My heart’s God-Songs

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Simplicity Is God's Beauty

God’s Beauty.

Sincerity Is God's Wisdom

Sincerity is God’s Wisdom.

Purity Is God's Smile

Purity is God’s Smile.

Humility Is God's Song

God’s Song.


God’s Silence-Sound.

My Perfection Is Another Name

My perfection is another name
For God’s Transcendence in me.

My Oneness

My oneness is another name
For God’s Satisfaction in me.

A Yogi's Purest Purity

A Yogi’s purest purity
The height of God’s Glory.

An Avatar

An Avatar
Is God’s daily Practice
Of infinite Compassion.

To Have an Avatar Guru

To have an Avatar Guru
Is to run on the shortest road to God.

Love Is the Essence of God's Divinity

Love is the essence of God’s Divinity.

The Willing Shall Feel

The willing shall feel
God’s Love-Power.
The unwilling shall see
God’s Thunder-Power.

An Aspiring Man

An aspiring man
God’s constant Victory.

We Shall Never Find any Replacement

We shall never find any replacement
For God’s Compassion.

Opportunity Means

Opportunity means to love God.
Necessity means to be loved by God.

He Who Loves Never Grows Old

He who loves never grows old.
God is a shining example.

Self-Effort Is Necessary

Self-effort is necessary.
God’s Grace is indispensable.

God's Divinity Dreams

God’s Divinity dreams.
God’s Reality acts.

I See Myself

I see myself as another stupendous failure.
God sees me as another God.

When God's Will Is Not My Will

When God’s Will is not my will,
Everybody can dare to be my master.

My God-Obedience Is My Aspiration-Trophy

My God-obedience
My aspiration-trophy.

Justice-Glasses (2)

God’s Compassion-Eye
Never uses Justice-Glasses.

God Teaches Only the Heart-Singers

God teaches only the heart-singers
His Peace-Songs.

God Is Unreachable

God is unreachable
Man’s self-doubt is unteachable.

Between My Life and Death

Between my life and death
I see only God the Aspiration.

God the Eye Tells Me to Be Perfect

God the Eye tells me to be perfect.
God the Heart shows me how.

God the Eye Shows Me the Way

God the Eye shows me the Way.
God the Heart hastens my Goal.

Mine Is a God-Dream

Mine is a God-dream
That bravely swims
Across the ocean of impossibility.

With My Concentration-Acquaintance

With my concentration-acquaintance
I march towards God.

With My Meditation-Friend

With my meditation-friend
I fly towards God.

With My Contemplation-Brother

With my contemplation-brother
I reach God.

A Life of Austerity

A life of austerity can never be
A guaranteed proximity
To God’s Door.

God the Master Becomes God the Slave

God the Master
Becomes God the Slave
The moment we soulfully love Him.

I May Not Always Please God

I may not always please God,
But I can and must always try.

Today I Am Determined

Today I am determined
To honour all my promises to God.

Yesterday I Pleased

Yesterday I pleased
God the Power.

Today I Am Pleasing God

Today I am pleasing
God the Love.

Tomorrow I Shall Be Pleasing God

Tomorrow I shall be pleasing
God the Compassion.

Yesterday I Gave God

Yesterday I gave God
My aspiration-heart.

Today I Am Giving God

Today I am giving God
My dedication-life.

Tomorrow I Shall Be Giving God

Tomorrow I shall be giving God
My surrender-breath.

Yesterday God Showed Me

Yesterday God showed me
And gave me His Greatness.

Today God Is Showing Me

Today God is showing me
And giving me His Goodness.

Tomorrow God Will Show Me

Tomorrow God will show me
And give me His Fulness.


Yesterday my life book read:
God does not care for me.

Today My Life-Book Reads

Today my life-book reads:
God does not love me.

My Life-Book

Tomorrow my life-book will read:
God cares for me, God loves me,
God even needs me.

Prayer Cries for God

Prayer cries for God.
Meditation dreams of God.

Prayer Glorifies God

Prayer glorifies God.
Meditation beautifies God.

Sailing in the Same Boat

God and I are sailing
In the same boat:
We have too many critics!

I Pray for an Elevator Ride

I pray for an elevator ride
To God’s Compassion-flooded Floor.

Of All the Limbs of God

Of all the Limbs of God,
I choose God’s Protection-Feet.

Show Your Surrender-Life

Show, show your surrender-life.
God will stop your desire train.

I Came into the World

I came into the world
To sleeplessly produce God-Smiles

Only a Peace-Bird-Heart

Only a peace-bird-heart
Can fly in God’s own Rainbow-Sky.

Peace Will Take You Closer to God

Peace will take you closer to God.
Bliss will keep you in God.

Look Up, Look Up

Look up, look up!
His Cry is in you.
His Smile is for you.

In Life There Are Many Questions

In life there are many questions,
But surrender to God’s Will
Is the only answer.

God-Lovers Are God-Warriors

God-lovers are God-warriors.

God-Worshippers Are God-Feeders

God-worshippers are

God-Meditators Are God-Elevators

God-meditators are


Are God-builders.


Are God-introducers.

God-Knowers Are God-Partners

God-knowers are

God-Boasters Are God-Betrayers

God-Boasters are

God-Thinkers Are God-Beginners

God-thinkers are


Are God-interpreters.

God-Criers Are God-Flyers

God-criers are

God-Doubters Are God-Pinchers

God-doubters are


Are God-speculators.


Are God-inspirers.

God-Dreamers Are God-Breathers


God-Yogis Are God-Drinkers

God-Yogis are

God-Believers Are God-Smilers

God-Believers are

God-Gurus Are God-Awakeners

God-Gurus are


Are God-choosers.

God-Children Are God-Owners

God-children are

God-Obeyers Are God-Winners

God-obeyers are

God-Flatterers Are God-Charmers

God-flatterers are


Are God-towers.

God-Invokers Are God-Realisers

God-invokers are

God-Treasurers Are God-Becomers

God-treasurers are

God-Avatars Are God-Shoulders

God-Avatars are