A Soulful Cry Versus a Fruitful Smile

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At my brother Mantu's repeated request to write rhymed poetry I have written these short poems. I dedicate these heart-offerings of mine to my brother's great seeker-soul.

Chinmoy 12 August 1977

1. To be

To be, indeed, a cosmic god,
I shall try only to succeed.
To be, indeed, a real man,
I shall try only to proceed.

2. Sing me a song

Sing me a song,
My Lord Supreme,
I shall give You
My silver dream,
I shall give You
My beauty's sky,
I shall give You
My oneness-tie.

3. Beautiful emptiness

Beautiful emptiness
Soulful readiness
Realisation newness
Perfection oneness

I need, I need, I need
My God and my God-need to feed.

4. Frank and baby smile

O frank and baby smile,
You have won my heart.
You have conquered death-dart
In life's confusion-mart.

5. Waiting for you

"Waiting for You,
My Lord Supreme."
"Waiting for you,
My treasure-dream."

6. God's moment and my moment

In God's moment nothing dies.
In my moment nothing lives.

God loves me because I try
To reach His Vision-sky.

7. Your Silence and your Sound

Your Silence I sing.
It is my heart.
Your Sound I sing.
It is my mart.

8. They truly are

Peace is truly beautiful.
Love is truly soulful.
Man is truly meaningful.
God is truly fruitful.

9. Heaven descends

Heaven descends
To quicken my strength.
I ascend
To measure its length.

10. My ancient sadness

My ancient sadness still
Haunts me, my soul.
I have not heard from God
My cosmic role.

11. You claim me still

You claim me still,
O ignorance-fool!
Don't you know that
I have a new school?
I go to wisdom-school
To be a perfection-tool.

12. One fallen flower

One fallen flower
I see and cry;
One fallen soul
I love and die.

13. You can do your task

Buddha under the Tree
Drank deep the fount of Light.
You can do your task.
You fell the Titan tree
Of eyeless ignorance-night.

14. An ancient scar

An ancient scar
I see on my flickering eyes.
Yet I shall try and succeed
To breathe divinity-skies.

15. I shall not fail

I shall not fail,
I shall not fail.

My soul shall sail,
My heart shall sail.

I shall succeed,
I shall succeed.

My life shall take
The glorious lead.

16. The Breath of God

The Breath of God
I breathlessly enjoy.
The Grace of God
I lavishly employ.

17. I shall realise God

I shall realise God
Just before tomorrow's sunrise.
I am certain, no surprise:
God's Promise, I execute.

18. A puny sound-life

A puny sound-life,
Its pride vaster than the sky.
It knows not how to die.

19. My life

My life, done with the material-life-night,
Has now embraced
The life of renunciation-light.
Meaningless and fruitless
Are the material needs.
Nowhere to be found

20. A soundless voice

A soundless voice
I always need.
My mind of noise,
My heart of poise,
To lovingly feed.

21. My time has come

My time has come
To see the face
Of birthless birth.
My time has come
In stupendous mirth
To prove my worth.

22. One ray

One ray of perfection-light
Can expedite
My Godward journey's start.
Conquering the lofty pride
Of Titan-dart.

23. The grandeurs

The grandeurs of my fruitful past
I have totally lost.
I am ready to pay any cost
And live therein to last.

24. Mother Earth, Father Heaven

Mother Earth does not argue.
Mother Earth likes to endure.
Father Heaven does not complain.
Father Heaven likes to cure.

25. Defects of my desires

Defects of my desires:
They do not want to die,
But they die.
They want to fly,
But they cannot fly.
They want to bind my heart,
Behold, they fail.
To the unhorizoned shore
My boat I sail.

26. No time to waste

I have no time to waste.
Any day, any hour, my supreme Guest
Will surely come with His
All-loving Compassion-Nest.

27. God is hospitable

God is hospitable,
No anxiety, no worry
Have I.
I shall give Him
What I have preserved:

28. That's all

What is it after all?
Uncertainty —
Ant-weak, giant-stout,
Within, without.
That's all; that's all.

29. A sea of plenty

A sea of plenty
I conceive,
Believe it or not.
Nothing I receive,
Nothing I achieve.

30. Farewell

Farewell, farewell,
O ungrateful world.
So much I have done for you,
So highly I have thought of you.
To please you, your all,
I totally forgot
To respond to God's God-Call.

31. Sound-music and silence-music

The sound-music of humanity
For the poor and feeble souls.
The silence-music of divinity
For the lovers of myriad goals.

32. My ancient hopes

My ancient hopes
To sail and fly towards my Lord
Are shattered today.
Again I must cry,
And die in ignorance-play.

33. What are they?

Power, what is it,
If not sheer pain?
Love, what is it,
If not sheer gain?

34. Once more

My longing heart
Is fast asleep
Alas, alas!
Once more my life
Is forced to enjoy
Ignorance deep.

35. The miracle of miracles

The miracle of miracles —
A tiny, feeble man
Embodies God-Life.
In him has ceased
The wild music
Of ignorance-life.

36. The burden of bigness

The burden of bigness
I simply hate,
The burden of littleness
What I need is God-Heart's
Open oneness-game,
To see my life's

37. Remembrance-joy

My best remembrance-joy
To you I offer, my soul.
I see you carrying me
And struggling hard
To help me reach my goal.

38. Do what you must

Do what you must,
Dive deep within,
And conquer the pride
Of clamour-din.

39. God is there to see

God is there to see.
Why do you worry?

God has asked you to start.
Why do you tarry?

God has asked you to comply.
Why do you not use your own
Heart's oneness high?

40. Remain and become

Remain faithful
So that you can
Surprisingly soulful.
Remain soulful
So that you can
Supremely fruitful.

41. A great beginning

Indeed, a great beginning,
I shall think of
My divinity-age;
I shall see the perfection-book
On a special perfection-page.

42. I fight

Desire was the helper-lover great;
Now it is my adversary strong.
Against its face
I fight;
Against its race
I fight;
Desire-worlds I permit not
To throng.

43. The power of life

The power of life
I badly need.
The life of power
Who wants?
Not me, not me.
Power wants to bind me,
I shall remain
At easy ease,
Eternally free.

44. In silence

In silence we converse,
My Lord Supreme and I.
In silence we build
Each other a hopeful sky.

45. I need, I feed

The domain of deeds
I need,
And not the domains
Of speech.
The clime of Truth
I feed,
To see God's Heights
And reach.

46. Utterly free

Utterly free
To choose our path of aspiration-cry
And dedication-smile.
If you choose our path,
Yours will be the pride of God-satisfaction-sky.

47. Forced by failure

Forced by failure,
I cry and die.
Shall grant me God-wings
To merrily fly.

48. I play with truth

I play with truth.
I dance with its ruth.
I play with peace
To own God-release.

49. An exam nobody is spared

An exam nobody is spared:
Do we love God?
If so, we needs must dive
Within and await His arrival,
Our great survival, fully prepared.

50. Absurd

What I ask for is absurd-night.
How can I ask
My ignorance to bask
In God's measureless God-height?

51. How ridiculous!

How ridiculous!
I still stay with my eyeless,
Wild desire-life.
How ridiculous!
I have yet to conquer

52. Something so simple

Goodness is something so simple,
Yet I fail
To have it in profuse measure.
Slowly and steadily,
Devotedly and unerringly,
I must sail
My life-boat with simplicity-treasure.

53. When my Lord acts

When my Lord acts,
He is not slow.
We just fail and fail
To grow and glow
In His Cosmic Flow.

54. My friend-enemies

Hopeless imperfection,
Helpless situation,
Lifeless perfection,
Godless satisfaction.
These friend-enemies
Of mine;
Compelled always
With them to dine.

55. Give me a little time

I shall know more;
Give me a little time.
My soulful heart-clime
Shall reach without fail
God's God-satisfaction-door.

56. Between man and God

Between man and God,
My heart shall always choose

For in man alone
God has planted
His own Realisation-Ken.

57. Man does not die

Man does not die;
Man's possessions die.
Why, why?
Unlike man,
His possessions
Have no ambition-sky.

58. My silence-life, my sound-existence

My silence-life prepares,
My sound-existence acts.
I need silence to touch
My Lord's highest Height.
I need sound to control
My wild ignorance-night.
These are the supreme facts.

59. We treasure

Your icy poverty
You know not why
You treasure.
My unlit insecurity-pressure
I know not why I treasure,
Why I treasure.

60. O challenger

O challenger of stark
To you I bow and bow,
Time and again,
With my snow-white

61. What a hungry world!

What a hungry world!
What a hungry man!
What a carefree God!
No change of plan.

62. True

True friendship never ages.
True beauty never changes.
True man of love never fails.
Eternally his boat he sails.

63. A too familiar song

A too familiar song:
"I do not know."
A too unfamiliar song:
"My life shall grow;
My heart shall glow."

64. A cleverly successful lie

A cleverly successful lie:
God in me is fast asleep.
A hopelessly useless truth:
Death and I drink deep.

65. Man of the hour

Man of the hour,
To you I offer
My gratitude-flower;
To you I offer
My ecstasy-heart's

66. Everlasting secret

Everlasting secret:
God loves me infinitely more than
Any human soul on earth,
You believe it or not,
Whether you accept it or not.
Today I disclose the truth supreme
In stupendous mirth.

67. What in me hates me

Ah, what in me hates me
I know, I know;
My wild and shameless life
Of ignorance-flow.

68. Your stupid mind

Yours is the stupid mind
Jealous of your innocence-light,
Yours is the stupid mind
Afraid of your ignorance-night.

69. A silver cry

A silver cry
Has lifted my psychic sky
High, very high.

A silver cry
Tells me how, when and why
I shall in Heaven's vaults fly.

70. Dream of another world

Dream of another world,
An existence new.
Dream of an old world,
Promise of unpainted hue.

71. To increase

To increase your serving-strength
Start drinking
God's Compassion-light.
If not, your service-boat
Will be sinking.

72. Two tutors

Two are the tutors I need:
Faith-beauty's cry,
Love-duty's sky,
To feed my perfection-need.

73. An ancient victory

An ancient victory
Grants me present glory.
An ancient glory
Is a God-blossomed tree.

74. I shall not obey

The boomed command
From the vital world:
I must dance with night.
I shall not obey.
I shall fight and fight
To prove my oneness
With colossal wisdom-light.

75. My heart swimming

My heart swimming
In silver light,
My soul swimming
In ecstasy's height.

76. Prayers and meditation

The buzz of prayers
I can never stand.
The silence of meditation
My only friend.

77. Outer and inner sun

The outer sun takes all
My impurity-worlds,
Big and small.
My inner sun grants me
A new world-soul,
A new world-role.

78. Flow forth my tears

Flow forth my tears!
My promise I fail to keep.
I shall go back
Secretly to ignorance-sleep.

79. Your lively lustre

Your lively lustre
Challenges death in life.
Your lovely life
Destroys the breath of strife.

80. Silence-speed, silence-seed

O Silence-speed,
I love your beauty's flow.
O Silence-seed,
I love your duty's glow.

81. Today

My heart beyond desire.
My life aspiration-fire,
Sure realisation-dire,
Empty of earth-mire.

82. Vision of deep beauty

Vision of deep beauty
Has changed your age.
You and your life no more
Shall be in animal cage.

83. Forgotten

Forgotten how to fly,
Forgotten how to dive,
Forgotten how to run,
How can I ever thrive?

84. I know the art

I know the art
I shall in secret sow,
My own trumpet
Before I blow.

85. Soul-wisdom

Soul-wisdom hurries not.
Soul-wisdom tarries not.
God's beauty fails not.
Man-duty fails not.

86. Why?

Why, why, why, why?

Why should I take
The side of ignorance-tie?

Why, why, why, why?

Why do I fail
To please God's Compassion-sky?

87. A choice dream

A choice dream
Your lovely soul embodies.
A choice goal
Your lively role achieves.

88. In vain

In vain, in vain
Earth-beauty longs to bind my soul.
In vain, in vain
Heaven-beauty longs to quicken my goal.

89. To you we always surrender

To you we always surrender,
Not because you are great,
Not because you are good,
But because
Your oneness with our oneness
Amazingly has begun to flower.

90. How far?

My seeking eyes,
How far, how far
Will you carry me?
Will I ever enjoy
Climb the Reality-tower?

91. Even when I smile

Even when I smile
I feel a death-blow,
Destroying my life
And its smooth flow.

92. The beauty of your soul

The ugliness of your face,
Even God-Compassion will fail
To describe.
The beauty of your soul,
Even the eyeless man
Can declare and thrive.

93. Lord, give me

Lord, give me your speed,
I need, I badly need.
Lord, give me your poise,
My heart's only choice.

94. Give me sun-hope

My Lord Supreme!
Do give my heart sun-hope.
In ignorance-dream
No more my life shall grope.

