Pole-star promise-light, part 1

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Ami Tomar Sudhar Dhara

Ami tomar sudhar dhara
Taito amai dake tara
Dake shashi dake rabi
Dake dharar rishi kabi
Dake jogi bandhan hara

I am Your nectar-flow;
Therefore, the stars, the moon and the sun,
The seer-poet of the world
And the infinite heart of the highest yogi,
Call me to be in their divine company.

Tomar Kripar Charan Tale

Tomar kripar charan tale
Amar amire harabo bale
Bahudur hate esechhi hetha
Nahi aji mor marame byetha
Nahi heri ar timir ghor
Ananda nabhe mukti bhor

To place myself at Your
Eternity’s Compassion-Feet,
I have come from a very far land.
You have already taken away
My heart’s excruciating pangs.
I see no more darkness-night.
I see only the liberation-dawn
Under the canopy of the blissful sky.

Ogo Kanti Tumi Shudhu Bujhi Asha

Ogo kanti tumi shudhu bujhi asha
Ogo shanti tumi bujhi swapna chhabi
Bastabata satyarup sada kande
Bibhishika agyanata moha nade

O Beauty supreme,
Will You always remain nothing but
Tempting hope?
O Peace sublime,
It seems that You are a deluding picture
In my dream-reality.
In true form I am crying inside
The roaring sound-life
Of threatening and frightening ignorance.

Prabhu Tumi Amai Kena Nahi Dako

Prabhu tumi amai kena nahi dako
Kena amai sada dure rakho
Kena amai bhule tumi thako
Khamar bale barek amai dako

Lord, why don’t You call me?
Why do You always keep me away from You?
Why do You always deliberately forget me?
Can You not once use Your Forgiveness-Power
And call me to be before You?

Ke Diyechhe More Chapal Paran

Ke diyechhe more chapal paran
Ashanti ghor byetha aphuran
Moha karagar bhiti parabar
Abachetanar bhrukuti pathar
Pabo ki go kabhu taba sandhan
Ogo amarar debata pashan

Who has given me this restless vital,
Dark unrest and endless suffering?
In the prison cell of attachment
And in the ocean of fear,
I hear the wild laughter of inconscience.
Will I ever discover You, O Lord?
To me, You are nothing but a stone-hearted God
Who never descends
And who always remains in the ecstasy-life
Of Heaven.

Ami Kandi Tomar Lagi

Ami kandi tomar lagi ami sada kandi
Ami hasi tomar lagi chupe chupe bandhi
Tumi amai dako bale taito benche thaki
Ta na hale jiban amar timir desher phanki

I cry, Lord,
I always cry for You.
I smile to receive You
And in silence I bind You.
You call me;
Therefore, my life-breath still exists on earth.
If not, my entire life would be
The deception-song of destruction.

Jara Jabar Tara Jabe

Jara jabar tara jabe
Jara pabar tara pabe
Tara pabe jara rabe
Mor prabhur hiya nabhe


Those who have to leave me will leave.
Those who have to receive something from me
Will receive.
Undoubtedly, those who will stay
Will receive from me.
What will they get from me?
They will get my Lord Supreme
Inside my Heart-sky.

Tumi O Ki Jabe Chale

Tumi o ki jabe chale
Mor prane abahele
Ami o ki jabo chale
Toma prabhu nahi bale
Jani sab sambhar
Chetanar parathar


You, too, will leave me,
Ignoring my heart of love.
Will I, too, leave You, O Lord,
Without telling You?
I know everything is possible,
O Lord Supreme.
My consciousness can suffer defeat.

Amar Mane Tomar Sathe Khelbo Aji

Amar mane tomar sathe khelbo aji khelbo
Amar hiyai tomar sathe nachbo ami nachbo
Kanna diye hasi diye bandhbo tomai bandhbo
Samarpiya jiban amar tomai ami dakbo


I shall play with You inside my mind.
Inside my heart I shall dance with You.
I shall bind You with my heart’s tears
and smiles.
I shall surrender to You all that I have and am,
And then I shall invoke You, only You.

