Paradise is where I bend my knees

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I Pray, I Pray

I pray, I pray, I.
I meditate, I.

I Love You, My Lord

I Love You, My Lord. I Need You, My Lord, I...

My Aspiration-Heart's Peace-Sun

May my aspiration-heart’s peace-sun
Sleeplessly be on the rise.

Goodness Is Peace-Drip

Goodness is peace-drip.
Oneness is peace- .....

The Eye of Peace Is Microscopic

The eye of peace is microscopic.
The heart of peace is telescopic.

Peace Is in God-Quest

Peace is in God-quest.
Peace is in self-conquest.

Peace I Did Not Find

Peace I did not find in my beasthood.
Peace I now find in my sainthood.

Occult Wildfire

Peace is not in occult wildfire.
Peace is in spiritual zephyr.

God's Eye Frightens Me

God’s eye frightens me
With its infinite Justice-Power.
God’s Feet illumine me
With their infinite Forgiveness-Peace.

My Mind's Happiness-Sun

My mind’s happiness-sun
And my heart’s peace-sky
Are making me what I am supposed to be:
A perfect instrument of God.

No Peace in My Mind's God-Emptiness

No peace in my mind’s God-emptiness.
All peace in my heart’s God-madness.

My Peace-Empty Mind

My peace-empty mind
Doubles God’s Tears.
My peace-abundant heart
Triples God’s Smiles.

My Peace

My peace is my Lord’s
Supreme Victory-Trumpet
In me and for me.

My Prayer-Life Tells Me

My prayer-life tells me
How far I can go.
My meditation-life tells me
Where I eternally am.

When I Pray, My Lord Gives Me a Mind

When I pray,
My Lord gives me a mind
With open doors.
When I meditate,
My Lord gives me a heart
Without walls.

Each Time I Lose a Pound

Each time I lose a pound,
I fly a mile higher.
Each time I fly a mile higher,
Nearer than the nearest,
God the Smiler.

The Caged Bird

The caged bird
Is crying for freedom.
The uncaged bird
Is striving for peace.

O Heaven, Be Not Cruel to Me

O Heaven, be not cruel to me.
Do not tell me all my faults
To my face.

As Critics Are Ready-Made

As critics are ready-made,
Even so, God-lovers are God-made.

Alas, I Can Clearly See

Alas, I can clearly see
That my Lord’s Patience
Is running short.

To My Extreme Joy

To my extreme joy,
My obedience-heart has won
All the gold medals from God.

Enter We Must

Enter we must into the Core of the One.
And breathe the Eye of Sovereign Absolute.
Him we desire and Him we love and serve.
And Him to manifest our earth descent.
No, not our choice, Nirvana’s heights and depths.
No, not our choice, the Superman’s world surprise.
No, not our choice, Heaven’s rare splendour-smile.
But God blossoms in the world-throes and penuries.
God blossoms all-where on earth, our choice supreme.

[An excerpt from Sri Chinmoy’s unfinished epic,
begun in India in 1948]

New Year's Message for 1996

The readiness of the inspiration-world-mind
Says to God,
“Lord, I shall come.”
The willingness of the aspiration-world-heart
Says to God,
“Lord, I am coming.”
The eagerness of the dedication-world-life
Says to God,
“Lord, I am come.”

My Searching Mind

Today my searching mind
Shall think of God only.

Today My Crying Heart Shall Love God Only

Today my crying heart
Shall love God only, only, only.

Today My Smiling Life Shall Serve God

Today my smiling life
Shall serve God
Only, only, only.

Today I Shall Become

Today I shall become only
My God-necessity slave-cry.

Today I Shall Increase My God-Hunger

Today I shall increase my God-hunger
At every moment.

Today I Shall Concentrate

Today I shall concentrate only on one thing:
What God expects from my life,
And not what I expect from my life.

A God-Victory-Song

Today I shall turn my heart into
A God-Victory-song.

Today I Must Conquer All My Enemies

Today I must conquer all my enemies
With my heart’s unbounded love.

