A mystic journey in the weightlifting world, part 2

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More than satisfied1

Today I lifted 200 pounds with one arm for the first time since I resumed my weightlifting just a few days ago. First I lifted it with my right arm and then with my left arm. For some reason, my mind was telling me that it had not gone high at all and so I lifted it two more times with each arm. If I had known that it had gone so high the first time, I would not have killed myself by lifting again.

I am more than satisfied with this lift. My right arm is out, and the height of the lift is very good. Today I am 144 pounds and so this is 56 pounds over my bodyweight.

I first lifted 200 pounds with one arm on March 6th, 1986 — almost twelve years ago. At that time I was 157 pounds. Then I took rest from weightlifting for more than nine years. Now God wants me to enter into the weightlifting field once again.

MJW 30. 6 October 1998

The power of dieting2

This evening in front of about twenty witnesses I lifted 300 pounds on my stomach ten times. Two years ago I did this kind of thing when we had our Rainbow-Dreamers club. I am sure people can see it is moving. Today I took only 549 calories and my weight is 146 pounds. People say I should be weaker from my dieting, but in my case, dieting makes my stomach strong!

MJW 31. 8 October 1998

My ultimate goal3

Today my bodyweight is 142¼ pounds. The funniest thing is that yesterday I ate and ate and still I lost 1½ pounds! My ultimate goal is 140. My secret desire is that my body-boat shall ply between 140 and 145 pounds. Now I feel very, very, very light.

This morning I gave my right arm a complete rest because the palm of my right hand is full of pain and I am unable to push against the bar. I am sure that in two or three days this pain will go away.

When it came to my one-arm lift, I did fifty pushes with 120 pounds using only my left arm. I feel sorry for my left arm!

MJW 32. 10 October 1998

The most difficult lift4

The most difficult of the lifts that I do is the stomach lift. After that, for fifteen or twenty minutes, I do not know my name even. I have to drink something immediately and I do not feel like talking.

This morning I lifted 300 pounds 30 times on my stomach.

MJW 33. 11 October 1998

Not getting the proper grip5

This morning I started lifting just after three o’clock. When it came to 120 pounds with both arms, I tried twice and failed. When I tried to lift the dumbbells separately, they went up, but I could not lift them simultaneously. I tried at least four more times.

I think we have made a mistake by putting a wooden plank under my feet. Now I am not getting the proper grip because I am higher. Let me ask Unmilan to take it away again.

MJW 34. 15 October 1998

A dramatic performance6

Today, while I was doing twenty repetitions with 145 pounds, I tried something new. Instead of holding onto the side of the apparatus, I released my free arm. You can see that it is hanging by my side. This will be more dramatic because I am not holding onto anything. It is much more difficult. Tonight I will try to do it 100 times. Why did it not occur to us in those early days to release that free arm? This style is much more impressive because I am not taking any support. Also in those days I used to waste time changing the arm after each lift.

MJW 35. 20 October 1998

Fully satisfied7

Early this morning I lifted 270 pounds for the first time since I started again. I did it four times with my right arm and four times with my left arm and these lifts are higher than my 250 pounds! I am fully satisfied. From tomorrow I shall practise 300 pounds. In 1986 I failed 213 times before I lifted it. Now I think I will be able to do it in fifty. In a week I think I shall be able to do it. I have one month and ten days before we leave for the Christmas trip. I am ready for 300!

MJW 36. 23 October 1998

Some magic is needed8

Today I lifted 130 pounds two times with both arms together. These lifts are better than yesterday, true, but still they are not satisfactory to me. What I am doing wrong, God alone knows. Every other lift I am doing miraculously, but when it comes to two arms some magic is needed. I would really like to have a little better results.

MJW 37. 24 October 1998

Unable to lift9

This morning I could not do anything because of the pain in my legs. I went to Annam Brahma Restaurant to receive some treatment from Dr. Chu. When I am walking, I am unable to straighten my leg because it hurts so badly. Afterwards I was joking with one of the disciples that the condition of my legs is as bad as the condition of her soul.

Today I told Ketan that I want to lift six planes as soon as possible. The sooner the better for me. They should be between 2,700 and 3,200 pounds. I may have to go out of town very soon and I have so many other things to do. So I would like to lift them in one day if I am allowed.

MJW 38. 26 October 1998

Getting a promotion10

Today, on my third attempt, I lifted 130 pounds with both arms to my satisfaction. At last, at last, at last! Now I will go to 135 pounds. Tomorrow I will get a promotion.

