Namo namo namo shakti pujari

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America! Great You Are, Good You are

America, America, America!
Great you are, good you are,
Brave you are, kind you are.
O my America, America.
Your Heaven-freedom is earth’s aspiration-choice.
With you, in you, is God-Hour’s Victory-Voice.

America America Tomai Namaskar

America, America tomai namaskar
Mukti bani shunao dharai
Guchao andhakar bhiruta nai
Hinata nai ache shishur pran
Tomar majhe peyechi mora shantir sandhan


America, America, I salute you.
You announce the message of
Liberation-light to the world.
You chase away the darkest darkness of the world.
You are a perfect stranger to fear,
Cowardice and meaness.
You embody the childlike heart.
In you, we have discovered the flood of peace.

Ajanar Trishatur

Ajanar trishatur
Prane asha bharapur
Jagrata unnata swadhinata

Amar Janani Bharata Janani

Amar janani Bharata janani
Amar swapane amar sharane
Amerika aspriha nartan
Nashibe dharar sima bandhan

America Hiya Taba Akutir Hema Shikha

America America America
Hiya taba akutir hema shikha
Dyuloker dhara asha
Paramer pratishtha maha bhasha

America Taba Bhale Paramer Joyatika

America America America
Taba bhale paramer joyatika

America Tumi Diyecho Amai Tomar Bishal

America tumi diyecho amai
Tomar bishal hiya tale ashroy
Tai ami aj bishwa sabhai
Paramer vijayer gane nirbhoy

Americar Chidakashe Nutan Surjyadoy

Americar chidakashe nutan surjyadoy
Ei dharanite naba chetanar habeje abhyudoy

Ami Hetha America

Ami hetha America
Puta chite bhalobasiya
Haye jabo aphuran dhan
E dharar ananda ban

Asha Niye Bhasha Niye Antare Taba Ami

Asha niye bhasha niye
Antare taba ami asiyachi
Tumi ami dui mile ajanare
Prem diye bandhiyachi

Bahu Bal Hiya Bal Ek Haye Ek Sathe

Bahu bal hiya bal
Ek haye ek sathe chalibe
Naba gane naba prane
Maha swapaner ankhi phutibe

Esona Diye Tomai Ami Apan Kare Niyechi

Esona diye tomai ami apan kare niyechi
Naba bhorer swadhin hasi tomar majhe dekhechi

Jago.. Shantir Bani Niye Jago Paramer

Jago jago jago
Shantir bani niye jago
Paramer para chetanar
Sudha hriday gabhire mago

Kuri Bachhar Kuri Bachhar Americar Sneha

Kuri bachhar kuri bachhar americar sneha adar
Bishal hiyar khayati samman priti akatar
Tyag aphuran kritagyata mor parichoy
Joy joy joy americar joy

Maha Shaktir Tumi Adhikari Nache Tai

Maha shaktir tumi adhikari
Nache tai kanurai giridhari

Markin Desh.. Param Prabhur Maha

Markin desh markin desh markin desh
Param prabhur maha swapaner
Nahi habe kabhu shesh

Mora Moder Americar Puto

Mora moder Americar puto hiyar rup peyechi
Drira bahur dhum dekhechi
Taito mora chup America, America, America
Tomar majhe moder raje
Bishwa premer sandhyaratir dhup


We have achieved the supernal beauty
Of the pure heart of our America:
We have seen the strong arms
And the matchless pomp of America:
Therefore, we are in perfect silence.
America, America, America,
In you abides the adoration-incense-fragrance
Of the world-love.

Namo Namo Namo Shakti Pujari

Namo namo namo shakti pujari
Mukti dishari he amar America
Paramer hasi tomar lagiya
Berai nachiya tumi lelihan shikha


I bow to you, I bow to you, I bow to you
O worshipper of Power supreme.
You are the beckoning hands
Of our great liberation.
O my America,
The Smile of the Absolute is dancing for you
With ever-glowing flames of aspiration.

Ogo America Ogo Ananda Bhumi

Ogo America ogo ananda bhumi
Tomar karma tyager marma
Dhara asha anupama
Prema ankhi subhatama


O my America.
O land of supernal delight.
Your selfless deeds are
The life-breath of your heart.
You are the matchless hope
Of the entire world.
In you the world sees
A most auspicious vision-light.

Ogo Bidhatar Sundar America

Ogo bidhatar sundar America
Tumi amader atmar ahamika
Tomar bahur asim garima
Tomar hiya pijush mahima
Akash phuler ananda chaanika


O beautiful America of the Lord Supreme.
You are the pride divine of our soul.
The boundless glory of your giant arms
And the nectar-flood of your loving heart
Are but a collection of delight-flowers
in the blue-vast-sky.