Today God Has Decided to Hear from Me

Today God has decided to hear from me
Only my heart-songs and not my mind-stories.

Today I Am Seeing God and Peace

Today I am seeing God
And peace smiling at each other.
God is smiling proudly.
Peace is smiling soulfully.

Today God Has Blessingfully Promised

Today God has blessingfully promised
To grant me a fortified heart
And a satisfied life.

Fifty Telephone Numbers by Heart

Fifty telephone numbers by heart:
If not I, who else is smart?

Ganapati, Madal, Chinmoy

Ganapati, Madal, Chinmoy,
Sri Chinmoy, Guru,
Parvati’s obstacle-remover.
Proudly and soulfully Parvati says
She is his obstacle-provider.


Comrade-hearts we are.
We serve our Master Chinmoy’s

Two God-Amusement-Rivals

Two God-amusement-rivals:
My heart-song-beauty
And my life-dance-fragrance.

A Friend of the Big Shots

If you want to be a friend of the big shots,
You needs must ever suffer —
No matter how highly
You extol them to the skies,
No matter what you offer.

All Great Men

All great men are not good men.
I, too, belong to their clan.

No Friendship Lasts

No friendship lasts, no!
Go your own way, go!
Happily to live, happily,
Peacefully to breathe, peacefully.
I must conquer this age-old theory’s pride
Proudly to enjoy all-where oneness-world-ride.

My Thought Human Cries

My thought human cries.
My thought divine flies.

When I Go Out, My Mind Provokes

When I go out, my mind provokes.
When I come in, my heart invokes.

Compassion Is God in Action

Compassion is
God in action.
Gratitude is
Man in action.

Humility's Real Name

Humility’s real name
Is dignity.

The Human in Me Knows No Future

The human in me knows no future.
The Divine in me knows no past.

My Lord Gave Me His Beauty's Eye

My Lord gave me His Beauty’s Eye.
I gave my Lord my duty’s life.

My Mind-Train

My mind-train stops and stops and stops.
My heart-boat sails and sails and sails.

My Hands Are Made By My Mind

My hands are made by my mind.
My heart is made by my Lord Himself.

My Home Is My School

My home is my school.
My home is my teacher.
My home is my knowledge-sun.

Man Gives Me Scars

Man gives me scars.
God gives me stars,
Stars, stars, His own stars.

In the Morning I Am Thirsty

In the morning I am thirsty
For my Lord’s Nectar-Eye.
In the evening I am hungry
For my Lord’s Nectar-Heart.


My Supreme’s fondest Games.

Smile, My Heart, Smile

Smile, my heart, smile, smile.
Smile, my mind, smile, smile.
Smile, my vital, smile, smile.
Smile, my body, smile, smile.
You are all in God’s Camera.

God Is Fond of Me

God is fond of me.
I must do the same.

My Age Is My Childhood

My age is my childhood.
Never, never, it changes.

My Heart and I Are So Excited

My heart and I are so excited:
God is coming, God is coming,
God is coming, God is coming,
My Lord!

Deep I Dive

Deep I dive
With my forgiveness-eyes.
High I fly
With my forgiveness-heart.
Far I walk
With my forgiveness-life.

How Can I Be Perfect?

How can I be perfect
Unless I sleeplessly beg
My Beloved Lord Supreme
To kick me right and left
At His sweet Will?

I Go Out to Get What I Want

I go out to get what I want.
I come in to feel what I need.

When I Go Out, I Am Nowhere

When I go out, I am nowhere.
When I come in, I am all-where.

The Carpenter's Human Son

The Carpenter’s human son
Asks me to go out.
God’s divine Son
Asks me to come in.

I Go Out to See the Face of God (1)

I go out to see the Face of God.
I come in to become the Heart of God.

I Go Out to Buy the World

I go out to buy the world.
I come in to love the world.

Columbus Went Out

Columbus went out
And discovered the New World:
I came in
And discovered my own world:
My Source, my God.

When I Go Out

When I go out, God tells me:
“My child, enjoy yourself.”
When I come in, God tells me:
“My child, enjoy Me.”

