O my peace-nest-heart

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Peace I Get When My Mind Laughs

Peace I get when my mind
Laughs at me powerfully.

Peace I Get When My Heart Cries

Peace I get when my heart
Cries with me helplessly.

Peace I Get When My Soul Smiles

Peace I get when my soul
Smiles at me majestically.

A Man of Peace Is

A man of peace is a constant
God-Victory-singing heart.

A Man of Peace

A man of peace is a constant
God the Creation-bowing head.

My Mind-Tempests May Roar

My mind-tempest may roar,
But my aspiration-heart
Will have its peace-harvest.

When I Make My God-Shrine

When I make my God-shrine
With my heart-tears,
Peace inundates my life.

My Self-Effacement-Days

Where else is peace,
If not in my self-effacement-days?

Where Else Is Peace?

Where else is peace
If not in my God-appointment-hours?


Is peace-invention.



When I Pray, My Mind Charmingly Flies

When I pray,
My mind charmingly flies
In peace-sky.

When I Meditate, My Heart Confidently Flies

When I meditate, my heart confidently flies
Beyond, far beyond, the peace-sky.

My Mind's Peace-Fortress

May my mind’s peace-fortress
Always remain invulnerable.

May My Heart's Peace-Temple

May my heart’s peace-temple
Always remain unassailable.

We Are Destined to Run

We are destined to run
Along the sunlit road
If our heart is all peace.

Peace Devours Both

Peace devours both our self-doubt
And our God-doubt-thoughts.

Peace Is the Source

Peace is the source
Of my detachment-perfection.


Peace is at once truth-finder
And falsehood-chaser.

My Heart's God-Receptivity Magnet

Peace is my heart’s

With Peace

With peace
My life’s perfection-preparation

My Heart's Peace

My heart’s peace
Is my God-satisfaction-secret.

Peace Is the Heart of My Future

Peace is the heart of my future
And not the mind of my past.

O My Peace-Nest-Heart

O my peace-nest-heart,
I shall cherish you to my last breath.

God's Private Plane

In the inner world,
Peace is God’s private plane.

God's Fastest Flight

In the outer world,
Peace is God’s fastest flight.

In the Higher World

In the higher world,
Peace is man’s happiest destination.

A God-Lover's Aspiration-Harvest

Peace is a God-lover’s

A Heart of Peace

A heart of peace easily silences
The mind’s confusion tornado.

When Your Life Becomes a Faith-Boat

When your life becomes a faith-boat,
The Peace-God will come to pilot you
To the all-illumining Golden Shore.