95. I weep aloud

I weep aloud
Before a crowd,
Nobody comes to my rescue.
What I say is faultlessly true.

96. Come out and sing

Come out and sing —
I shall help you.
Come out and look —
My life's silver dew.

97. Come out and bloom

Come out and bloom:
No doom, no doom.
Come out and glow:
No blow, no blow.

98. I shall not fail

I may constantly wail,
But I shall not fail.
My body is surprisingly frail,
But I shall not fail.
Although I step not on wisdom-scale,
No, never shall I fail.

99. I have won!

Lo, I have won!
I know now how to grow
I know now how to glow
With delight.
I enjoy my oneness with light and delight.
Lo, I have won!

100. I know

I know, I know, I know
Heaven will pardon you,
But not this earth.
Heaven knows who you truly are.
You are a fool incarnate.
You add nothing to creation's birth.

101. I shall not stop

I shall not stop.
I must gallop.
I am God-duty's
In tune with God's cosmic muse,
Rhythmic dance,
My heart shall hop.

102. Although

My heart is small,
It is for all.
My heart is weak,
It is for the meek.
I have but one choice:
In my silence-poise,
I give a listening ear to the baseless voices
Of base-animal human demands.

103. My way and God's Way

My way to love God:
I give Him what I have:
My birthless doubt-veil.

God's Way to love me:
He gives me what He is:
His Eternity's Compassion-Faith-sail.

104. God the Lover, God the Beloved

God the Lover I love.
God the Beloved I love.
My Lover is my consolation-light.
My Beloved is my aspiration-flight.

105. When I know not

When I know not,
Your trickery loves me,
When I know,
I die to save thee.

106. My lost possession

Slowly and steadily
I shall always smile.
Readily and quickly
I shall always cry.
No, not for you,
No, not for him.
But only for me;
Only for my lost possession:
My Beloved Supreme.

107. I need

Physical strength
I need,
Vital energy
I need,
Mental poise
I need,
Psychic choice
I need,
In my Godward
Thought and deed.

108. I must confess

I must confess my heart's conscience-guilt.
For aeons and aeons I have succeeded
In concealing it,
But today I have failed.
I am in love with,
To be absolutely sincere,
I have always been in love with,
My old Friend, birthless
And deathless, God.
Him I truly love.
To Him secretly I go,
And as you know,
His fathomless life-sea
Has a golden shore.
I sail my love-boat
With my heart's gratitude-cry,
Forever and forever more.

109. A sad waste of time

A sad waste of time
When I talk to my mind.
No freedom-light,
It is all stone blind.

110. I sing and dance

Your saving grace
Has saved my heart.
I sing and dance;
No dragon-dart.

111. Forgive me

Forgive me, I am too weak.
Forget me, I am too strong.
Leave me alone, I pray.
I want not the world to throng.

112. Do not ask me

Do not ask me;
Nothing I know.
I pray and cry,
Only to grow
Inside my Lord's Eye,
His Highest Vision-sky.

113. Because I love

Because I love your soul
You will win again.
Because I love your life-cry
Yours will be one life-sky
Of constant gain.

114. Come, come to me

Come, come to me.
I shall give you
My ecstasy-sea.
Come, come to me.

115. Each soul

Each soul is God's:
A new story.
Each soul is man's:
A new glory.

116. Something I never can grasp

Something I never can grasp.
Why is it so hard for me to clasp,
To touch, God's Feet of Light
And man's face and head of night?

117. An interesting conclusion

An interesting conclusion:
My life eventually
Not only grows
Into perfection,
But God's God-Perfection.

118. I am not interested

I hope, Lord, You understand
Why I do not go to You
As often as I should.
I am not interested at all
In my self-transcendence-hue.

119. I am at a total loss

Kindly, Lord, excuse me.
I am at a total loss.
I know not what I want.
Lord Supreme,
Grant me, your Compassion-flood, grant.

120. The filth of my fate

I can no more tolerate
The filth of my fate.
O Lord, do open
Thy Compassion-gate,
Let me declare
My illumination
And its august date.

121. Beauty is wisdom

Beauty is wisdom.
Purity is freedom.
Oneness is realisation.
Perfection is satisfaction.

122. Silence-dawn, silence-eve

In silence-dawn
I see your height.
In silence-eve
I become your delight.

123. You can no longer touch me

You can no longer touch me,
I am far above the sky.
From now on not only shall I try,
But succeed, in drinking deep
God's Compassion-Light,
His Ecstasy-Sea.

124. I was not prepared for death

I was not prepared for death,
But death did come,
And struck the drum,
And away snatched my flickering breath.

125. Today I see and feel

Faith in prosperity,
Victory's divinity,
Today I see and feel

126. Are you convinced

Are you convinced of your follies?
Then come and sit at wisdom's feet.
It is all pure, clean and neat.
It will grant you wisdom-sun concrete.

127. You and I will win

You are your dying face,
I am my crying fate.
Someday, somehow,
You and I will win
Our longing's divinity-gate
And become the winners of the cosmic race.

128. Bury your sorrow

Bury your sorrow.
Too late.
Bury it all at once.
Behold, no more
The suffering-harrow.

129. He will survive

His joy is beginning to die,
Yet he will survive.
His peace is beginning to die,
Yet he will survive,
His giant will shall thrive.

130. How can I fail?

God is my promise-light;
How can I fail?
Mine is the service-light;
I shall just sail.

131. My face tells me

My face tells me
How far I am, how far.
Your Grace shows me
How close, how kind You are.

132. I love your answers

I love your silence-answer;
It fulfils my soulful prayer.
I love your sound answer;
It helps me become a cosmic player.

133. Just a little difference-night

Just a little difference-night:
I see the blossoming soul,
You see the illumining goal.
Just a little difference-night:
I love man, his present state,
You love God — His golden gate.

134. Jealousy absconds

Jealousy absconds.
Insecurity conceals.
Doubt-life destroys.
Faith-world reveals.

135. Younger than yesterday

I envision him
As one younger than yesterday.
I love and need him
To change my life of clay.

136. No joke

No joke,
I shall love God unconditionally.
No joke,
I shall serve God breathlessly.
No joke,
Some day, somehow,
Not now, of course not,
I shall without fail
Become another God.

137. You are too smart

Hopeless is your life.
Helpless is your heart.
Deathless is your hope.
Indeed, you are too smart.

138. Little do they know

Little do they know
How great you are.
Little do they know
Your compassion-shower.

139. What is mind-control?

Ah, what is mind-control?
Do you know, do you know?
It is the blossoming
Of man's God-oneness-role.

140. Believe me

Believe me,
I am open to suggestion pure.
Believe me,
I shall gladly accept
Your tall life's conviction sure.

141. Do not expect

Do not expect anything real
From me.
I am a forced smile-cry.
Expect everything real
From me.
For I always sincerely try.

142. God and I

God and I would have been
A divinely perfect match
Had we seen each other
Before the dawn of life.
Alas now, although we try
We fail to get a catch.

143. Make me forget

O make me forget
What little I hardly know.

O make me cry
To be your compassion-glow.

144. Not beauty, not duty

What I love is not beauty,
But beauty's soulful breath.
What I admire is not duty,
But duty's selfless strength.

145. Prayers

Prayers follow my steps;
I follow their sight.
I try and cry,
I sigh and die,
To see the real end
Of frustration's real death.

146. The depth

The depth of meditation-eye
Is realisation-sky.
The depth of prayer-cry
Is the end of a strangling sigh.

147. With magic in His Eyes

With magic in His Eyes
God came to me.
With wonder-surprise in my eyes
I drank His Ecstasy.

148. He

He who sees is great.
He who knows is good.
He who believes is divine.
He who aspires is mine.

149. O strange new gods

O strange new gods,
How false you are!
You say I am far,
Far, very far
From God's Love-Light
And His Grace-shower.

150. False dreams, no more

False dreams, no more
Shall I measure.
False hopes, no more
Shall I treasure.

151. I play

In beauty's sunshine-flames
I play my myriad games.

152. O half-believer

O half-believer,
Sooner than the soonest
Your life shall die.

O full-believer,
God is come
With two soul-stirring wings
For you to fly.

153. Yet

So ugly is man's face,
Yet God loves him.
So poor is man's race,
Yet God needs him.

154. A vision

A vision of the soul
Makes the divine in me cry.
A dream of the heart
Compels the human in me to die.

155. Conquer

Conquer your soul,
Conquer your goal,
If you want to change
The face of earth.
If not, yours will be
The sad failure in
Frustration's stupendous mirth.

156. Each seeker

Each seeker divine,
A cry of aspiration-flame.
A cry of desire-night
Extinguishes the divine in me.
A cry of aspiration-light
Immortalises the human in me
In the bliss of ecstasy-sea.

157. Not man in the crowd

Not man in the crowd
Can save me, my life.
But man in the cave
Not only can save me
But also illumine me,
Fulfil me
And immortalise me.

158. Nature is never spent

Nature is never spent.
Nature's beauty,
Nature's capacity,
Nature's reality,
Never run short of
God's infinite sea
And infinite sky.

159. Life's secret thirst

Life's secret thirst
Enjoy, secretly enjoy.
Life's sacred thirst
Give, soulfully give.
Life's human thirst
Receive, only receive.
Life's divine thirst
Achieve, divinely achieve,
Forgive, supremely forgive.

160. A God-like mind soars

A god-like mind soars.
A giant-like heart roars.

161. Pilgrims of Eternity's road

O pilgrims of Eternity's road,
You I admire,
You I love,
You I treasure.
For in you I see promise
Of Infinity's measureless measure.

162. I discovered myself

I discovered myself
In the throes of human life.
I discovered myself
In the buffets of human strife.
I now want to discover myself
In golden rainbows.
I now want to discover myself
In my heart's galaxy of star-glows.

163. Your mind-glory, your heart-glory

Your mind-glory is bound to slow decline,
Your heart-glory forever bound to shine
In the hearts of humanity's truth
And in the souls of Divinity's ruth.

164. Human thoughts, divine thoughts

Human thoughts drenched his eyes.
Divine thoughts purified his eyes.
Human thoughts drenched his eyes of sleep.
Divine thoughts illumined his eyes of dream.
Human thoughts made him feel
His life is a series of frustration-death.
The divine thought made him feel
That his life is an express train
Of measureless length.

165. My chain, my pain

My chain
I recognise,
I shall break it gloriously.
My pain
I realise,
I shall cure it miraculously.

166. The breath of man's life

The breath of man's life-height
Tells him what he can easily do.
The death of man's life-night
Tells him what he can eventually do.

167. I shall wonder no more

I shall wonder no more.
I shall discover my Lord Supreme
Inside my heart's gratitude-door.

168. Fear and doubt

Fear is a great boss;
Again, fear is a greater loss.
Doubt is a greater boss;
Again, the greatest loss.

169. Sorrow

Sorrow, with our family of sighs,
Came to me for Consolation-Light.
I granted its prayer,
And offered something more:

170. The heart may break

The heart may break
But not the heart-cry.
It is destined to grow
High, higher, highest,
To reach the heights
Of God-glory's Vision-sky.

171. A hard thing to achieve

Patience is a hard thing to achieve;
But once achieved
Yours is the soul of earthly goal,
And yours is the goal of heavenly role.

172. Be not troubled

O troubled heart, O troubled heart,
Be not troubled.
God will definitely cure you,
Cure your aches,
Cure your pangs,
For you are His chosen instrument divine.
To please Him in His dream,
To fulfil Him in His unhorizoned scheme,
You saw the light of day.
God is always ready to be with you
In His infinite sun-delight,
Moon-lustre and unhorizoned ray.

173. The heavy weight of God

The heavy weight of God
Puzzles me,
Frightens me,
My length.

The tall height of God
Elevates me,
Enlightens me,
My death.

174. The two are one

The two are one:
Earth and Heaven,
Earth's cry and Heaven's smile.
Earth tells me to perform my earthly role
Soulfully and unreservedly.
Heaven inspires me to reach the goal
Cheerfully and unconditionally.

175. Eternity, what is it?

Eternity, what is it?
It is something composed of constant nows,
It is something composed of man's unfulfilled
And fulfilled vows.

176. The armies of rainbows

I love the armies of rainbows.
They awaken the beauty of my dormant sleep.
In me I see no more
The ruthless reign of stark ignorance deep.

177. You are exceedingly great

You are exceedingly great.
You are exceedingly good.
You easily triumph over time and space.
In you I see God the fulfilment-Grace.

178. I lived in a cage

For a long time
I lived in a cage.
I read Eternity's life-illumining page.
I felt the stark penury
Of human existence-night.
Therefore I unified
Earth's excruciating pangs
And Heaven's all-illumining delight,
Founded upon all-giving selfless light.

