Silence calls me

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Truth Is in All (4)

Truth is in all
But love is all.

To Serve and Never Be Tired

To serve and never be tired,
Is love.

Be Happy

Be happy.
You will get what you like most.
You will be what you like best.

I Acquire Peace (1)

I acquire peace,
Not from solitude,
But from world-servitude.

Each Human Being

Each human being is expected to be
A soulful ambassador of goodwill
To improve the standard of mankind.

Nature's Beauty

Nature’s beauty helps us
To be as vast as possible,
As peaceful as possible
And as pure as possible.

The More We See the Divine Qualities

The more we see the divine qualities in others,
The sooner we will establish world peace.

It Is Only Through Inner Peace (1)

It is only through inner peace
That we can have true outer freedom.

Peace Begins When Expectation Ends (1)

Peace begins when expectation ends.

No Thirst for Gain

No thirst for gain,
No fear of loss,
Lo! Peace is yours.

Peace Does Not Mean Seclusion

Peace does not mean seclusion.
Peace means the perfection
Of oneness-life.

As There Can Be No War

As there can be no war
Without the war-mongers,
Even so, there can be no peace
Without the peace-lovers.

Man Invents War from Without

Man invents war from without.
Man discovers peace from within.

I Do Not Give Up

I do not give up. I never give up.
But there is nothing in this entire world
That is irrevocably unchangeable.

Every Day You Should Try to Set

Every day you should try to set
A personal record
In your unconditional self-giving.

Poor Is He

Poor is he who does not have peace.
Poorer is he who does not need peace.
Poorest is he who does not want to hear people
Talking about peace.

Peace Is God's Constant Race

Peace is God’s constant race.
War is man's immediate disgrace.

Peace We Can Get

Peace we can get
Only from the heart of oneness.

A Moment's Peace

A moment’s peace
Can and shall save the world.
[Note: This is a single stanza from the song “A Moment’s Truth” that Sri Chinmoy set to a new tune]

The Fulness of Life

The fulness of life
Lies in dreaming and manifesting
The impossible dreams.
Impossibility always bows
To humanity’s patience-mountain.

Claim Not Recognition

Claim not recognition,
But long for perfection.

Silence Calls Me

Silence calls me.
Therefore, I am on my way
To the perfection-life.