My silver jubilee rainbow-heart whispers

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God Is Ready with You to Play (2)

God is ready with you to play.
Do not delay, do not delay.

Few Are the Truth-Believers

Few are the Truth-believers.
Fewer are God-receivers.

I Cling to God's Forgiveness-Feet

I cling to God’s Forgiveness-Feet
His Compassion-Eye all-where I meet.

If You Delay

If you delay, If you delay,
Your heart, your breath, your all
Will stray.

God Has Revived My Heart

God has revived my heart
With purity-oxygen.
His Vision-Splendour-Sky
My heart can now open.

O Worthless, Shoreless, Chattering Mind

O worthless, shoreless, chattering mind,
Silence-fulness never will you find.

Heaven's Descending Compassion-Dreams

Heaven is Heaven’s
Descending Compassion-Dreams
And earth is earth’s
Ascending perfection-schemes.

Inside My Lord's Compassion-Nest

Inside my Lord’s Compassion-Nest
I need my life’s perfection-rest.

God Tells My Mouth

God tells my mouth never to sleep.
He loves to hear my earth-gossip!

A 'God-Welcoming Committee' Member

I am a ‘God-welcoming committee’ member.
This truth my heart loves to remember.


Attachment is my heart’s
Helpless poverty dun.
Detachment is my life’s
Bright prosperity-sun.

Awake, Arise!

Awake, arise, awake, arise!
God has for you a big surprise!

O, Leave Behind You a Smile of Love

O, leave behind you a smile of love.
Your heart will be played below, above.

O, Fly with Your Willingness-Heart

O, fly with your willingness-heart, fly.
Beckons you fulfilment-blossomed sky.

My Mind Travels

My mind travels along
The bumpy road of thought.
Alas, my soulful breath
By Titan’s frown is caught.

Be God's Sleepless Willingness-Toy

Be God’s sleepless willingness-toy.
For you His Heart’s Marathon-Joy.

Be Calm

Be calm, be calm, my mind,
My monkey-mind, be calm.
Our Lord Himself will strike
Your supreme victory-drum.

My Heart Is My Life's God-Hunger-Cry

My heart is my life’s God-hunger-cry.
Perfection-banner-delight I fly.

Teeming Doubt-Clouds

Teeming doubt-clouds have blinded my mind.
My rainbow-heart-joy nowhere I find.

My Mind, Let God Speak for Himself

My mind, let God speak for Himself.
From you, from me, He needs no help.

My Lord Supreme, I Am Serious

My Lord Supreme, I am serious,
To love Your Heart I am anxious.

Wake Up

Wake up, my sleeping God-manifestation-life.
You and I shall smash asunder ignorance-knife.

My Soul Is Climbing God's God-Heights

My soul is climbing God’s God-Heights.
I have shattered my division-nights.

My Mind Enjoys My Ego-Tantrums

My mind enjoys my ego-tantrums.
My Lord enjoys my heart’s oneness-drums.

My Silence-Whisper-Prayer-Cry

My silence-whisper-prayer-cry
Helps me to climb God’s Fulness-Sky.