O my Pilot Beloved

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What is prayer? Prayer is possession. What is prayer? Prayer is renunciation. What is prayer? Prayer is fulfilment.

With our human prayer we possess. With our divine prayer we renounce. With our supreme prayer we fulfil — we fulfil the Will of the Supreme soulfully, unreservedly and unconditionally.

The human prayer says, "Lord, give me." The divine prayer says, "Lord, take me." The supreme prayer says, "Lord, give me, if so is Your Will; take me, if so is Your Will. I have only one message for You: I am all for You, only for You."

Human prayer says, "Lord, give me what You have, and make me happy." Divine prayer says, "Lord, take me, along with all my possessions, and make me happy." The supreme prayer says, "Lord, in me and in others, please Yourself only in Your own Way, and thus make me happy."

Earth's prayer is a slowly ascending cry. Heaven's prayer is a speedily spreading smile. Earth prays for the immortal life. Heaven prays for the eternal satisfaction. Earth-prayer is God-Beauty's Perfection. Heaven-prayer is God-Duty's Satisfaction.

Prayer has a soulful brother, meditation. Prayer's God is high above. Meditation's God is deep within. Prayer's God is greatness and goodness. Meditation's God is fulness and oneness. Prayer is the strongest intensity in a seeker's life. Meditation is the steadiest immensity in a seeker's heart.

When I pray, I speak to God devotedly. When I meditate, God speaks to me affectionately. This is how we enjoy our fruitful conversation.

On the strength of my prayer, I go to God. I go to God and tell Him what He can most compassionately do for me. On the strength of my meditation, I bring God to me. God comes to me and tells me what I can cheerfully do for Him.

Prayer is humanity's momentous success. Meditation is divinity's continuous progress. Prayer's ultimate goal is God-Infinity's Sound-Glory. Meditation's ultimate goal is God-Eternity's Silence-Beauty.

Part I — O my Pilot Beloved

MPB 2-15. During the first three days of August 1978, Sri Chinmoy offered a number of prayers to his Pilot Beloved after meditations at the Centre, the United Nations, the Centre Church, the 144th Street Gym and the Jamaica High School track. These prayers are reproduced here.

I do not know2

O my Pilot Beloved, I do not know what I am praying for. But I do know that I am praying to You, to You, to You.

O my Pilot Beloved, I do not know what I am meditating for. But I do know that I am meditating on You, on You, on You.

"My Immortality's child, as long as you know that you are praying to Me and you are meditating on Me, you do not have to know what you are praying for and what you are meditating for. Since your heart's cry is sincere and your life's smile is sincere, I wish to tell you what you are praying for and what you are meditating for. You are praying for My Eternity's Compassion and you are meditating for My Infinity's Vision."

MPB 2. 1 August 1978, 5:45 a.m. Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, N.Y.

I wish to doubt3

O my Pilot Beloved, I wish to doubt. I wish to doubt my suspicion of others' capacities. I wish to doubt my suspicion of others' aspiration-height and dedication-length. Each time I doubt others, I blight their pure hearts. While blighting their pure hearts, I weaken my own very limited aspiration and dedication-capacity. Therefore, O my Pilot Beloved, I wish to doubt my suspicion of others and thus cancel and illumine my previous blunder.

O my Pilot Beloved, I wish to be afraid of my ignorance-tiger, which is right in front of me and about to devour me. Before it devours me, I wish to run towards You for Your immediate Protection. If I am not afraid of my ferocious ignorance-tiger, then I shall not run towards You for Your ever-compassionate Protection. Therefore, to start with, I wish to be afraid of my all-devouring ignorance-tiger. Your Protection and Compassion, I know, will not only save me but also will give me the capacity one day to destroy entirely the very existence of my ignorance-tiger.

MPB 3. 1 August 1978, 6:00 a.m. Sri Chinmoy Centre, Jamaica, N.Y.

I adore You4

O my Pilot Beloved, I adore You, but not because You are eternally great. I love You, but not because You are supremely good. I adore You because, if I do not adore You, my life cannot exist even for a fleeting moment. I love You because, if I do not love You, my heart will immediately fail. My adoration is my only meal; my love is my only nourishment.

MPB 4. 1 August 1978, 8:00 a.m. Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica, N.Y.

