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Good God, Give Me Perfection-Advice

Good God, give me perfection-advice.
I am all ears, and even all willingness-heart.

Every Day My Soul Tells My Heart

Every day my soul
Tells my heart
Many things on the Q.T.

I Am at a Loss

I am at a loss when I see
My aspiration sleeping and snoring.

Body, My Body

Body, my body,
Although you are a do-gooder,
I love you deeply.

All Is Amiss

All is amiss, all is amiss,
The moment my confusion-mind
Enters into my aspiration-heart.

Both My Heart and Mind

Both my heart and mind
Are babes in the wood
When an inner problem arises.

I Always Speak under My Breath

I always speak under my breath
When I advise the God-seekers.

Oceans of Nectar-Delight

God’s Heart has oceans of Nectar-Delight.
Drink! Drink! Drink as much as you want to.

Early Morning

Early morning is always the best time
For children to study.
They must not burn the midnight oil.

A Supreme Monarch

Forever you cannot remain
A supreme monarch.
One day you, too, have to kiss the dust.

Alas, My Mind's Peace-Discovery

Alas, my mind’s peace-discovery
Is nothing but a mare’s nest.

Have You No Heart of Sympathy?

Have you no heart of sympathy?
How could you beat him black and blue?

By No Means

By no means shall I believe you.
You are insincerity incarnate.

Fear and Doubt

Fear and doubt are always
Hand in glove with each other.

I Showed Him the Door

I showed him the door
And did not want to hear
His useless justification.

Do Not Poke Fun

Do not poke fun at anyone.
It hurts them badly.

I Feel Sorry

I feel sorry for the poppycock talkers.
God, give them a little light,
So that they do not open their big mouths!

No Comparison

No comparison, no comparison.
He is head and shoulders above all his friends.

I Am So Sad

I am so sad that
My father’s days are numbered.

Just Tell Me Quickly

Just tell me quickly.
You do not have to
Go into particulars.

I Do Not Want to Win the Race

I do not want to win the race
By hook or by crook.

I Am Begging You

I am begging you
Not to put a damper
On my project divine.

I Shall Take You to Task

I shall take you to task
If you do not tell me the complete truth.

I Was on Tenterhooks

I was on tenterhooks to know the results
Of my aspiration-dedication-examination.

I Shall Spring a Surprise Upon You

I shall spring a surprise upon you
By defeating you in tennis tomorrow.

For the Last Five Years

For the last five years,
My desire-mind and my aspiration-heart
Have not been on speaking terms.

Alas, My Desire-Frustrations Are Going Up

Alas, my desire-frustrations
Are going up by leaps and bounds.

He Will Out-Herod Herod

He will out-Herod Herod
In torturing countless lives.

It Would Be Infra Dig

It would be infra dig for me
To tell you the spotted untruth.

Do Not Nettle Me

Do not nettle me.
I am already surrendered
To my poor fate.

How Dare You Stare?

How dare you stare me in the face?

I Badly Need Your Help

I badly need your help.
Offer me no whys and wherefores
As to why you cannot help me.

For You to Be a Tennis Champ

For you to be a tennis champ
Is like crying for the moon.

Alas, Alas, You Are Fishing for Compliments

Alas, alas, you are fishing
For compliments in vain.

He Is a Past Master

He is a past master in deceiving everybody.

A Blatant Lie

Since you told a blatant lie,
Your life itself is at stake.

Everybody Knows

Everybody knows my foolish mistakes.
For God’s sake, do not rake them up now!

If You Need Any Favour from Me

If you need any favour from me,
Then you must come to me in person.

I Trust Him

I trust him; he is always level-headed.

Do Not Extol Me

Do not extol me to the skies.
I deserve it not.

If You Have Come Here to Borrow Money

If you have come here to borrow money,
Then you have come to the wrong shop.

He Is So Undisciplined

He is so undisciplined.
He leaves everything at sixes and sevens.

If You Believe in Your Life's Inner Progress

If you believe in your life’s inner progress-delight,
Then give up at once the habit of spinning yarns.

Do Not Hurt Him

Do not hurt him, poor fellow,
He is on his last legs.

He Has Done Everything Wrong

He has done everything wrong
Therefore, he has no leg to stand on.

I Did Give You Some Rope

I did give you some rope.
To my great sorrow,
You have badly misused it.

It Is Beneath My Dignity

It is beneath my dignity
To go to the movies at any time.

I Am So Sorry

I am so sorry.
I should have put you in the picture
About my success at the tennis tournament.

It Takes Me Three Hours

It takes me three hours to finish my exercises.
But, at a pinch, I can do them in two hours.

Alas, My Heart Is as Unfeeling as Rocks

Alas, my heart
Is as unfeeling as rocks!

Alas, Your Thoughts

Alas, your thoughts
Are as distant as the horizon.

Although They Are Friends

Although they are friends,
Their views are as opposite as the poles.

Each Heart

Each heart
Has to be as sacred
As a shrine.

As Brave As Achilles

Everybody has to be
As brave as Achilles.

Everything He Says

Everything he says is as true
As the gospel.

As Thirsty as a Sponge

For God’s Compassion-Light,
My heart is as thirsty as a sponge.

