My promise to God

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1. My promise to God

My promise to God
I tell you in secret supreme.
Don't let anybody else know.
If they hear, they will laugh and laugh.
My promise is God-manifestation.
And I tell you,
This promise of mine
Has been a steady,
And fulfilling relationship with God.

2. An authentic power

The peace-voice that breaks
Is an unauthentic power.
I knew it and I know it.

The love-choice that builds
Is an authentic power.
I knew it and I know it.

3. Your heart was eclipsed

Your heart was eclipsed by sin;
Your body is exposed by failure.
And what is sin?
The strangling waves of your imagination-clouds.

4. Two betrayers

You are betrayed
By two things.
Do you know what they are?
They are your imagination-hunger
Your temptation-choice.

5. Drunk with joy

Drunk with joy
I saw the Face of God.

Drunk with love
I touched the Heart of God.

Drunk with peace
I sat
Stayed at the Feet of God.

6. My dawn died with me

My dawn died.
My dawn died with me

My noon dies.
My noon dies with me

My evening shall die.
My evening shall die with me

7. God's God-Compassion

God calls it my divinity;
I call it God's God-Reality.

God calls it my perfection;
I call it God's God-Compassion.

8. Why do you quarrel?

Why do you quarrel with your indolence?
Who created it, after all?
You and your own stupidity-life.

Why do you quarrel with your failure?
Who created it, after all?
You and your own insincerity-mind.

9. When he was a baby God

When he was a baby God
Everybody loved him.

When he was a grown-up God
Everybody needed him.

When he was an old God
Everybody claimed him,
Even the real God Himself.

10. The road from dream to reality

All his nights are dreams,
All his days are realities.
His aspiring life
His surrendering heart
Have built the road
That leads from the dream-sky
To the reality-land.

11. Lord, save me

Lord, save me.
I talk too much.

Lord, save me.
I know so little.

12. You say

You say
You are a God-lover.
I do not know
Why or how you can afford
To hesitate so much.

You say
You are a God-fulfiller.
I do not know
Why or how you can afford
To sleep so much.

13. When I think

When I think,
God shouts at me from a distance:
"Stop thinking."

When I concentrate,
God runs to me and says:
"Continue, continue, My son."

When I meditate,
God says:
"I am so happy that you know
the supreme secret."

When I contemplate,
God says:
"For both of us nothing can ever
remain undone."

14. My Lord Supreme blessed me

My Lord Supreme blessed me
Not once, not twice
But thrice.
His first blessing gave me the power
To forget the hurting past.
His second blessing gave me the power
To face the challenging present.
His third blessing gave me the power
To welcome the fast-approaching future.

15. A mantra is a seed

A mantra is a seed.
It develops into a plant.
The plant grows into a tree.
The tree bears fruits.
But who can eat them?
Only he who is sincerity's delight
Intensity's height.

16. Capacity and necessity

God, You have the capacity
And I have the necessity.
Let us try to become one.
I tell You,
Once we are fulfilled,
You will be proud of Your capacity
And I shall be proud of my necessity.

17. I am sure

I am sure of only three things:
My love
Is my God-application,
My service
Is my God-consecration,
My surrender
Is my God-perfection.

18. What can you do for me?

Inspiration, what can you do for me?
"I can tell you how near God is."

Aspiration, what can you do for me?
"I can tell you how great and good God is."

Realisation, what can you do for me?
"I can tell you how sincerely
and desperately
God needs you."

19. God respected my individuality

God respected my individuality.
He never acted like an intruder.
He waited and waited
Until I finally invited Him.
Since God was so nice to me,
Let me also try to be nice to Him.
Let me unreservedly
Respect, honour and adore
His individuality's

20. The illumining vision

What is intuition?
The illumining vision of the seer.

What is realisation?
The perfection-sun of the Yogi.

21. I love patience

I love patience
It is mild.

I love patience
It is sweet.

I love patience
It is subtle.

I love patience
It is enduring.

I love patience
It overcomes all the buffets of my life.

22. Alas, what can I do?

I worship God.
The world does not care even to believe it.
Alas, what can I do?

I love the world.
God does not say that He at least believes it.
Alas, what can I do?

23. I am flexible

O earth, I am flexible.
I can be what you want me to be.
Just tell me what I should do.

O Heaven, I am alive.
I am eagerly waiting
To hear from you
How to please you
In your own way.

24. Reality and totality

What is love?
Love is the reality
Of the life-force.