Prabhu Amar Jiban

Prabhu amar jiban lagi
Amar sakal chaowa
Prabhu tomar jiban lagi
Amar sakal paowa
Asha sathe tomar majhe
Amar giti gaowa
Tomar lagi dharar buke
Amar asa jaowa


Lord Supreme,
I pray to You to grant me everything in my life.
Lord Supreme,
My desire-life prays to You.
Lord Supreme,
My aspiration-life prays only for You,
For Your perfect manifestation on earth.
Right now I sing my songs of sorrow and joy
With hope eternal.
But I shall tell You one thing
And this is a supreme secret.
I come into the world and go away
Only to see You, feel You
And claim You.

Tumi Durebahu Dure

Tumi dure bahudure
Nahi heri hiya pure
Tumi dure bahudure
Nahi heri pran sure
Tumi dure bahudure
Nahi heri mana chure


You are far, very far.
I see You not in the city of my heart.
You are far, very far.
I see You not in the tune of my life.
You are far, very far.
I see You not in the zenith-height of my mind.

Sada Susanga Hiya Bihanga

Sada susanga
Hiya bihanga
Tanu taranga
Pran bibhanga
Man abhanga
Asha suranga


Always what we need is good company.
Always what we need is the bird of our heart.
Always what we need is a divine wave
Flowing through our body.
Always what we need is beauty's varied
Always what we need is an undivided mind.
Always what we need is a hope-channel.

Hiyar Majhe Alo Dheu

Hiyar majhe alo dheu
Janena hai janena keu
Maner majhe shanti dheu
Janena hai janena keu
Tanur majhe bhakti dheu
Janena hai janena keu
Praner majhe shakti dheu
Janena hai janena keu


Inside the heart abides the wave of light.
Alas, nobody knows, nobody knows.
Inside the mind is the wave of peace.
Alas, nobody knows, nobody knows.
Inside the body is the wave of devotion.
Alas, nobody knows, nobody knows.
Inside the life is the wave of power.
Alas, nobody knows, nobody knows.

Jibane Amar Marane Amar

Jibane amar marane amar
Tomare pujibo bale
Swarge marte harai amare
Asha parabar ja jale
Andhiyar sathe nahi chali kabhu
Kripa ambar daki toma prabhu
Tomar charane rakhibo jatane
Bhakatir shatadale
Jibane amar marane amar
Tomare pujibo bale


To worship You in my life, in my death,
I have lost myself in the ocean of hope.
In Heaven and on earth
I have lost myself in the ocean of hope.
I never walk along with darkness-night.
Your Compassion-sky always beckons me.
With great care, at Your Feet
I shall place my devotion-lotus.
I shall do all this only to worship You,
In my life and in my death.

Hiya Nadi Tire

Hiya nadi tire
Asi phire phire
Akash samire
Asi phire phire
Sudha asha nire
Asi phire phire


I come back again and again
To the bank of my heart.
I come back again and again
To the wind of the sky.
I come back again and again
To the nectar-nest.

Santana Santana Tumi Mama Prarthana

Santana santana
Tumi mama prarthana
Santana santana
Tumi mama aradhana
Santana santana
Tumi mama ranjana
Santana santana
Tumi naho banchana


O consolation-light,
You are my prayer.
O consolation-light,
You are my adoration.
O consolation-light,
You are my delight.
O consolation-light,
You are never deception.
You are Reality itself.

Pabitrata Pabitrata

Pabitrata pabitrata
Tumi amar marma katha
Pabitrata pabitrata
Tumi amar sarthakata
Pabitrata pabitrata
Hridaye raho he amarata


Purity, purity,
You are the soul-essence of my life.
Purity, purity,
You are the fulfilment-light in my life.
Purity, purity,
Do remain inside my heart.
Purity, purity,
You are nothing but Immortality.

