New Year's Messages from Sri Chinmoy, 1966-1994

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Your Lord Supreme is crying for you.
Your Lord Supreme is waiting for you in the Sea of Transcendental Consciousness.
Your Lord Supreme is expecting your sure and safe arrival.
It is you who will realise your Lord Supreme in this very life.
It is you who will fulfil your Lord Supreme in this life of yours here on earth.
Yours is the Goal of the ever-transcending Beyond.


A new year dawns. A new year, a new aspiration, a new dedication and a new realisation enter into us. Let us enter into the Supreme with a new joy, a new achievement and a new, constantly surrendering attitude. We are always fond of the new. Tomorrow, on New Year's Day, that new newness will enter into us. What can we expect from tomorrow? We expect that which we do not have right now: freedom from bondage, freedom from limitation, freedom from disease, freedom from death. Our expectation is not enough. In addition to our expectation, we must cultivate deep within us the firm determination that we shall have it, that we are bound to have all these divine qualities.

I always say, "The past is dust." Once again I repeat, "The past is dust." Why? The past has not given us what we have been striving for. So the past is of no use. It is the present, and the golden future which enters into the present, which make us feel what we are going to be — nay, what we truly are. We are not children of the past, but children of the glorious future.

There are many things that we want to do, that we want to achieve. But unfortunately we have not been able to achieve them. Why? Because our aspiration is not intense, our determination is not firm, our cry, our inner cry, is not genuine. Yet there is no end to the progress we can make, and each new year comes and stands in front of us to remind us of that very fact: that there is no end to our progress, both inner progress and outer progress.

How can we transcend ourselves? We can transcend ourselves the moment we feel that self-realisation or the conquest of the self is our birthright, our divine heritage. It is not that somebody has to come and thrust upon us this divine heritage.

We have to leave aside, cast aside, throw aside doubt, one of our greatest enemies. Doubt does not allow us to go one inch forward or one inch backward. When we want to look forward, doubt Says, "No, you are not so good." And when we want to look back, a kind of subtle doubt again tells us, "No, you cannot be so bad." Doubt never, never allows us to see the truth, to know where we actually stand. We stand right in front of God. And where are we seated? We are seated in the Lap of the Supreme.

Let us cry. The world needs seekers who will cry like a child for the Mother. We have forgotten how to cry. We know how to talk, how to impose truth on others, how to convince others of what we have acquired or what we have learned. From today on, let us cry from the inmost recesses of our hearts, Him to possess and Him to reveal. Without the Supreme, we do not exist. It is an unpardonable foolishness on our part when we say that we exist without Him. No, we do not exist, we can never exist even for a second without Him. If you really, sincerely, whole-heartedly care for the truth, then my fervent request to you is to go deep within and try to discover your own divinity.

I am here to be your eternal slave. I shall wash the very dust of your feet the moment you feel that you are prepared to cry, cry wholeheartedly for the Supreme.

All of us present here, all the true members of our spiritual family, must, once and for all, cast aside doubt. We must always feel that we are children of the Supreme. We are growing together, we are fulfilling the Supreme together. The Supreme is entering into us to inspire us to dive into the deepest, to fly into the highest, to run towards the farthest.

In the Name of the Supreme, I bless each and every one present here and all those who are in my boat, who need my help, my guidance, my assistance. It is not just for a year but forever, for Eternity. I shall be a loving, dedicated servant, a slave, to all of you who care for the Supreme and for the Supreme alone. If one says or feels that the Supreme is his or hers, then at that very moment that person can rest assured that I am here to be of immediate service to him.

For me there can be no greater joy, no greater pride, than to serve the seekers of truth. And this is my soul's promise to each of you on the eve of the New Year.


Three hundred and sixty-five opportunities to realise the Supreme, to reveal the Supreme and to fulfil the Supreme.


Whence comes man?
Whither goes he?
He comes forth from God's Aspiration
And enters into God's Perfection.


Nineteen hundred and seventy-one will be the year of divine, supreme manifestation.

Those who have divine obedience will offer their divine obedience to the Supreme.

Those who have divine love will offer their divine love to the Supreme.

Those who have divine devotion will offer their divine devotion to the Supreme.

Those who have divine surrender will offer their divine surrender to the Supreme.

While offering obedience, love, devotion and surrender, the seekers will manifest these divine qualities on earth.

Nineteen hundred and seventy-one is the year of divine manifestation.

Those who have only obedience can feel that they are babies.

Those who have love can feel that they are growing children.

Those who have devotion can feel that they are now at the adolescent stage.

And those who have surrender can feel that they are strong, stout, determined youth.

Now in surrender, we always say that unconditional surrender and constant surrender are needed. Unconditionally and constantly surrendered seekers are the seekers who can remain on the top of the tree; and those who have surrendered merely for a day or two or for a few minutes are at the foot of the tree.

Others who have devotion, love and obedience are running towards the tree. Among them, obedience comes third. First comes devotion, second, love and third, obedience. But they are all running; they will one day reach the tree. They will stay at the foot of the tree and become surrendered, and then gradually, if it is God's Will, they will become unconditionally and constantly surrendered seekers.