Paramer Turiyer Bani Niye Ami Hetha

Paramer turiyer bani niye ami hetha asiyachi
Mor hiya mor man mor pran mor tanu sanpiyachi

Shanti Dite Shakti Nite Tomar Kachhe

Shanti dite shakti nite tomar kachhe esechi
Ek sathe aj swarga duar harsha bhare khulechi

Vir Vikrame Nashibe Dharai

Vir vikrame nashibe dharai
Maha danaber atrahasi
Vinna paran rahibena ar
Bhitare bahire kanurai banshi

Washington, Jefferson, Wilson

Washington, Jefferson, Wilson,
Americar apurba shobhan.
Naba srishthi naba drishti
Americar maha pushti.
Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter,
Cherished by the Liberator.
America, America, America,
Tumi dharar mukti shikha

April 13th, 1964

April 13th, 1964 —
Khuliyache mor hiya dor.
April 13th, 1964 —
Dure bahu dure ama nisha ghor.
April 13th, 1964 —
Tumi mor maha swapaner bhor.
April 13th, 1964 —
America’s oneness-core.
April 13th, 1964 —
Arrived at the world-power-shore.
April 13th, 1964!

April 13th, 1964

April thirteenth, April thirteenth,
April thirteenth nineteen sixty-four,
Nineteen hundred and sixty-four!
My Supreme opened His Heart’s American door,
Western world-door.
Nineteen sixty-four, thirteenth of April:
My Supreme’s Vision-blossoming Thrill.

Dear Jefferson, Sir Washington

Washington: Dear Jefferson,
Jefferson: Sir Washington,
Washington: All-where your wings of capacity fly.
Jefferson: You are the sun-vast pride
of your banner high.
Washington: You are our America’s peerless brain.
Jefferson: You freed us all from bondage-chain.
Washington: In your mind is our country’s
Jefferson: Your shoulders, our country’s
Washington: You have told us: No more dark night.
Jefferson: You have given us nectar-delight.

Fifty Oneness-State-Songs

Fifty oneness-state-songs,
Our Lord’s Compassion-Gongs.
Within, without, a seeker’s sleepless cry
To reveal America’s perfection-sky.

Nineteen Sixty-Four, April Thirteenth

Nineteen sixty-four, April thirteenth,
Our Master Lord was born in America.
Eureka, Eureka, Eureka, Eureka!

O Green-Blue Sacred Fire

O green-blue sacred fire,
O sun-freedom-light,
O Heaven’s gold Delight,
America, O my child of speed,
My supreme promise-seed.

O Star-Spangled Banner

O star spangled banner of the hour Supreme,
You are God’s Sound-Delight.
In you is God’s Silence-Might.
For you is the world-Pilot’s Transcendence-Dream.

O Sweet Liberty

O sweet liberty, O sweet liberty, O Eternity’s divinity day.
I know, I know, you are earth-perfection’s only way.
O sweet liberty, O sweet liberty, you are blue Heaven’s Vision-seed.
I know, I know, you alone are the world-hunger’s unerring need.

Seventeen Seventy-Six, O Fourth of July

Seventeen seventy-six, O Fourth of July,
You gave America the Independence-sky.
Nineteen forty-seven, O Fifteenth of August,
You blessed India’s Independence forever to last.
The dominions of Britons disappeared,
The friendship of Britons endeared.
Oneness-smile, oneness-dance, oneness-embrace:
Three hearts grow into the Lord’s Satisfaction-Face.

The Fourth of July

The fourth of July, the fourth of July,
My heart, my life, together fly.
No more stark bondage-night, no more!
Arrived at freedom’s ectasy-shore.

California.. Prerana Pelam Tomar Duare

California California California
Prerana pelam tomar duare asiya
California California California
Esana pelam tomar bhitare dhukiya
California California California
Shanti pelam taba ankhi sathe hasiya
California California California
Tripti pelam tomar swarupe janiya

Chicago, Chicago

Chicago, Chicago, Chicago!
Your pure acceptance-heart
Of Viveka’s thunder-start
Of Parliament of Religions high,
Marks your lofty vision-sky.

Congress, Congress

Congress, Congress, Congress, Congress!
I pray for your perfection-progress.
In you, greatness-mind and heart and soul.
You are your nation’s hope-promise-role.


Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!
O eastern sun, O western sky!
Quality-heart, quantity-mind
Truth-seekers, life-lovers, in you find.

Hawaii... Phire Asi Bare Bare Taba Hiya

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
Phire asi bare bare taba hiya anginai
Phutiyache taba tanu prakritir sushamai
Ek bhati ek gati maha chetanai

I Bow to the Body of New York

I bow to the body of New York,
I bow to the heart of America,
I bow to the soul of the world,
I bow to the infinite Compassion-Ocean
Of my Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme.

Miami... Mor Bahu Dure Tumi Rakho

Miami Miami Miami Miami mor
Bahu dure tumi rakho bishader ghor
Sabar parane tripti dheu
Sabai apan nohe par keu


Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis!
World-ignorance-wars you abolish.
Peace you love and peace you give,
In oneness and fulness you live.
O dream-fulfilled blue reality-sky,
We fly your victory’s banner high.


Monticello, Monticello!
Silence and light whisper: hello, hello!
Vision-blossomed emperor’s treasure-rose,
Stop world-travellers, your journey close.