Ami Amar Ashrujal

Ami amar ashrujal
Ami tomar charan tal
Ami amar bhanga asha
Tumi amar hasir bhasha
Ami amar michha swapan
Tumi amar sudha jiban


I am nothing but my heart’s tears.
I am nothing but Your Feet.
Again, I am nothing but my broken hopes.
You are the Message of Smile divine.
I am my false dream.
You are my nectar-life.

Tumi More Nahi Dako

Tumi more nahi dako
Tabu ami basi bhalo
Kachhe more nahi rakho
Tabu ami basi bhalo
Hasi shikha nahi jwalo
Tabu toma basi bhalo


You never call me,
Yet I love You.
You never keep me beside You,
Yet I love You.
You never kindle the flame of smile inside me,
Yet I love You.

Ami Jakhan Ekla Rahi

Ami jakhan ekla rahi tumi takhan ekla
Tumi jakhan pagli shyama ami takhan pagla
Tumi jakhan mukti niye dako amai dhire
Tomar paye rakhi amar hiyar ashru nire


When I remain alone, You, too, remain alone.
When You are, O Mother, an insane woman,
At that time I am Your insane child.
When You call me with Your Liberation-Flood,
I place my heart’s ceaseless tears at Your Feet in return.

Ami Amar Chirantaner Abahela

Ami amar chirantaner abahela
Tumi amar mrityujayi sudha bela
Ami amar agyanatar kanna bedan
Tumi amar manas baner mukti jiban
Ami amar chinta sroter ghor parajay
Tumi amar hiya nabhe purnata nirbhay


I am my own Eternity’s negligence.
You are my death-conquering nectar-time.
I am my excruciating pangs
In the world of my own ignorance.
You are the liberation-life of my mind-forest.
I am the worst defeat
In the flow of my thoughts.
You are the deathless, endless fulfilment
In my heart-sky.

Tumi Amai Dako Prabhu

Tumi amai dako prabhu
Taito bhalo thaki
Tomar kachhe thaki ami
Taito bhalo thaki
Tomar majhe harai amai
Taito bhalo thaki
Amar majhe hau je prakat
Taito bhalo thaki


Lord, You call me;
Therefore, I keep well.
Lord, I stay beside You;
Therefore, I keep well.
Lord, I lose myself in You;
Therefore, I keep well.
You reveal Yourself in and through me, Lord;
Therefore, I keep well.

Aghat Pele Daki Toma

Aghat pele daki toma aghat pele daki
Ta na hale tomai prabhu phanki diye thaki
Aghat pele khunji toma aghat pele khunji
Ta na hale thaki dure tomai nahi puji


I call You when You strike me hard.
If not, my Lord, I always try to deceive You.
I try to discover You only when
You strike me hard.
If not Lord, I always want to remain
far from You
Without worshipping You.

Bishal Dharai Bishal Nabhe

Bishal dharai bishal nabhe
Tomar dekha pabo kabe
Balo amai balo prabhu balo
Barek aji amai niye chalo


I do not know when I shall see You
In this vast world, in this vast sky.
O Lord, tell me only once,
Will You not carry me to the place
Where You are?
O Lord, only once
Keep me with You, wherever You are.

Ogo Amar Hiya Majhi

Ogo amar hiya majhi
Shuno more shuno aji
Tomai ami bhalobasi
Tai diyechho tomar banshi
Tomai ami bhabi apan
Tai diyechho mukti gagan


O Boatman of my heart,
Do listen to me only once.
My only message to You:
I love You, I love You.
You have given me,
Therefore, Your Flute.
I know You are my own, very own;
Therefore, today You have given me
Your Liberation-Sky.

