Fifty-Four Morning Prayer-Cries and Morning Meditation-Smiles

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I may not know the precious beauty of duty, but I do know the glorious prosperity of duty.

MPC 1. 18 December 1987.


My aspiration is telling me that someday I shall be able to reach God's Heaven-Height.

My meditation is telling me that God is already inside my heart and that He is now trying to grow perfectly with me and glow satisfactorily for me.

MPC 2. 18 December 1987.


My Supreme, my Lord Supreme, my Beloved Lord Supreme, do give my heart the capacity to sleeplessly love Your Vision-Eye in Heaven. Do give my life the capacity to unconditionally serve Your Manifestation-Feet on earth.

MPC 3. 18 December 1987.


Yesterday my Lord Beloved Supreme decided to tell me three most illumining and fulfilling stories. Today He told me two of the stories. The first one was about His Love. He told me how He has been loving my soul-bird right from the beginning of His creation. He also told me how He has been loving my heart-flower right from the day in the hoary past when He created my aspiration-heart.

The second story was about His Compassion. He told me how He blessingfully showers His Compassion upon my entire being, no matter how many mistakes I have made or how many mistakes I shall make in the future. He also told me how He grants His Compassion-Light unconditionally to each and every heartbeat of mine.

He told me that before the day ends, He will tell me His third story. He said this story will be entirely about me. He will tell me in full detail how devotedly, how soulfully and how self-givingly I aspired in my previous incarnations. My old aspiration-story, which is buried in oblivion and which I have completely forgotten, my Lord Beloved Supreme will resurrect. And once more He will energise me to aspire soulfully, devotedly, self-givingly and unconditionally. Something more: He will show me, inside my aspiration-story, the blossoming of my realisation-life-tree.

MPC 4. 18 December 1987.


I hear my sweet Lord's Invitation-Bell ringing only when I become my heart's sleeplessly hungry longing.

MPC 5. 18 December 1987.


My heart's faith-plant is a blessingful boon from my Lord Supreme.

My life's surrender-drop is my delightful gift to my Lord Supreme.

MPC 6. 18 December 1987.


My Supreme, my dear Supreme, my sweet Supreme, my Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, how can You bless me with Your Eternity's, Infinity's and Immortality's Fulness unless and until my life-breath and I are fully aware that we are totally helpless without Your Compassion-Fountain?

My Supreme, my dear Supreme, my sweet Supreme, my Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, how can You bless me with Your Eternity's, Infinity's and Immortality's Fulness unless and until my heartbeat and I become unmistakably aware that we are utterly helpless without Your Compassion-Sky and Forgiveness-Ocean?

MPC 7. 18 December 1987.


My soulful prayers carry me to God's transcendental Head and make me so happy.

My soulful meditation carries me to God's loving Heart and makes me so peaceful.

MPC 8-11. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Grand Central Hotel, Singapore — 19 December 1987.


During his earthly sojourn, every human being has to study, either today or tomorrow, either sooner or later, at God's peace-flooded inner training school in order to become a choice instrument of God for His full manifestation here on earth.

MPC 9. 19 December 1987


My Lord, I want to have a life of success, and You want me to have a life of progress. My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, is there any way that my success can be turned into my progress and my progress can be turned into my success?

"My child, My child, My child, there is a secret and sacred way.

"As soon as you have achieved any success, pray to Me, and while praying, sing for Me your surrender-song. Then I assure you that your success will be turned into your progress.

"As soon as you have made any progress, meditate on Me, and while meditating, dance for Me a gratitude-dance. Then I assure you that your progress will be turned into your success.

"Needless to say, your new progress and your new success will be My new progress and My new success as well."

MPC 10. 20 December 1987


My Lord Supreme, my stupidity-mind wants me to speak to You. My wisdom-heart would like You to speak to me.

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, I am praying to You this morning to command my mind not to dictate anything to me anymore.

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, may my purity-heart and my oneness-heart lead me and guide me always to Your highest Heights and deepest Depths.

MPC 11. 20 December 1987.


My Lord, what am I doing wrong?

"My child, you are carrying yesterday's burdens."

What else am I doing wrong, my Lord?

"My child, you are inviting tomorrow's anxieties."

My Lord, how can I free myself from yesterday's burdens and tomorrow's anxieties?

"My child, pray and meditate, meditate and pray, most soulfully. Your inner confidence from your today's heart can easily nullify yesterday's burdens and tomorrow's anxieties."

MPC 12-15. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Gandhi Memorial Hall, Singapore — 20 December 1987.


My Lord, I know that I need many, many divine qualities to please You both inwardly and outwardly. But is there anything that I need most? Is there anything that embodies all the divine qualities?

"My child, there is only one divine quality that embodies all the other divine qualities, and that divine quality is your faith in Me — your implicit faith in your God-transformation-life."


My Lord, when I accept You as my Teacher, do You get any joy?

"Very little!"

My Lord, when I accept You as my private Tutor, do You get my joy?

