Morning prayers. Poems on war

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Part I — Morning prayers


This morning
During my meditation
My soul blessingfully spoke to me.
My human eyes and human ears
Were the soulful
And prayerful witnesses.

"My child,
You need love
More, infinitely more,
To succeed.

"You need devotion
More, infinitely more,
To proceed.

"You need surrender
More, infinitely more,
To make yourself happy
To make Me happy.
There is no other way,
And there can be no other way."


My problem is this:
I cannot think
Of God
Even for seven minutes a day.
God's problem is this:
He cannot stop thinking
Of me
Even for seven seconds a day.

My problem is this:
I do not want to know
How great God is,
As long as He is kind to me.

God's problem is this:
He does not want to know
How undivine I am,
As long as I call Him my Father.


My Lord,
Is it possible to have happiness
In this world?

"Definitely, My child.
I would not have created this world
If I could not create happiness
In this world.

"My child,
There are two kinds of happiness:
Happiness real
And happiness unreal.

"When the real in you
Pleases Me in My own Way,
That happiness is real.

"When the unreal in you
Pleases you in your own way,
That happiness is unreal.

"Do you want to know how
You can know the real happiness
From the unreal happiness?

"When you are really happy,
You are satisfied within,
Divinely and supremely.

"When you are unreally happy,
You get no sense of satisfaction
Either in your inner life
Or in your outer life."


My Supreme Lord,
When You make me happy
In my own way,
I feel that I have achieved
Something great.

My Supreme Lord,
When I make You happy
In Your own Way
What happens to You?

"My child,
I feel that I have made
Tremendous progress,
And I also feel that the Hour
Has struck for Me
To dream of a better, higher
And deeper creation
In and through you."


My Lord Supreme,
Do give me the sweet hope
To feel that I can
Fulfil You and please You
In Your own Way.

My Lord Supreme,
Do give me the brave courage
To feel that I will
Fulfil You and please You
In Your own Way.

My Lord Supreme,
Do give me the surrendered life
To feel that I am
Fulfilling You and pleasing You
In Your own Way.


I do not pray
To an unknown God.

I do not meditate
On an unknowable God.

I pray to the God
Whose Transcendental Eye
Is extremely familiar.

I meditate on the God
Whose universal Heart
Is extremely popular.

His Transcendental Eye
Tells me to make Him happy
Only in His own Way.

His Universal Heart
Tells me to become perfect
Only in His own Way.

Part II — Poems on war


My Lord,
Please forgive me.
I have not brought anything
For You this time.

"My child,
Next time you come to visit Me
Here in Heaven,
Will you bring Me
What I desperately need?"

Definitely, my Lord.
Please tell me what it is
That You desperately need.

"My child,
Then bring Me
All the nuclear weapons
That the countries of the world,
Especially the superpowers,
Have produced."


My Lord,
What is the difference
Between suicide and war?

"My child, Suicide you commit
When you are an impossible fool.

"War you declare
When you are absolutely
The worst sinner."


My Lord,
Everybody knows what war is
And what peace is.
May I learn from You
The difference?

"My child,
War is the mind's
World-devouring problem.
Peace is the heart's
World-illumining solution."


My Lord,
How can humanity
Stop declaring war?

"My child, easily.
Just by not thinking of war,
Exactly the way humanity
Does not think of Me."


My Lord,
After You created the world,
Did You ever think of war?

"My child,
I have infinitely better things
To think of:
Love, oneness and peace."


My Lord,
When the war-mongers die,
Where do they go?

"My child,
I send them to a place
Where I have never been
And I shall never go,


My Lord,
Will there be
A Third World War?

"No, My child,
Every night I make it a point
To threaten and frighten
The war-mongers in their sleep."

My Lord,
Are they conscious of it?

"My child,
I do not care
If they are conscious of it,
As long as I do not allow them
To do what they want to do."


My Lord, Rama and Krishna fought
Against their enemies.
I am sure that they did
The right thing.

"My child,
Rama, Krishna and I
Are inseparably one.
Therefore, how could they
Do anything wrong?

"At that time,
The divine forces fought
Against the undivine forces.

"But now,
To manifest the Light of the Divine,
The inner insecurity-forces
Fight against
The outer security-forces
To fool the outer world."


My Lord,
Will there be a day
When there will be no war
And this world of ours
Will be flooded with peace?

"My child,
Do not think of war.
Do not think of peace.
Just become peace.
Lo and behold, war is nowhere."


My Lord,
As You know, thousands of people
Have been killed
By nuclear weapons.

"My child,
I am sure that you know that
Billions and trillions of people
Have been saved
By My Compassion-Eye."


My Lord,
The superpowers are decreasing
Their nuclear weapons.
I am sure that You are pleased
With them.

"My child,
I am indeed pleased with them,
But not proud of them."

What do You mean,
My Lord?

"My child,
I shall be proud of them only when
They place at My Forgiveness-Feet
All their nuclear weapons."


My Lord,
If I dislike someone vehemently,
What is the best way to deal with
That person?

"My child,
There is not just one,
But there are many ways
To deal with that person:

Do not express
Your volcanic anger.

Think and feel
That you have the capacity
To mould and shape that person
Into a perfectly lovely human being.

Discard all your preconceived ideas
And judgements about the person,
For if you cherish hostile attitudes
Towards any person,
Then your own hostility
Will devour you.

Just imagine that right now
Your so-called enemy is having
Nice thoughts about you.
Not only that,
To your wide surprise, your enemy
Is speaking highly of you
To others.

Ask your mind to be a peace-maker.
Ask your heart to be a peace-lover.
Ask yourself to be a peace-observer
Here and everywhere
In the Eternal Now."

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