Tumi Amai Diyechho Thai

Tumi amai diyechho thai taito benche achhi
Tumi amai dako bale taito ami nachi
Tumi amar dharo du hat taito ami hasi
Ashesh kripa diyechho aj rupantarer banshi


I am still alive
Just because You have given me shelter.
You call me;
Therefore, I dance with joy and ecstasy.
You hold my hands;
Therefore, I smile divinely.
Your endless Compassion
Has given me today
The transformation-flute of my life.

Tomar Parash Amar Harash

Tomar parash amar harash
Tomar charan amar sharan
Tomar swapan amar jiban
Tomar nayan amar chetan
Tomar tushti amar pushti
Tomar hriday amar bijay


Your Touch is my delight.
In Your Feet is my haven.
Your Dream is my life.
Your Eye is my consciousness.
Your Satisfaction is my nourishment.
Your Heart is my victory.

Doshi Bahu Doshe

Doshi bahu doshe
Taito ami sangi bihin
Hethai achhi base
Doshi bahu doshe
Taito sabai aghat hane
Bajra nithur roshe


I have committed many crimes;
Therefore, no friend have I.
Here I am all alone.
Many crimes I have committed;
Therefore, everybody hurts me, strikes me,
With cruel anger of thunder-life.

Sukhe Dukhe Taba Buke Rahibo

Sukhe dukhe taba buke rahibo
Hese kende taba tanu bandhibo
Niye diye taba pada pujibo
Dine rate taba giti gahibo


I shall stay inside Your Heart
When I am in the world of sorrows
And when I am in the world of joy.
I shall bind Your physical frame,
Crying and smiling.
I shall take from You
And give to You what I have,
And I shall place everything of mine
At Your Feet and worship You.
I shall sing Your Victory-Song
All day and night.

Dibanishi Tomai Daki Tomai Ami Tushi

Dibanishi tomai daki tomai ami tushi
Dibarate pratikkhane taito ami khushi
Dibanishi tomar swapan amai base bhalo
Taito keha nahi kabhu dekhe amar kalo


All day and night I invoke You
And I try to satisfy You
At every moment;
Therefore, I am happy.
All day and night
Your dream loves me;
Therefore, nobody sees in me
An iota of darkness.

Ranjana Nadi Tire

Ranjana nadi tire
Toma lagi asi phire
Kotha tumi prabhu mor
Charidike amaghor
Dekha dao dekha dao
Dibo ami jaha chao
Samarpaner katha
Ogo mor purnata


I come back to the bank of delight for You.
O my Lord, where are You?
Around me is all tenebrous darkness.
O Lord, do appear before me only once.
I shall give You whatever You want of me.
You want my surrender?
I shall give it to You.
I know, my surrender is nothing
But my own fulfilment complete.

Khama Karo More

Khama karo more khama karo more
Prabhu khama karo more
Tomare sampibo hriday tiyasha
Nutan jiban bhore
Khama karo more e jiban maru
Nahi pele taba dekha
Nimeshe khunjibe timir gabhire
Mrityur pada rekha


Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me,
O Lord, forgive me.
I shall offer to You my heart’s thirst
At the dawn of a new life.
O Lord, forgive me, forgive me.
If the desire-life of mine fails to see You,
Alas, it will try to follow the footsteps of Death.

Basobhalo Tumi More Jani Ami Jani

Baso bhalo tumi more jani ami jani
Tabu kena tomar prane nitya aghat hani
Tumi amai khama karo taito hasi nachi
Dharar buke taito ami ajo benche achhi


You love me.
I know it, I know it.
Yet why do I strike Your Heart?
You forgive me;
Therefore, I dance with joy.
Still my existence on earth
Is only due to Your Compassion-Light
And Forgiveness-Delight.

Tomar Kripar Dhara

Tomar kripar dhara
Bhangibe moher kara
Amar ashru dhara
Toma bina patha hara
Toma majhe nahi sara
Tumi mor dhrubatara


The flow of Your Compassion
Will break asunder my illusion-prison.
The flow of my tears
Is always lost without Your Compassion-Flood.
When I start my journey inside You
There is neither beginning nor end.
You are my Eternity’s pole star.
You guide me, You lead me to the Destination,
Which is You.

