One Germany, one soul, one heart

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Germany, Germany, Germany!

Germany, Germany, Germany!
The world’s top-brains company.
Drunk deep India’s Upanishad lore,
Max Muller all-where placed its nectar-core.

I Am a Dauntless, Selfless German Soul

I am a dauntles, selfless German soul.
No doubt-arrows torture my veerless role.
I am the unparalleled music-science-philosophy.
I have won many times life’s supreme trophy.

My German Children

My German children, German,
Atmatyager nahi hao hoiran
My German students, German,
Bhalobaso chira naba abijan
My German friends, German,
Gaho sada paramer jaya gan
My German hearts, German,
Ekatar pranaban aphuran


My German children, German,
Tiredness you know not in self-giving.
My German students, German,
Yours is the love for an ever-new expedition-journey.
My German friends, German,
Sleeplessly you sing the Victory-Song
Of the Absolute Lord Supreme.
My German hearts, German,
Limitless is your life-energy’s oneness-flood.

Germany, I Bow

Peace, peace, peace.
Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany!
I bow to your supremely blossomed heart-garden.
High have you lifted mankind’s blind and huge burden

East Germany, No More!

Peace, peace, peace.
East Germany, no more!
West Germany, no more!
Division-night has bowed
To oneness-fulness-core.
[Sri Chinmoy dedicated this song to President Mikhail Gorbachev,
the liberator of East Germany]

No More the Berlin Wall

Peace, peace, peace.
No more the Berlin Wall!


Peace, peace, peace.
Ignorance-supremacy-torture-hunger-wall is down.
The soul of Germany has won the zenith-victory-crown.

Behold, Nowhere Barrier

Peace, peace, peace.
Behold, nowhere barrier, nowhere barrier!
A German soul is a oneness-warrior.

Hostility's Death

Peace, peace, peace.
Hostility’s death,
Brutality’s death,
Separation’s death,
Imperfection’s death.
The Germans celebrate:
Three into three cheers!
Ecstasy’s open rainbow-gate.

Long Twenty-Eight Years

Peace, peace, peace.
Long twenty-eight years
Of suffering-nights,
And now the German sky
Enjoys ecstasy’s flights.

Freedom-Feast and Oneness-Nest

O East Germany, East,
Enjoy your freedom-feast.
O West Germany, West,
You are your oneness-nest.

One Life Became Two Lives

One life became two lives.
One hive became two hives.
One life, one hive again;
Silenced division-pain.

East Germany and West Germany

Simplicity, East Germany, simplicity.
Nobility, West Germany, nobility.
Simplicity’s beauty, nobility’s duty
Have now become perfection-prosperity.

Germany.. Tumi Aj Ekatar Maha Bani

Germany Germany Germany
Tumi aj ekatar maha bani
Bedanar jatanar parapare
Abasheshe khunje pele bidhatare

Purba Germany Pashchim Germany

Purba Germany pashchim Germany abhina ek hiya
Kandiya hasiya premalingane nijere bilaye diya

Gan Geye Ekatar Hat Dhare Sabakar

Gan geye ekatar hat dhare sabakar
German Germany chale aji
Sathe ache abanir alomoy taranir
Paramananda kripamoy majhi


Clasping hands,
Today the Germans and Germanys
Are singing their oneness-song.
The Boatman of infinite Compassion
And infinite Delight
Has given them shelter
In His Heart’s
Illumination-Boat Supreme.

German Hiya German Man German Pran

German hiya German man German pran German abayab
Akutir shikha muktir rabi simahin gaurab

East Germany East Germany Purba

East Germany East Germany purba Germany
Jagiya uthecho sathe niye aji
Paramer maha bani
Mukti akash mukti batas
Dure bahu dure nishash hatash
Khuliya dharecho danite sabare
Taba antara khani


Berlin, Berlin, Berlin!
The mind’s division-wall
Is now the heart’s open door.
Oneness within, fulness without,
Victory’s lion-roar.

East Berlin

East Berlin, East,
You top God’s Compassion-Victory-List.
High, very high your soul will fly
In mankind’s oneness-fulness-sky.
Deep, very deep your heart will dive.
Your life’s perfection-joy soon shall thrive.

East Berlin East Berlin Purba Berlin Tomar

East Berlin East Berlin purba Berlin
tomar alok halo arbar abhinaba amalin
Tomare dekhite tomare janite esechi tomar dware
Dukhero rajani rupayito aji ananda parabare


Cologne Cologne Cologne—
Supreme’s Peace-Victory-Phone.
Your heart has clasped the Hour of God on earth.
O pioneer-dawn of oneness-fulness-birth.