MJW 39. 29 October 1998

So many things to think of11

Today I lifted 300 pounds with one arm eight times. At one point the sign fell down and I had to replace it. Then I had so many things to think of — calling my sister and so forth — so I was unable to concentrate properly. In spite of that, I do not think I lifted 300 pounds this high twelve years ago. Grow older, become stronger!

MJW 40. 29 October 1998

The thing that I hated most12

Can you imagine! Weightlifting was the thing that I hated most in India. God at that time was laughing at me. My entire athletic career I did without weightlifting. I disliked big muscles. Now I like big muscles, but I do not get them!

MJW 41. 31 October 1998

Only giving 70 per cent13

This morning I lifted 300 pounds with one arm ten times. But there was no seriousness involved. I strongly feel that I am not using my full capacity. I am only giving 70 per cent of my attention. I do not know why, but I am not getting any inspiration or joy from this lifting. Today I did not want to lift even four times with each arm, but I did it five times. That shows my mind was not there.

MJW 42. 2 November 1998

My muscles were dancing14

Today I was very happy to lift the plane in New Jersey. The plane was huge. One side had the fuel. It went higher than the other side. Afterwards, for the second lift, we added six human beings and it became 10,527 pounds. That lift was really difficult. My shoulder and calf muscles were dancing! My whole body was shaking.

This plane was heavy, but I want to do a heavier one. I shall ask Ketan to find a plane that weighs 13,000 pounds. The drive to New Jersey was two hours, so my legs were a little stiff when I arrived.

MJW 43. 6 November 1998

A charming lift15

How sick I was last night! My stomach was on fire, my head was on fire. At three o’clock I slept for twenty minutes. Then I felt better. All the morning lifts I did as usual but I did not use the video. I know that if the camera is on, I will be tempted to try my best.

Later in the morning, I went to Connecticut to lift up the heaviest plane. It was 13,040 pounds. When I arrived, it was raining quite heavily and it was very cold. I was wearing my pilot’s costume that Savita and Anjali gave me. Unfortunately, the boys forgot my weightlifting belt. Also, the plane was towed onto my machine before I had the chance to warm up. What can you do?

The first time I lifted the plane, the gauge went to two inches. When it was at the highest point, I released my right leg. Immediately afterwards, I went inside Dhanu’s van to get warm. A television reporter arrived and begged me to lift the plane again because he had missed it. So I came out of the van and lifted the plane a second time. This time also I released my right leg.

An elephant is such a heavy, frightening thing, but a plane is charming. All our fear goes away when something is charming.

In a few hours I shall leave for Finland to inaugurate it as a Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom-Nation. So you can see how spiritual, cultural and physical things all go together.

MJW 44. 11 November 1998

The weak link16

Today I wanted to do 367 pounds on my stomach to equal my record but I could not go over 200 pounds. It takes two boys to place the weight on my stomach and I saw that one of the boys was weak. His hand was trembling and I became afraid that he would drop it.

MJW 45. 15 November 1998

In the battlefield17

Today I did two workouts — one in the morning and one in the evening. During the evening workout, I lifted 300 pounds and also 200 pounds with one arm. It was not my full effort. I do not think it was more than 80 per cent. Every day to do 100 per cent is not good. You become injured, plus the mind becomes stale. But when I lift up 145 pounds in each arm simultaneously, I am killing myself. There I am in the real battlefield. If I say that I am not giving 100 per cent effort for my double dumbbell lift, I will be lying. It is 110 per cent!

Today I did 145 pounds double dumbbell for the first time. It is 290 pounds total. My personal record is 150 pounds in each arm, which I did many years ago. So I am coming closer to breaking my record.

MJW 46. 15 November 1998

Enough for this incarnation!18

Today I lifted up a Lear jet weighing over 22,000 pounds. Before I went there, I weighed myself. I was 144½ pounds. I was so delighted and excited. But my brother Chitta immediately appeared before my inner vision. He was so sad. He said to me, “I really want you to be between 150 and 155. Do not go under 150.” So I promised him that I will stay between 145 and 150. Then he was to some extent happy. I do not think that under 143 I will be able to maintain strength. Today I feel very strong.

Before I lifted the plane, I walked around it three times invoking Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva — God the Creator, God the Preserver and God the Transformer. I was asking for their Blessings.

There is a great difference between 13,000 pounds and 22,000 pounds. It took so much of my concentration to make the plane feel light. Beyond the mind, everything is possible.

The owner told me that when he was sitting in the pilot’s seat, he saw the lift and he also felt it. He said it was very clear, very vivid. When I went inside the plane and sat in the pilot’s seat, I could not believe how small it was. It is so difficult to sit there. It is so close, so tight.

