Paramer Mahatripti

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Flame: Shikha

Flame: shikha

Never the End

Never the end, never the end, never the end,
Nahe kabhu jaba nika nahe kabhu jaba nika nahe kabhu jaba nika

Bliss: Ananda (2)

Bliss: ananda

Shoulder: Skandha

Shoulder: skandha.

Consciousness-Bliss: Chidananda

Consciousness-bliss: chidananda

Mankind Blind

Mankind blind, mankind blind, mankind blind —
Manab jati andha manab jati andha manab jati andha

Amal: Pure

Amal: pure.

Kamal: Lotus

Kamal: lotus.

Ami Jenechi: I Have Known

Ami jenechi: I have known.

Ami Peyechi: I Have Received

Ami peyechi: I have received.

Ami Asbo: I Shall Come

Ami asbo: I shall come.

Ami Hasbo: I Shall Smile

Ami hasbo: I shall smile.

Sleep: Supti

Sleep: supti.

Satisfaction: Tripti

Satisfaction: tripti.

Devotee: Bhakta

Devotee: bhakta.

Blood: Rakta

Blood: rakta.

Car: Gari

Car: gari.

House: Bari

House: bari.

Purity: Pabita

Purity: pabita.

Poem: Kabita

Poem: kabita.

Bread: Ruti

Bread: ruti.

Vacation: Chuti

Vacation: chuti.

Great Chidananda's Group

Great Chidananda’s group,
Guru’s special troupe.
Good Chidananda’s group,
No ignorance-loop.
His group is perfect,
An established fact.

Come: Eso

Come: eso.

Sit: Baso

Sit: baso.

Head: Shir

Head: shir.

Nest: Nir

Nest: nir.

Ami Asi: I Come

Ami asi: I come.

Ami Bhalobasi: I Love

Ami bhalobasi: I love.

Amar Chetana: My Consciousness

Amar chetana: my consciousness.

Amar Bedana: My Pangs

Amar bedana: my pangs.

Jatri: Pilgrim

Jatri: pilgrim.

Ratri: Night

Ratri: night.

Shephali: Jasmine

Shephali: jasmine.

Dipali: Light Festival

Dipali: light festival.

Hope: Asha

Hope: asha.

Love: Bhalobasa

Love: bhalobasa

Victory: Bijoy

Victory: bijoy

Home: Aloy

Home: aloy.

Garland: Mala

Garland: mala.

Illumine: Ala

Illumine: ala.

Desire: Kamana Basona

Desire: kamana basona.

Aspiration: Eshana

Aspiration: eshana.

Salutation: Namaskar

Salutation: namaskar.

Award: Puraskar

Award: puraskar.

I Come: Ami Asi

I come: ami asi.

My Flute: Amar Banshi

My flute: amar banshi.

Peace: Shanti

Peace: shanti.

Mistake: Bhranti

Mistake: bhranti.

Play: Khela

Play: khela.

Time: Bela

Time: bela.

Life: Jiban

Life: jiban.

Death: Maran

Death, death, death:
Maran, maran, maran.

Today: Aj

Today: aj.

Evening: Sanjh

Evening: sanjh.

Morning: Bhor

Morning: bhor.

Dark: Ghor

Dark: ghor.

Forest: Ban

Forest: ban.

Wealth: Dhan

Wealth: dhan.

Affection: Sneha

Affection: sneha.

Body: Deha

Body: deha.

Love: Priti

Love: priti.

Fear: Bhiti

Fear: bhiti.

Pride: Ahangkar

Pride: ahangkar.

Jewellery: Alangkar

Jewellery: alangkar.

Son: Nandan

Son: nandan.

Bondage: Bandhan

Bondage: bandhan.

Dream: Swapan

Dream: swapan

Pain: Bedan

Pain: bedan

Doubt: Sangshay

Doubt: sangshay.

Grace: Barabhay

Grace: barabhay.

Pilgrim: Jatri

Pilgrim: jatri.

Night: Ratri

Night: ratri.

Mind: Man

Mind: man.

Promise: Pan

Promise: pan

Night: Rati

Night: rati.

Light: Bhati

Light: bhati.

Month: Mas

Month: mas.

Slave: Das

Slave: das.

Sky: Akash

Sky: akash.

Air: Batas

Air: batas

Morning: Prabhat

Morning: prabhat.

Topsy-Turvy: Utpat

Topsy-turvy: utpat.

Candle: Mumbati

Candle: mumbati.

Day and Night: Dibarati

Day and night: dibarati

Incense: Dhup

Incense: dhup.

Silence: Chup

Silence: chup.

Eagerness: Akulata

Eagerness: akulata

Talkativeness: Bachalata

Talkativeness: bachalata.

Justice: Bichar (1)

Justice: bichar.

Pickle: Achar

Pickle: achar

Mother: Mata

Mother: mata.

Brother: Bhrata

Brother: bhrata.

Father: Pita

Father: pita.

Friend: Mita

Friend: mita.

Sister: Bon

Sister: bon.

Corner: Kon

Corner: kon.

Aunt: Mashi

Aunt: mashi.

Maid: Dasi

Maid: dasi.

Flower: Phul

Flower: phul.

Hair: Hari, Chul

Hair: hari, chul.

Navel: Nabhi

Navel: nabhi.

