My Lord, make me Your happiness-child

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My Lord Supreme,
Yesterday I was
Your Compassion-birth.
Today I am
Your Perfection-flower.
Tomorrow I shall be
Your Satisfaction-flute.


My Beloved Supreme,
What is the thing
That I need most from You
At every hour
Of the night and day?

“My child,
My blessingful Hand’s
Blessingful Touch.”


My sweet Lord,
I wish to make
A most sincere confession.
I have heard the words
Eternity and Immortality
Countless times.
To my extreme sorrow,
I do not know
What they precisely mean.

“My child,
Eternity is
My Heart’s universal Hope.
Immortality is
My Eye’s transcendental Promise.”


My dear Lord,
We are Your children.
How is it
That You have not made us
As happy as You are?

“My child,
Your way of happiness
And My Way of happiness
Are two totally different things.”

My dear Lord,
When I say happiness,
What I mean is
My supremacy-declaration.

“My child,
When I say happiness,
What I mean is
My Oneness-Satisfaction.

“You cannot and do not claim Me
As your own, very own.
Therefore you are unhappy.
But I can and do claim you
As My own, very own.
Therefore I am happy.”


My Lord Supreme,
Every day my life-boat
Plies between
Your two Compassion-Shores:
Time and speed.

I pray to You to grant me
The lightning-speed
While I am plying my boat
To the speed-destination.

And while I am plying my boat
To the time-destination,
Do bless me with
Eternity’s patience.


My Beloved Supreme,
Out of 100,
What do You give me
When I give You
My mind’s love, my heart’s devotion
And my life’s surrender?

“My child, I give you 9 1⁄4
When you give Me your mind’s love.

“I give you 79 1⁄2
When you give Me your heart’s devotion.

“I give you 99 3⁄4
When you give Me your life’s surrender.”

My Beloved Supreme,
When can You give me
100 out of 100?

“My child,
Not until you are empty
Of your curiosity-stupidity.”


My sweet Lord,
Can I ever be forgiven?

“My child,
Not until I am absolutely sure
That you will not
Deliberately repeat
The same blunder.”


My sweet Lord,
Please be sincere.
Do You really care for me?

“My child,
I care for you
Only when you want Me
To guide you
And not when you want
To lead Me.”


My Beloved Supreme,
Which church can and will
Save me?

“My child,
Not the man-built church,
But your own heart’s inner
Devotion-built church.”


My dear Lord,
I am a staunch Catholic.
Therefore, am I wrong if I say
That I alone am entitled to Heaven?

“My child,
I am afraid if I tell you
That you alone
Are entitled to Heaven,
Then your Protestant cousins
Will sue Me.”

My dear Lord,
Then who is entitled to Heaven?

“My child,
The human being whose heart-cry
Can fly up to Heaven,
And whose soul-smile
Can fly down to earth.”


My Supreme Lord,
If I die,
Will I be able to go
To Heaven?

“My child,
If you live
In your mind-confusion,

“But if you live
In your heart-devotion,
Then definitely yes.”


My Beloved Supreme,
Is there any right time for me
To do the right thing?

“My child,
Not tomorrow,
Not even today!

“The right time for you
To do the right thing
Is now,
At this very moment,
Here and nowhere else.”


My Lord Supreme,
Are You displeased with me
Because I have not
Cheerfully surrendered myself
To Your Will?

“My child,
I am not displeased with you,
But the real reality in you
Is your soul.

“Each day when it sees
That you are not making
Your cheerful surrender
To My Omniscience,
And Omnipotence,
Your soul carries unnecessarily
An elephant-weight,
A volcano-frustration
And a tornado-destruction.

“My child,
Each second
Either you surrender to My Will
Or I surrender to your stupidity.

“I can go on surrendering to you,
But if you do not surrender
To My Infinity’s Compassion-Heart,
Then each day
Is a failure-cry of your soul,
And I shed endless tears
With your poor soul.”


My Lord Supreme,
Why are You so unkind to me?
You have given me no capacity.
You have given my soul the capacity,
Out of Your infinite Bounty,
To be in a self-absorbing trance,
To enjoy Your Immortality’s
Infinite Compassion.

“My child,
In comparison to your soul,
You are too young.
When you become as mature
As your soul,
I shall give you
The same kind of capacity
To do My Work on earth.”


My dear Lord,
I have forgotten.
Do tell me
If You have given me
Anything to bring down
From Heaven to earth.

“My child,
I gave you My Vision-Eye
To bring down
From Heaven to earth.”

My dear Lord,
What will You be giving me
To carry from earth to Heaven?

“My child,
I shall give you
My Manifestation-Feet
To carry from earth to Heaven.”


My sweet Lord,
How many steps are there
To reach God?

“My child,
There is only one step.”

Only one step!
Please tell me
The name of the step.

“It is called
Your life’s union-surrender-step.”


My dear Lord,
Please tell me
What is ahead of me.

“My child,
The beauty of My Compassion-Eye.”
And what is behind me?

“The certainty
Of My Forgiveness-Heart.”


My sweet Lord
Absolute Beloved Supreme,
Do give me the capacity
To worship You sleeplessly
While admiring
Your universal Mind,
Your universal Life,
And loving
Your universal Heart-Breath,
To fulfil You and please You
In Your absolutely new
And unprecedented creation.


My Lord Supreme,
What is the difference
Between faith and love?

“My child,
There is no difference
Between faith and love.

“Faith and love
Are two complementary souls.

“Faith is the heart of love
And love is the breath of faith.”


My Lord Supreme,
I do not want greatness.
I do not want even goodness.
I want only to be
A speck of humility-dust
To remind me
Of my sleepless service-life.

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