If I Love You Just Because You Love Me

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!
If I love You just because You love me,
Then I am eternally and infinitely
Worse than the worst.
But, my Lord, if I love You because
I cannot breathe without loving You,
Then do allow me to enjoy prayerfully,
Sleeplessly and breathlessly the dust-beauty,
The dust-fragrance and the dust-delight
Of Your Nectar-Feet.

My Mind, My Mind, No More Roam

My mind, my mind, no more roam.

New Year's Message for 1998

Peace, peace, peace.
My peace is not the end of world wars.
My peace is not the end of world sufferings.
My peace is not the end of world ignorance.
Peace, peace, peace.
My peace is the blooming beauty of my heart.
My peace is the blossoming fragrance of my soul.
My peace is my sleepless and breathless oneness
With the Will of my Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme.

Who Is My Best Friend, Who?

Who is my best friend, who?
He who gives me his rainbow-smile.
Who is my worst foe, who?
He who hides his heart-beauty-smile.

Smile, My Soul, Smile

Smile, my soul, smile, even for a while.
Smile, my heart, smile, even for a while.
Smile, my mind, smile, even for a while.
Smile, my vital, smile, even for a while.
Smile, my body, smile, even for a while.

With Every Breath of My Heart

My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I enter into Your Heart
To love You only in Your own Way.
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I sit at Your Feet
To need You only in Your own Way.
My Lord Beloved Supreme,
With every breath of my heart
I look at Your Eye
To fulfil You only in Your own Way.

I Am Flying and Flying (1)

I am flying and flying and flying
On my new God-obedience-wings
In Infinity’s Sky.

I Am Flying and Flying (2)

I am flying and flying and flying
On my new God-obedience-wings
In Infinity’s Sky.

Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees

“Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees”
Frees my centuries’ bondage-nights, frees;
Swimming and dancing in ecstasy-seas.

God Tells Me

God tells me that ultimately
Nobody will fail
His final Test.

God Tells Me That He Is Giving Me

God tells me
That He is giving me
A full-time job:

A Rising Sun

A rising sun
Tells me where to go.
A setting sun
Tells me where to stay.

Your Mind

Your mind can’t come
To God’s country
Without crossing
God’s Silence-Bridge.

Each Divine Thought

Each divine thought
A most beautiful angel.

My Aspiration-Heart-Room

My aspiration-heart-room
Is always impurity-proof.

Each Aspiring Moment

Each aspiring moment
Divinity’s new birth.

Before Leaving

Before leaving,
Try loving
More, infinitely more.

My Soul Tells Me

My soul tells me
That God will succeed
Only when I proceed.

Insolent Disobedience

Insolent disobedience
Is followed by
Endless disaster.

Pride Says to God

Pride says to God,
“I do not need You.”
That is an understatement!

When You Give an Inch

When you give an inch
To disobedience
It immediately demands
A long mile.

Prayers and Meditations

Prayers and meditations
Are citizens of
God’s heart-country.

My Heart's Oneness-Fulness-Ring

My Lord, Your Beauty-Songs I sing
In my heart’s oneness-fulness-ring.

O, Here I Come and There I Go

O, here I come and there I go, I meet
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye and Forgiveness-Feet.

India's Peace-Service-Tree

India’s peace-service-tree
Desires a world bondage-free.

O Light of Asia (2)

O Light of Asia, O Light of Asia,
Sleepless deep you drink God’s infinite Ambrosia.

I Am a Peace-Collecting Pilgrim-Soul

I am a peace-collecting pilgrim-soul;
To love the heart of the Unknown my only goal.
Newness-heart-life beckons my dreaming breath;
I see nowhere darkness and bondage-death.

I Am Your Slave

I am your slave!
Come baby, come baby, come!
[Written by Sri Chinmoy for his Yorkshire puppy, Chela]

Sail My Heartbeat, Sail

Sail my heart-beat, sail, sail
To clasp my Lord’s Nectar-mail.