179. Speak gravely

Since you are speaking,
Speak gravely, please,
For you are talking of grave things.
Life is not a dream.
Death is not an extinction sure.
Life is reality-freedom searching
And freedom-achieving-shore.

180. Desert silence, forest silence

I love desert silence.
It strengthens my limited strength.
I love forest silence.
It intensifies my groping length.

181. How to get back

How to get back
Life's lost charm?
You can get back
Life's lost charm
If you do not harm
Your childlike inner cry
And childlike outer smile.

Life's lost charm
Easily you can regain
If you refrain
From thought-temptation-chain.

182. Despair is drowning me

Despair is drowning me,
My life-boat
And my joy divine.
I must destroy the despair-night
To shine in Eternity's sunshine.

183. I must be brief

I must be brief, I must be brief.
Each moment of mine
Either expedites my God-journey
Or delays my God-journey.

I must be brief, I must be brief.
In each second I have the capacity
To reach my loftiest height.
Again, in a brief second
I may fall in the very jaws
Of my abysmal night.

184. O world-sorrow

O world-sorrow,
You are too heavy for me to bear.
O world-delight,
You are too light for me to endure.
O God-Sorrow,
I know not how deep
Or how intense you are,
You contain
The world in its beginningless sorrow
And its endless joy
For sure.

185. Each day

Each day I die with sleep, each day.
Each day I forget my God-Vision-ray.

186. Your mind is mountain-high

Your mind is mountain-high.
Your heart is ocean-deep.
Your vital is sky-vast.
Your body Divinity's cast.

187. You are the king

You are the king of modern thought,
You fly without the help of wings.
In you I see the triumphant galaxy of kings.

188. Your tears, your fears, your doubts

Your tears have touched
The very depth of my heart.
Your fears have touched
The very depth of my eye.
Your doubts have touched
The very depth of my compassion-dance.
In me I shall give you the chance
To smile and fly.

189. Dream-reality rhymes

You give the universe your cosmic laws.
You give the universe your cosmic crimes.
In you I see the perfect perfection
Of dream-reality rhymes.

190. No more I cry

No more I cry, no more I cry.
I must claim my right divine.
I must shine on my devotion
And aspiration-shrine.

191. They give

Love gives man its own precious energy.
Joy gives him its own precious world.
Peace gives him its own precious rest.
Aspiration gives him its own precious quest.

192. Death is in your eyes

Death is in your eyes today.
Be careful, I say,
Destruction may destroy

193. Easy, not easy

Easy dreaming,
Easy climbing,
Easy smiling,
But not easy loving,
Not easy surrendering,
Not easy fulfilling
God, the Dream,
God, the Dreamer
And God, the Dreamland.

194. In an emergency

In an emergency
You can bring
God to you.
Do not make it a daily process.
Your urgency demands
His Presence
Before His Compassion-flood.

195. Who is there?

Who is there?
Stay where you are.

Who is there?
Do come where I am.

Who is there?
My desire-friend?
Go back.
Go back,
To your dingy cage.

Who is there?
My aspiration-flame?
Come back.
Come back,
We want you to learn
From Immortality's Infinity-page.

196. "Might-have-been"

My name is "Might-have-been".
Success failed to crown me.
Progress failed to touch me.
I am alone, all alone
To see, feel and enjoy
The strength of success
And the length of progress.

197. I have tried

I have tried time and again
To remove the curse of life.
But alas, I have failed.

I have tried time and again
To garland the duty of life.
I have at times succeeded.

I have at times successfully sailed
My life's dream-boat
In the sea of beauty's reality-shore.

198. I shall not hide from you

I shall not hide from you.
Why should I,
And how can I?
I shall make you
My oneness-cry,
My oneness-sigh,
So that a day shall come
When I shall become
Your oneness-sky,
And your oneness-light,
And your oneness-kite.

199. I feel sorry

O thought, I feel sorry
That you are suffering from fatigue.
I feel sorry, for around you is all fire.
I feel sorry, O thought,
That you are always caught
By ignorance's chain,
By an endless strain.
I feel sorry because you are
God's true failure
And I am doomed
Your presence black to endure.

200. I place at Your Lotus-Feet

The blunder
Of my mind,
The thunder
Of my vital,
The tower
Of my heart,
And the hour
Of my body
I place at Your Lotus-Feet,
To free myself from ignorance-night
Impure, unlit.

201. I wish

I wish to be a citizen of a smiling land,
I wish to be there a loving heart and a giving hand,
I wish to have two snow-white pure eyes,
To inspire and lift all the citizens to the blue-vast skies.

202. You know

You know your duty,
You know your duty's joy.

You know your beauty,
You know your beauty's toy.

You know your heart's perfection-cry,
You know your life's transformation-dye.

203. Your eternal note of sadness

Your eternal note of sadness
Has created pangs beyond measure.
Your eternal note of sadness
Will be transformed into
God-Divinity's smiling treasure.

204. What do I ask for?

What do I ask for?
I ask for the satisfaction of the God-man in me.
I ask for the perfection of the man-god in me.

205. You cherish

You cherish an immortal hate
Towards doubt.
Perhaps you may be right,
If you want to free yourself
From doubt-invasion,
Then sing the song of God-Compassion
Inside your gratitude-heart,
Inside your gratitude-life,
Inside your all-becoming vision-reality-light.

206. Love and serve

There is always
A time to love,
A time to serve.
When the morning dawns
Love, love,
Become the breath of love.
When evening starts
Serve, serve,
And be the breath, fulfilling and fulfilled,
Of God above.

207. Dive deep within

Outward lustre has ruined
Your aspiration-cry.
Therefore you fail to fly.
Display not
Your outer life,
Your outer lustre,
Outer aspiration and dedication-flow.
Dive deep within,
See the face of light,
And then try in Me always to grow.

208. Arrows of desire

Arrows of desire I hurl,
The nights of frustration I endure.
I enjoy death's reality sweet and pure.
In my divinity-light,
Nothing impure, nothing obscure.

209. At last

At last the torch of truth is found,
At last the love of life has bound
Man's surrendered oneness
With God's perfection-newness.

210. The voice of prayer

The voice of prayer will always ascend,
No matter where it is found.
The poise of meditation will always spread
All-where, Heaven-free or earth-bound.

211. Greatness and goodness

Greatness is not big,
Greatness is small.
Greatness is short,
Greatness is never tall.

It is goodness
That is big and tall.
It is goodness
That is God's treasured doll.

212. Who says?

Who says that your eyes are sad?
Who says that your eyes are mad?

I see your eyes flooded with crystal tears:
In you I see Divinity's truth-awakening
And life-blossoming bud.

213. Beauty's gloom, duty's doom

Unending is your beauty's gloom,
Uninspiring is my duty's doom.

Your beauty will feed your heart and all,
My duty will make me a puny bondage-doll.

214. Do not be a fool

When your heart shapes a wrong thought,
Do not be a fool, stay with me.
Stay around me, taut.
If you are with me,
If you are around me,
You can never be caught
By the tentacles of living death.
No, stay with my ever-energising breath.

215. Smile, my heart, smile

Smile, my heart, smile.
Your smile means so much to me,
Your smile feeds my reality within,
Your smile liberates me from world-clamour and world-din.
Smile, my heart, smile.
Smile at least once in a while.

216. Laugh, my heart, laugh!

Laugh, my heart, laugh!
Challenge the pride of ignorance-dart.
Laugh, laugh, my soulful heart.

217. Darkness and light

Darkness is visible.
What shall I do?
What can I do?

Light is visible.
What shall I do?
What can I do?

I need to appreciate my soul's beauty.
I need to perform my God-duty.

218. A tower of strength

When I see you,
I not only see a tower of strength
In my imagination-length
But also I see a compassion-heart
To challenge my ignorance-dart.

219. Sad news, bad news

Sad news,
Bad news.
Sad news is that
I have far to go.
Bad news is that
I am already tired.

Good news,
And happy news.
Good news is that
I shall reach my destination.
On the way I shall never be fired.

I shall row my eternity's boat,
I shall row
In my Lord's earth-purifying

220. The land of tomorrow

I do not want to live
In the land of tomorrow.
I want to live
In the land of eternal now.
Those who live in the land of tomorrow
Just borrow and borrow
From the land of nowhere
And never can return.
I want to live in eternal now.
In each now abides
My God-fulfilling
And God-fulfilled

221. I love hope-hour

I love hope-hour.
It makes me see God's Compassion-shower.
I love hope-hour.
In it I see Eternity's
Life-fulfilling power.

222. What shall you do?

What shall you do with your excess of love?
What shall you do with your excess of peace?
Use them to feed the hunger of earth
And stop wild frustration's birth.

223. A broken toy

Your life is nothing but a broken toy.
Break it,
Smash it thoroughly.
Consume your life with joy.
Lo, you become
The Supreme's cherished,
Peerless toy.

224. Darkness dies

In Immortality's Light,
Darkness dies.
In Infinity's Smiles,
Eternity cries.

225. Gratitude-dove

Yours is the life
Of self-giving love.
Mine is the life
Of gratitude-dove.

226. The difference

The difference between you and me
Is very simple, indeed.
You shall live by fame,
Ever increasing fame;
And I shall try to live a simplicity-life
Unconditionally with God,
To be a selfless member
Of God's cosmic Game.

227. Born to see, born to adorn

I was not born
To blow my own horn.
I was born
To see God-Beauty's morn,
The devil's satisfaction torn
From earth-life.
I was born to adorn
God's supreme Immortality-Throne.

228. Beauty's moon

Beauty's moon
And beauty's noon
I shall see soon.

With you I shall commune
At a time opportune.

229. Within the mind

Within the mind there is mud.
But God's Compassion-flood
Always removes the mud
And grants a life-nourishing,
Life-energising blood.

230. From coast to coast

From coast to coast
I boast and boast
And what I see at the end
Of my journey's death,
I see my own reality's phantom-hour
And ignorance-tower,
And my own reality's frightening

231. Are you my boss?

Are you my boss?
Then have me cross
The length of ignorance-sea.
Make me one, inseparably one,
With Reality's unhorizoned ecstasy.

232. I run and run

With a happy speed
I run and run,
To cheerfully feed
My human race,
To transform
My human face,
To begin
A new journey's course,
To salute
The sunlit Source.

233. The careless life

Do not arouse the careless life.
The careless life is as bad
As the useless life.
Do not touch the useless life.
In it is the fruit
Of perfect destruction-knife.

234. Where is your home?

Where is your home,
Therefore you roam
In death-world's long home.

235. Yes

Yes, I will live the Truth.
Yes, I will love the world.
Yes, I will break ignorance-gate
And for a God-interview
Set the date.

236. I yearn

I yearn to climb,
I yearn to run,
I yearn to dive,
I yearn for fun.

237. Fruitful vision, wishful dream

A fruitful vision brings to me
The life-breath of Immortality.

A wishful dream carries me
Into the world of baseless fantasy.

238. Why is the world so sad?

Why is the world so sad?
Have I done something bad?
Why is the world so insecure?
Have I done something impure?
Why does the world have no energy left?
Have I committed an inner theft?

239. Seek

Seek for new joy,
Seek for new life.
Seek for new satisfaction-height,
Seek for new perfection-delight.

240. You were born to sweet delight

You were born to sweet delight.
Alas, I was born to frightening night.
You were born to give joy to all.
I was born to sigh in sorrow's hall.

241. Stupidity

Stupidity is not simplicity.
Simplicity is not sincerity.
Sincerity is not purity.
Purity is not Divinity.
Divinity is not Immortality.
Immortality is not God-Unity.
God-Unity is not God's sole Reality.
God's sole Reality is the oneness
Of His creation's Vision-Reality.

242. You lie and dream

You lie and dream
All day long.
This is what you do.
How do you expect
God to hew
Your human life
Of ignorance-clay
Into sun-bright day?

243. My Lord is late

My Lord is late.
My Lord is late.
Is it true?
Is it true?
Has He forgotten the date?
Has He forgotten the date?
No, no, My Lord can never be late,
He is my soul's room.
He is my life's bloom.
He is my earth's fate.
He is my Heaven's gate.

244. The drops of sorrow

The drops of sorrow
Divide me, my heart,
My all.
Because of sorrow's dart
I am now sick,
I am now weak,

245. I always compare you

I always compare you
With God's loftiest Grace.
I always compare you
With God's Freedom-Face.

246. They deceive me

My vision deceives me,
My mission, too.
To be with them
I feel no obligation true.

247. Essence of prayer

Essence of prayer:
A journey to the height.
Substance of prayer:
An entrance to light.

248. A God-lover drinks deep

For God,
A God-lover drinks deep ignorance-night.
For man,
A God-lover offers perfection-Light.

249. God's golden Eye

I shall not fear,
I shall not fear.

I shall tear, constantly tear,
The veil of ignorance,
And own God's golden Eye.