I am happy5

O my Pilot Beloved, I am happy because yesterday I covered the length of my desire-life.

I am happy because today I have begun to climb up the height of my aspiration-life.

I am happy because, from tomorrow on, I shall study at Your Realisation-School.

MPB 5. 1 August 1978, 1:30 p.m. Church Centre for the United Nations, New York, N.Y.

Greatness and goodness6

O my Pilot Beloved, do tell me one thing. Is he really great just because he has achieved something significant in life? Is he really good just because he has given something precious to humanity? To me, he alone is great who adores Your transcendental Height. To me, he alone is good who loves Your universal Beauty.

"My child, you are absolutely right. Mere becoming is not greatness, mere giving is not goodness. I want you to develop your own greatness and your own goodness. You can develop your own greatness by becoming one with your heart's cry. You can develop your own goodness by becoming one with your life's smile. Greatness is oneness that grows and glows. Goodness is fulness that satisfies and immortalises the human in the divine and the divine in the human."

MPB 6. 1 August 1978, 1:45 p.m. Church Center for the United Nations, New York, N.Y.

Justice-Sun, Compassion-Ocean7

O my Pilot Beloved, aptitude I have; attitude I need.

With my unusual and exceptional aptitude I have seen Your Justice-Sun. Now I wish to see Your Compassion-Ocean with my soulful and surrendering attitude.

Millions of people on earth try to see your Justice-Sun. Alas, they sadly fail. In my case, I have done it; I have performed the great task. But I know that unless and until I can see Your Compassion-Ocean, my life will be devoid of salvation, my heart will be wanting in perfection, and my soul will be badly lacking in satisfaction.

Therefore, O my Pilot Beloved, what I need, now and forever, is Your Compassion-Ocean. In it lies everything — my dream-reality and my reality-dream.

MPB 7. 1 August 1978, 8:45 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica, N.Y.

The impossible8

O my Pilot Beloved, there was a time when I felt the impossible. You are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent; nevertheless, I felt Your excruciating pangs inside my unaspiring heart.

There was a time when I saw the impossible. I saw with my own eyes the cosmic gods becoming jealous of me, of my spiritual heights.

There was a time when I heard the impossible. I heard directly from the denizens of the higher worlds that Your complete manifestation will always remain a far cry.

Now there shall come a time when I shall eventually become the impossible. I shall become another perfect God, like You.

MPB 8. 1 August 1978, 6:05 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica, N.Y.

I have been searching9

O my Pilot Beloved, do look at me only once. I have been searching for You here on earth and there in Heaven. I have been searching for Your Vision-Eye and Your Compassion-Feet.

"My child, look, look! I have also been searching for you — for your ever-increasing receptivity-heart."

MPB 9. 1 August 1978, 6:30 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica, N.Y.

Accomplishment and happiness10

O my Pilot Beloved, do tell me the difference between accomplishment and happiness.

"My child, accomplishment is constant self-giving and happiness is God-becoming once and for all."

O my Pilot Beloved, what is the difference between self-giving and God-becoming?

"My child, self-giving is a fruitful smile and a soulful cry: Eternity's cry and Infinity's smile. In God-becoming, the divine lover says to the Beloved Pilot: 'Lord, at long last I have come to You to offer myself — soul, heart, mind, vital and body. All that I have and all that I am, I offer to you devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally, plus constantly.' In reply, the Lord Beloved says: 'My child, indeed, from now on you can claim Me as your own, very own. On every plane of My Consciousness, in every world that I am in, in My entire Universe, you have the most secret, most sacred and most significant place. Here on earth, there in Heaven, you will eternally remain My unparalleled instrument, My eternally unprecedented Choice. In you, through you I shall reveal Myself and fulfil Myself. I shall satisfy My Vision-World and My Reality-World only in and through you, you alone. From now on, you will be the source of My unparalleled joy, My unparalleled success and My unparalleled progress in My own Eternity's growing and glowing Vision-Reality. In everything that I do and in everything that I say, your living breath shall shine brilliantly and perpetually.'"

MPB 10. 2 August 1978, 8:00 a.m. Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica, N.Y.

I need you11

O my Pilot Beloved, I need You — not because of my inability, not because of my insincerity, not because of my insecurity, not because of my impurity.