Every Soul Is a God-Right-Hand-Man

Every soul is a God-right-hand-man.
Every heart is a God-masterpiece-plan.

My Newness-Mind-Tears

My newness-mind-tears
Keep me glowing.
My fulness-heart-smiles
Keep me sailing.

Away My Beloved Flies

Away my Beloved flies.
Mine are two thirsty eyes.

My Mind Complains

My mind complains, complains, complains.
My heart, my Lord’s fondness contains.

Mine Is a Birthless and Deathless Dream

Mine is a birthless and deathless dream
To breath the Heart of my Lord Supreme.

Whom I Seek

Whom I seek is within me.
I pine, His Heart-Smile to be.

Oh, What I Have and What I Am

Oh, what I have and what I am,
Am I ready to lose?
If so, my Lord Supreme tells me
Him I have the right to choose.


Paradise is where my sweet Lord is.
Paradise is where I bend my knees.

My Dear Lord

My dear Lord, how can I live
Without Your Life’s Compassion-Eye?
My sweet Lord, how can I breathe
Without Your Heart’s Forgiveness-Sky?

To Be a Chosen Child

To be a chosen child of my Lord Supreme —
My crying, smiling heart’s perfection-dream.

My Poetry Tells Me

My poetry tells me about its Heaven-Source.
Its sorrows and joys, my journey’s course.

God's Chosen Children Came to Teach

God’s chosen children came
To teach compassion-game;
Left behind their earthly frames
To embrace Heavenly flames.

My Lord, Give Me Not Your Compromise-Poison

My Lord, give me not Your compromise-poison.
Give me any other poison if You want to.

My Future

My future has two places to live:
At my Master’s lotus-feet
And in my Master’s rose-heart.

New Year's Message for 1999

My Lord Beloved Absolute Supreme,
The sweet beginning of a new dream-life,
The pure blooming of a new hope-heart,
The sure blossoming of a new promise-soul,
Humanity’s self-discovery-boat shall ply
Between earth’s newness-cry-shore
And Heaven’s Fulness-Smile-Shore.

O, in the Year Nine Nine Nine Nine

O, in the year nine nine nine nine
Our tears and smiles with God shall dine.

I Am an Orphan

I am an orphan, orphan —
God’s very special plan!
My parents went away
To give me the chance to play
In God’s Heart a great role;
His Smile is my only goal.

Fat Is No Good

Fat is no good, fat is no good,
Fat is tasteless, horrible food!
Fat is not strength;
Fat is my body’s weakness-length!
Fat, fat, fat, fat, my ugly fat!
Shame, shame, shame, commited a theft!
Fat, fat, fat, fat, my beastly fat!
Stolen my stupendous pride-hat!
I must regain my perfect health
To be my Supreme’s sacred wealth.

My Success-Life Painfully Dies

My success-life painfully dies.
My progress-heart blissfully flies.

How Can I Ever Become Perfect?

How can I ever become perfect
If I learn not God’s dialect?

My Supreme Lord's Nectar-Flooded Face

To see my Supreme Lord’s Nectar-flooded Face,
I must join now the self-transcendence-race.

I Came to Be a Climbing Flame

I came, I came.
I came to be a climbing flame.
I came, I came.
I came to join God’s Cosmic Game.
I came, I came.
I came to flood the earth with God’s Name.

Mountain-High Aspiration

Mountain-high aspiration,
Fountain-sweet dedication
I need, I need, I need
To feed my Supreme, feed.

I Do Not Have to Know

I do not have to know Your Cosmic Plan.
You just keep me, my Lord, as Your real fan.

No Doom

No doom, no doom, no doom,
God has touched my vital-gloom.
No doom, no doom, no doom,
God has entered my mind-room.
No doom, no doom, no doom,
My heart is in its full bloom.

Within, Without, Nectar-Delight

Within, without, nectar-delight.
Finally, I feel I am all right.

Fulfil My Blue-Gold Dreams

Fulfil my blue-gold dreams.
I swim in a silver stream.

