Mother Teresa: Humanity’s Flower-Heart, Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul, part 2

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Mother Teresa: Humanity's Flower-Heart, Divinity's Fragrance-Soul, part II


First meeting — 24 October 1975

On 24 October 1975, Sri Chinmoy met Mother Teresa for the first time at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. It was the first international interfaith conference at the United Nations.

Sri Chinmoy offered the opening silent prayer for world peace, and Mother Teresa spoke on God’s Love. She asked members of all faiths to serve the poor and suffering as members of one family under one loving God.

Reminiscences of a Meeting of Mother Teresa and Sri Chinmoy — 1 October 1994

Mother Teresa received Sri Chinmoy at her Missionaries of Charity House, adjoining the Church of San Gregorio in Rome, Italy. Mother Teresa and Sri Chinmoy spoke privately inside first. Mother Teresa showered her infinite love and affection on Sri Chinmoy, and he offered her his boundless love, admiration and gratitude.

Then Sri Chinmoy presented Mother Teresa with the prestigious U Thant Peace Award on behalf of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations. Sri Chinmoy has led twice-weekly meditations at the UN in New York for diplomats and staff since 1970 at the invitation of Secretary-General U Thant.

Mother Teresa enthusiastically held the Peace Torch from the international Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. She gave a most beautiful talk on serving God in the poor and offered her favourite prayer to Sri Chinmoy and each of the singers from the Sri Chinmoy Centres. Her prayer card she charmingly called her “business card.”

Sri Chinmoy offers the torch to Pope John Paul II

Sri Chinmoy offers the Torch to Pope John Paul II for his blessings on 31 May 1995 in St. Peter’s Square.

Letter — Mother Teresa to Sri Chinmoy Rome, 1 October 1994

“I am so pleased with all the good work you are doing for world peace and for people in so many countries. May we continue to work together and to share together all for the glory of God and for the good of man.”

Letter — Sri Chinmoy to Mother Teresa Rome, 1 October 1994

“You are the Mother of Compassion. You are the Sister of Affection. You have conquered the hearts of all the poor and needy people you have served. You have not only conquered them, but you have conquered India, and indeed the entire world. The entire world has boundless gratitude to you. You have elevated the consciousness of the entire world.”

Sri Chinmoy about his meeting with Mother Teresa Rome, 1 October 1994

“We were sitting at a very small table. My hands were folded over my heart. After a few seconds, Mother reached out and pulled my left hand towards her. Then she started pressing my fingers, one by one, from the tip of the finger to the wrist.

“When she finished with my left hand, she took my right hand from my heart and did the same thing…

“One moment Mother was acting like a mother, the next moment like an elder sister and the third like a younger sister. It was like a brother and sister having a family gathering. No other world figure has shown me this kind of affection!”

A meeting of Mother Teresa with Sri Chinmoy, 4 June 1996

On 4 June 1996, Sri Chinmoy met Mother Teresa at her Missionaries of Charity House in the Bronx, New York. Mother blessed Sri Chinmoy and Sri Chinmoy’s singers sang songs composed by their teacher to the words of the Saviour Christ and also to Mother Teresa’s own prayer. Mother was truly delighted.

From their heart-touching conversation on 4 June 1996

Mother Teresa (receiving Sri Chinmoy with great affection):

I am so happy to see you, Sri Chinmoy, after such a long time!

Sri Chinmoy: Once more I have come to receive blessings from you, Mother.

Mother Teresa: God bless you! Thank you!

Sri Chinmoy: I shall always remember our first meeting in 1975…. You came, Mother, along with other religious leaders, and at that time you blessed me.

Mother Teresa: You do so much for us.

Mother Teresa: Please keep this photo of mine with you, so that you can pray for me.

Sri Chinmoy: I am praying, definitely I am praying for you.

A meeting of Mother Teresa with Sri Chinmoy, 3 June 1997

A further meeting was held on 3 June 1997 at Mother Teresa’s invitation, once again at her Missionaries of Charity House in the Bronx, New York. Mother blessed Sri Chinmoy and fervently requested him to pray for her and also to come with her one day to China to serve the poor and needy.

Sri Chinmoy presented Mother with a very special award created just for her and entitled, Mother Teresa: Humanity’s Flower-Heart; Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul.

Brief selection from their soul-stirring conversation, 3 June 1997

Sri Chinmoy: Mother, Mother, I have come for your blessings.

Mother Teresa: God bless you, God bless you. Please keep praying for us every day.

Sri Chinmoy: Every day I pray, Mother, for your health and for the success of your Mission.

Mother Teresa: I always have a gift to give you, which is my love.

Sri Chinmoy: You have so much to give to mankind, Mother.

Mother Teresa: One day you must come with me to China!

Mother Teresa: When are you coming to Calcutta? You must come and see me in Calcutta. And you pray for us also.

Sri Chinmoy: I am praying, praying…. You have to be with us to bless us, to take care of us.