O my Pilot Beloved, I need You because of the importance that You have given me in Your cosmic Vision and cosmic Manifestation.

MPB 11. 2 August 1978, 12:45 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica, N.Y.

My friends, my enemies12

O my Pilot Beloved, my friends consciously help me realise You. My enemies unconsciously help me transform my unlit human nature. Would You please tell me if my friends are more important than my enemies, or if my enemies are more important than my friends?

"My child, no comparison! Unconscious help is not worth much. Unconscious help does not deserve any appreciation, let alone gratitude. But if help is conscious, then it deserves not only appreciation but also gratitude. Therefore, only offer your gratitude to your true friends, who consciously help you. But just because you do get help, even unconsciously, from your enemies, if you happen to see them as you walk along the path, you can offer them a soulful smile. You do not have to go out of your way to look for your friends, either, anywhere in My creation. Just offer them in silence your gratitude-heart.

"Again, there is only one real Friend, one eternal Friend, and that is I. It is from Me that everyone gets the things he needs to transcend his unlit animal nature and realise Me. It is I who help you to realise Me through your human friends. It is I who have been playing the role of friendship from time immemorial. Since you do not see Me, since you cannot comprehend Me in the physical, it is advisable to be constantly grateful to your so-called friends. It is your friends who are constantly helping you to realise Me. Realisation is oneness, eternal oneness, and in Me is your eternal oneness-life. He who helps you realise Me is your oneness-friend and My blessingful, fruitful chosen instrument."

MPB 12. 2 August 1978, 5:45 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica. N.Y.

Surrender is of paramount importance13

O my Pilot Beloved, I know that in the desire-life determination is of paramount importance to bring about success. I know that in the inner life, in the life of aspiration, my implicit surrender to Your Will is of paramount importance. But my sweet Lord, how can I acquire this surrender? How can I make this surrender to You?

"My child, you know what you are right now; you are now ignorance incarnate. Also you know what your soul thinks of you, what it feels that eventually you will become. What you can become eventually, your soul knows. Although you are now ignorance incarnate, your soul knows that one day you can become a perfect instrument of Mine. But I wish to tell you that you will not only become a perfect instrument of Mine, but something more. You will become, like Me, another God. You know that this creation is Mine, the universal Vision is Mine, the transcendental Reality is Mine; but a day shall come when everything will be yours. Like Me, you will be the possessor of the universe, the indweller of the universe, the ruler of the universe. Since you know that you will eventually become another God, for the time being, you can make your surrender complete. For a few days, for a few months, for a few years or even for a few incarnations you can try to surrender your will to My Will.

"No, you are not dealing with possibility; you are dealing with inevitability. Your life of ignorance will disappear and a new Wisdom-Light will enter into your inner being. At that time, you will become like Me, My child, another God. Therefore, right now play your role. Make your surrender implicit, complete and continuous. What you will get in return as a reward is far, far beyond your imagination. Therefore, right now do the needful; just become a totally surrendered instrument of Mine. Yours will be My Infinity's life. Yours will be My Eternity's love. Yours will be My Immortality's success, fulfilment and perfection."

MPB 13. 3 August 1978, 8:00 a.m. Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica. N.Y.

First-class, second-class and third-class disciples14

O my Pilot Beloved, I am Your disciple. Do tell me if I am Your first-class or second-class or third-class disciple. Do tell me.

"My child, I shall not tell you directly whether you are My first-class or second-class or third-class disciple. But I shall tell you who are the disciples in My first class, second class and third class. From My statement, you will know which category you belong to.

"My third-class disciples are those to whom I have given full freedom. They do anything they want to do. They say anything they want to say. They become what they want to become. I have given them full freedom. They live their independent lives. They just stay in My Boat and they feel that they are doing Me a big favour.

"My second-class disciples are those to whom I give an option. Always I keep two roads ready for them. I tell them: 'Either walk along this road or along that road. Do this or do that — whichever pleases you, in a sense. Either do this or do that, and please Me to some extent. It is up to you to make the choice. There is no compulsion. It is you who have to make the choice and thus please Me to some extent.' I do not expect them all the time to be inside My Consciousness. They, in return, do not expect all the time to receive My constant Concern, Love, Blessings and Gratitude.