"Very little — next to nothing!"

My Lord, when do You get joy from me?

"My child, I get joy only when you accept Me as your advocate, only your advocate."


My morning spirituality is my secret and sacred God-activity, for the perfect manifestation of my love-devotion-surrender-divinity throughout the entire day.


My morning Lord, since I have teeming doubts, anxieties, worries and fears in my mind-forest, how can I see Your morning Beauty's Heart-Garden?

"My morning child, do not think of your inadequacy; do not think of your incapacity. Just pray to Me to bless you with morning humility. It is in and through your morning humility that I shall be able not only to show you My morning Beauty's Heart-Garden but also to help you grow into My morning Beauty's Heart-Garden."

MPC 16. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Grand Central Hotel, Singapore — 21 December 1987.


My Lord Supreme, I have two morning prayers.

My Lord, do save me from the horrible mind of the world. Do help me to be always with and for the miserable heart of the world.


My dear Supreme, what happens to You when I deliberately take myself away from You?

"My foolish child, your wild ignorance hurts Me deeply and makes me extremely sad."

My sweet Supreme, what happens to You when I am soulfully with You?

"My illumined child, you considerably increase the beauty of My transcendental Vision."

My Beloved Supreme, what happens to You when I am unconditionally for You?

"My dream-fulfilled child, you become your life's perfection-song for Me and I become My Heart's Satisfaction-Dance for you."


My Supreme, my Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, do tell me the names of the things that I absolutely need every morning.

"My sweet child, My divine child, My perfection-loving child, every morning you need only two things: a genuine thirst and a genuine hunger — a genuine thirst to receive from Me My infinite Compassion-Light and a genuine hunger to receive from Me My immortal Love-Delight."

MPC 19. 23 December 1987


My Supreme, my Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, do tell me the names of the things that I have to do without fail during the day.

"My sweet child, My divine child, My perfection-loving child, you have to change your earthly age twice a day. That is the only thing you have to do. First you have to think that you are only a three-year-old child who knows nothing about the ugly existence of doubt-night. Then you have to think that you are a 99-year-old human being who soon will pass behind the curtain of Eternity. Since your days are numbered, it does not become you to make friends with your volcano-vital.

"My perfection-loving child, if you faithfully change your age twice a day and live as an eternal child in the heart-garden of your soul, then your life's perfect perfection and My complete Satisfaction in you will before long dawn. Try, My child; you will succeed! You are bound to succeed, for you are destined to manifest and fulfil My Immortality's Vision-Light here on this planet earth.

MPC 20. 23 December 1987


My Lord Supreme, this morning do give something very special to my mind and something very special to my heart.

"My child, to your mind I am giving a very large supply of My Purity's Beauty and to your heart I am giving a very large supply of My Divinity's Faith."

MPC 21. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia — 24 December 1987.


"My child, My child, My child, you give Me what you have: your mind's constant obedience and your heart's spontaneous surrender; and I shall give you what I am: My Eternity's All, My Infinity's All and My Immortality's All."


"My child, My sweet child, My divine child, I know that it is impossible for you to stay all the time alone in My Heart-Garden. But do try at least to spend more time alone in My Heart-Garden to make Me abundantly happy and to make Me considerably perfect."


"My child, My sweet child, My divine child, you think that you are a beggar who, at every moment, has to beg Me to grant your mind the capacity to be free of doubts, anxieties, worries and imperfections. I am telling you in supreme secrecy that I am also a beggar; I constantly need from you the breath of your purity-heart."



"My child, My sweet child, My divine child, I am always happy. Do you know why? I am always happy because I know that I am yours, only yours, and that I am made of your hope-life.

"But, My child, you are always unhappy. Do you know why? To My extreme sorrow, My child, you do not know and you do not want to know that you are Mine, only Mine, and that you are made of My Promise-Breath."



Let me not lose even an iota of purity from my devotion-heart, for purity is the safest and shortest way to reach my ultimate goal — my complete oneness with my Lord Supreme.

MPC 26. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Samudra Beach Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu, Indonesia — 26 December 1987.


I must go and sit at the Compassion-Feet of my Lord Supreme as soon as possible. The sooner I can reach my destination, the stronger, the brighter and the purer joy my mind will see, my heart will feel and my life will reveal.


This morning I have discovered something absolutely new: my sleeplessly sincere gratitude-heart can alone do the work of my love, devotion and surrender most satisfactorily. My Lord, do give me the capacity to execute my new discovery in my everyday life.


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, do You think of me even when I do not think of You?

"My child, I do, I do, I do! I do think of you even when you do not think of Me, and I think of you infinitely more than you think of yourself. Otherwise, by this time you would have jumped out of My Golden Boat into the ignorance-sea, and once more you would be drowning.

"My child, you may not be able to think of Me as many times as I think of you, or for as long, but you can think of Me a little more often from today on. But do it devotedly and soulfully to give your heart utmost joy and to give My Heart perfect Satisfaction."