250. We shall live again

We shall live again,
O stupendous Faith-reign.
We shall live again.
Doubt shall be removed
From bondage-chain.

251. Essence and substance

Essence pure,
Substance sure.

Essence tells me
What I was
And what I can
Eventually be.

Substance tells me
To live eternally, soulfully
In the satisfaction-sea.

252. Do not lament your fate

Do not lament your fate,
Try to open your heart's gate.
Everything will be all right.
God with His Compassion-Height,
God with His Perfection-Light,
God with His Satisfaction-Delight
Will come to you,
Embrace you,
Please you,
Fulfil you,
Of course in His own Way,
Which is the only way
For you to see
The face of real ecstasy-sea
In supreme Reality.

253. I lost

Doubt I lost, faith I gained.
Fear I lost, courage I retained.
Man I lost, God I claimed.
Truth I lost, nobody I blamed.

254. Cry for perfection-light

O doubt, you are impure.
O jealousy, you are obscure.
O insecurity, you are unsure.
O insincerity, you are immature.
Cry for perfection-light,
Cry for satisfaction-height.
Everything at God's Hour
Your life shall procure.

255. Calamity, calamity

Calamity, calamity,
You are the true friend
Of uncertainty.

Calamity, calamity,
Away you take the essence
From sure reality.

Calamity, calamity,
In you I see
A failure-life's untold poverty.

256. The cosmic gods

I find it so difficult
To reconcile with the cosmic gods.
Indifferent they always have been.
Now they have become something more:
They find fault with humanity's
Doleful and soulful cry.

O cosmic gods, remain where you are
In some fairylands high.
Let the world enjoy its ancient sway.
Let the world evolve in God's perennial Way.

257. Your body is small

Your body is small
But your heart is tall,
Very tall.
No ignorance-pall
I see within you.
I see around you
Life's purity-dew.

258. Are you a sage?

Are you a sage?
If so, your heart must be
Freed from venom-rage,
Earth's ignorance-cage.

259. I know not your age

I know not your age,
But I can clearly see,
I can clearly feel,
Who you are.
My inner vision says your age
Is written on eternity's page,
And God's all-inspiring
And all-illumining stage.

260. Within a hungry heart

With a hungry heart I came to see my Lord Supreme.
He saw an iota of anger in my mind-cave.
Furious, He said to me either to brave
The buffets of ignorance-sea
Or to leave Him alone with His
Transcendental, immortalising ecstasy.

261. Faith

O faith, you are always
A bringer of new things.
Always you bring to me
Beauty's glow,
Duty's flow.

O faith, O bringer
Of blossoming liberation,
In you I see
And feel satisfying and satisfied perfection.

262. My life-boat shall sail

My life-boat shall sail and sail.
My heart of love can never fail.

263. If you do not love me

If you do not love me,
Then I will spend all my time
In my heart's room
With the stranger-friend doom.
I shall mount and mount
From eternity's destruction-fount.

264. I shall not bend

I shall not bend,
Even if necessity demands.
I may end
My cosmic game,
Never shall I bend.

265. A gentleman like me

A gentleman like me can never brood,
Although ignorance-dream
My poor fate,
My hunger's only food.

266. My compeer light

O Light, O Light, O my compeer Light,
In you is my soul-might,
With you is my heart-height,
For you is my life-delight.

267. My sister night

O night, O night,
O my sister night,
I love your heart,
Your silence-height.

268. You are my Source

O Lord Supreme, I am your course,
You are my Source.
You are my beauty's Bloom
In my heart's gratitude-room.

269. O lion in me

O lion in me, roar,
Just roar.
O man in me, snore not,
Never snore.
O vital in me, stop, stop,
No place to hop.
O body in me, sleep, sleep
Before you are asked to weep.

270. Sacrifice

Sacrifice today
Your life-giving blood.
God will grant you
His Compassion-Flood.

Sacrifice the beauty
Of your divinity-core.
Lo, your boat has already touched
The Golden Shore.

271. Your heart knows how to bask

Your mind knows how to mask
The reality-dream.
Your heart knows how to bask
In God's Compassion-Light supreme.

272. Build!

Build, build confidence.
Behold, excellence
Slowly will grow
On your perfection-tree.

273. Give me the capacity

O Lord Supreme,
Give me the capacity to conceal,
Give me the capacity to reveal.

I want to conceal my previous life-flow.
I want to reveal my present life-glow.

274. I shall discover within

I shall not fail, I shall not fail
In life's examination dire.
I shall discover within
Knowledge-sun and wisdom-fire.

275. Why are you so tense?

Why are you so tense?
It makes no sense.
Commence your knowledge-life.
Destroy your ignorance-knife.

276. My inner flame

My inner flame does not blame anybody,
My inner flame.
If you see not my inner flame,
Never will you be freed from ignorance-game.

277. God's Game

You want to play God's Game?
There is no set fee.
Give me what you have, give.
I shall show you the seed immortal
Of Infinite Reality.

278. I shall find my God

I shall find my God the Beauty.
I shall bind my God the Duty.
I shall show my mind
What I have from God:
Consolation deep and kind.

279. There is no seeing

There is no sleeping.
There is no seeing.
Either you lose or win
Inside earth's clamour-din.

280. Who will tie me?

Who will tie me?
Who will?
Who will buy me?
Who will?
Mine is a helpless cry,
Mine is a hopeless sigh.

281. Who?

Who will live with me?
Who will?
Who will cry with me?
Who will?
Who will preach for me?
Who will?
Who will reach my heart?
Who will?

282. I hate my fate

I hate my fate, I hate.
It keeps on knocking at my heart's gate.
My heart yearns for God's date.
I know it is not too late,
Not too late.

283. A life with no flaw

God Himself wants to draw
You, only you.
Yours is the life
That has no flaw.
Yours is the life
Of a rainbow-dream
Swimming in Immortality's stream.

284. My boat I steer

I shall soon reach my destined goal.
I shall soon teach my aspiration-role.
Those who are with me are my dear ones.
With them, my boat I steer.
And who else accompanies us?

285. I cry for love

I cry for love,
I try for truth.
Below, above
I die for ruth.

286. Halt, halt!

Halt, halt!
Do not assault
The members of your sweet little family.
Indeed, they are your vast heart's

287. City of the sleepers

O city of the sleepers,
I wish to be a citizen of your city.
I shall pay my fee,
Become a true member
For Eternity.

288. I shall feed my Lord

I shall feed my Lord
With my selfless service pure.
I shall feed my Lord
With my breathless purity sure.

289. Now I understand

Now I understand
Why God has stopped
Talking to me.
He does not talk to me
Because jealousy and insecurity
Have enveloped me totally —
Totally, mercilessly, unreservedly.

290. Somewhere before

Somewhere before,
I saw God's Face.
And today I have become
God's Satisfaction-Grace.

291. The ladder of truth

O come and ascend the ladder of truth.
Behold, God's measureless Ruth.
His Hour has struck.
Let us enjoy our peerless luck.

292. He was

Receptive on earth,
Creative in Heaven
He was.

Struggled on earth,
Right from his very birth.
Triumph in Heaven,
He became.

293. Imagination and creation

Imagination is in Heaven.
Creation is on earth.

Imagination takes creation to God the Source.
Creation takes imagination to man the course.

294. I am wrong, I am wrong

I am wrong, I am wrong,
I want to learn
God-illumining song.

I am wrong, I am wrong,
My position now,
I made it strong.

I am wrong, I am wrong,
Alone to God
I shall belong.

295. Let us once more try

O ignorance-dream,
Before we die
Let us once more try,
Once more,
To be at our inner door
And garland the Feet
Of our Beloved Supreme,
And thus end our
Age-long illusion and delusion-dream.

296. I don't believe it

I don't believe it.
How can God speak ill of me?
How can He?
Am I not His extended Self?
Am I not His imperfect Self?
Am I not entirely His,
Only His?
No, my Lord cannot speak ill of me,
For I am He,
Swimming in the preparation-sea.

297. Now I know

Ah, ah, now I know
Why at the beginning of time
God become the Vision-sun,
And the Reality-Light.
Vision is His Preparation-strength.
Reality is His Realisation-length.

298. All you need

All you need is love.
All he needs is peace.
All I need is joy.
And what God needs
Is our ignorance-release.

299. Can you spare a minute?

Can you spare a minute?
I shall tell you something secret and sweet.
God has told me this morning that you will
Replace Him before long,
And He will gladly His position quit.

300. When I look at you

When I look at you, I see your mind
Carrying a cargo of clear thought:
Perfection-light your mind has caught.

In you I cherish my journey's birth,
In you I nourish my reality's mirth.

301. The rainbow of an hour

The rainbow of an hour
Can fulfil my soul.

The thunder of an hour
Can destroy my earth-role.

302. The end of craving

The end of craving
Arouses the bird of longing.

Longing has no end.
Longing has only one friend:
Along Eternity's road
Of satisfaction white.

303. Him I gave my all

With eager speed I ran
Towards Heaven to see the Face
Of my Lord Supreme.

With eager cry
Him I saw,
Him I loved,
Him I gave my all:
Material world,
Spiritual world,
My realisation small
And aspiration tall.

304. Alas, alas

Alas, alas, even my own heart
Will not wait for me.

Alas, alas, even my own soul
Does not care for me.

Alas, alas, even my own God
Has forsaken me.

Alas, alas, even my dream-world
Has deserted me.

305. Give me another!

O give me another chance!
This time I shall use
My destruction-lance
To pierce the veil of
And establish the reign of

306. An instant with God

An instant with God
Can make you freedom-son.

An instant with God
Can make you perfection-sun.

An instant with God
Can make you another God.
Indeed, another God.

307. One honest tear

One honest tear
Can spear
The veil of
Earthbound night
And herald
The birth of
God's Transcendence-Height.

308. Bind me no more

O my doubt-mind,
Bind me no more, bind.

O my greedy vital,
Blind me no more, blind.

O my insecure heart,
Find me, find God,
Inside your existence-reality,

309. Because I fear

O Supreme Lord, because I fear,
You allow me not to steer
The boat of my reality-dream.

310. The supreme feast

O my Lord Supreme,
I have made arrangements
For the supreme feast
Where my hungry vital, my hungry mind,
My sleeping body and my insecure heart,
All will dine together with You
And enjoy the feast
Once in this lifetime at least.

311. Only one deed

Only one deed can feed my supreme need.
I shall sow the seed of love-oneness-light
And see inside the seed the tree,
The blossoming tree of Perfection-Delight.

312. How far?

How far is it?
How far your illusion-delusion-dream?
How far from here?
How far?
Is it so near?
Is it so near?
How is it, then,
We do not conquer it,
Devour it,
My dear?

313. Sooner than at once

Sooner than at once,
I shall see the face of Truth.
Sooner than at once,
I shall grow into God-ruth.
Sooner than at once,
I shall bring good news to earth.
Sooner than at once
Will dawn a new Divinity's birth.

314. The God-messenger

I see the God-messenger come.
I see him bringing me the message
Of God-Compassion.
I see him smiling the smile
Of consolation.

O God-messenger,
O bridge between my weeping tears
And God's Compassion-smiles,
Your service-light I admire and adore
Forever and ever more.

315. One thing to give, one thing to take

I have but one thing to give,
I have but one thing to take.

I shall give my surrendered life
To my beloved Supreme
And from Him I shall take
His Compassion-flood,
My long-cherished dream.

316. Nothing but a trick

God-manifestation in a day:
Nothing but a trick.

God-realisation in a day:
Nothing but a trick.

God-aspiration in a day:
Nothing but a trick.

God-Compassion in a day
Can never be a trick
But a Reality flooded with Divinity
And a Divinity flooded with Reality.

317. Examine

Examine your sleep.
Make it really deep!

Examine your wakeful hours.
Make them powerful towers!

Examine your own self.
You are your own help.

318. A small chance

Still there is a small chance,
I may perhaps succeed,
I shall unfurl the lance
Of my gratitude-life,
And conquer my own
Life-threatening lance.

319. I never cared to know

A thing I never cared to know:
Who is for God?

The thing I never cared to learn:
To cry for me.

But I hear an inner voice
Telling me
That all human beings
Consciously or unconsciously,
Directly or indirectly,
Care for God,
And all human beings in their perfect sleep
Cry for me,
Poor me.

320. Who knows?

Who knows?
Who knows?
Who knows why and how
I made friends with doubt?
Now, no matter how I cry,
No matter how I shout,
My shameless enemy, doubt,
Does not leave me alone.
I cry, I moan, I groan.
My doubt-friend continues
Its shameless and ruthless game.

321. Beyond the shadow of a doubt

Beyond the shadow of a doubt,
I shall win God's smiling Face.
Beyond the shadow of a doubt,
I shall run with God
In His earth-transforming days.