This is the year of manifestation. For those who have faith in God-realisation, this is the year for them to expedite their inner seeking. The year of manifestation is for those who want the Supreme for the Supreme; who want the Supreme for His sake and not for their sake.

For our disciples, sincere disciples, this year of manifestation will be the year of inner glory in God, glory in the Supreme's highest, transcendental Pride. For the Supreme needs, as we need, many things. He needs totally, unreservedly, unconditionally and constantly surrendered disciples. It is they who will be the torch-bearers of the supreme Truth. The Supreme is inwardly crying for these constantly, unconditionally surrendered disciples.


The New Year is the year of battle between man's inner faith and his outer doubts. Man's sincerity will determine the victory.

The New Year is the year of war between human insecurity and divine confidence. Man's real need of God will determine the victory.

The New Year knows no compromise. Either the divine in us will gain the supreme victory or the animal in us will lord it over us. Needless to say, those who want to be God-lovers, God-discoverers and God-fulfillers will receive from God constant Concern, constant Protection, constant Guidance and constant Assurance.

The New Year is the year of both destruction and perfection. Those who cherish destruction in the depths of their hearts and glorify themselves in it will be embraced and devoured by total destruction. This is the Will of the Transcendental Lord decreed. Those who cry for divine illumination and perfection in their inner and outer lives will be inspired, blessed, illumined, perfected and fulfilled by the Lord Supreme's Supreme Perfection.

The Boat of the Supreme is ready. The Supreme Boatman is ready. The Golden Shore is ready.

The Boatman, with His transcendental Smile, beckons,

"Welcome, O God-lover! Welcome, O God-discoverer! Welcome, O God-fulfiller!"


The New Year is the year of our mind's inspiration, our heart's creation and our soul's manifestation.

Inspiration will march onward to the Source.

Creation will sit at the pinnacle of enlightenment.

Manifestation will at once prove its divinity and immortality.

The New Year is the year of acceptance and transformation.

The human in us will try to accept the divine in us unconditionally.

The divine in us will transform the human in us untiringly and unconditionally.

In the New Year, every day will be an opportunity for the God-believer to see the truth-light.

In the New Year, every hour will be an opportunity for the God-worshipper to achieve the truth-light.

In the New Year, every second will be an opportunity for the God-lover to become the truth-light.


In 1974 the seekers of the transcendental Truth shall dive deep within and more within and become the perfection-smile of aspiration-power, realisation-love, revelation-oneness and manifestation-light.


The year 1975 will be the year
Of the seeker's outer success
And inner progress.
With his outer success,
He will love and serve the Supreme Pilot.
With his inner progress,
He will manifest and fulfil the Supreme Pilot.


The New Year will be the year of destruction,
Frustration and satisfaction.
The animal in us will unimaginably be destroyed.
The human in us will unreservedly be frustrated.
The divine in us will supremely be satisfied.
The animal in us is self-doubt.
The human in us is self-indulgence.
The divine in us is self-offering.


The New Year will be the year
Of our astounding achievements.
Our inner achievement will be peace.
Our outer achievement will be progress.
Peace is realisation-seed.
Progress is satisfaction-fruit.


The heart of the year 1978
Belongs to the aspiration-perfection-sky.
The life of the year 1978
Belongs to the dedication-satisfaction-land.
Heart is humanity's changeless oneness
With God.
Heart is humanity's changing newness
In God.
Life is humanity's crying fulness
In God.
Life is humanity's smiling fulness
For God.


The New Year is the year
Of man and earth's self-giving choice,
And also is the victory-year
Of God's soundless Voice.


For the soulfully sincere seekers
Of the Absolute Supreme,
The year 1980 is the year
Of amazing harmony,
Astounding peace
And abiding oneness.


In 1981
The Supreme Lord will utilise
The soul-beauty,
The heart-purity
And the life-sincerity
Of His seeker-children
For the manifestation
Of His perfect Perfection.


The New Year will be the man-awakening
And the life-illumining God-Hour.
The eyeless will see the Vision-Eye
Of the Absolute Supreme,
And the heartless will feel the Compassion-Heart
Of the Absolute Supreme.


The year 1983
Will be the year of the seeker's glory:
Glory within, glory without,
Glory illumining, glory abiding —
A oneness-glory
Between the self-giving seeker
And his life-transforming God.


The seeker's confidence-heart
And the seeker's surrender-life
Shall play together
The complete perfection-game
In God's Vision-Home.


Don't expect!
Don't expect!
Give, give and give
If you want to really survive.


The New Year will be
The year of teeming surprises —
Heaven-descending golden Dreams,
Earth-ascending silver realities —
For the seekers
Who sleeplessly and unconditionally live
For the Compassion-Eye-Manifestation
For the Satisfaction-Heart-Manifestation
Of their Beloved Supreme
Throughout the length and breadth
Of the entire world.


For the Mountain-Truth-climbers
And the Fountain-God-lovers
The New Year will be the year
Of unprecedented inner aspiration-progress
And unlimited outer manifestation-success.
The Truth-climber
Is a God-chosen God-compeer.
The God-lover
Is a God-crowned future world-liberator.