Tomai Prabhu Nitya Ami Daki

Tomai prabhu nitya ami daki
Tomar paye mor amire rakhi
Sakal bandhan churna habe jani
Jedin tomai bakkhe ami tani


Lord, I always invoke You.
Always I place my ignorance-‘I’
At Your Feet.
I know a day shall dawn
When all my ignorance and bondage
Will be smashed,
When You draw me toward Your Heart,
And place me in Your Eternity’s

Ebar Amai Dako Priyatam

Ebar amai dako priyatam
Ebar amai dako
Amar sakal man abhiman
Bahudure phele rakho
Bedanai bhara parane amar
O charane dao thai
Dibya swarup tumi na dekhale
Kemane dekhibo hai


O Beloved, do call me,
And all my sulking will be
Banished once and for all by Your Grace.
My heart, which is full of pangs
Wants to be at Your Feet.
O, allow it to be at Your Feet
As its only haven.
O Lord, if You do not show me
Your Self-Form,
How can I dare to imagine
To accomplish this task by my personal effort?

Dyuloker Lobhe Puji Jadi Toma

Dyuloker lobhe puji jadi toma
Nahi diyo kabhu dyulok sukh
Naraker bhaye daki jadi priya
Diyo shudhu more narak dukh


If I worship You
Hoping that You will grant me
The delight of Heaven,
Then never grant me the happiness and
Ecstasy of Heaven.
If I worship You with the hope that
You will not torture me
With the unbearable torture of Hell,
Then do torture me with the unbearable
Torture of Hell.

Naba Naba Rupe Dekha Dao Tumi

Naba naba rupe dekha dao tumi
Dadash maser sheshe
He amar naba barsha atithi
Mor prane bhalobese


O New Year,
At the end of twelve months
You come and stand before me.
For me, you are a divine guest.
You come to me with Love divine.
I call you my own.
The moment you appear before me
In you I feel my ever-growing newness
And ever-fulfilling oneness.

Puratan Aj Nahi Raje Ar

Puratan aj nahi raje ar
Nabiner prane lupta
Nutan sahase naba udyame
Jachichhe e pran supta


Your life has left me.
My life is now lost in the ever new.
With new strength, new inspiration,
New aspiration,
With new zeal, my life is awakened.
My life is awakened with the new light.
No more am I in the world of sleep.
No more.

Nutaner Dake Aji Shubha Prate

Nutaner dake aji shubha prate
Hriday diyechhe sara
Shirapare raje bishwa mayer
Karuna sindhu dhara


My heart today has responded
To the new light.
This auspicious morn has blessed me
With a new light from the Unknown.
Above my head I see the Compassion-Flood
Of the Universal Mother,
The Compassion-Flood that illumines and fulfils
My entire existence.

Kanti Kothai Kanti

Kanti kothai kanti
Shanti kothai shanti
Na pai tader darashan
Charidike hai bhranti
Bhrantir dangshan
Ananda samapan


Where is beauty?
Where is beauty?
Where is peace?
Where is peace?
I see them not.
They are far beyond my ken.
I see only mistakes.
All around me mistakes are biting me.
They have put an end to my life of joy.

Tomar Charan Tale

Tomar charan tale
Amare harabo bale
Kandi ami dibanishi
Ama sathe nahi mishi
Tomar charan tale
Amare harabo bale
Sada kari nibedan
Mor tanu prana man


All the night I cry and cry to lose myself
At Your Feet Divine.
I also cry to You to take me away
From darkness-night.
No more do I want darkness-night
To remain my friend.
At every moment I place my body, vital,
Mind and heart
At Your Feet,
Only to lose my very existence at Your Feet.