New Paltz

New Paltz, New Paltz, New Paltz, new, new!
O heart-life’s prosperity-hue!
A peaceful breath and a blissful voice;
God-worship-freedom is your choice.
Your culture-height and progress-light
Proclaim your soul’s ecstasy-flight.

O Polestar Statue of Liberty (1)

O polestar Statue of Liberty!
Earth-heart’s pinnacle-divinity.
America’s proudest vision-pride,
Her beauty’s cosmic-fragrance-ride.
Freedom-smile-bestower is your soul,
World-peace-hunger’s nectar-flooded Goal.

O Polestar Statue of Liberty (2)

O polestar Statue Of Liberty!
Earth-heart’s pinnacle-divinity.
America’s proudest vision-pride,
Her beauty’s cosmic-fragrance-ride.
Freedom-smile-bestower is your soul,
World-peace-hunger’s nectar-flooded Goal.

O Polestar Statue of Liberty (3)

O polestar Statue Of Liberty!
Earth-heart’s pinnacle-divinity.
America’s proudest vision-pride,
Her beauty’s cosmic-fragrance-ride.
Freedom-smile-bestower is your soul,
World-peace-hunger’s nectar-flooded Goal.


Pentagon, Pentagon, Pentagon!
America’s sovereign victory-horn.
Himalayan military leadership —
You shatter the world’s indolence-sleep.
Pentagon, Pentagon, Pentagon!
Earth’s brightest, bravest power-dawn.

Philadelphia.. Nehari Tomar Shanti Labhimu

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Philadelphia!
Nehari tomar shanti labhimu param bhariya
Tomar hiyar mukti ghanta moha upahar
Ananda setu urmi nritya dhara adharar


Philadelphia, Philadelphia,
Philadelphia, Philadelphia!
O sweet city of brotherly love,
O God-Perfection below, above.
Philadelphia, Philadelphia,
Philadelphia, Philadelphia!
Your world-attention Liberty Bell
Proclaimed the death of our bondage-hell,
O freedom lovers’ Utopia.

Philadelphia.. Tumi Je Amar Pulak Smritir

Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia
Tumi je amar
Pulak smritir abhina hiya
Ogo America biraje tomar
Pranati janai tomare amar
Kritagya chite amar pranati

Philadelphia.. Swadhinata Ghanta Tomar

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Philadelphia
Swadhinata ghanta tomar majhare
Uthe chhilo jani bajiya
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Philadelphia
Tomar nayane bishwa mukti
Prabhatilo prashphutiya

Sunshine State Joy Ride

Sunshine State Joy Ride,
Oneness-light, our pride.
Sunshine State Joy Ride,
With us, God the Peace-spreading Guide.
Florida, we love your teeming glories;
Our heart and lives in your God-stories.

Tampa.. Tumi Amar Hiyar Kusum Champa

Tampa Tampa Tampa
Tumi amar hiyar kusum champa
Param pita tumi asim anukampa
Khulbo maner rudha duar habo ami bhakti joar
Pujbo tushbo prabhure mor habo ami ananda bhor

World-Peace, Earth-Peace Capital

World-Peace, Earth-Peace Capital,
Heaven’s Promise-arrival.
Albany, Albany, Albany!
Fulfilment’s epiphany.
Pioneer New York State
Opens God’s Victory-Gate.

Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama

Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama . . .
(Remaining words yet to be posted)

Alaska Alaska Alaska

Alaska Alaska Alaska
(Remaining words yet to be posted)


Arizona Arizona Arizona


Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas


California, California, California, California!
. . .
[Remaining words yet to be posted]


Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado
[Remaining words yet to be posted]


Connecticut, Connecticut, Connecticut,
. . .
[Remaining words yet to be posted]


Delaware Delaware Delaware Delaware



Georgia State

Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia

Hawaii, Hawaii

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii


Idaho Idaho Idaho Idaho


Illinois Illinois


Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana


Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa


Kansas Kansas Kansas


Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky


Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana


Maine Maine Maine


Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland


Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts


Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan


Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota


Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi


Missouri Missouri Missouri Missouri


Montana Montana Montana Montana


Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska


Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada

New Hampshire

New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Jersey New Jersey

New Mexico

New Mexico New Mexico New Mexico

New York

New York New York New York New York New York

North Carolina

North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina

North Dakota

North Dakota


Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio


Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma


Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon


Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Carolina South Carolina

South Dakota

South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota


Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee


Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas


Utah Utah Utah Utah


Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont





West Virginia

West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia


Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin


Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming

God Enriches

God enriches.
[Motto of the State of Arizona]

North to the Future

North to the Future.
[The motto of the State of Alaska]

The People Rule

The people rule.
[Motto of the State of Arkansas]

We Dare Defend Our Rights

We dare defend our rights.
[Motto of the State of Alabama]

We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
[Declaration of Independence]

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You

Ask not what your country can do for you.
Ask what you can do for your country.
[Words of President John F. Kennedy]

First in War, First in Peace

First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts
of his countrymen.
[Words of Henry Lee eulogising George Washington]

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

Give me liberty, or give me death.
[Words of Patrick Henry, 23 March 1775]

I Only Regret

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.
[Last words of Nathan Hale]