"My first-class disciples are those to whom I have not given any earthbound or human freedom. For I know earthbound freedom — vital, mental and physical freedom — is infinitely worse than destruction itself. Therefore, I take full responsibility for their aspiration-life and dedication-life. I tell them what they must do; I do not ask them. If I say, 'Sit down!' they sit down. If I say, 'Stand up!' they stand up. I give them no choice. It is My Will. They have no option, no choice. They have to please Me and fulfil Me at every moment in My own Way. This is what my first-class disciples do.

"First-class disciples have no will of their own. They have no choice of their own. Their choice and their will have become inseparably one with My Choice and My Will. My Satisfaction, in My own Way, is their only satisfaction. They know that when they satisfy Me and please Me in My own Way, they will receive boundless joy, boundless peace, boundless love, boundless delight — everything, everything in boundless measure. Their sense of separativity, their individuality, their personality have totally disappeared. Only oneness-song, oneness-dance, oneness-march they enjoy divinely and supremely with Me here on earth, there in Heaven.

"You know, My child, indeed you are a disciple of Mine. Now you know where you stand: whether you are My first-class, second-class or third-class disciple.

"Third-class disciples I tolerate unconditionally. Second-class disciples I keep with the hope that one day they will try to become first-class disciples. One day in the near or distant future a new light will enter into them, and they will cry for total surrender to My Will. That is My expectation-world. That is My hope-world. With an iota of hope, an iota of expectation, I keep them in My Boat.

"First-class disciples are My veritable Pride. They carry Me the length and breadth of the entire world. They carry My Vision; they carry My Mission — eternally. It is in them I see My own Dream-Reality. It is for them I feel My Universal Existence. They are My instruments unparalleled. They are My happiness unparalleled. They are My Eternity's satisfaction as I am their Eternity's All.

"So, My child, if you feel that you are not My first-class disciple, try to become one and make Me feel that My Manifestation on earth is not an empty dream but fulfilling and fulfilled Reality."

MPB 14. 3 August 1978, 12:45 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica. N.Y.

The shortest distance15

O my Pilot Beloved, today I have a volley of questions. Would You kindly answer them?

"Yes, I shall, My child."

Please tell me the shortest distance between two human beings.


Please tell me the shortest distance between You and me.

"A constant cry."

Please tell me the shortest distance between man and the cosmic gods.


Please tell me the shortest distance between man's mind and man's heart.


Please tell me the shortest distance between Your transcendental Vision and the universal Reality.

"A oneness-smile."

Now, do tell me how the seeker in me can cover these distances.

"My child, for that you need concentration on the physical plane, meditation on the inner plane and contemplation in My all-illumining and all-fulfilling Plane. Without concentration, everything that you have and everything that you are will not be able to bring about success. Your life-tree will fall apart, your life-house will fall apart. Without meditation, your illumining and fulfilling hope-bridge that connects Heaven and earth will not last. It will fall apart. Without contemplation, the divine in you will never be able to manifest the Universal and Transcendental in you.

"Concentrate! You will achieve your goal. Meditate! You will be able to remain inside the very depth of your goal. Contemplate! You will become the goal itself. The all-illumining, all-fulfilling goal, it is you who will become."

MPB 15. 3 August 1978, 7:40 p.m. Sri Chinmoy Centre Church, Bayside, N.Y.

Part II — Antigua prayer-messages

MPB 16-42. During a holiday in Antigua, Sri Chinmoy conducted several short meditations a day and after each meditation delivered a special prayer-message. His Antigua prayer-messages are reproduced here.


Surrender is God's God-Power in His own tiny human body.

MPB 16. 21 December 1978, 7:08 a.m.


We think of the Supreme because we need His Compassion. The Supreme meditates on us because He loves our hearts.

MPB 17. 21 December 1978, 8:14 a.m.


My Beloved Supreme is constant Forgiveness. Therefore, I am and I shall always remain a living reality.

MPB 18. 21 December 1978, 9:55 a.m.


My Beloved Supreme, here on earth, whoever scores the most is the winner. There in Heaven, who is the winner? Do tell me.