My Beloved Lord Supreme, my Beloved Lord Supreme, will I ever be able to become a perfect instrument of Yours?

"My child, you will without fail become not only a perfect instrument of Mine but a supremely perfect instrument of Mine at My choice Hour. How can My own Divinity's transcendental Vision in you, with you and for you fail? No, My Vision is bound to succeed, My child.

"But you can do one thing every day devotedly and soulfully. You can repeat hundreds of times daily, 'My Lord, You are my mind-sincerity's All, You are my heart-purity's All, You are my life-duty's All.' This will expedite our joint victory."


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, what is more important: what I do for You or what I am to You?

"My child, My child, My child, what you are to Me is infinitely more important than what you do for Me. In spite of being a most deplorable seeker, all of a sudden if you do something great for Me, that achievement of yours will not satisfy Me.

"Be close to Me, be close to Me on the strength of your sincere aspiration-heart and sincere dedication-life. Your closeness is infinitely more important than your great performances if they do not have a spiritual foundation."

MPC 31. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia — 27 December 1987.


My mind, O my mind, I know for you your perfection-preparation is most difficult, even most painful. But your eventual God-realisation-satisfaction, which is Infinity's Delight, is inevitable.


My heart, O my heart, dive deep within. God-realisation is not an invention. God-realisation is self-discovery. Be the discoverer of yourself and a conscious partner of your Inner Pilot, your Beloved Lord Supreme.


My Lord, my Lord, not many things but only one thing I need from You, and that thing is my happiness.

"My child, My child, I am anxious to give you happiness; I am eager to give you happiness. But you are not ready to receive it and I do not know when you will be ready.

"My child, you can have happiness when you feel your own heart's sweetness and your own life's fulness in My transcendental Will."


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, this moment I think that You are mine, absolutely mine. The next moment I feel that I am Yours, only Yours. Is there any difference between these two feelings, or are they the same thing? My Lord, do illumine me.

"My child, My child, there is a great difference. When you think that I am yours, you are ready to climb up high, higher, highest to reach My transcendental Heights. When you feel that you are Mine, I am ready to descend into the abysmal abyss of your ignorance-life for your complete illumination and perfect perfection."


Even a desire-man is responsible for God's manifestation on earth, because he lives in God's world.

MPC 36. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Mariani Hotel, Padang, Indonesia — 30 December 1987.


Even a useless God-seeker is important in God's manifestation on earth, precisely because he is still a God-seeker.


A soulful God-seeker and an unconditional God-lover are always indispensable for God's supreme manifestation on earth.


Mind, my mind, if you freely criticise my aspiring heart, then my aspiring heart will powerfully bind you to my Beloved Lord Supreme.


Mind, my mind, do not try to change the world. You will undoubtedly make the world infinitely worse.

Heart, my heart, do love the world. You will unmistakably make the world infinitely better.


Mind, my stupid mind, you want to invent God. Can you not see that my wise heart has already discovered God?


Mind, my mind, you may not have been created to be equal to my heart, but you were definitely created to be as lovable and as loving as my heart.


When I do selfless service for an hour a day, God tells me that I am His dear friend, His very dear friend.

MPC 43. The following prayer-meditations were given at the Ambarrukmo Palace Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia — 9 January 1988.


My good health is my outer wealth. My soulful heart is my inner wealth.


My Lord Supreme gives me His Compassion-Eye as a sunrise boon. I give Him my gratitude-heart as a sunset gift.


Do not try to go to God with fear. You will see that He is not approachable. Go to God only with love. You will see that He is not only approachable but also always available.


When God comes to me with both His Compassion-Eye and His Forgiveness-Feet, I love His Feet infinitely more, for His Feet not only give me the opportunity but also give me the capacity for a new and brave life-transformation-start.


With my heart's aspiration-cry, I make opportunities. With my life's dedication-smile, I avail myself of these opportunities.


Two cannot agree. When God agrees with my desire-life, His suffering becomes unbearable. When I agree with God's ever-transcending Vision, my suffering becomes unbearable, for I am not ready to be one with Him at every moment of my life. But I am begging my Lord Supreme not to agree with my desire-life, but to give me the capacity to become one with Him devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally — always and always.


My aspiration helps me see the Face of the inspiring God. My surrender helps me feel the Heart of the inspired God.


My heart's faith-plant gives joy to God the Vision. My life's gratitude-tree fulfils God the Perfection.


My Lord Supreme, what do You do when I make mistakes?

"My child, I play My role: I forgive you. But you do not play your role: you do not forget your mistakes. You do not long for a new, brave and perfect start."


"My child, give Me what I need from you, and not what you want Me to have. I need your faithfulness-heart, not your fruitfulness-life."


"My child, My child, do not plan; do not plan! I have already planned everything for you. Just play with me and play for Me. I shall not fail you. I shall not only take you to your destined goal but also give you My Heart of infinite Love and My Eye of infinite Compassion."

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