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In man's divine necessity is God's supreme Ability.


Patience bravely achieved, abstinence easily gained.


Absence corrects the mind and perfects the heart.


Man's accomplishment is God-realisation.
God's accomplishment is Love-manifestation.


Each thought is an action.
Each action is an achievement.
Each achievement is reality's immediate expansion.


Let us listen to God's whispering: "Adversity has no permanent home."


God's advice to man: "My child, you need more perfection.”
Man's humble advice to God: "Father, please reveal more of Your Compassion.”


Our earthly age offers Heaven a mounting cry.
Our Heavenly age offers earth a fulfilling smile.


The realisation of an agnostic is an insoluble mystery.


At last God and I have come to a firm agreement.
Out of sheer frustration, I shall not nag and beg God for a quick withdrawal from my body; and out of pure Compassion, God will not ask me for another incarnation.


Your choice: The guidance of the soul or your acceptance of ignorance.
Your choice: The Embrace of the Supreme or the frown of death.


Ambition wants to soar above.
Determination wants to roar around.


America is the choice of God the Lover.
America's choice is God the Conqueror.


When a man demands anger's quick appearance, God surprises him by His secret disappearance.


The boat of confidence does not carry the passenger, apprehension.


God's Compassion does three things for us:
In the morning it argues with ignorance-night and saves us.
In the afternoon it threatens ignorance-sea and directs us.
In the evening it conquers ignorance-pride and liberates us.


Earthly art works and rests on imagination-floor.
Heavenly art knocks at God's Perfection-Door.


O atheist, you don't have to believe in God's Existence, for your ignorance has already convinced God of your worthlessness.

Atomic Age

I really do not know whether this atomic age or this frustrated age is governing us.


Our insecurity needs constant attention.
Our security needs constant appreciation.


Audacity: brutality explored and futility exposed.


O audience, when I speak, I need your sympathy's height.
When I sing, I need your tolerance-light.


They say that I am an author.
But I know perfectly well that I am not.
What happens is this: Inside me there are two authors.
One is my mind's ignorance, the other my soul's light.

Constant aspiration

Constant aspiration tells you that God is both finite and infinite.
You can see God, clasp God and become God precisely because He appears before you as a divinely finite reality.
God stands before you, loves you, illumines you and fulfils you precisely because He is infinite in His universal self-giving Reality and also He is infinite in His self-transcending transcendental Reality.


God has created infinite things on earth, but a human heart of devotion will always remain sweeter than the sweetest in His Heart of Satisfaction-Delight.


A heart of dynamism at once embodies the Creator's cosmic Vision and His cosmic Manifestation.
A heart of dynamism is an illumining and fulfilling reality which unfolds God the Supreme in His own Way.


A heart of continuous gratitude is the most difficult thing for a human being to offer to the Beloved Supreme.


Humility is the pioneer quality that beckons the rest of the divine qualities to see the universal Light of the Absolute Supreme and to grow into the infinite Delight of the Beloved Supreme.


Love the Truth.
This is human illumination.
Become the Truth.
This is divine illumination.
You are the Truth.
This is the supreme Illumination.


The purity of the body tells us where God is.
The purity of the heart tells us how God is.
The purity of the soul tells us who God is.


When you offer your heart's purity to the divinity in humanity, God immediately blesses you with His infinite Tears of Light and Delight.


Smile inside your heart.
You will see the face of purity.
Smile with your heart.
You will see the soul of purity.
Smile with your soul.
You will meet with purity's all-illumining sister: divinity.


Purity is the height of aspiration, the length of dedication and the depth of illumination.


A seeker with a heart of purity does not have to run.
God Himself runs for him constantly, unreservedly and unconditionally.


There are two types of purity.
One is pure purity; the other is sure purity.
Pure purity comes from continuous spiritual discipline.
Sure purity comes from the eternal child that dwells in the inmost recesses of our heart, fulfilling cheerfully, devotedly, consciously and unconditionally the dictates of the Supreme.


There is no other way to see God's Face of Beauty than to offer your heart's purity to God constantly and unconditionally.
Purity is the seed of your aspiration.
Purity is your peerless companion which will never fail you.


Sincerity is the fulfilling sweetness in the world that becomes.
Sincerity is fulfilment in the world that eternally is.


Sleeplessness for the Supreme is the beginning of conscious oneness with the Supreme.


There is only one strength in the inner world, and that eternal strength is constant love of God in God's own Way.


When you surrender your human will to God's Will, you immediately come to learn that God will not only do everything for you, but in reality He has already done everything for you.

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