandhan bandhan
Tai prane krandan
Bandhan bandhan
Mrityur syandan
Bandhan bandhan
Habo sudha nandan


Bondage, bondage-night.
Therefore, a ceaseless cry inside my heart.
Bondage, bondage-night.
I see the chariot of death right ahead of me.
Bondage, bondage-night.
Yet I shall become nectar’s ecstasy-son.

Tomar Charane Ami Kandi

Tomar charane ami kandi
Tomar nayane more bandhi
Tomar sakal basi bhalo
Hethai hothai nahi kalo


I cry and weep at Your Feet.
I bind myself inside Your Vision-Light.
Everything of Yours I dearly love.
Now I see darkness nowhere.

Amar Lagi Kandbona

Amar lagi kandbona
Amai ami bandhbona
Amai pete marbona
Amar hasi chaibona


I shall not cry for myself.
I shall not bind myself any more.
I shall not die to gain myself.
I shall never desire a smile for myself.

Prabhur Adesh Ami Habo Sundar

Prabhur adesh ami habo sundar
Mor anurodh prabhu habe sahachar
Prabhur adesh ami habo bishwas
Mor anurodh prabhu habe nishwas


My Lord has commanded me to become beautiful.
I have made a fervent request to my Lord
To become my eternal Companion.
My Lord has commanded me to be a man of trust.
I have made a fervent request to my Lord
To be His living Breath.

Amar Hiya Amar Hasi

Amar hiya amar hasi
Amar atma amar banshi
Amar jiban amar gati
Amar maran amar mati


My heart is my smile.
My soul is my flute.
My life is my forward movement.
My death is my will.

Bhule Jao Bhule Jao Sab Kichhu

Bhule jao bhule jao sab kichhu
Chhutibena kabhu ar moha pichhu
Sukh sukh kari kandibena ar
Rahibena kabhu bishader bhar


Forget, you must forget
All that you know.
Do not run any more after attachment-pleasure.
Do not cry any more for happiness-light.
You will see that in you
There will be no trace of depression-load.

Bhalo Lage Mor Durer Akash

Bhalo lage mor durer akash
Bhalo lage mor udas batas
Bhalo lage mor premer brishti
Bhalo lage mor swapan srishti


I love my distant blue sky.
I love my independent wind
Blowing around me.
I love my divine love-rain.
I love my creation-dream.

Andhakar Andhakar Tai Kari Chitkar

Andhakar andhakar
Tai kari chitkar
Andhakar andhakar
Nahi heri kona par
Andhakar andhakar
Ghor shaman asar


Darkness within, darkness without.
Therefore, I shout and scream.
Darkness within, darkness without.
I see no shore.
Darkness within, darkness without.
Before me is the dark, hopeless and fruitless death.

Amar Swapan Banshi Bhalo

Amar swapan banshi bhalo
Amar jiban bheri kalo
Amar maran bina alo


My dream-flute pleases me.
It is beautiful to look at.
My life’s announcement-drum
does not please me.
It is very ugly to look at.
The violin of my death is all illumination.

Ore Mor Hridayer Tal

Ore mor hridayer tal
Kena nahi heri shatadal
Ore mor jibaner shir
Habe naki prashanti nir


O depth of my heart,
Why do I not see in you my lotus?
O height of my head,
Will you never become
The rest of silence-peace?

Tomar Ankhi Tomar Ankhi

Tomar ankhi tomar ankhi
Amar hiyar swapan pakhi
Tomar charan tomar charan
Amar chaowar ashesh rattan


Your Vision-Eye, Your Vision-Eye
Is my heart’s dream-bird.
Your Compassion-Feet,
Your Compassion-Feet
Are the treasures of infinitude
For my life’s untiring desire-cry.

Chal Amita Sahas Bal

Chal chal chal chal
Amita sahas bal
Amara adhara bir
Puta unnata shir
Chal chal chal chal
Ananda shatadal


Let us go, let us go,
Let us go, let us go,
We are flooded with infinite strength.
We are the divine warriors
Of the Heaven above.
Pure and majestic are our head’s lofty heights.
Let us go, let us go,
Let us go, let us go,
We are the blossomed lotus of nectar-delight.

Ami Bhalobasi Pub Gaganer Rabi

Ami bhalobasi pub gaganer rabi
Ami bhalobasi mor aruper chhabi
Ami bhalobasi dur asimer hasi
Ami bhalobasi rupantarer banshi


I love the rising sun of Eastern sky.
I love the beauty of my formless form.
I love the smile of Infinity’s eternal Beyond.
I love the flute of humanity’s transformation-light.

Hiya Taba Nirmal

Hiya taba nirmal
Tai tumi ujjwal
Ankhi taba labani
Tai tumi swapani
Deha taba saurabh
Tai dhara gaurab


Your heart is pure.
Therefore, you are bright.
Lustrous are your eyes.
Therefore, you are the dreamer divine.
Supremely fragrant is your body.
Therefore, you are the matchless glory
Of the world.

Amar Puta Antare

Amar puta antare
Prabhur hasi santare
Amar madhu swapane
Prabhu nache gopane


In my hallowed heart
The smile of my Beloved Supreme
In my honey-dream,
In silence, ever dances
My Beloved Lord Supreme.

Ai Ai Ai Paran Amar Ajike Sabare Chai

Ai ai ai
Paran amar ajike sabare chai
Ai ai ai
Hasibo nachibo mukti-alo bhelai
Ai ai ai
Premananda madhumayi mohanai


Come, come, come.
Today my heart desires
Each and every human being.
Come, come, come.
We shall smile and dance
In the boat of liberation-light.
Come, come, come.
We shall all stand in the confluence
Of love divine and delight supreme.

Saphal Habe Swapan Amar

Saphal habe swapan amar
Saphal habe jiban amar
Prasphutibe asha amar
Dhanya habe bedan adhar


My dream will be fulfilled.
My barren life will one day be transformed
And be fulfilled.
My hope-flower will eventually blossom.
Blessed will be my suffering heart’s

Tumi Mati Chira Khati

Tumi mati chira khati
Tumi surya maha turya
Tumi akash puta udas
Tumi samudra prakhar rudra


You embody earth-consciousness.
You are genuine.
You embody the sun-brilliance.
You are always the height transcendental.
You are the boundless sky,
Pure, free and divinely self-amorous.
You embody the ocean
Of the most powerful consciousness
Of the Lord Rudra.

Amar Katha Balbo Kato Ar

Amar katha balbo kato ar
Ami amar shrestha puraskar
Amar katha shunbo kato ar
Ami amar bishwa jayer har


How long am I to speak about myself
To the world at large?
I am my supreme reward on earth.
How long have I to listen
To the four corners of the world?
I am the garland of my world-victory.

Bane Bane Mane Mane

Bane bane mane mane
Khane khane sugopane
Rahi taba aradhane
Hasi ananda sane


In the thick forest of my life
And in the dense cave of my mind,
Secretly at every moment I worship You.
With me, my two eternal friends —
Smile and delight.

Amare Je Base Bhalo

Amare je base bhalo
Kemane se rabe kalo
Ami jare basi bhalo
Prabhu tar prane sudha dhalo


If anybody loves me
How can he remain in ignorance-night?
If I love someone,
O Lord Supreme,
Do pour inside his heart
Your Nectar-Delight.

Gurur Karma Amar Dharma

Gurur karma amar dharma
Gurur karma amar marma
Gurur karma amar barma
Gurur karma amar harmya


My Guru’s work is my sole code of life.
My Guru’s work is the essence of my heart-reality.
My Guru’s work is my protection-light.
My Guru’s work is my life’s tallest edifice-height.