322. Newness shall overtake us

Newness shall overtake us
As a flood.
Oneness shall overtake us
As a fragrant preparation,

323. I know what I am for

I know what I am for.
I am for God and God alone.
I am for God-manifestation-light.
I am for God-perfection-height.
I am for God-satisfaction-light.
I am for God-oneness-delight.
I am for God,
I am for God alone.

324. I need a place

Lord, Lord, You run too fast,
I cannot keep pace.

Lord, Lord give me
A small room,
A solitary space,
In Your Compassion-Heart.

I need a place
For my days.

325. I am a special case

Lord, I am a special case.
Please, please, do not chase
Me away.

Lord, Lord, I am a special case.
I shall show You, Lord, my face.
How can I?
Where should I?
If You do not grant me Your boundless Grace?
Lord, Lord.

326. Be pure, be sure

Your thoughts are base,
Therefore nobody endeavours to embrace
You and your thought-reality.

Be pure, be sure.
In you is awaiting
God-perfection and
God-satisfaction-unity's multiplicity.

327. A truly priceless friend

A truly priceless friend have I:
My gratitude-heart.
This friend of mine cancels the arrival
Of death-dart.
This friend of mine accelerates my
Godward journey.
This friend of mine grants me,

328. Always and everywhere

Always and everywhere I hear only one cry:
I shall ascend to God's sky.
Always and everywhere I hear only one song:
God alone is His perfection-gong.

329. A blue eye from above

A blue eye from above has blessed my heart.
A green eye from below has touched my heart.
A white eye from God has blessed and touched,
Loved, embraced and fulfilled me,
My puny body,
My flickering vital,
My feeble mind
My insecure heart.

330. Inside my heart

Inside my heart I feel
Nameless sadness.
Inside my heart I feel
A strong barrenness.
Inside my heart I feel
A sense of soullessness.
Inside my heart I feel
The beginning, absolute beginning
Of an untarnished newness.

331. I brag and I lag

I brag and brag
Day in and day out.
Therefore I lag
Behind in everything
I do and say.
I fail in everything, I fail.
Long ago I had forgotten how to sail
In the sea of life-energising
Of my Lord Supreme.

332. Do not hide

I am on your side,
Do not hide, do not hide.

You I shall guide,
Do not hide, do not hide.

333. Are you sure?

Are you sure,
When you say
That I am earthbound?

Are you sure
That in ignorance
You have my presence found?

Are you sure
That my sound-life
Is no longer strong?

Are you sure
That my aspiration-life
Is not long?

334. An extraordinary event

An extraordinary event:
My earth-descent.

An extraordinary event:
My Heaven-ascent.

An extraordinary event:
My cheerful consent.

335. I shall not care

I shall not care for the amount,
No matter how much you charge me,
I shall mount and mount,
I shall see my realisation-fount.

336. He is not the same

He is not the same.
He has now a new name.
He is not the same.
He has now abundant fame.
He is not the same.
He is now apt to tame
His vital world
And mental world.
He is not the same.

337. Why do you criticise?

Why do you criticise?
Why do you criticise?
Why do you fail to harmonise?
Why do you fail to harmonise?
You criticise and destroy
Your own oneness-life,
Arouse speedily
Humanity's untold strife.

338. Something for nothing

Something for nothing
Only clever Man can expect.
Nothing for something
Only poor God can accept.

339. My promise

I shall give God my promise,
My promise dire,
To smash the pride of ignorance-dream.
God has promised to me
That He will give me another chance,
For the illumination of the desire-world,
And transformation, illumination
And manifestation of the aspiration-world.

340. Think of me

Think of me, O earth.
I shall always be ready for your liberation-light.
Think of me,
Then I shall always be ready for your

341. A real nuisance

Criticism-game is a real nuisance.
I must stop it
Once and for all
And laugh inside my heart,
Feel the living breath
Of the members of my little family,
Big and small.

342. Have you forgotten?

Have you forgotten something, mind,
My mind?
What is it?
Have you forgotten
Or have you lost your poise?
Then come to me.
I shall show you where you can find it.
You can find it
In your soulful oneness
With your elder brother, heart,
Reality-heart, Divinity-heart.
O mind, you will find it.
It is there.

343. Grant me hope

My Lord Supreme, grant me hope,
Unconquerable hope
So that I do not
In the quagmire grope.
Lord Supreme, grant me faith,
Unconquerable aspiration-flame,
So that I can play with God
In His self-transcendence game.

344. Two complaints

I came to Mother Earth
To register a complaint
Against Father Heaven.
The complaint is simple:
Father Heaven is not as alert
As he was once upon a time.

I went to Father Heaven
To register a complaint
Against Mother Earth.
Mother Earth is not as energetic
As she was before.

345. Try and die

O my aspiration-flame,
although you are weak,
Although you are slow,
I shall not blame you,
I shall never blame,
O my aspiration-flame,
For I know nothing is easy
In this world.
Nothing is easy to perform
In this world of ours,
Even when God's Hour strikes,
Even when destination-goal nears
Our aspiration-cry.
Nothing is easy.
We just try
And die
And die and try.

346. Are you a saint?

Are you a saint?
Are you a saint?
Then paint my life with your purity-paint.
Are you a fake?
Are you a fake?
Then touch me not,
Wake me not, wake.

347. Thought for today

Thought for today:
I shall play with my Inner Pilot,
I shall play.
I shall tell him my life's story,
And offer him my life's gratitude-glory.

348. Just a simple request

The poet in silence speaks.
The singer in silence sings.
I, the poet and I, the singer,
Know not how to speak and sing.
What I know is just a simple request:
For my children,
A oneness-nest.

349. An unforgotten incident

An unforgotten incident:
God smiled at me
Before my soul left for this earth.

An unforgettable accident:
My doubt-world and God's faith-world
My insecurity-world and God's sympathy-world
All of a sudden collided on life's highway.
My possessions were totally smashed.
God's possessions surprisingly remained
Unbroken, nay, not even touched.

350. No small compromise

No small compromise.
We are acting, undoubtedly
Like the wise.

351. Many a time

Many a time I have tried to cut
The root of ignorance-night.
Each time I tried I sadly failed,
Therefore I gave up.
Now my surrendered life to God's
And Compassion-delight
Can cut the root of ignorance-night.

352. My life's great story

The body is apt to decay.
The vital is apt to play.
The mind is apt to think.
The heart is apt to sink.
Indeed, this is my life's great story.

353. My unconditional surrender

My unconditional surrender
Is younger than yesterday.
Therefore I have to be
Extremely careful, soulful,
For this tiny sapling
Can be totally uprooted by

354. One need

One need, one need, one supreme need;
A heart of dedication-seed.

One choice, one choice, one supreme choice;
Surrender life to the surrendered life
Of the inner voice.

355. I have played

For you once I have played my ignorance-game
In my inner journey, my Lord.
To play wisdom-flame, ignorance was
Within me.
Dance and glance,
No chance have I to enter into my
Self-amorous trance.

356. Life

Life is a flowing stream.
Life is a glowing dream.
Life is a perfection-slope.
Life is dedication-glow.

357. Let us now start

O heart, my heart,
Let us now start.
Let us face ignorance-life,
And eat it with our dragon-knife.

358. Let me save you

Let me save you,
Let me now save,
From your savage cave,
I am truly brave.

359. That's all

Pain, pain all over,
Ignorance rain-shower.
Fall, fall, a tropic fall,
Nothing more, that's all.

360. I hide no more

I hide no more, I hide.
Now come and ride.
Ignorance-dream I shall cease.
Within, without, a flood of peace.

361. I lead

I lead my past eve,
I guide my present morn,
I sow the seed of reality-seed,
I lovingly feed the world hunger, I feed.

362. I feed

I feed my Godward need,
Conquered my earthbound greed.

363. Today and tomorrow

O world, today you offer me
Your invaluable crown.
Tomorrow you garland me
With your venom-frown.

364. No goal

No goal, no goal,
All dark dole,
Life a bottomless hole,
And I have no role.

365. Note, O universe

Note, O universe, note,
My heart and I shall vote
Only for my Beloved Supreme,
My Eternity's Reality-Dream.

366. How can I steer

Fear, my dear, fear,
How can I steer
My life-boat,
Tell me,
With you,
In you,
For you.

367. Who sings, who cries?

Who sings the songs of doom
Inside my reality-room?
Who cries for perfection-noon
Inside the heart of beauty's moon?

368. Drill, kill, lock, shock

Drill, my vital, drill.
Kill, my mind, kill.
Lock, my body, lock.
Shock, my life, shock.

369. No fear

No fear, no fear,
I shall help you steer
Your duty's life-boat
And reach your destination-pier.

370. I grow

I grow not only to blow
My own horn;
I grow also to glow
With beauty's morn.

371. I love

I love my ascendance-dance.
I love my transcendence-trance.

372. My realisation-time

I love my realisation-time
Which embodies unmistakable
Cosmic rhythm and rhyme.

373. Pray and play

Two things I do:
I pray and play.
I play to achieve.
I pray to conceive.

374. One supreme task

One supreme task
Keeps me alive,
Helps me thrive;
Ignorance, I must unmask.

375. Who is my Supreme?

Who is my Supreme?
My life's only
Flawless Dream.
Indeed, He is my Supreme.

376. I shall grow

I shall grow inside
Each crying heart.
I shall divinely use
My ignorance-destroying dart.

377. Gloom and doom

Gloom and doom;
Together they room,
Together they boom

378. The boat of hope

Today I shall sail the boat of hope.
I shall no longer grope
In the mind's quagmire.
A will indomitable and dire
Shall guide me, my onward steps,
And thus put an end to unforeseen,
Unaspiring ends.

379. God-game

I play God-game
With God-flame.
I dance God-dance
With God-lance.

380. Only one crime

Only one crime
In Eternity's time;
When I do not pray
For the gnostic ray.

381. Properly use your time

O properly use your time
Wherever you are, in whatever
If you do not want to be
Involved in shameless crime.

382. My longing eye

O my longing eye,
You tie me with vastness-sky.
Beauty's grace,
I run with your duty's race.

383. Curiosity

Curiosity, curiosity,
Remember, you are
An unwanted necessity.


You are a follower of this earth,
I am a follower of Heaven.
I need your patience-sea,
You need my life's ecstasy.

385. Does it belong?

Aspiration, does it belong
To me?
No, it does not.
It belongs to God-Compassion-Tree.

386. A lover's newness

A lover's newness,
A server's oneness,
A seeker's calmness,
And God's readiness,
Make you divinely great,
Supremely good,
In all your devotedness.

387. Not too late

Not too late to choose
Come with your aspiration-fountain,
Your life will succeed.
Your heart shall proceed.

388. You are too great

You are too great
To wail,
I am too good
To fail.
I know, I know.
Let us both
Together grow and flow.

389. I must begin

My silence-sadness
Has killed my heart.
I must begin,
A quick new start.

390. Your Face

Your Face
Is a universal place.
Your Heart
Is a transcendental Bliss.
And You are
Eternity's Freedom-release.

391. A life of sin

A life of sin
Can never win.
The sins, while drinking,
Eat the dreams, while sinking.

392. One test

One test, one supreme test
The seeker must go through.
He has to discover the supreme Nest.

393. Friends

Two brave friends — gloom and doom.
Two sweet friends — glow and flow.
Two soulful friends — door and floor.
Two illumining friends — dream and stream.

394. Both have lost

Heaven fell
On the old poor earth.
Both have lost their
Natural mirth.

395. Today I own

Today I own
New hopes, new scopes,
New cries, new skies,
New newness, new oneness
Today I own.

396. From today

I love you, friend.
I shall serve you.
I love your heart-hope.
From today
It can never in ignorance grope.

397. I call it "God"

I call it "God".
They call it Grace.
I call it man.
They call it His Face.

398. All goodness

All goodness and no badness,
That is what you are.
You are my joy and pride; from you
I never suffer.

399. The song of fulfilling constant newness

Hope is less dear than faith,
Faith is less dear than love,
Love is less dear than oneness,
Oneness is the song
Of fulfilling constant newness.

400. Easy and difficult

Easy, too easy,
To pray to God.
Most difficult,
To accept God's God-rod.

401. Desire lives, desire dies

Desire lives, desire dies.
It lives in my vital world of night,
It dies in my inner world of light.

402. Are you dead?

Are you dead to pleasure?
Then you are fit to measure
God, your Eternity's Treasure.

403. You will see the difference

Let your faith rule.
Let reason stop.
You will see the difference,
No mind-horse to hop.

404. Desire and aspiration

Desire is my sad decay,
Aspiration is my beauty's
Fruitful soul-ray.

405. First and last

Desire is first to fight
And last to quit.
Love is first to see
And first to be.

406. Don't leave me behind

Don't leave me behind,
O aspiration-flame.
In your absence I shall lose
All interest in God-Game.