Swim, Swim Once More

Swim, swim once more,
My fragrance-heart,
Swim in the sea
Of my soul’s golden dream.

My Heart Is My Only Spokesman

My heart is my only spokesman.
It plays and plays my life-organ.

Helpless, Hopeless, Homeless

Helpless, hopeless, homeless
If my life is Godless.

I Am My Heart's Gratitude

I am my heart’s gratitude.
I have touched Infinitude.

My Master Supreme

My Master Supreme I contact
Long, long before I act.

I Serve My Master Lord

I serve my Master Lord, I serve.
Never, never, never I swerve.

Do Not Blame God

Do not blame God, oh, do not blame.
His Forgiveness-Heart never defame.

My Smiles Are My Mind-Purifiers

My smiles are my mind-purifiers.
My tears are my heart-illuminers

O Seeker, Be Not Blind

O seeker, be not blind.
Stop not, fall not behind.

O Seeker, Never Be a Fool

O seeker, never be a fool.
Start attending God’s inner school.

O Seeker, Be Not Proud

O seeker, be not proud,
Be not shallow and loud.

O Seeker

O seeker, love Supreme, love
And be His choicest dove.

Love, Service and Surrender-Thrill

Love, service and surrender-thrill
Each moment try and cry to feel.

No, Not for Name

No, not for name, no, not for fame,
On earth my life was born,
But to be God’s golden morn.

I Know Not How to Smile

I know not how to smile,
I know not how to cry,
Yet my life is beckoned
By my Lord’s Vastness-Sky.

Tell the Truth

Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth, tell.
God Himself will ring your victory-bell.

I Must Love Only a God-Hero

I must love only a God-hero.
Everything else is, indeed, a zero.

To Welcome My Sweet Supreme's Feet

To welcome my sweet Supreme’s Feet,
I must keep my heart-room clean and neat.

Volunteer Before You Are Drafted

Volunteer before you are drafted.
Surrender before you are contacted.

I Surprise God

I surprise God, I surprise
With my heart’s devotion-sunrise.

Without Ego-Effacement

Without ego-effacement,
No real enlightenment.

Without Pride-Annihilation

Without pride-annihilation,
There can be no life-transformation.

Life Is Not Meant for the World Dispute

Life is not meant for the world dispute.
Life is meant for Krishna’s sweetness-flute.

The Mind's Supremacy

Life is not meant
For the mind’s supremacy.
Life is meant
For the heart-intimacy.

My Human Life and Death

My human life and death race side by side.
God’s Will and I enjoy our oneness-ride.

Day By Day

May, day by day,
My inner life higher grow.
May, day by day,
My outer life brighter glow.

The Blackboard of My Past

I have erased the blackboard of my past.
In my God-fulfilment-joy my heart shall last.

No More I Am Held Hostage

No more I am held hostage
By the wild ignorance-night.
Again I deeply enjoy
My soul’s freedom-delight.

Finally, I Have Shut Down

Finally, I have shut down
My mind’s doubt-factory.
My heart now sings and sings
My Lord’s high Victory.

My Heart Is Quick to Cry and Fly

My heart is quick to cry and fly.
My mind dares not even to try.

My Life-Chimes

May my life-chimes
Sleeplessly ring.
May my heart-bird
Breathlessly sing.

My Lord, My Lord, How Do I Dare?

My Lord, My Lord, how do I dare
To stay unaware of Your Love-Care?

O, Never Miss

O, never miss, never miss, never miss
Our Supreme Lord’s Nectar-Bliss.

As Wind and Water Fly and Flow

As wind and water
Fly and flow
So at my Lord’s Feet
My breath shall glow.

God Loves My Hide-And-Seek Tears

God loves my hide-and-seek tears.
He enters my temple-heart and cheers.

A New Life

A new life has just begun.
I am my hope-flooded sun.

My Lord Commands

My Lord commands, “Come here, come here.
Show me your face, claim My highest Sphere.”

My Lord's Dance-Steps

My Lord’s Dance-Steps I trace.
I find my own beauty’s face.