When we print a book, we can put this big plane in the middle and all the little ones around it.

Now I can say it is enough for this incarnation!

MJW 47. 18 November 1998

The pilot's costume19

I wore my pilot’s costume again to lift the jet. These clothes are cute and they give me joy, but I do not get immediate strength from them the way I do when I wear my regular pants and top. When I wear these pilot’s trousers, I feel they are so weak, almost feminine. They are not adding to my strength at all. As a matter of fact, I feel I am giving strength to them. And when I put on the shirt, the colour is weak, everything is weak. When I use my natural clothes, I get so much strength. My regular clothes blend with my body.

MJW 48. 18 November 1998

Passing the examination20

Today I lifted 145 pounds with both arms simultaneously. I could have gone higher if I had given another push, but I was satisfied. Then I just dropped the dumbbells. I am killing myself to lift up these weights, but when I go to a certain height, it is enough for me to pass my examination. Otherwise, an inch or two more I could go.

Today I also lifted 145 pounds with one arm 100 times. My timing was two minutes 6.36 seconds. I tried breathing out through the mouth to see if I can take a shorter time to recover.

MJW 49. 22 November 1998

I look like Lee Haney21

Today I lifted 145 pounds with both arms quite high. The funny thing is that when I am lifting my face looks like Lee Haney!

In two days my weightlifting exhibition will take place. I am planning to save this double-arm lift for the very end.

MJW 50. 25 November 1998

My jet plane lift22

Today, on Thanksgiving Day, my humble service I placed at the Feet of God. I went back to MacArthur Airport to lift a much bigger jet plane. I lifted it twice. The second time there were twenty-one passengers inside, including the owner. The weight was 31,000 and the owner told me that he felt the plane shake. He said, “I am not even going to try to understand this.”

The plane started making such a noise when I was lifting. Last time I said, “Enough in this incarnation.” But this time, enough is really enough. I do not want to go higher than 31,000 pounds.

When I breathe in three times before I lift, at that time I try to make my mind feel that the plane is light. I try to convince the mind that it is very light. Otherwise, immediately the weight of the entire plane comes to mind and fear can destroy everything.

When you look at a huge person, you may only be seeing his eyes or his nose, but as soon as you see any portion of his being you get frightened. The enormity registers in your brain.

Similarly, even if you look at the trunk of an elephant, you get frightened because the elephant’s trunk has become part and parcel of the entire body.

In the same way, when you look at the nose or the very back of the plane, the weight of the entire plane comes into your mind to destroy your confidence.

I am so happy that the rain could not prevent us from lifting. The authorities were kind enough to allow us to lift inside the hangar.

When I returned home, I immediately called my sister. She was in a very good mood, so I told her all about my lift. Then I also told her that Nepal has become a Peace-Blossom-Nation.

MJW 51. 26 November 1998

Fat accumulation23

Today I made a new record using Sumadhur and Bishwas’ seated double-arm machine. I lifted 110 pounds in each arm ten times.

A few days ago, we had a stomach competition. Alas, the more I work out my stomach muscles, the more they are invisible! All the fat is accumulated on the stomach.

MJW 52. 21 December 1998, Singapore

Go to the eye specialist24

Greed never ends! Today, after lifting 120 pounds with both arms simultaneously from a standing position, I went to 130 pounds. Savyasachi’s bodyweight is 132. His bodyweight I can lift with both arms.

With this machine made by Sumadhur and Bishwas I have never attempted 140 pounds. One hundred and forty pounds with each arm simultaneously using this machine is equivalent to 160 pounds on my machine at home because there the weight is on the side. Here it is behind my head.

If you are not noticing my progress, then please go to the eye specialist and get special lenses for your glasses! My mind does not believe it sometimes. If metal plates can identify themselves with me, what is wrong with you?

Sincere sympathisers sympathise with me no matter what I do. I want to make progress in every sphere of my life. Here what you are seeing is my oneness with the Will of the Supreme in my oneness with these metal plates.

MJW 53. 23 December 1998, Singapore

Arriving back from India25

It was so stupid of me to think of lifting heavy weights today after just coming back from India. I was trying to lift 400 pounds after not doing it for four or five days. I did not think of telling Unmilan to lower the weight.

Then, when I came to Sumadhur and Bishwas’ machine, the cautious man in me was telling me not to go over 70 pounds, but I did 100, then 110 with both arms and up to 130 pounds with one arm. At every moment self-doubt came, but again I was so happy and satisfied to do it.

Now I am lifting 400 pounds as high as I did 300. Next year I will be 68. I have to show some progress. In April I would like to show some progress and again in August.