407. Yours and mine

Yours is the heart of tenderness.
Mine is the heart of frankness.
Yours is the heart of newness.
Mine is the heart of oneness.

408. Transformation-hue

No such luck!
God will not do
Everything for you.
No never!
God will help you,
But you have to do
Your own task: transformation-hue.

409. Human folly

Human folly:
Man's love for isolation-life.
Divine wisdom:
Put an end to division-strife.

410. A row of stars

I see a row of stars
In my heart-sky.
I fly and fly,
Touch their life-breath,
And offer them
My service-delight-flowers.

411. O Lord, I've tried

O Lord, I've tried and tried
But my desire-friends
Allow me not to claim You
As my own, very own.

My desire-friends make me feel
You are my Lord and not my Friend.
O my Lord Supreme, grant that I may feel You
As my old Friend,
My own reality's only Friend.

412. Fear, dear

Fear, dear, cannot you stay,
Only for today.
At a distance so that I can see
Your unforgettable dance
In a more appreciative way?
Here, nearness is blindness,
And when I am blind,
My appreciation may not touch the

Fear, dear, today remain at a distance.
Let me glance at your capacity-game
Do not worry, I shall not blame.
It is just illumination-fun,
Nothing more, nothing less.
Fear, dear, be fearless
Today, only today.

413. There is a way

There is a way, there is a way
To pay the world.
There is a way, there is a way to pay,
To pay, unmistakably, to pay
The charge of self-aggrandisement ray.
There is a way, there is a way.
Give what you have and then stop.
Take what you need and then halt.

414. Twin brothers

Twin brothers — life and death.
Life demands of me what can be done
Sooner than at once.
Life inspires me to do everything
Sooner than at once.
Death reminds me of the necessity of a rest,
In silence-nest.

415. My fate

My fate is to bring down God's supernal ray.
My heart is my choice,
My soul is my voice,
My life is my promise white,
Promise, promise-light.
My bed is my rest's stupendous height.

416. I shall test

I shall test you, I shall test.
I shall test your silence-nest.
I shall play with you,
Never shall I take any rest.

417. Buds of hope

I love all buds of hope,
They bring me breathless joy.
I enjoy their beauty's scope,
I am their soulful, fruitful toy.

418. A living flame

I want my life
To be a living flame.
I want my breath
To be a part of God-game.

419. Your mind's supplies

What will you do
With your mind's supplies,
Fear, doubt and jealousy?
Give them to me
And take from me in return
All my ecstasy.

420. For God only

I know, I know,
You are for God only.
I know, I know,
Yours is the love
For God only.

421. They shine

Love sweetly shines.
Faith quietly shines.
Confidence confidently shines.
God selflessly shines.

422. You, you

You, you.
O my heart's golden hue!
I love you, and you I need.
Just come and stay with me
And in silence feed.

423. A climbing mount

A climbing mount,
A nectar fount,
In you, in your beauty's sea,
I always see.

424. Come and help me

O loving heart,
O searching soul,
O crying life,
O flying goal,
Come and help me
To complete my
God-manifesting role.

425. Deep in beauty's dream

Deep in beauty's dream,
I saw my Beloved Supreme.
Him I told, "My Lord Supreme,
Because my life is dying,
In me do shine,
Only once do shine."

426. You are sure to win

You are sure to win,
Just cry within.
Blessing descends,
Gratitude ascends,
To silence your life's

427. Gratitude-flower

All can buy.
Only a few can try.
I try only to sigh.

428. It simply cannot be

It simply cannot be.
You cannot have an interview with God.
Purify your body's breath,
Lengthen your mind's length.
Then it will be
More than possible,
God will without fail grant you
An interview.

429. I feel sorry

I feel sorry
For your unmerited sorrow.
I feel sorry, for your self-styled leadership
I feel sorry
For your imperfection life-ship.

430. Each delay is too long

Right now is too short,
Each delay is too long.
Right now, the awakener
Is Perfection-Light,
Each delay, a failure-cry
In the heart of night.

431. Treacherous smiler

O treacherous smiler,
Thee I salute at a distance.
O tremendous smiler,
Thee I love in my soulful trance.

432. You are impossible

You are impossible to please,
I gave up trying long ago.
You are impossible to love,
I gave up loving you long, long ago.

433. You make others happy

You make others happy.
I make others suffer.
I know not, I know not.
Who can give one faultless answer,

434. Tell me where I live

Tell me where I live.
Inside your flickering mind?
No, never.
Tell me where I live.
Inside my darkening vital?
No, never.
Inside my crying heart?
Sorry, no.
Inside my perfection-vision?
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

435. I will arise

I will arise, I will.
Do not worry, do not suffer.
I shall embrace a new beginning,
And divinely and unreservedly prosper.

436. Stop talking

Stop talking.
You too can be happy.
Stop frowning.
You can easily be happy.
Start giving.
Lo, you are already happy.

437. Nothing

Nothing is as disgraceful
As jealousy's ugly face.
Nothing is as disgusting
As impurity's backward race.

438. O silence-time

O silence-time,
I love your Eye.
I love your Sky.
I love your Heart-flame.
I love your God-game.

439. Busy dreams

O busy dreams,
Stop, for God's sake, stop!
In me I have seen a deathless star.
It is so near,
with no scar.

440. The cry of fear

The cry of fear
Made him insane.
The fear of cry
Made his life full of bane.

441. In the abyss of time

In the abyss of time,
I saw my own
Life-flickering ray
That brought me a happy day.

442. Game and flame

I love your pride-devour game.
I love your ecstasy-tower-flame.

443. Pride

Dear friend, what you badly need
Is a life-saving guide.

444. Daily

Daily I scan
My little life.
Daily I plan
My tiny hope.

445. We know how

You know how to explain.
He knows how to remain.
I know how to retain.
God knows how to refrain.

446. By ear unheard

By ear unheard,
By eye unseen,
By hand untouched,
My folly-screen.

447. Love is a lasting fire

Love is a lasting fire.
Faith is a blossoming flower.
Doubt is a killing life.
Joy is a climbing tower.

448. You know

You know that I am trying.
You know that I am crying.
You know that I am dying.
What more can you expect by shouting?

449. The least push of joy

The least push of joy
Made him not only great
And good but also perfect.
The least push of joy.

450. The only thing

Hope is the only thing
That keeps me alive.
Joy is the only thing
To make me thrive.

451. Sleepless hours

O sleepless hours,
I adore your glory's flowers.
I love your satisfaction-cry.
With you my heart shall fly.

452. A wild thought-breath

A wild thought-breath
In you is grown.
Therefore your strength
Is gone; groan.

453. A heavy heart

A heavy heart
Have I.
A failure-soul
Am I.
Mine is an
Eyeless 'I'.
I shall soon die,
Sleepless I.

454. Your place

True, you feel all grace,
But do you know where your place is?
My heart is your place — only place.

455. Dawn is the creator

Dawn is the creator of Light.
Light is the creator of Delight.
Delight is the creator of Perfection
And Oneness-height.

456. Let us see

My inner life informed my outer life
That it would not mix with it any more.
My outer life said to the inner life,
"Let us see who first reaches the shore."

457. The silence of truth

The silence of truth
Loves and becomes,
Becomes and loves.

The sound of truth
Threatens and frightens,
Frightens and threatens,
Develops and envelops,
Envelops and develops.

458. Truth-tellers

There are only two truth-tellers,
My seeker friend and my
Lover God.
These two are undoubtedly
The only truth-tellers
And only life fulfillers.

459. A dangerous fellow

You are a dangerous fellow.
You enjoy dancing with venom-doubt,
No matter how long we scream,
How loudly we shout.

460. O earth! O Heaven!

O earth,
For your sake,
Not to make you badly jealous,
I have not gone to Heaven
O Heaven,
For your sake,
Not to make you sadly jealous,
I have not come down to earth

461. It is all my fault

It is all my fault.
I told you that
God does not care for you
Any more.
To you He has closed His Heart-door.
He cares only for me.
Your belief has troubled you.
My dark lie has killed me.

462. I wish

I wish I could stop
Weaving my poem garland,
And go and sleep
In a snow-white dreamland.

463. An unbelievable story

Desire is bold but desire is not old.
Faith is old yet bold.
Desire-world and faith in God
Together cry, together shine,
Together rub each other together,
Together they love; together they hate.
An unbelievable story
In human history.

464. My faith, my patience

My faith has become bold
But not my aspiration-cry.
My patience has become old
But not my forgiveness-sky.

465. To forget

To surrender to death
Is to become a God-failure,
Here and there,
On earth and in Heaven, sure.

466. Evolution of desire

Desire ultimately becomes
A frustration-sea,
A destruction-sky,
And an unforgettable sigh.

467. I offered

My tears and sighs,
Long ago I offered to my fate-maker.
My love and joy, just the other day,
I've offered to my life-transformer.
My gratitude-flame, yesterday I have
Offered to my Saviour-Friend and

468. Never mind

Never mind what others do,
What others think.
Never mind.
Just do what you feel like doing.
Just say what you feel like saying.
Never mind what others do or say.
In no way will you be responsible
For their action and deed.

469. At long last

My long desired Lord, my long desired Lord,
At long last I have come and sat at your Feet.
To forget you was my death,
And now to be with You
Is to enjoy Eternity's infinite breath.

470. What is it?

Aspiration: what is it?
A letter of high inspiration.

Realisation: what is it?
A letter of high aspiration.

Revelation: what is it?
A letter of high realisation.

Manifestation: what is it?
A letter of high revelation.

471. Caring is

Caring is loving;
Loving is becoming;
Becoming is all-giving;
All-giving is God-bestowing,
God-growing, God-illumining,
God-divining, God-fulfilling.

472. No second chance

No second chance, just come and try.
Life itself is a serious business.
Here keep your promise, all your promise.
Keep your promise and step on the ladder
Of abundant glory,
Or break your promise and swim in the sea
Of ceaseless frown
And in mockery drown.

473. If not

Choose more wisely.
If not you may repent.
Give more bountifully.
If not you will repent.

474. I have been longing

From time's beginning,
I have been longing
Only for one thing —
A glimpse of God-Beauty's
Universal ring.

475. Just remember me

Remember me.
I need no reward from You.
Just remember me.

Love me.
I need no consolation from you.
Just remember me.

476. A silly fellow

You are a silly fellow.
You cannot free yourself
From doubting.
I tell you, life is for those
Who are all-loving
In life-breath
And all-giving
In death-length.

477. A life

A life of faith is worth trying.
A life of love is worth living.
A life of God is worth becoming.

478. A babe

A baby bliss you enjoy.
A baby life you employ.
A baby God, your only toy.

479. My eternal plea

My eternal plea to God:
I wish to become
A real man
With spanless ken.

480. A hero

You are a loud-mouthed hero,
Nothing more, nothing less.
He is a big-hearted hero,
Something more: spotless.

481. I still remember

I still remember clearly
My desire's darkest night.
I still remember devotedly
My longing's brightest day.

482. A sincere cry

This must I have,
A sincere cry,
To try and fly
Into the vaulted sky.

483. Alas! who is not a fool?

Realisation counterfeit?
Perhaps it is.
In that case, I have fooled the world.
Who is not a fool?

I have snatched God's Delight.
Duty I snatch, Delight I snatch,
Oneness I snatch,
From only one thing — God's unconditional

484. Every time you smile

Every time you smile, I forget
The life of death-existence.
Every time you smile, my Heaven-hunger increases,
My heart-hunger decreases.

Every time you smile, you grant me
A virgin mind and a virgin heart,
A hallowed life and a beautiful seeker.

485. O sweet meditation!

O sweet meditation-flames,
You have brought me the message
Of eternal silence.
You have given me courage indomitable.
You have given me patience interminable.
You have taught me how to be rich
In mercy.
You have taught me how to drink
Deep ecstasy.

486. You are my all

O lover of all!
O protection tall!
In you I see and feel
My satisfaction-delight.
You are my God-height.
You are my all.

487. Your worst foe

Do you know, friend, do you know
Your only friend, your worst foe —
It has become really insane.
It speaks ill of you,
Inside and out.

488. God's partners

God's visible partner:
His birthless Compassion-Light.
God's invisible partner:
His deathless Justice-Height.
Together they give God
Endless duty's
Endless delight.

489. Who sees God's Face

Who sees God's Face
Knows God's constant Grace,
Wherein abides a world-transforming,
A world-enlightening new race.

490. The harbinger

A great help, grief
Is the harbinger
Of my Lord's wonder,

491. One voice, one divine choice

One voice, one voice, one divine voice,
One choice, one choice, one supreme choice,
Have made my life
Divinely soulful,
Supremely fruitful.
One voice, one divine voice,
One choice, one supreme choice.

492. Now is the time

Now is the time, now,
For me, my heart, to plough
The fields of concern-light,
To collect the bumper crops of delight.