Cow: Gabhi

Cow: gabhi.

Happiness: Sukh

Happiness: sukh.

Unhappiness: Dukh

Unhappiness: dukh.

Hand: Hat

Hand: hat.

Tooth: Dant

Tooth: dant.

Tomorrow: Kal

Tomorrow: kal.

Forehead: Kapal

Forehead: kapal.

Affection: Adar

Affection: adar.

Monkey: Banar

Monkey: banar.

Boat: Tarani (1)

Boat: tarani.

World: Abani

World, world, world:
Abani, abani, abani.

Vegetable: Shak

Vegetable: shak

Nose: Nak

Nose: nak.

Manifestation: Prachar

Manifestation: prachar

Justice: Bichar (2)

Justice: bichar.

Sun: Sabita

Sun: sabita.

Humility: Namita

Humility: Namita

Generosity-Hero: Databir

Generosity-hero: databir.

Tears: Ashru Nir

Tears: ashru nir.

Vision: Darashan

Vision: darashan.

Wind: Samiran

Wind: samiran.

Ideal: Adarsha

Ideal: adarsha.

Advice: Paramarsha

Advice: paramarsha.

Beloved: Preyasee

Beloved: Preyasee

Dawn: Ushashi

Dawn: ushashi.

Eager: Agraha

Eager: agraha.

Image: Bigraha

Image: bigraha.

Faith: Bishwas

Faith: bishwas.

Despondent: Hatash

Despondent: hatash.

Intuition: Pragya

Intuition: pragya.

Command: Agya

Command: agya.

Restless: Chapal

Restless: chapal.

Stone: Upal

Stone: upal.

Promise: Shapath

Promise: shapath

Untrue: Asat

Untrue: asat

Bow: Dhanu

Bow: dhanu.

Atom: Anu

Atom: anu.

Consciousness: Chetana

Consciousness: chetana.

Suffering: Bedana

Suffering: bedana.

Mother: Janani

Mother: janani.

Lightning: Ashani

Lightning: ashani.

Genuine: Asal

Genuine: asal.

Trick: Kaushal

Trick: kaushal.

Exquisite-Looking: Priyadarshan

Exquisite-looking: priyadarshan.

Rain: Barishan

Rain: barishan

Indomitable: Durdam

Indomitable: durdam.

Clay: Kardam

Clay: kardam.

Leader: Nayak

Leader: nayak.

Singer: Gayak

Singer: gayak.

Progressive: Unnatishil

Progressive: unnatishil

Lawyer: Ukil

Lawyer: ukil.

Moon: Shashanka

Moon: shashanka.

Grace-Lamp: Kripanka

Grace Lamp: kripanka.

Cradle: Dodula

Cradle: dodula.

Softness: Mridula

Softness: mridula.

Fairy: Paree

Fairy: paree.

Lord Vishnu: Hari

Lord Vishnu: Hari.

Achievement: Prapti

Achievement: prapti.

Slumber: Supti

Slumber: supti.

Fearless: Nirvik

Fearless: nirvik.

Pious: Dharmik

Pious: dharmik.

Light Absolute: Alo

Light Absolute: alo.

Kindle: Jwalo

Kindle: jwalo.

Swan: Maral

Swan: maral.

Sharp: Daral

Sharp: daral.

Command: Adesh

Command: adesh.

Fulfilment-Giver: Ganesh

Fulfilment-Giver: Ganesh.

Boat: Tarani (2)

Boat: tarani.

Dreamer: Swapani

Dreamer: swapani

Beyond Time: Kalatit

Beyond time: kalatit.

Beyond Hope: Ashatit

Beyond hope: ashatit.

Bud: Mukul

Bud: mukul.

Incomparable: Atul

Incomparable: atul.

Sweetness: Sumadhur

Sweetness: sumadhur.

Full to the Brim: Bharapur

Full to the brim: bharapur.

Life-Energy: Pranika

Life-energy: Pranika

Dictionary: Chalantika

Dictionary: chalantika.

Jasmine: Shephali

Jasmine: shephali.

Queen: Bhupali

Queen: bhupali.

Fondness: Adarini

Fondness: adarini.

Goddess Lakshmi: Mrinalini

Goddess Lakshmi: Mrinalini

Complaint: Nalish

Complaint: nalish.

Pillow: Balish

Pillow: balish.

Blessing: Ashish

Blessing: Ashish.

Massage: Malish

Massage: malish.

Bliss: Ananda (1)

Bliss: ananda


Responsibility-shoulder: daiyittwa skandha.

Wisdom: Darshanika

Wisdom: darshanika.

God-Letter: Debalipika

God-letter: debalipika

Moonlit Night: Jyotsna

Moonlit night: jyotsna.

Music: Bajna

Music: bajna.

Supplication: Minati

Supplication: minati

Obeisance: Pranati

Obeisance: pranati

Disciple: Chela

Disciple: chela.

Festival: Mela

Festival: mela.

Goddess Lakshmi: Padmasini

Goddess Lakshmi: Padmasini

Uncomeliness-Destroyer: Kurup Nashini

Uncomeliness-destroyer: kurup nashini.

Lightning: Meghabhuti

Lightning: meghabhuti.

Heavenly Light: Oishi Dhuti

Heavenly light: oishi dhuti.