O my mind

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O my mind,
Do not tell others
That they are suffering
Because they have done something wrong.
For God's sake,
Do not add insult to injury!


O my mind,
Stop advising others.
It is high time for you
To be a better creation of God's
Than what you think you are.


O my mind,
You will soon be dominated
By ruthless guilt.
For you are using guilt
To manipulate your dear ones.


O my mind,
You need not be doomed
To disappointment!
God does know
That you need purity
More than anything else.
Lo, God is giving you another chance
To sincerely and soulfully pray.


O my mind,
As a self-giving player,
My heart is infinitely better than you.
Play with the better competition.
Your capacity for self-giving
Will quickly and considerably improve.


O my mind,
Do you know
Why you are good for nothing?
You are good for nothing
Because you daydream too much
About the uncertain future.


O my mind,
Your doubt-connection
With your powerful vital
Will end in an unhappy disaster.
Try to develop
A beautiful friendship
With your prayerful and fruitful heart.


O my mind,
When did God tell you
That you are always destined
To do something stupid?


O my mind,
Ask your heart
Immediately for help.
You badly need help
From your heart
To see supremely good qualities
In all human beings.


O my mind,
Before God takes away
Your pleasure-life,
Can you not beg Him to grant you
His Compassion-Forgiveness-Treasure?


O my mind,
Your unhappy experiences
From human beings
Can never be an adequate excuse
For you to remain shockingly imperfect.


O my mind,
God is supremely proud of you
Only when He sees in you
A most sincere willingness to see good
In your fellow citizens of this world.


O my mind,
Since all your life
You have been giving undue importance
To what you know,
Can you not now
At least give due importance
To what you do not know at all?


O my mind,
Intolerance is an easy thing.
This is not something unknown to you.
Can you not try
To achieve something really difficult?
Love the world more,
Ever more.


O my mind,
My great task
Is to make you likable,
Nay, lovable by others — by all.
Of course, God is included!


O my mind,
What you need is cooperation
With the other members of your family.
Once you have that,
Then anger and frustration
Will run away from you
Faster than the fastest.


O my mind,
Invoke God the Forgiveness first,
And then invoke God the Compassion.
Then God the Justice
Will send you this message:
"My child,
I am glad to inform you
That you can surely escape my visit."


O my mind,
Negativity does not become you.
Be positive in everything
And in every way.
In you, with you and through you
God's Vision of the Beyond
Will be manifested.


O my mind,
Anything that is humanly right
May not always be divinely good.
But anything that is divinely good
Is undoubtedly always humanly right.


O my mind,
Do not feel sad
That you are rejected by mankind.
Just be humble and pure.
You will before long be protected
By the Absolute Lord Himself.


O my mind,
Do unfurl
Your hard-earned purity-banner
And champion the cause
Of self-offering.


O my mind,
If you do not care to acknowledge
Your own weaknesses,
How will you ever control
And perfect them?


O my mind,
In your newly discovered
Do not permit procrastination.
What you call your procrastination,
God calls His starvation —
Starvation for reciprocal love,
Oneness and satisfaction-delight.


O my mind,
You have been my teacher
For a very, very long time.
From today on
I shall be your teacher.

O my mind,
You forced me to be your student,
But I shall swiftly awaken you
And unconditionally illumine you.


O my mind,
Stop thinking that you are
The absolute authority on everything.


O my mind,
Because you are utterly stupid,
You think that you can overthrow
My heart's joy-government.


O my mind,
You must know
That nobody thinks highly of you
When you indulge in self-pity.


O my mind,
Before expecting world-perfection,
You must prove to the world
That you are perfectly faultless
And that you are a genuine student of peace.


O my mind,
Your stupidity
Makes you completely unaware
Of my heart's teeming admirable qualities.


O my mind,
You are nothing
But your own insecurity-success
And your own frustration-progress.


O my mind,
When are you going to become
Once more familiar
With your own long-forgotten


O my mind,
If you want to weaken
Your strongest pride,
Then start counting
Your missed opportunities.


O my mind,
Do you really want others
To be happy,
Or while others are suffering most deplorably
In utter helplessness,
Are you secretly enjoying
Selfish gratification?


O my mind,
If you allow yourself
Always to be a victim
To worries and anxieties,
Then it is you who have made yourself
A completely drunk driver
On the highway of your own aspiration-life.


O my mind,
When did God tell you
That you are every day destined
To do something great, very great?
But God did tell you
That every day
You have to be humility incarnate
And purity incarnate.


O my mind,
I shall no longer allow
Your callous rigidity
To overshadow
My heart's beautiful spontaneity.


O my mind,
I shall definitely enjoy
The separation between your dark doubts
And my heart's bright faith.
Needless to say,
I am all for my heart's faith.


O my mind,
You are terrified of the unknown.
My heart not only admires the unknown
But is also fond of the Unknowable.


O my mind,
From this moment on,
My heart and I shall demand
Your deep respect.
No more will you be allowed
To belittle us!


O my mind,
One day you will wonder
Why you have not seen
My heart's unparalleled beauty before.


O my mind,
Do not pretend!
You cannot be nearly as innocent,
Sincere and pure
As you always try to appear.


O my mind,
Every day you are the inventor
Of confusion-monkey
And the discoverer
Of frustration-tiger.


O my mind,
In case you do not know,
I am telling you
That your happiness is fragile
But my heart's delight is everlasting.