My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
Do bless me
With Your absolutely choice,
Secret and sacred Advice
For the New Year.

"My child, win My Heart
And thus win My All —
My Eternity's All,
My infinity's All
And My Immortality's All."

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
How can I win Your Heart?

"My child, by loving Me only
And by needing Me only."

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
How can I love You only?
How can I need You only?

"My child, be punctual in your heart's
Be regular in your life's

My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
I have badly failed You this year.
I have all along failed You unquestionably.
But, my Lord, will I ever succeed?

"My child, you must and you will.
Just sleeplessly illumine your mind
And convince your heart
That you are of
My Eternity's Hunger only
And you are for My immortality's
Satisfaction only."
My only Lord Beloved Supreme,
I know that my living death will be
When You withdraw from me completely.
But will You ever withdraw from me?

"My child, do not think of My withdrawal,
But pray to Me to be with Me in My Boat
To reach your supreme Destination —
My complete Satisfaction in you, with you
And for you.
I have so far not withdrawn from you.
My child, wake up!
It is already very late.
How long do you expect Me to hold
My Golden Boat
On this side of ignorance-ocean?
You have to realise that either I am your All
Or you are all for yourself
And all by yourself."


From time immemorial
Humanity's heart has been treasuring
Himalayan hope-dreams.

And now, before long,
Divinity's Soul will descend
With satisfaction-realities on earth
And blessingfully quench
The ceaseless peace-thirst,
And compassionately appease
The breathless oneness-hunger
Of the world-family.

Smile soulfully
At tomorrow's fulfilment-flooded


My Lord Supreme,
I am now feeling powerfully great
By offering You my mind's gratitude-smiles.
My Beloved Supreme,
I am now feeling breathlessly good
By offering You my heart's gratitude-cries.
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Out of Your infinite Bounty,
Do share with me a blessingful secret
For the New Year, 1990.

"My child,
My infinity's Dream-treasuring child,
I shall share with you not one,
But two blessingfully sacred secrets.
Yesterday's self-gratifying division-hunger-world
Will before long be buried in oblivion-cave.
My child,
My Immortality's Reality-manifesting child,
Today's self-giving oneness-aspiration-world
Will receive from Me
In the victory-flooded future
My Transcendental Silence-Crown
And My Universal Sound-Throne."


The daring competition-success-might of the human mind is wisely going to surrender to the caring illumination-progress-delight of the divine heart.

The inner voice is whispering the supreme Message-Light for humanity's perfection-life. Let us listen. We can listen. We must listen!

Hurtful is the outer adventure-capture-march.

Fruitful is the inner adventure-rapture-dive.

The outer world belongs to the supremacy-fighters. The inner world belongs to the oneness-lovers. God's ultimate Perfection-World will bless and embrace the oneness-lovers with fondness and pride, and reject and forget the supremacy-fighters.

God the creation, in breathless sound, asks God the Creator: "O where are You?"

God the Creator, in fathomless silence, replies: "I am inside your Oneness-Fulness-Peace-blossoming Dream-Reality."


My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme, You are Your Immortality's Compassion-Height.

You are telling the sincerity-purity-gratitude-flooded inner world that its teeming follies will devotedly surrender to a volley of surprises, illumining and fulfilling, in the New Year, 1992.

My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme, You are Your Divinity's Justice-Light.

You are telling the insincerity-impurity-ingratitude-flooded outer world that its unsearching mind, unaspiring heart and unsurrendering life will be forced to drown in the ocean of endless sorrows.

My Lord, You are telling the aspiration-heart and the dedication-life of the world that they must accept You, please You and fulfil You in Your own Way and never, never in their own ignorance-volcano-way if they dare to dream of reaching the Golden Shore, the Transcendental Vision of Your own Heart-Breath.

My Lord, my Lord, may I be permitted to beg You to grant me a blessingful boon in the New Year? Do give me the capacity to please You in Your own Way sleeplessly and breathlessly.

"My child, My Dream-Flower-child and my Reality-Fragrance-child, your willingness-heart is your capacity. Your willingness-heart is My Smile, My only Smile."

My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme, today You are our Golden Boat. Tomorrow You will be our Golden Shore.


God is dreaming,
Newness singing,
Oneness blossoming,
Fulness dancing.

Hope no more gropes.
Life without slopes.
Splendid depths and heights
Transform bondage-nights.


The Year of Supreme Choice:
The aspiring heart's confident forward march
The doubting mind's imminent backward run.

Swim in the ocean of oneness-delight
Sink in the sea of separation-night.

From the higher worlds, the divine beings want to illumine, protect and perfect the earth planet.

From the lower worlds, the ignorance-titans want to dominate the earth planet.
Let us make our wise choice here and now.

In us is Divinity's peace-lover.
In us is humanity's war-monger.
The one we do not want to feed and cherish we must bring to the fore immediately and cast aside ruthlessly.

Because of our conscious and continuous blunders, we have compelled our poor Lord God to sleeplessly cry.

Stop we must!
From this very moment we must please God in His own Way, for there can be no other way if happiness is our choice, peace is our choice, Infinity-Immortality's fulfilment is our choice.