MJW 54. 28 December 1998, Kuala Lumpur

Affected by the heat26

The good news is that from 154 pounds my bodyweight has come down to 149½. The Indian heat made me very, very weak. Plus, instead of helping my knees, for some reason the heat made them more painful. In Honolulu I was walking 3½ miles every day, but today I could only manage five minutes.

MJW 55. 28 December 1998, Kuala Lumpur

The scale that lied27

There are scales in my hotel room. Today the scales said that my bodyweight is 120 pounds! How can it be? Yesterday I was 149½. There must be some mistake. So Savyasachi and I went out to buy a new pair of scales. We went to so many places, but all the scales said something different. At home I have doctors’ scales, so I know they are 100 per cent accurate.

MJW 56. 29 December 1998, Kuala Lumpur

Counting in Bengali28

When I do many repetitions, I count in Bengali. English I forget. Today I lifted my 400 pounds with one arm 200 times. Look at the bottom of the plate; you will see that it goes up. I can see it very clearly. Today I am admiring myself! I cannot see the lift while I am doing it. Only while watching the video I see it.

MJW 57. 31 December 1998, Kuala Lumpur

My light day29

Today is my light workout day, not my heavy day. On Sumadhur and Bishwas’ machine I only went up to 90 pounds with both arms. Now 90 is so easy for me. It is almost like drinking water. But when it comes to 110 pounds, it kills me.

I do one day light, one day heavy.

MJW 58. 1 January 1999, Kuala Lumpur

Gradually increasing the effort30

Today I lifted 210 pounds with my right arm and then with my left arm. Although I am making a noise right from the beginning, I am gradually increasing the effort. If, from the beginning, I use maximum effort, I will get hurt.

MJW 59. 1 January 1999, Kuala Lumpur

Knee treatments31

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on injections and so forth for my knees. Now I am getting extraordinary results from doing leg extensions with a five-pound weight around my ankles.

MJW 60. 2 January 1999, Kuala Lumpur

The physical and the spiritual32

Now you have seen the video of me lifting 140 pounds with both arms simultaneously. The physical and the spiritual can go together. Here is the proof. The spiritual is working so powerfully in and through matter.

MJW 61. 6 January 1999, Penang

An unexpected failure33

Today I was unable to lift 110 pounds with both arms together. Three times I tried and three times I failed. I was shocked when I failed. I said, “How can I lose my strength overnight?” Later I found out that the boys had put an extra one-inch board on the floor. Somebody advised them. So I was unable to get the correct position.

MJW 62. 10 January 1999, Penang

My mind was elsewhere34

Today my mind was not on the lifting. I had lots of problems. Only for the sake of routine I did everything, but today’s performance was very bad. When it came to lifting 160 pounds with both arms on Sumadhur and Bishwas’ machine, after the first one I thought I would do better. Alas, the next three were even worse.

MJW 63. 23 January 1999, Bandung


I am lifting today after so many days. I have not been feeling well for many days. I do my weightlifting one day and then I am compelled to take rest for four or five days, all because of weakness of the body. My body absolutely revolts.

I am so dissatisfied with my 300 pounds. That is why I did not put it on the video. It is a waste of expensive tape. My left hand is going, but my right hand is horrible, horrible, horrible. It is too discouraging!

MJW 64. 20 February 1999

The mechanics and the pilot36

Today from a seated position I lifted 130 pounds with both arms together. This is great fun! As you know, that particular machine was made by Sumadhur and Bishwas. It is like the mechanics and the pilot. Without the pilot, the mechanics cannot fly the plane. And without the mechanics, the pilot cannot fly. So Sumadhur and Bishwas are the mechanics and I am the pilot. We cannot do each other’s jobs.

MJW 65. 21 February 1999

A great accomplishment37

Today for the first time I lifted 140 pounds with both arms together from a seated position. For me, this is a great accomplishment — like the 100-metre dash. The most important thing is the wrist. If I do not get the proper push from my wrists, then finished.

MJW 66. 22 February 1999

Abakash's illumination38

For my standing double-arm lift today I did 140 pounds. Nowadays I do not have to scream as much when I lift. I feel that I will be able to go to 150.

When I showed Abakash the video, he said, “Why are you saying that you are lifting 140 pounds? It is 280. It is like a bench press. There you do not say how much is in each hand. You are dividing it, but you are actually lifting 280 pounds.”

Abakash is so wise!