As Tranquil as the Summer Sea

His is a mind as tranquil
As the summer sea.

As Hopeful as the Break of Day

I am always as hopeful
As the break of day.

As Confident as Hercules

I want to be as confident as Hercules.

Keep Your Mind as Fresh as Dew

Keep your mind
As fresh as dew.

As Brainless as a Chimpanzee

My brother is as brainless as a chimpanzee.

True, My Heart Is Aspiration-Starvation

True, my heart is aspiration-starvation.
But, O my mind, shed not your crocodile-tears.

I Shall Do My Level Best

I shall do my level best every day,
To free my heart from my mind-jungle.

The Doubtful Mind and the Fearful Heart

The doubtful mind
And the fearful heart
Always walk arm-in-arm.

I Know I Have Done Something Wrong

I know I have done something wrong.
But you must not rub it in.

You Are Always Out of Pocket

You are always out of pocket.
This time I am not helping you.

There Is No Hard and Fast Rule

There is no hard and fast rule
That I cannot please God every day
In His own Way.

My Mind, Stop Speaking Ill of My Heart

My mind, stop speaking ill of my heart!
You give me a pain in the neck.

My Stupid Mind

My stupid mind, how do you dare
To lead my wisdom-heart by the nose?

My Heart Is Scared to Death

My heart is scared to death,
When it sees a well-heeled man.

I Need No Counsel

I need no counsel from anyone.
I know what is what.

Be Happy, Remain Happy

Be happy, remain happy.
The perfection of your nature,
Is just a question of time.

You Called Me a Liar

You called me a liar
And I called you a fool.
So now we are quits.

You Are a Jack of All Trades

You are a jack of all trades.
But I love you because you and I
Are sailing in the same boat.

What You Are Telling Me

What you are telling me
Goes against the grain.
Therefore, you cannot satisfy me.

Like a Shot

When he heard his mother was
Taken to the hospital,
He went to the hospital like a shot.

We Were All in Seventh Heaven

We were all in seventh heaven,
When we won the game.

You Do Not Have to Pay Any Attention

You do not have to pay
Any attention to him.
He is no great shakes.
Nobody takes him seriously.

Whatever He Says in Company

Whatever he says in company,
Is always out of place.

Be Not Rude to Anybody

Be not rude to anybody.
If you do,
You’ll have to take your medicine.

When You Tell Him to Do Something

When you tell him to do something,
Be prepared:
He will make hay of it.

Nobody Came to Me

Nobody came to me
When I was down at heels.

My Stupid Friend, Where Did You Go?

My stupid friend, where did you go?
I have been searching for you high and low.

When I Missed My Flight

When I missed my flight, I was left
High and dry at the airport.

When I Told Him That He Had Won

When I told him that
He had won the race,
He was pleased as punch.

Your Desire-Fulfilment

Your desire-fulfilment is on the anvil.

You Are Totally Mistaken

You are totally mistaken.
I am not a small fry.

The Long and Short of the Whole Matter

The long and short of the whole matter
Is that you have succeeded in awakening
Many souls.

I Have Not Studied My Lessons

I have not studied my lessons.
Therefore, I have not the ghost of a chance
Of succeeding in the examination.

Badly I Need Your Help

Badly I need your help.
Do lend me a hand.

The Day I Do Good Meditation

The day I do good meditation,
I consider that day as a red-letter day.

Nobody Is Exempt

Nobody is exempt
From foolish activities
In his salad days.

I Shall Give You Everything

I shall give you everything
At a sacrifice.

I Shall Leave No Stone Unturned

I shall leave no stone unturned
To help you and save your life.

I Know Not Why

I know not why
You have split up
With your best friend.

Tell Me, My Brother-Friend

Tell me my brother-friend
Whose life is not full of zig-zags?

Because of My Aspiration-Famine

Because of my aspiration-famine
My life has become zero.
Alas, it is ending in smoke.

O God-Lover

O God-lover, be a man of sincere profession.
Otherwise you are no better than a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

The Complete Surrender

The complete surrender
Of my doubtful mind
Is an open-mouthed wonder.

Because He Is

Because he is a down-to-earth man,
He is always confident in what he says and does.

No Matter What He Says

No matter what he says on spirituality,
It’s double Dutch to me.

Be Not as Ambitious

Be not as ambitious as Lady Macbeth.

Be Not as Proud

Be not as proud as Lucifer.

I Have Heard Many Orators

I have heard many orators
As eloquent as Cicero.

I Need a Heart as Mild as a Dove

I need a heart as mild as a dove.

I Need a Mind as Active as Quicksilver

I need a mind as active as quicksilver.

My Father's Mind

My father’s mind
Is as firm as the Rocky Mountains.

As Unhappy as King Lear

Nobody asked you to be as unhappy as King Lear.

As Talkative as a Magpie

Nobody likes a man
As talkative as a magpie.

The Human Mind

The human mind
Is as unstable as the wind.

Who Can Feed You Well?

Who can feed you well?
You are always as voracious as a camel.

Your Heart

Your heart is as beautiful as the rainbow.

As Arid as the Sands of the Sahara

Your mind is as arid as the sands of Sahara.

Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are as rapid as lightning.