Prophetic final meeting, 17 June 1997

Mother Teresa and Sri Chinmoy met for the final time on 17 June 1997 at Mother’s Missionaries of Charity House in the Bronx, New York. About 40 of Sri Chinmoy’s students accompanied him. This was to be Mother’s last visit to America. In honour of her upcoming birthday on 27 August, which is also Sri Chinmoy’s birthday, Sri Chinmoy presented Mother with a special book of spiritual poems and songs he had written in her honour. The book is entitled Mother Teresa: Humanity’s Flower Heart; Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul. Mother was extremely happy and most lovingly signed a copy for Sri Chinmoy. Then Sri Chinmoy presented hundreds of boxes of medical supplies, which he and his students had collected for Mother. Following that, the Sri Chinmoy Bhajan Singers, an international devotional singing group, sang songs written by Sri Chinmoy to the sacred utterances of the Saviour Christ, and to the immortal utterances of Mother Teresa, as well as songs he had written on Mother Teresa.

[Sri Chinmoy looks on encouragingly as Mother Teresa offers blessings to Ranjana Ghose and the rest of the singers and several devotees.]

Mother Teresa to Sri Chinmoy, New York, 17 June 1997

“Pray for us that we continue to do God’s Work, and I will pray for you that you grow in great love for God and spread that love everywhere you go. Thank you very much. You must come to Calcutta and you must bring all the singers from your group to Calcutta.”

Sri Chinmoy about his meeting with Mother Teresa, New York, 17 June 1997

“In Mother Teresa I see so much of Mother Mary… Other women saints have prayed and have been very spiritual, but their works have been limited to a particular town or city or village. Here, in her case, the whole world she has covered. Is there any place she has not gone!”

Final telephone conversations

On the morning of Mother’s departure from America, 27 June 1997, which was to be her last visit to the country, Mother called Sri Chinmoy and offered him her most loving and most affectionate blessings. She fervently requested him to pray for her and repeated her request that he must accompany her when she would open her Missionaries of Charity House in China. That afternoon, just prior to her departure, she wrote a deeply moving letter to Sri Chinmoy:

"“Thank you for all you are to God, for the beautiful work you have done for the glory of God and the good of souls. I keep you in my prayer and I count on your continual support through your prayers and sacrifices that we may do God’s work with great love for His greater glory.”"

From Mother Teresa’s final letter to Sri Chinmoy, New York, 27 June 1997

Just a few days before Mother’s earthly departure, Sri Chinmoy called Mother Teresa for her birthday on 27 August 1997. In fact, they share the same birthday. This was her 87th birthday and Sri Chinmoy’s 66th birthday.

Brief selection from their final telephone conversation:

Sri Chinmoy: Happy, happier, happiest birthday, Mother!

Mother Teresa: Ah! You know it is my birthday!

Sri Chinmoy: Mother, who does not know that it is your birthday! When the sun shines, the whole world knows that the sun is shining! I am praying to the Saviour Christ to grant you His very, very special Blessings on your birthday. You came into the world to do something really great, and you have been doing that through your sleepless service to humanity.

Mother Teresa: All that you are doing is for the Glory of God and the good for people! Pray for me, as I pray for you for all of your many projects for world peace. Your works of love are works of prayer, and your works of prayer are works of God.


On the evening of 5 September 1997, in Warsaw, Poland, Sri Chinmoy received the shattering news of Mother Teresa’s passing. Immediately he held a long period of silent meditation with nearly 2000 of his students.

In the following weeks, Sri Chinmoy offered his special prayers and held several memorial programmes for Mother Teresa. His students sang his loving tribute, My Morning-Evening-Prayer-Song, at churches all over the world.






[Sri Chinmoy’s telegram of condolence sent on the night of Mother’s passing.]

A small selection from Sri Chinmoy's poems dedicated to Mother Teresa

A single whisper from you
Has transformed
Thousands of non-believers
And disbelievers.

My sisters and brothers of the world,
Are we so blind that we cannot see
God's own Autograph
On Mother Teresa's foreheads?

Mother Teresa does many, many things
For the betterment of the world,
But when she washes away
The untold sufferings
Of the loved ones
With her heart's streaming tears —
That is by far the best.


Sri Chinmoy held a memorial programme for Mother Teresa at his meditation garden, Aspiration-Ground, in Queens, New York on 13 September 1997.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa holding the World Harmony Run Torch for peace that had been held by Pope John Paul II and many other world leaders.

Biographical note about the author and composer

Sri Chinmoy was a Bengali-born musician, poet, artist and world lecturer. Based in New York, he used his music to promote World-Peace and to inspire World-Harmony. Sri Chinmoy had dedicated several of his meditative, music compositions to Mother Teresa on a number of occasions during their lifetimes in common.

Mother Teresa had passed behind the curtain of eternity on 5 September 1997. Sri Chinmoy passed 11 October 2007.

This limited edition is printed in honour of Mother Teresa’s birth centenary.