What is oneness?
Oneness is the totality
Of Eternity's creation vast.

25. God-life

God-life is not the mere control
Of the physical breath.
God-life is the perfect regulation
Of the life-energy
In the soul's inimitable way.

26. Revere and love

The difference between
Religion and Yoga is this:
Religion reveres God
Openly and loudly.
Yoga loves God
Soulfully and unreservedly,
Constantly and unconditionally.

27. My teachers' lessons

My desire-teacher taught me:
"Life is matter-enveloped."
I believed him.
I really did.

My aspiration-teacher is teaching me:
"Life is soul-enclosed."
I believe him.
I really do.
I shall always believe him.

28. Helpers

Helpers invisible
All-where to be found.
Helpers visible
Nowhere to be found.
This is my unmistakable discovery.
I share it with you
Soulfully and unconditionally.

29. Another name for justice

Another name
For God's Justice
Is constant Forgiveness-light.

Another name
For man's justice
Is continuous forgetfulness-night.

30. Leisure

Leisure is not relaxation.
Leisure is not recreation.
Leisure is the continuous flying
of our fulfilling
and fulfilled

31. Don't deny it!

Vital, don't deny it!
I saw you with your friend depression
This morning.

Mind, don't deny it!
I saw you with your friend suspicion
Last night.

Heart, don't deny it!
I saw you with your friend insecurity
Only yesterday.

You three are the least reliable friends.

32. Three sweet discoveries

I am the discoverer
Of three sweet discoveries:
God likes me.
God has real concern for me.
God considers me
A faithful instrument
Of His Vision-Will.

33. A thing to be

Is a thing to learn.
Is a thing to feel.
Is a thing to be.

34. His smile, his cry

His soul-smile immortalises
The mortal part in me.
His heart-cry feeds
The flame divine in me.

35. The seer-poet

The seer-poet smiles in the morning
At the rising sun
And cries in the evening
For the illumining moon.

The Yogi-poet glows
In realisation-day
And lives
In perfection-light.

36. On their way

A liberated man
Is on his way to silence-soul.
A realised man
Is on his way to perfection-goal.

37. Two inventors

God invented heart.
Man invented fear.
Why do we say that
Man is inferior to God?
God invented mind.
Man invented doubt.
Why do we say that
God is superior to man?
God created life.
Man created death.
Why do we not say that
Both are equal?

38. In the emptiness of thought

In the blackness of thought
I saw my failure-night.

In the whiteness of thought
I saw my success-day.

In the emptiness of thought
I saw my progress-sun.

39. Dig, plough and sow

Don't dig the past, don't dig.
The past is a painful experience.

Don't plough the barren field of the mind, don't plough.
The mind is a division-frustration.

Don't sow the dissatisfaction-seed in the heart, don't sow.
The heart is a satisfaction-light.

40. Mind and heart speak

My mind says to my heart:
Heart, I have capacity.
But I want your ability, too.

My heart says to my mind:
Mind, I have no capacity of my own.
My capacity is all God-capacity.
How I wish
To share with you my

41. I did not believe

The God of Creation
I saw,
But I did not believe my eyes.

The God of Illumination
I felt,
But I did not believe my heart.

The God of Perfection
I became,
But I did not believe my life.

42. The renunciate, I

He had his head
God showed him
A smiling face
Suffered a bleeding heart.

43. The renunciate, II

He had his alms-bag
Hanging from his shoulder.
God said,
"Son, you
Can do something better."

44. The renunciate, III

He was clad
In a saffron robe.
God's Eye gave God
A painful experience.

45. The renunciate, IV

He had a staff
In his hand.
God was searching
For His Satisfaction-Smile.

46. The renunciate, V

Normal and natural
He stood soulfully facing God.
God in no time embraced him,
His whole earth-existence.

47. Why I am so happy today

You want to know
Why I am so happy today.
I am telling you why:
My inner urge
To capture and embrace
The hiding inner man
Has become insistent, irresistible.

48. In the wild confusion-market

Suddenly he slipped away
From home
To embrace the life of solitude
And see the Face of God.
He saw God.
In the wild confusion-market
Of village-ignorance.

49. Everything is preordained

No such thing as chance
In God's world.
In God's scheme of things
Everything is divinely and supremely
God wanted me to realise Him
And I have fulfilled
His Eternity's Desire.

50. Are you a Master?

Are you a Master?
Then earth loves you.

Are you a path-finder?
Then Heaven loves you.

Are you a lover?
Then God not only loves you
But needs you, too.

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