"My child, in Heaven the winner is he who becomes cheerfully and inseparably one with the surrender-life and surrender-breath of the tennis ball. A human seeker can learn the message of surrender in its purest form from a tiny little tennis ball — not from the player, not even from the racquet, but from a mere ball. When you think of yourself as a mere ball, you will be able to give the greatest satisfaction to Me, to your Beloved Supreme, your Eternity's Champion Tennis Player."

MPB 19. 21 December 1978, 12:25 p.m.


My Lord Supreme, do tell me the difference between a God-seeker and a God-lover.

"My child, the difference is very simple. A God-seeker is likely to be satisfied with God's transcendental Heaven, but a God-lover will never be satisfied with God's transcendental Heaven. He will be satisfied only when he is with God cheerfully, unreservedly, unconditionally and, also, eternally."

MPB 20. 21 December 1978, 12:50 p.m.


The searching mind will eventually win God's Compassion-Heart. The surrendering heart will immediately win God's Satisfaction-Breath.

MPB 21. 21 December 1978, 6:15 p.m.


Life is not life without love.

Love is not love without oneness.

Oneness is not oneness without perfection.

Perfection is not perfection without satisfaction.

Satisfaction is not satisfaction without God.

God is not God without His Justice-Light and Compassion-Height, and Delight is the bridge between God's Justice-Light and His Compassion-Height.

MPB 22. 22 December 1978, 9:48 a.m.


A hero-seeker never, never surrenders to his despair-fate. He has heard the inner message that in the battlefield of life, he will eventually win.

MPB 23. 22 December 1978, 5:10 p.m.


The face of a human being can be read by another human being. But the heart of a seeker can be read only by God and by nobody else.

MPB 24. 22 December 1978, 7:50 p.m.


Excitement, enthusiasm and aspiration are three totally different things. Excitement leads the seeker to the darkest night. Enthusiasm leads the seeker to the clearest dawn. Aspiration leads the seeker to the brightest sun.

MPB 25. 23 December 1978, 9:45 a.m.


Nothing is more beautiful and more fruitful than a soulful seeker's tearful heart.

MPB 26. 23 December 1978, 5:40 p.m.


Purity's breath is the field. Divinity's assurance is the plough. Immortality's immortal Smile is the farmer.

MPB 27. 24 December 1978, 6:53 a.m.


Purity: What is it? It is the faithful and soulful companion of the heart's ascending cry. It is the life-transforming and God-manifesting companion of the soul's descending smile.

MPB 28. 24 December 1978, 8:04 a.m.


My Lord Supreme, what is the worst punishment that the Master can give to a disciple who deceives him?

"My child, the worst and most painful punishment is indifference. The Master's indifference is the worst punishment. Some are of the opinion that forgiveness is the worst punishment, but I say no. You can forgive again and again, but the deceptive seekers will make the same mistakes over and over in the same way. But if the Master is indifferent to them in the inner world and the outer world, if he takes no inner responsibility for what they do, what they say and what they grow into either in the inner or the outer world, then that is the worst possible punishment.

"It is of paramount importance to give this kind of punishment, for it permits the Master to give more opportunity to the other seekers who are still trying to realise the Absolute Supreme and who need more encouragement. Then the Master is able to pay more outer attention and offer more encouragement to them and congratulate them on their soulful inner cry."

MPB 29. 24 December 1978, 9:50 a.m.


Let us be faithful, and then we shall immediately know that our Beloved Supreme belongs to us.

Let us be pure, and then we shall immediately learn that we belong to our Beloved Supreme alone, forever and forever.

MPB 30. 24 December 1978, 5:45 p.m.


Meditation is absolutely necessary for the salvation of the animal in us. Meditation is absolutely necessary for the illumination of the human in us. Meditation is absolutely necessary for the perfection of the divine in us. Meditation is absolutely necessary for the satisfaction of the Supreme in us.

MPB 31. 25 December 1978, 4:20 p.m.


Darkness proudly declares: "I everywhere exist."

Light smilingly whispers: "I eternally am."

MPB 32. 25 December 1978, 6:20 p.m.


Aspiration admires the faithful duty of time. Time loves the soulful beauty of aspiration.

MPB 33. 25 December 1978, 7:15 p.m.


Life is an eternal play. This eternal play is the universal Bliss. This universal Bliss is our Beloved and Transcendental Supreme.

MPB 34. 25 December 1978, 8:00 p.m.