O my mind,
Quite often you take vacations
From the aspiration-school.
I am ashamed of you.
That is an understatement.


O my mind,
Your wild restlessness,
My heart's calmness forgives.
But I cannot and I do not.
I do not even want to.


O my mind,
At long last
I have summoned the courage to tell you
That you are a shameless rogue.
My aspiration-heart and I
Will have nothing more to do with you.


O my mind,
Will you ever care for your perfection?
Take your own time;
I am not expecting
An immediate answer.


O my mind,
You exaggerate your strength
Far beyond your imagination.
My heart does not even want to advertise
Its God-given strength.


O my mind,
You buy a round-trip ticket
When you go to visit
The cottage of truth.
You quickly come back
To your falsehood-apartment.
My heart buys only a one-way ticket
To go to Truth-Palace.
Once it reaches Truth-Palace,
It does not return.


O my mind,
I am embarrassed
To see your over-confidence.
Your over-confidence ignores
Not only God the creation
But also God the Creator.


O my mind,
You depend on doubt.
Do you know that
The real name of doubt is frustration?
My heart depends on faith.
The real name of faith
Is satisfaction-jubilee.


O my mind,
So often you are befriended
By cynicism.
My heart and I are befriended
By the embrace of the universal man.


O my mind,
Because you do not have patience,
You badly fail.
Because my heart has patience,
God and my heart
Ultimately have each other
And enjoy each other.


O my mind,
Sincerity is powerfully knocking
At your door.
How long will you and your false pride
Ignore your unconditional well-wisher?


O my mind,
You must realise
That there is a vast difference
Between your great intentions
And my heart's good accomplishments.


O my mind,
Your life is nothing other
Than volcano-suspicion.
But my heart's aspiration-cry
And my Lord's Compassion-Light
Will never allow you to explode.


O my mind,
God does not want you
To make something great out of your suffering.
God does not want you
To idealise or idolise your suffering.
God wants you to take suffering,
When it comes,
As a valuable lesson.


O my mind,
No matter how often
Or how hard you try
To make others believe
Your falsehood-propaganda,
It will never pass for Truth.


O my mind,
If you deliberately remain
A stranger to purity and humility,
Then in God's Compassion-Heart-Home
You will always remain
Unexpected and uninvited.


O my mind,
Once more if you say
That you are depressed
And you need my sympathy,
I shall not remain silent.
I shall tell you the real reason.
The real reason for your depression
Is that you secretly and openly
Enjoy the pleasures of lethargy.


O my mind,
You are a constant trouble-maker,
But I shall not surrender to you.
I know that before long
My Lord Supreme will come to me
As my trouble-shooter.


O my mind,
Why are you so stupid?
As soon as you are inspired,
Why do you not go one step ahead,
And aspire to expedite
Your stupendous success-glory?


O my mind,
You can never be as serious
As you seem.
You can never be as pure
As you seem.
But you can be,
And you actually are,
As much of a doubt-monster
As you seem.


O my mind,
When I enter into my heart-room,
I clearly hear
The sweet melody of a golden flute.
But when you enter into my heart,
You command confusion-din
To accompany you.


O my mind,
When I think of your stupidity,
I feel sad.
When I think of your insincerity,
I am mad.
When I think of your imminent
And permanent surrender
To my truth-serving and God-loving heart,
I become glad, supremely glad.


O my mind,
I do not trust you.
I am sure you know that.
I shall trust you
Only when you come to me alone,
And not with your dangerous doubt-friend
And useless uncertainty-friend.


O my mind,
You and I have been together
For a very long time.
But now I want to leave you
And go beyond you.
Do you want to know why,
After all these years,
I want to discontinue our association?
Only one reason:
You do not have soulful confidence.
What you have is either
Ridiculous over-confidence
Or confidence-famine.
I simply don't want either of the two.


O my mind,
You have made me ruthless.
You and I have become
Perfect strangers to sensitivity.
When are we going to realise
That kindness is the only key
To our real satisfaction?


O my mind,
My heart and I
Did not know ahead of time
That we would love each other so much.
And I never knew ahead of time
That you with your trickeries
And my vital with its aggressions
Would be so unthinkably hostile
To me and my heart.


O my mind,
It is simply useless to tell you
That unlike you,
Not only my heart
But also others' hearts
Are extremely beautiful and pure.
You have taken an oath
Not to listen to truth.


O my mind,
You secretly and shamelessly
Want to thrive
On the misfortunes of others.
Is that possible?
No, you fool, never!


O my mind,
Time and again
You have broken my heart
With false promises.
You are so cruel!
You are such a liar!
Even though my heart is broken,
It is healing the wounds
You have inflicted on my dedication-life.


O my mind,
Day by day
Your insincerity-breath
Is increasing its capacity.
Before you and your breath become immortal,
I must either illumine you or destroy you.


O my mind,
Are you blind?
Are you deaf?
Can you not see,
Can you not hear,
That the whole world is telling me
That my heart is the mother
Of Eternity's love
And Immortality's affection?


O my mind,
By defying my soul's authority
And by turning a deaf ear
To my heart's soulful requests,
You have become an object of contempt
And not of admiration.


O my mind,
Unlike you,
I appreciate, admire and adore
The human beings who take risks
To accomplish their dedication-services
To God the creation.


O my mind,
Instead of being a busy fault-finder
Can you not become
A busy, always busy,