Morning invites my heart. Evening invites my life

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Morning invites
My aspiration-heart to ascend.
Evening invites
My dedication-life to transcend.


What do I need?
I need sleepless courage.
What for?
To enjoy breathless happiness.


Since the beginning of creation
Self-giving and happiness
Have been oneness-friends.


Without patience-peace
Nobody can and nobody will
Win the progress-race.


To God I give what I have:
My heart-patience-seed.
To me God gives what He is:
His Heart-Satisfaction-Tree.


The very nature of the heart's purity
Is to remain beautiful,
Soulful and fruitful.


God does not want
My heart to remain
An invisible seeker.


God wants me to study
My heart's aspiration-history.


O my mind,
Your intimacy with ignorance-prince
Is extremely dangerous.


Is there any human being
Who is not addicted
To his own desire-fulfilment?


Outer wealth is properly spent
Not to gratify our vital
But to fulfil and please
The Supreme in our lives.


You have told God
To let you know
When He is in need.
But can you not see
That poor God is always
Badly in need
Of your self-offering?


It is the doubting mind
That says:
"If he doesn't perform miracles
At every second,
He is not the Saviour."


Because you have sincerely accepted
The spiritual life,
Your soul now expects to take you
Happily and proudly to God.


The best and most effective way
To rectify your mistakes
Is not to repeat them.


You want to cure your humanity-friend?
You may not know about the outer medicine,
But you do know the inner medicine:


When you do not value
God's creation-flowers,
God feels like a gardener
Whose work is not appreciated.


If you cannot listen
To your Master-Lord's soulful requests,
Why should he be responsible
Throughout Eternity
For your spiritual life?


He was such a careless
And useless seeker
That God finally decided
Not to continue His Compassion-Stupidity
In this lifetime.


O unfortunate seeker,
You have forced God
To have a new name:


God is offering His Gratitude-Heart
To all His seeker-children
For the good things
They have done for Him
And for the bad things
They have not done.


You expect from God
And God is more than willing
To give you
His Blessings, Love and Concern.
But where is your receptivity,


God's blessingful Eye has asked
Each and every seeker
To do many things inwardly and outwardly.
To His great sorrow,
There is not a single seeker
Who has passed his examination
To God's true Satisfaction.


Now is the time for you
To run, run, in your inner life,
And pay no attention to wrong forces
Trying to devour you.


If you want to sail
In the boat of ignorance
Which is certain to capsize,
Who can prevent you?
No, not even your Pilot Supreme.


Do not wait indefinitely for others.
Go forward and reach your highest.
The Supreme will give you
Infinitely more strength
To care for humanity.


Do not expect anything
From anybody.
Just do everything cheerfully
To transcend your own capacities.


What a rank fool!
He refused to be part and parcel
Of God's Vision and Mission,
Yet he wanted God's Attention
At every moment.


Do not look around at others.
Just go forward!
For you, and you alone,
Will be accountable for your inner progress.


God's urgent Question:
"Are you ready?"
Your immediate answer-prayer:
"Take me, take me!"


It is up to you
To choose the most difficult obstacle
In your spiritual life
And fight against that very obstacle.


You have failed God
Again and again.
But now is the time
To challenge that failure
And succeed at last.


There is no such thing as impossible
In the spiritual life.
When you achieve the so-called impossible,
Then all your problems,
Inner and outer,
Will be solved.


Do not allow your doubting mind
And frustrated vital
To attack poor God.
God will survive,
But your aspiration will be weaker
And your spiritual death will be sooner.


Offer all your problems to God
As you would offer Him flowers.
He will be more than happy
To accept them,
And to make your problems
His problems.


When his desires were not fulfilled,
He kept them to use as destructive weapons
Against God
Instead of dedicating them
To God.


Undivine thoughts offered to God
Become beautiful flowers
At His Feet.
Undivine thoughts cherished
Become powerful weapons
To attack God.


Be careful what you do
With your thoughts,
For each thought has and is
An atomic power.


Spirituality means fighting—
Fighting against ignorance—
Nothing else.
A true seeker must always be ready
To fight to the very end.


The Supreme is always ready
To transport us to our own natural
Divine consciousness,
But alas, we have clothed our minds
In the heaviness of thought.


When your mind's thought-arrows
Assail you,
Hear only one word
Exploding like a bomb
In your meditation:
Your heart's constant "No!"


Who is going to win ultimately
In the tug-of-war?
You, the seeker,
And not your unaspiring thoughts.


Have faith in God,
Have faith in your own spirituality.
You will definitely be the victor
If you just continue walking
Along the inner path.


God will not fail us,
And if we are wise,
We also will not fail Him
In any way.


Let us not lose touch with our
Inner Pilot
By neglecting and ignoring Him
And giving undue importance
To our outer life.


If you have not already discovered,
Then now is the time for you to discover
Your inseparable Eternity's oneness
With your Lord Supreme,
Who is all for you.


The faster we can run toward our goal
The better for us,
For once we reach our destination
We come to realise that it is not
The ultimate destination,
But a new beginning.


If you don't see anything in God,
Then in God's entire creation
There can be no greater fool than you!


Alas, for a few days
Humanity remembers
God's supreme Message,
And then it goes back
To its life of oblivion.


Do not transfer to ignorance-school,
For when you come back
To wisdom-school
You will have to start again
From the very beginning.


Be sincerely brave
To accept God's criticism.
Be braver still
To abide by His Requests,
Inner and outer.


Your absolutely most important task
Is not to make friends with doubt
Either in your own life,
In the life of your Master
Or in the Life of your Beloved Supreme.


You feel that action alone
Is progress.
But I am saying that non-action
Is also necessary.


The rogue-vital says:
"How I wish God would not call me.
I am so exhausted!"
The clever mind supports the vital.
But the willingness-heart says:
"I will always keep the receiver on
So that God can call me at any time
On my inner telephone!"


Everything God is doing for you
Is for your good.
Everything He is not doing for you
Is also for your good.
God will not do anything
To lower your consciousness
Or to take you away from His Heart.


How to make progress?
Expand your heart,
Expand your consciousness,
And become happy
By establishing your oneness
With the world.


If you are divinely happy,
You are absolutely perfect.
Your happiness is your progress
And God's Satisfaction.


God is in my hand
And God is also in my eye.
My Hand-God is acting
And my Eye-God is watching.


When the God inside you
Serves others with purity and divinity,
The God inside others
Appreciates your highest consciousness.


The very best ending
Of any year
Is only gratitude
For the things that have happened
In your life.

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