MJW 67. 22 February 1999

The victory trophy39

Today I lifted 150 pounds in each arm for the first time. The total is 300 pounds. Two arms is much more difficult than one-arm because you have to divide your concentration. When I saw the video, it looked like I was holding a victory trophy.

MJW 68. 4 March 1999

Seeing double Pulak40

Today for the first time I lifted 155 pounds with both arms simultaneously. You can see there is some spring in my legs. To imagine 155 pounds with both arms at the same time — the very idea is puzzling. That is Pulak’s weight. So now you can see double Pulak!

How much determination is in my face! If I can lift 170 pounds with both arms, even one inch, I will be satisfied. Eleven years ago, when I lifted 160 pounds with both arms, it went up very, very little. You have to use your third eye to see it.

MJW 69. 15 March 1999

A new double-arm record41

Today I lifted 160 pounds with both arms simultaneously on my very first attempt. The very thought of 160 pounds on each arm really frightens me. For a week I shall do 160 and then I shall try 165.

It is very difficult when the hands are separate to keep the balance. If there is only one bar you get help. This way, with two separate dumbbells, it is so difficult to concentrate. Each arm demands special attention. You have to pay equal attention to both arms. Otherwise, once one arm goes up, it is very difficult to bring the other one high.

MJW 70. 16 March 1999

An atypical Indian42

I am a wonderful Indian soldier. Usually, after the age of fifty, God invites us to join Him in Heaven. Now I am approaching sixty-eight. Ten years ago I tried to lift up 160 pounds with both arms and I did not succeed. I could not lift the dumbbells even an inch. And I made eight attempts. At that time I was on the wrong side of fifty.

Today I tried the same weight and the very first attempt the dumbbells went well over four inches. Usually people achieve things in the physical world and then they descend. In my case, I have made a new record.

MJW 71. 16 March 1999

My daily routine43

Last night I went to bed at ten minutes past three. I slept for a little and got up just before four o’clock. I took stretching exercises for an hour, then I did eight different machine exercises, all without using the video. I was taking lots of exercises. At five o’clock I used the video and started taking my main exercises.

Every day I select some songs to play. The Invocation is fixed and then I choose six or seven more. Then I had to call so many disciples all over the world.

So this is my routine work. That is why during the day I may sleep for a few minutes.

MJW 72. 16 March 1999

There is no hidden magic44

Today Mridanga has changed the angle of the video camera so that you can see my feet when I lift up 160 pounds in each arm. This way people will know that there is no magic in my legs. Today’s 160 is definitely higher than yesterday’s. From tomorrow I will try 170 and see how long it takes.

MJW 73. 17 March 1999

Mike Katz's prophecy comes true45

When Mike Katz heard that I had lifted up 160 pounds in each arm, he said, “I am amazed but not surprised. For Sri Chinmoy, 170-pound or 180-pound dumbbells in each arm would not surprise me.”

His prophecy was so powerful. In two days it has come true. Today I have lifted up 170 pounds in each arm. One hundred and seventy was my goal for April 13th and I have got it today.

It is true that after one hundred years people will wonder whether I am one man or ten. In each field I have acted like a cyclone!

MJW 74. 18 March 1999

The essence of a miracle46

For me, if ten million people cannot do something and then one individual comes who can do it, it is a miracle. If millions and millions of people cannot do something — on any plane — and one individual does it, it is a miracle. Only our mind gets stuck, that is why we do not use the word. If one individual writes an immortal song, a song that comes from another world — like “Ave Maria” — then, according to me, that is a miracle. Look at all the unimaginable things President Gorbachev and President Mandela have done — are those things not miracles? Sudhahota’s nine gold medals — is that immortal achievement not a miracle? In so many fields, miracles are taking place if we have the eyes to see them.

MJW 75. 18 March 1999

So many things to remember47

When I lift up 170 pounds in each arm, how many things I have to remember! First I have to turn on the lights and the two video machines. Then I give the prayer. Then I stand under the weights and meditate for a long time. You can see how deeply absorbed I am. Then I have to turn on the automatic camera. As soon as I turned on the camera this morning, it began clicking so loudly. I thought, “Time is passing!” And so I had to do my breathing and everything very quickly. Because of the camera I could not follow my usual rhythm. I had to speed up. But, in spite of the disadvantage, today’s lift went higher. We are getting enlargements made.

Before I watched the video, I was worrying, worrying. Did it really go up? Until I saw it, I had absolutely no certainty. Then, when I saw it, I was so relieved.

MJW 76. 19 March 1999

What God can do48

When I invited the disciples to watch this morning’s video, I said, “Now you will see how God can turn a poet into a weightlifter!”

MJW 77. 19 March 1999

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