Khama Karo Hat Dharo

Khama karo khama karo
Khama karo khama karo
Hat dharo hat dharo
Hat dharo hat dharo
Naba asha naba pran
Naba hasi naba gan
Taba madhu kripa dan


Forgive me, forgive me.
Hold my hands, hold my hands.
A new hope, a new life, a new smile,
a new song
I wish to have from You.
I know all these things I can get
Only as an unconditional Compassion-Gift
from You.

Ami Amare Bhalobasi

Ami amare bhalobasi
Tai na pai taba hasi
Ami amare bhalobasi
Tai na pai taba banshi
Ami amare bhalobasi
Tai andhar rashi rashi


I love myself alone;
Therefore, I never receive Your Smile.
I love myself alone;
Therefore, I never receive Your Flute.
I love myself alone;
Therefore, ignorance and darkness cover me —
My within, my without.

Amar Bhuban Majhe

Amar bhuban majhe
Tomar swapan raje
Tomar bhuban majhe
Ami sada mari laje
Amar bhuban majhe
Taba madhu banshi baje
Tomar bhuban majhe
Ami nachi ama saje


Inside my world
Is Your Dream.
Inside Your world
I suffer and die
From ceaseless shame.
Inside my world
I hear You play Your Nectar-Flute.
Inside Your world
I dance the dance of ignorance-night.

Amar Apamaner Tale

Amar apamaner tale
Tumi haso kripar bale
Amar sakal dukher rate
Tumi aso prabhat hate
Amar hiyar ashru gopan
Tomar praner ashesh bedan
Asbe tumi amar kachhe
Taito amar sabiy nache


When I am insulted,
When I am humiliated,
You strengthen me with Your
You come to me carrying the dawn in
Your Hands
To replace my life of sorrow.
My heart’s secret tears
Create endless sufferings in Your Heart.
I know one day You will come to me;
Therefore, today everything that I have
and I am
Is dancing with joy.

Amar Hriday Tire

Amar hriday tire
Nehari tomar nire
Sarthak halo pran
Taba hasi aphuran
Amrita sandhan
Dhire dhire ati dhire
Peyechhi amare phire


On the bank of my heart-river
I see Your nest, all-illumining and all-fulfilling.
Today my life is fulfilled in fullest measure,
For I have been blessed with Your endless Smile.
Today I have discovered Nectar-Light
In You, of You.
Slowly and slowly,
Your Nectar-Life I have discovered —
Who I eternally am.

Tumi Jadi Nahi Aso

Tumi jadi nahi aso amar hiya dware
Jabo ami tomar pure tomar abhisare
Tumi jadi asbe prabhu amar hiya dware
Raibona ar kabhu ami praner andhakare


If You do not come to my heart’s door,
I shall run toward Your Heart-City
In search of You.
If You ever come to my heart’s door,
I know I will no longer remain
In the darkness-night of my life.
All illumination within and without
I shall divinely and supremely enjoy.

Santana Ogo Santana

Santana ogo santana
Naiba pelam hriday gabhire
Tomar asim santana
Shudhu jachi taba kripa hasi
Tomare karite dibase nishite
Kritana prane bandana


Consolation-light, O consolation-light,
Even though I do not feel
Your gracious presence
In the depths of my heart,
I beg of you to grant me only one boon:
Do give me a heart of gratitude
For what you have already given me
And allow me to worship You
Soulfully and unreservedly.

Hai Mane Mahi Pare

Hai mane nahi pare
Kabe tumi amai prabhu dekechho
Hai mane nahi pare
Kabe tumi amai bhalobesechho
Hai mane nahi pare
Kabe tumi amar lagi kendechho
Hai mane nahi pare
Kabe tumi amar prane tenechho


Alas, I do not remember,
My Lord, when You have called me.
Alas, I do not remember,
My Lord, when You have loved me.
Alas, I do not remember,
My Lord, when I have cried for You.
Alas, I do not remember,
My Lord, when You have drawn my heart
to You.