493. The voice above

The voice above
I greatly treasure.
It is my soul-beauty's dove,
My realisation-love,
The voice above.

494. Come my friend

Come, my friend enthusiasm, come.
Love all, risk all,
Yours is the victory's golden call.

495. I have come into the world

I have come into the world
To spread Divinity's Truth,
Eternity's ruth,
To show the world
God-concern, sweet,
Yet majestic, profound and smooth.
I have come into the world.

496. A stranger

You are a stranger to fear.
I am a stranger to doubt.
In God's Heart we have a special place,
To sing, to dance, to enjoy and shout.

497. My existence-art

When I feed my flame within my heart,
Earth's patience-flood,
Heaven's perfection-blood,
I see together sporting within me,
My existence-art.

498. O holy hope!

O holy hope!
Of you, of your love
For me,
There is a Heaven above.

499. Two good friends

My frequent tears,
My persistent fears
Have become two good friends.
Alas, I am not quite safe
In their trembling, quivering

500. Risk all

Risk all, love all, become all.
Then your fault-finding nature
Will be transformed into
Wisdom vast, perfection tall.

501. I love the world

I love the world,
Its stark stupidity.
The world loves me,
My self-styled responsibility.

502. The world loves me

Because I create,
The world loves me, my soul.
Because they receive,
Them I give cheerfully
My gratitude-heart
Pure and sweet,
My oneness-all.

503. Whom wilt thou choose?

Whom wilt Thou choose?
From now on
I shall always
Befriend Thee,
Love Thee,
Illumine Thee
And fulfil Thee,
According to my strength-capacity
And length-reality.

504. Someday

My Lord, my eternity's Lord,
Someday will you call me inside,
I shall not do anything wrong, undivine.
Just allow me to get inside and pray
And be deeply involved in
Surrender-meditation life.

505. Let me

Let me smash the attachment-chain.
Let me stop the illusion-reign.
Let me stop desire-game.
Let me feed my aspiration-flame.

506. Wake up!

Wake up, wake up!
This is the time to meditate.
Everyone, wake up!
Be pure, be sweet, be sure.
Cancel all dry thoughts.
I have only one will,
Ignorance to kill,
And sing destination-dance.

507. When does surrender come?

When does surrender come?
What does surrender do?
Surrender comes when you are
Unreservedly happy.

And what does surrender do?
Surrender makes you an
Unconditionally surrendered soul
To God the acme of perfection
In human confusion.

508. More and more

I miss you more and more,
I love you more and more.
My tears are messengers mature.
My smiles my heart's open door.

509. Destination-dance

Destination-dance I have seen
Many a time.
In it abides creation's
Rhythm and rhyme.

510. One foot on earth

One foot on earth, one foot in Heaven.
This is how he declares his supremacy
On earth.
This is how he welcomes the Creator's
New birth.

511. Yesterday

Yesterday is too old.
Therefore, being young and bold,
I find it extremely difficult
To mix with the old generation.
Therefore I care not
For yesterday's source.
I care only for today's course.

512. Aspiration, realisation, perfection

Aspiration alters the world.
Realisation illumines the world.
Perfection fulfils the world.

513. God conceals

God conceals
My hope
And reveals
My promise-hall.
He is my Eternity's
Father, Brother,
And Eternity's
All, all.

514. Sincerity is

Sincerity is freedom.
Freedom is joy.
Joy is peace.
Peace is
God the Vision-maker
And God the Reality-distributor.

515. Lord, keep me humble

Lord, keep me humble,
This is what I pray,
To Thy gracious Will.
Make me holy wisdom-light
So that I can always
Against ignorance fight.

516. Silence and sound

Silence immaculate I need.
Sound fire-pure I need,
In my life of aspiration-flame
And in my life of dedication-game.

517. I kneel before Thee

I kneel before Thee in prayer
With devotion pure.
I lift my soul
For you to console.
I try to live chaste in thought
To enjoy my Godward eternal destiny.

518. My life, my heart

Mine is the life
I have committed to Thy God-serving.
Mine is the heart
I have committed to Thy God-keeping.

519. My birthright

My Father has taught me
How to claim once more
My birthright.
Therefore I am divinely happy in God-Light
Once more
And supremely proud
Once more.

520. The Creator Supreme

Do not forget this,
O my heart of dream!
Daily you have to love and worship
The Creator Supreme.
He is our Eternity's doll
And Divinity's absolute all.

521. O fault-finding unbelievers

O fault-finding unbelievers!
You have come to the wrong place.
This is for those
Who have sterling faith
In God and themselves.
You have come to the wrong place,
Yours is the life with no Grace.

522. I Am Taking Everything Back

I am taking everything back.
I shall no longer criticise you.
I shall no longer frown at you.
I shall just give you
What you need and deserve,
A Compassion-smile.

523. Although

Although I have failed,
I know I have tried.

Although I have cried,
I have failed.

Joy exists not
In our uncertain life.

524. No Haste

No haste,
No waste,
Taste nectar-delight.
Then on you proceed
To fight against teeming odds
Of ignorance-night.

525. Inspiration

Inspiration takes me to God
The length.
Aspiration takes me to God
The height.
Realisation takes me to God
The omnipotent.
Manifestation takes me to God
Where He dances
With earth's penury
And with Heaven's Eldorado.

526. Those Who Helped Me

Those who helped me
Were but few.
Those who loved me
Were but fewer.
Those who taught me
Were the fewest.
Here to each I offer
The flood of my soulful

527. My Deep Heart Is Full

My deep heart is full.
I shall smile today,
Heaven's blue smile.
I shall study once more
In my inner school
And scatter God-Light all around,
For a while.

528. Your Simple Soul

The utterance of your simple soul
Is simple too:
Love for love's sake,
God for God's sake,
Truth for truth's sake.
We too, not for our sake,
But for God's compassion-
And perfection-sake.

529. Spontaneous And Momentous

Is our sweet Mother Earth.
Is our dear Father Heaven.
To both I offer
My heart's gratitude-breath
And my life's happiness-length.

530. How I Cried

How I cried
When I heard I shall not see
Beauty's soul,
And Divinity-role.
How I cried.

531. I Spoke

I spoke to God with a soulful smile.
I spoke to man with a doleful cry.
I spoke to the world with a truthful eye.
I spoke to myself with a fruitful heart-song.

532. My Secret

My secret I reveal,
God is my pole-star promise.
I always dare and fulfil.

533. Stop Not

O my sweet inspiration,
Stop not,
Stop not.
Carry me farther down.

O my soulful aspiration,
Stop not,
Stop not
Until you have helped me
Achieve my realisation,
Reach my source,
My soul's destination-crown.

534. Two Friends

Two friends have I:
My hope-sky,
And my faith-sea.
They always let me fly
And swim unreservedly
And unconditionally,
Since the very day
Our friendship-banner we unfurled,
Under the sun-vast golden ray.

535. You Pray Well

You pray well.
Do you know why?
Because you cry well,
Because you love well,
Because you surrender well,
In the heart of silence-night,
In the soul of compassion-light.

536. Thoughtless

Thoughtless alone I climbed up
Life's perfection-tree.
Wordless I climbed down
With satisfaction-fruits.
Lavishly I distribute,
Generously I contribute,
The flow of my world's possessions.

537. You Are Calling Me

You are calling me.
I smile and smile.
I make no reply.
Why, you know;
Because I see in me
Your own heart-beat flow.

538. Soul Of Endless Beauty

O soul of endless beauty!
Do teach me the song:
Unity versus multiplicity.
You are the only one
Who knows the song.
Therefore all souls
To you must throng.

539. My Silence-Sun

Splendid, my silence-sun.
Save you, my life
Shall always remain
Pitifully undone.

540. Divine

How can I bark?
How can I shout?
Divine I am
Within, without.

541. I shall awaken you

My soulful heart,
My only all,
I shall awaken you
With God-manifestation call.

542. Ascend and descend

My tears ascend.
My smiles descend.
While ascending I become
The joy of Truth.
While descending I become
The love of ruth.

543. You Have Given Me

You have given me a full Eternity.
I have given you my heart's gratitude-tree.
You have given me Infinity's Light.
I am offering you my heart's service-might.

544. I Have Sung

Peace-song I have sung.
Bliss-song I have sung.
Love-song I have sung.
Surrender-song, I have yet to sing.
The master-singer in me
Remains still
Incomplete, unfulfilled.

545. It's Too Late

It's too late.
I ask my soul to come.
I ask my heart to come
Since time goes on
And waits for nobody,
I use the precious time
Here, right in front of me.

546. I Shall Feed

I shall feed my sacred flame,
Inside the living breath of my heart,
Soulfully and devotedly.
Today I shall begin my journey's start.

547. Stop

O busy mind, stop.
O busy vital, stop.
O busy body, stop.
O drowsy heart, stop.
O silver soul, move on,
Fly up,
Dive deep.

548. Dear Friends

Joy has a dear friend: simplicity.
Peace has a dear friend: sincerity.
Love has a dear friend: unity.
God has a dear friend: necessity.

549. Kindle The Fire

O kindle the fire of happiness!
Therein I shall seek
The door of friendliness,
The room of greatness
And the palace of goodness.
I shall see,
I shall see.

550. My Soul-Root

My soul-root is deep,
My heart-stem is sturdy,
My life-plant is far-fetched,
My adventure is risky and speedy.
But I know I am one
With the success-heart of light,
And one with the progress-soul of delight.

551. To Get To The Root

To get to the root of human problems,
Let us enter into the real root, the soul,
Wherein lies the solution of all problems
And perfection's satisfaction-goal.

552. On His Own

Each one is on his own.
Each one must adorn
His life,
Conquering the price of
Ignorance dire.
Each one can be on his own.

553. Seeing Is Believing

Seeing is believing,
When I live inside my mind's puny cave.
Believing is seeing,
When I brave
Ignorance-king and shine
With my fate adamantine.

554. What a Miserable Life

Half-believing, half-doubting,
What a miserable life you lead.
Half-refusal and half-consent,
What a miserable heart you feed.
Contain everything
In perfect shape,
And norm.
Yours will be victory's unprecedented dawn.

555. When My Faith And Doubt Fight

When my faith and doubt fight,
I am thrown into a death-struggle.
With utmost difficulty I smuggle
And bring out faith,
And doubt.

556. Nothing Worse, Nothing Better

There is nothing worse than doubt.
There is nothing better than faith.
I stay with doubt
For its fire-pure change.
I love my faith's
Indefinitely extended range.

557. Forget

Forget all your old grievances,
Venture a new life,
Gather new experiences.
On you will proceed,
Holding your victory's sunlit moon.

558. My Teacher And My Tutor

Experience is my teacher.
I love him and I love him.
Realisation is my tutor.
I love plus I need him.

559. Save Thee

I have abandoned everything and everyone,
Save Thee.
In Thee I have discovered
My Heaven-illumining
And earth-fulfilling
Fruitful tree.

560. Our Dear Possessions

What you have
Is a heart-sweetening light.
What I have
Is a mind-clearing might.
Let us together share
Our dear possessions
And complete our unity's

561. Fill My Heart

O fill my heart
With a silence-glow.
My heart is battered
By falsehood's giant blow.

562. Love Of Journey

The love of journey,
Easy to have.
But the journey of love
Is a tremendous task.
Ask anybody, ask.

563. Quote Me Not

O quote me not,
Quote me not, quote.
From you I need no vote.
What I need is your inner cry
To feed my own heart's
Vast blue sky.

564. Permit Me

Permit me to receive you.
Permit me to achieve you.
Permit me to see
The divine mind in you.
Permit me to see
God-necessity in you.

565. To Serve

To serve my Lord Supreme best
I have become soulfully
A silence-nest.

566. The Best Thing

Since Heaven and earth are one,
The best thing will be for me
To ask Heaven to give me
And to ask earth to give me

567. Follower And Seeker

O follower of earth!
Go, go and sin no more.
O seeker of Heaven!
Speed forth and stand
On the Golden Shore.

568. Unknown Morrow

O unknown morrow,
From you I shall borrow
The fount of love-light
To scale my topless height.

569. An Illumining And Fulfilling Family

Hearts are in unity.
Minds are in multiplicity.
I am in newness.
God is in His Oneness.
Indeed we have formed
An illumining and fulfilling family.

570. I Love Them All

I love my heart's morning star
Spotless, without a scar.
I love my beauty's moon.
I love my beauty's noon.
I love them all.
Me they enthrall.

571. Just Because You Are A Sage

Just because you are a sage,
I am sure you can bring me
Out of my mental cage.
Just because you are a sage,
You can easily empty my mind
Of wild rage.

572. Roar

Roar, roar,
My lion heart.
The cosmic door
Is wide open.
Roar, roar,
My lion heart.
My eagle bird shall soar and soar
Life is but a prosperity store.