When I ask for it, suggestion is a supremely fulfilling satisfaction. When I do not ask for it, suggestion is an utterly devastating frustration.

MPB 35. 26 December 1978, 11:27 a.m.


Aspiration needs. Meditation gives. Aspiration is the hunger of the heart. Meditation is the meal-feast from the soul.

MPB 36. 26 December 1978, 12:30 p.m.


My Lord Supreme, early in the morning I surrender my very existence to You. At noon I run after You, I follow You. In the evening I tell You my supreme secret: I am eternally for You, for You alone.

MPB 37. 26 December 1978, 5:06 p.m.


We must meditate soulfully so that we can increase our faith in our Beloved Supreme. We must meditate soulfully so that our Beloved Supreme can have more confidence in us. Meditation is the most effective way to increase the seeker's faith in his Beloved Supreme and also to increase the confidence of his Beloved Supreme in the seeker.

MPB 38. 26 December 1978, 6:10 p.m.


I meditate on my Lord Supreme not because He is great. I meditate on my Lord Supreme not because He is good. I meditate on my Lord Supreme because both my inner world — the dream-world — and my outer world — the reality-world — entirely belong to Him.

MPB 39. 26 December 1978, 6:50 p.m.


To consciously neglect meditation is to deliberately betray the soul, the God-representative on earth.

MPB 40. 26 December 1978, 8:03 p.m.


When I pray to the Supreme, I pray with my sincerity-mind. When I meditate on the Supreme, I meditate with my purity-heart. When I love the Supreme, I love with my intensity's life-breath.

Three things we do: we pray, we meditate, we love. When we pray, meditate and love, everything is done.

The mind is so tricky. With this tricky mind, we can't do anything sincerely. But if we can sincerely pray, then we will get everything.

The heart is covered by weakness, garbage, rubbish. That is why the heart does not remain pure. But if we can meditate with a pure heart, we will get everything. And if we can love the Supreme with our intensity's life-breath, then the Supreme is caught forever.

MPB 41. 28 December 1978, 10:00 a.m.


I pray because I need something from above. I meditate because I have something to offer below. Prayer is getting something which we do not have. Meditation is giving something which we have.

MPB 42. 28 December 1978, 11:15 a.m.

Part III — My God and my Lord


My God and my Lord,

I know, I know, there can be no zigzag road to my oneness-heart with You.


My God and my Lord,

May faith and surrender play the role of my constant companions.


My God and my Lord,

I promise, my love of You will never be vanquished either by animal arms or by human charms.


My God and my Lord,

There was a time when my life-pendulum oscillated between my hope and my despair.
But now my life-pendulum oscillates between my perfection and Your Satisfaction.


My God and my Lord,

I am equally happy when You ask me to lead a mundane life and when You ask me to lead an ultramundane life.


My God and my Lord,

My absence of constant faith is tantamount to my immediate failure-dream.


My God and my Lord,

I do not desire to lead a theanthropic life — this moment divine and the next moment human. I long to lead always a life divine.


My God and my Lord,

Appreciation from without titillates the human in me. Aspiration from within energises the divine in me.
O give me my aspiration-nectar and not my appreciation-poison.


My God and my Lord,

In the morning I love You, at noon I serve You and in the evening I surrender to You. This is how I lead my secret and sacrosanct life.


My God and my Lord,

Why do I at times enter into the quagmire of stark depression and make my life most unbearably miserable? Why, my God and Lord, why?


My God and my Lord,

I do not wish my life to be marked by a plethora of activities. I wish only one thing: an active surrender to Your compassionate Will, constant and unconditional.


My God and my Lord,

In all my spiritual difficulties I have come to realise that my purity is a good palliative, my sincerity is a better palliative and my cheerfully surrendered oneness with Your Compassion-flooded Eye is by far the best palliative.


My God and my Lord,

In my desire-life Your Forgiveness is paramount and supreme. In my aspiration-life Your Compassion is paramount and supreme.


My God and my Lord,

Your Forgiveness obliterates my blunders.
Your Compassion obliterates my sorrows.
Your Satisfaction obliterates my failures.


My God and my Lord,

Your Compassion is the only oasis in the desert of my all-destructive self-doubt.


