I pray to become my heart-flower

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It Only Takes a Moment

It only takes a moment
To love God dearly
And claim God fully.

Mind, My Mind

Mind, mind, my mind,
Be not nourished by tomorrow’s
Faulty tower-fantasies.

Who Says Mine Is a Futile Search?

Who says mine is a futile search?
Who says mine is an indifferent God?

Without a Flicker of Hope

Not God, not God, not God,
But it is you who wants to live
Without a flicker of hope.

O My Mind, When I Live in You

O my mind, when I live in you
It is nothing but unceasing turbulence.

I Have Broken My Ties

I have broken my ties
With the temptation-night.

Happiness You Want?

Happiness you want?
Then pocket your tallest pride.

I Love When I Run Errands

I love, I love, I love
When I run errands
For my Lord Beloved Supreme.

What I Every Day Need

What I every day need
Is a treadmill-disciplined life.

The Road of God-Worshipping Hearts

I love to walk along the road
Of God-worshipping hearts.

My Life and I Must Climb Up

My life and I must climb up
The purity-mountain-peak supreme.

I Love to Dream God-Dreams

I love to dream God-dreams
In God-Fragrance-night.

Humility's Service-Breath

Humility’s service-breath
Conquers humanity’s heart.

Alas, Mankind's Ignorance-Mind

Alas, mankind’s ignorance-mind
Loves to feast on material life.

Willingness Is the First Step

Willingness is the first step
Towards surrender-gratitude-life.

An Expectation-Journey

An expectation-journey
Never arrives at its destination.

A God-Surrender-Life

A God-surrender-life
Smilingly silences
The sound-turmoil-life.

Liberation Within, Liberation Without

Liberation within,
Liberation without,
From the expectation-cave.

All My Desire-Wings I Shall Clip

All my desire-wings I shall clip
And place at my Lord’s Feet.


Every day I need.

I See the Feet of My Lord Supreme

I see the Feet of my Lord Supreme
Through the eyes of my hope-flooded heart.

I Pray to Sit at God's Feet

I pray to sit at God’s Feet.

I Meditate to Feel God in My Heart

I meditate to feel God
In my heart.

I Pray to Become a Great Man

I pray to become a great man.

I Meditate to Become a Perfect Child

I meditate to become
A perfect child of God.

I Pray to God to Make Me Happy

I pray to God
To make me happy.

I Meditate to Make God Happy

I meditate
To make God happy.

I Pray to Become My Heart-Flower

I pray to become my heart-flower.

I Meditate to Become My Soul-Fragrance

I meditate to become
My soul-fragrance.

I Need an Aspiration-Heart-Sun

I need, I need, I need
An aspiration-heart-sun
That will never set.

O Aspiration-Trooper

O aspiration-trooper,
Do destroy my desire-forest.

My Hope-Plant

May my hope-plant grow
Into a promise-tree,
Quickly and beautifully.

Soulfully I Cry, Sweetly I Smile

Soulfully I cry, sweetly I smile,
With my life’s flower-fragrance-songs.

I Have Thrown My Doubting Mind

I have thrown my doubting mind
Into a murmuring and devouring river.

My Lord, Do Teach Me

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Do teach me how to renounce
My false world’s false possessions.

No End to My Absurd Demands

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
No end to my absurd demands.

Goodbye My Ancient Insecurities

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,
My ancient insecurities.

My Self-Doubt Buries Me

My self-doubt buries me
In an abysmal and dismal tomb.

Alas, God's Compassion-Eye

Alas, alas, alas,
God’s Compassion-Eye
And God’s Forgiveness-Heart,
My life has misused blatantly.

Lament Your Long-Lost Faith-Life

Lament your long-lost faith-life.
God will blessingfully give you
A new faith-life.

When My Mind Selects My Soul

When my mind selects my soul
To be its coach,
Easily and speedily I swim
Across ignorance-sea.

An Ingratitude-Heart

An ingratitude-heart
Is the farthest point
From God’s Satisfaction-Heart.

Alas, Teeming Desire Clouds

Alas, alas, alas,
Teeming desire-clouds
Are eclipsing my aspiration-sun.