573. Because I Rowed

Because I rowed my boat
Day in, day out,
I learned the wisdom of my inner core
Plus God-Divinity's God-Lore.

574. I Love The Heart Of All

I love the heart of all,
I shall never brook a fall.

575. Take Care

Take care.
All around you there
Is a tricky snare.

Take care,
Take care.
The world-frown
Is apt to stare.
Take care,
Take care.

576. We Are All Experts

My heart knows how to tie.
My soul knows how to fly.
My life knows how to try.
And I know how to cry.
We are all experts in our specific field
In a special way.
Daily we bring the Lord Supreme's

577. O Earth

O earth,
Allow me just once
To say my say:
There was a time
When I lived with God
And His eternal Day
And played with God
In His eternal Play.

578. Take My Heart

O take my heart, take
To God's sacred door.
O make my life a sincere cry
And then take me
To God's golden shore.

579. Who Will Hear

Who will hear my doleful tale?
Who will believe my titan gale?
Who will hail my life, hail?
Who will sail with me,
Who will sail?
No, not even a single soul
For perfection-goal.

580. Although I Speak

Although I speak
I am quite weak.
Although I play
In God's eternal Day
I am not quite strong.
Although I fly and fly
My wings have almost given way.
No fear,
No tear.
I shall bravely dare
My life-experiences to share
With all and sundry in stupendous glee.

581. O My Heart

O my heart,
You are the reservoir
Of my unending bliss.
In you I behold
My everlasting peace.
In you I see
The perfect blossom of soul-qualities:
Faith unending,
Love unending,
Truth unending,
Light unending.

582. Sow And Row

Slowly I sow
The seed of beauty's flame.
Soulfully I row
The boat of God's Compassion-game.

583. There Is But One Voice

There is but one voice.
There is but one choice.
This voice leads me
Into the heart of sun-bright day.
This choice helps me join
God's all-illumining play.

584. I Shall Not Swerve

I shall not swerve
From the path of Truth.
I shall just serve and serve
All those who remain
On the path of perennial ruth.
No, never shall I swerve
From the path of Truth.

585. Away You Must Remain

If you have no God-zeal,
Then away you must remain
From God's cosmic meal.

586. Rest, My Heart, Rest

Rest, my heart, rest.
In you I have found my life's quest
And my soul's nest.
Rest, my heart, rest.

587. I Urge

I urge
You not to arouse
Your emotion-surge.
For you will be totally lost
In destruction
With futility-flight.

588. I Was Born

I was born
On a spotless morn
And soon became a close friend
Of perpetual day,
Upon the heart
Of earth's bondage-clay.

589. The Small Hours

The small hours embody
The perfect time for anything,
For everything:
For God-Arrival,
For man-survival,
For animal-exit.

590. Flowers Fade Away

Flowers fade away.
Life fades away.
My heart-gratitude-flames never fade.
They always take shelter
Under life's protection-shade.

591. To The Zenith-Height

To the zenith-height,
I shall offer my gratitude-flight.
To the deepest depth,
I shall offer my gratitude-length.

592. I Am Ready

I am ready, O ambition-bird.
Take me to the world beyond,
Serene and pure,
Where Infinity's Smile
Will reign supreme, sure.

593. When Your Face Shines

When your face shines and smiles,
I lose in no time
All my dingy wiles.

594. Just Stand And Wait

Just stand and wait.
I shall open for you
My heart's golden gate.
Just stand and wait.

595. The March Of Life

The march of life
I appreciate with my soulful heart.
The flow of love
I appreciate with my soulful life.
I move along Eternity's shore
To open in confidence
Immortality's door.

596. I Love The Words Of Light

I love the words of light.
I love the messages of delight.
I love the flight
Of winging thought.
In them I long always
To be caught.

597. I Shall Stoop From Heaven

I shall stoop from Heaven
To see you,
To watch your deeds and misdeeds.

I shall converse with God
About your slumber-needs.
I shall end your living pleasure-night
And spread God-Beauty's God-Perfection-Height.

598. Such Precious Delight

Such precious delight
How could you lose?
Such precious summit-height
Where could you lose?
Lost height, lost delight,
You are swimming bare
In the sea of ignorance, all-where.

599. With His Eagle-Eyes

With his eagle-eyes
He sees beauty's sun-door.
With his eagle-eyes
He sees duty's sea-roar.

600. In The Bottomless Deeps

In the bottomless deeps
I have seen my beauty's soul
Flooded with Infinity's world-transforming,
Translucent Goal.

601. A Shattered Boat

A shattered boat my life is.
Long lost am I,
My helpless oars.
Trembling within and without
I face all alone Eternity's Infinity-Shore.

602. My Creator's Praise

My Creator's praise
On my dedication-life
I treasure.

My Creator's infinite Light
I distribute soulfully
And devotedly
And thus humanity's consciousness
I raise.

603. Into The World

Into the world of surrender-light,
Into the world of selfless height,
I saw the beauty of the soul unknown.
In me before long I shall grow and own
The birth of perfection-light,
More, ever more.

604. Awake, O My Soul

Awake, O my soul, awake.
Look at me, my angel-infancy
In which I embody my ecstasy-sea.

605. O Lord Of Love

O Lord of Love,
O Lord of Life,
Descend and guide my sight.
I shall grow flowers of peace
For Thy tired Body's supreme release.

606. O My Only Light

O my only Light,
O my only Delight,
O my only Perfection-height,
At the end of my journey's close,
With my heart's gratitude-rose,
To You I bow,
To You I bow.

607. Man's Ingratitude

Man's ingratitude is man's worst
Man's gratitude-light
Is man's life-fulfilling
And life-nourishing highest height.

608. Courage My Soul Already Has

Courage my soul already has.
Faith my heart already has.
Love my life already has.
God my soul already has.
What else do I need?
I need only one thing.
I need, I want, to give my Lord Supreme
A most nourishing meal
In ecstasy-filled thrill.

609. O Lord Of Golden Day

O Lord of golden day,
To You I pray,
With You I play,
To see the face of summit-height
And Divinity's translucent light.

610. Strive Hard

Strive hard,
Seek quick,
To find
The body of truth.
Yield not to lethargy blind.
Cleave not to weakness-night.

611. Let Me Sail

Once more let me sail
My life-boat,
Let me sail.
This time I can never fail
And I shall never fail.
Success will definitely be mine.
Through progress-light
I shall shine.

612. True

True, art is long,
Life is short.
But God-Grace can reverse the game
With a streak of heavenly flame.

613. Let Us Taste

Let us taste
The purity of dawn.
The beauty of eve,
Let us taste.
No hurry, no haste.
We shall reach our destination-sun
and thus end our lives'
Eyeless cosmic fun.

614. All Things Rejoice

All things rejoice
Inside my soulful voice,
Which has become God's
Most illumining and fulfilling choice.

615. Time Is Fleeting

Time is fleeting.
My promise-flame is flickering.
Yet I hope my life shall succeed
And my heart shall proceed.

616. Your Love Has Crowned

Your love has crowned my day.
I shall fulfil your gnostic play.

617. Can You Tell Me

Can you tell me, friend,
Who has escaped from desire-night?
Nobody, nobody.

Can you tell me, friend,
Who wants to live in aspiration-height?
Somebody, somebody.

Can you tell me, friends,
Who wants to live in realisation-light?
Everybody, everybody.

618. Those Who Begin Today

Those who begin today
Will end tomorrow.
What will they begin with?
They'll begin either
With their curiosity-day
Or with their aspiration-sun.

619. All Except One

All companions are but fleeting,
Temporal realities except one:
Man and his unconquerable hope.
Alas, this is how we grope.

620. I Aspire

I aspire to illumine my desire-night.
I aspire to remember my liberation-height.
I aspire to claim my long lost

621. We Strive

They strive for right.
I strive for light.
They strive for God-force.
I strive for God-grace.
They strive for God-ecstasy.
I strive for Godward journey.

622. The Hardest Miracle

This is the hardest miracle
That I have ever seen:
Man talks of God
Without knowing Him,
Man meditates on God
Without seeing Him,
Man prays to God
Without loving Him.

623. Promises To Keep

I have a good many promises to keep.
I shall definitely keep them one by one
And when all my victories are won,
At my Lord's august Feet
I shall resign with my heart's

624. I Touch Not

I touch not Thy holy Feet,
They are too pure.
I see not Thy holy Eyes,
They are too sure.
I feel not Thy holy Heart
Which embodies purity-power,
That threatens and frightens

625. I Was Fired

I was fired
In Heaven
For not giving
A proper message.

I was hired
On earth
Only to be scolded
And cancelled
My return passage.

626. I Soulfully Feed

I soulfully feed a flame within.
I fruitfully smile without.
I devotedly distribute God-Light
And God-Sight
All around.
In me the flood-tide of God-Compassion
Is finally found.

627. Your Future Hope

Father, You want me to equal You.
I want only
To be at Your Compassion-Feet
To love You,
To please You fully
And become Your future hope.

628. Only You

Father, You love not only me
But my ignorance too.
Who can and who will go so far?
It is You,
Only You,
Who can not only go so far
But infinitely farther.

629. Lock Me, O Lord

Lock me, O Lord, and then throw away the key,
To please Thy Heart's Will.
I shall love Thee,
Only Thee,
For mine is the life
Only to please Thee.

630. Wrap Me

Beloved Supreme, wrap me
In Your sweet and strong Compassion-Embrace,
And transform once and for all
My earth-bound face.

Editor’s introduction to the first edition

The first thing that would strike the reading picking up this book, would probably be its bulk. A quick glance at the contents would show 630 titles listed. Sri Chinmoy is clearly the most prolific of poets. But someone unfamiliar with his writings might be forgiven for thinking these represented a lifetime’s work, the labour of many years. As such they would stand as a considerable achievement.

But how astonishing is the truth, that these poems are not the work of years, or months, or even days, but were in fact written in a twenty-four hour period, from midnight to midnight on a single day!

And for Sri Chinmoy this was the latest in a long line of marathon creative sessions: 16,000 paintings in a day; 843 poems in a day. The figures roll easily off the tongue, but to see the reality is something else. It takes the breath away.

The poems in this volume are part of an even longer project which Sri Chinmoy set himself — to write 1,000 poems, each with a rhyming structure. (This is in honour of his brother Mantu who has a preference fo such forms over more freely constructed poems.) Sri Chinmoy set a date, some months ahead, for the achievement of his target. But within a few days, in spike of keeping up with his intensely busy schedule of activities, he had made the time to write some 500 rhyming poems. Then at midnight on Friday 12th August 1977, he started work on the sequence published here. He began writing them out by hand, and covered hundreds of sheets from notebooks. Then as the flow of inspiration increased, he recited the poems directly onto a tape, to be transcribed.

Disciples worked with him, round the clock, typing, editing, proofreading, so that the book could be printed and published the following day! We were able to help with the work, to share in this process of becoming, this amazing flow of creative energy that infused even the most menial job with a meaning and significance. We share in the flow, were part of the whole.

And at midnight on August 13th, 24 hours after starting, the poet pronounced his verdict on his achievement.

“Not bad,” he said.

Not bad!

With a book of poems as large as this, especially where the individual poems are short, the tendency is to skim through, read them greedily and quickly, or simply dip into the book at random, reading here and there. It is part of the beauty of there bing so many that there is something for every taste, and, more important, something for every need. Time and again I have had the same experience, of opening the book of Guru’s poems at random and finding exactly the right words to speak to me at the precise moment. Or in skimming, I am suddenly arrested by a line or a phrase that seems to reasons, to glow, to throw light on all that I have been reading. For in a very real sense, the part contains the whole, and each of these short poems contains in essence, distilled, all of Sri Chinmoy’s wisdom, his philosophy. They are gems of many facets.

And there are many moods here, many modes ot expression, from the playful and humorous to the profound and majestic. they are now wry, now instructive, now with the scriptural quality, the simple dignity and clarity that tells us, “This is the highest Truth.”

Always they are a delight, and the self-imposed stricture of making the poems rhyme simply adds at once to the entertainment and illumining fun; delight on delight for the ear and the eye.

This delight, and the ease of the flow, may even tend to hide the tremendous technical achievement. Over one thousand poems. Six hundred and thirty of them in a day. And all of them rhymed. There is a verbal agility and sureness of touch of a very high order, a limitless inventiveness. Sri Chinmoy uses words with the same dexterity with which he wields a paintbrush or draws a bow across the esraj.

In these poems, the flow is structured, the energy is manifest in a tighter form, takin gon the limitation of rhyme. But the limitation has itself become inspiration, part of the game. The form becomes a vehicle for his endless play.

Those of us who are caught up in that play, in the dance of the worlds he is openting up to us, bow to Sri Chinmoy, in gratitude.