My God and my Lord,

You are my desire-life, believe it or not.
You are my aspiration-heart, believe it or not.
You are my realisation-breath, believe it or not.
You are my perfection-source, believe it or not.
You are my satisfaction supreme, believe it or not.


My God and my Lord,

Although I do not have any occult power, I am sure that there are people who do have occult power. My question is, what shall I do with those who enjoy sneering disbelief and do not believe in occult power? Shall I forgive them or ignore them, or shall I do both?


My God and my Lord,

When I make a serious blunder, do grant me not only a terrible sense of remorse but also an unforgettable sense of remorse.


My God and my Lord,

I have come to realise that in the spiritual world a pure and self-giving heart is the only cynosure.


My God and my Lord,

I am so happy to tell the world that my inner vacation with pay has been earned by my divine thoughts, my divine words and my divine deeds.


My God and my Lord,

There is no difference between the desert in my mind and the jungle in my vital.

Part IV — Sovereign Lord

MPB 64-67. In early May 1979, Sri Chinmoy and his disciples practised cycling mornings and evenings in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, in training for the Pepsi-Cola Bicycle Marathon. After cycling, Sri Chinmoy would usually hold a short meditation and, at times, deliver short prayer-messages. These prayers were given on 10 and 11 May 1979.

In You, in me45

My Sovereign Lord, I and my life are two tiny drops. You and Your Compassion are two vast oceans.

In me Your Heart, Your Soul and Your Heaven-Existence are struggling. In You my heart, my soul and my earth-existence are blossoming.

MPB 64. 10 May 1979, 7:40 a.m.

Only two things46

My Lord Supreme, I feel I need many things to please You. Do You agree?

"No, My child, I do not agree. You need only two things: a heart of obedience and a life of sincerity.

"Your heart of obedience will perfect the human in you. Your life of sincerity will fulfil the divine in you.

"My child, you need only two things, only two things, only two things."

MPB 65. 10 May 1979, 7:32 p.m.

The opportunity-bird47

My Lord Sovereign, is the spiritual life an opportunity?

"Yes, My child, it is. Not only that, the spiritual life embodies infinitely more opportunity than anything else in My entire creation. You may like to know what opportunity actually is. Opportunity is a bird that flies and flies and flies."

My Lord Sovereign, if opportunity is a bird that constantly flies, then what am I supposed to do with that flying bird?

"My child, I am telling you what to do, You know that you have your heart's inner cry. This inner cry is a mounting flame. This flame also knows how to fly high, very high. Climb up on your inner flame, and then grab the flying opportunity-bird. After you catch it, bring it down and encage it. Use it to fulfil you in every aspect of your life. Once this opportunity-bird flies away, your life will become an inevitable failure. Once if I withdraw My opportunity from you, My child, yours will undoubtedly be the life of utter failure.

"Remember what you were before you accepted the spiritual life. Remember what you would have been if you had not accepted the spiritual life. Just think what you have become by accepting the spiritual life and what you can become eventually by remaining spiritual in the purest sense. It is only when you avail yourself of your opportunities that you can become close, closer, closest and inseparably and eternally one with My Light and Height, with My Consciousness and Delight. But if you do not avail yourself of the opportunity that I grant you at every moment, then yours will be the most destructive doom and your life will be a total and unprecedented failure."

MPB 66. 11 May 1979, 7:34 a.m.

My Lord Supreme does not want48

My Lord Supreme does not want to know what I have done for Him. He just wants to know how I am. If He hears from me that I am happy, then He Himself becomes exceedingly happy. In unmistakable terms He tells me that my happiness is His real and only satisfaction.

My Lord Supreme does not want to hear from me what I see in Him. He just wants to hear if I feel something sweet, pure and divine in the inmost recesses of my heart. He tells me that my life-elevating feelings are, without fail, as good as seeing something divinely illumining and supremely fulfilling in Him.

My Lord Supreme does not want me to show Him how much I know. He just asks me to agree to become His oneness-companion. He tells me that in my oneness-life with Him I shall learn everything from Him. The past, the present and the future will be three open books.

My Lord Supreme does not want me to prove to Him how much I love Him. He just wishes me to cry inwardly and soulfully and to smile outwardly and wholeheartedly. He tells me that my inner cry and my outer smile are more than enough to inundate Him with my love.

MPB 67. 11 May 1979, 7:40 p.m.

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