My Silence-Heart Blossoms, part 2

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March 1st

My Lord's Nectar-Delight is not far away,
If I eat not mind-mud and vital-clay.

March 2nd

In secrecy supreme my Lord I worship;
I pride myself only on His Leadership.

March 3rd

All-where the pride-monarch-titans mushroom.
Behold, their fleeting bloom and sinking doom!

March 4th

Oh, leave no door open for doubt, I say,
With God's Heart-Joy-Smiles if you long to play.

March 5th

Oh, never trust your mind's desire-train!
No goal it has — just bondage-chain.

March 6th

Ecstasy's flood will soon arrive.
You keep your inner flames alive.

March 7th

When I invoke my Lord's Compassion-Face,
His Heart forgives my disobedience-case.

March 8th

World-withdrawal is no solution.
It thickens the jungle-mind-confusion.

March 9th

Breathe the fragrance of your heart-tears.
Yours will be God's Summit-Pride-Cheers.

March 10th

O my clever, trust-fractured mind,
You have made me totally blind.

March 11th

Do You love me, my Lord?
If so, give me
Your Thunder-Feet,
The only way to keep my vital and mind
All clean and neat.

March 12th

God never wants you
To be the loser.
He always wants you
To be His Smile-chooser.

March 13th

A self-giving joy when I earn,
Every heart-message-light I learn.

March 14th

In each there is a little of all;
The same God-Heartbeats — big or small.

March 15th

God is available in your own heart-clime.
God is approachable — select your own time.

March 16th

Embark on your inner pilgrimage.
Your life will grow into God's own image.

March 17th

My sound-producer-mind, be silent, mute!
My Lord Supreme arrives with His Golden Flute.

March 18th

If God you want to know,
Never, never be slow!

March 19th

Cheerful, cheerful, cheerful — be cheerful!
If not, your life-breath will be fearful.

March 20th

Compassion-Supreme, at You when I look,
Your tearful Heart I fail to brook.

March 21st

If your heart is prayerless and weak,
How can the Lord God ever speak?

March 22nd

My heart, my sweet Lord's Victory-Song sing!
My soul, ecstasy-bird is on the wing.

March 23rd

My doubting mind deserves
The God who reprimands.
My heart rightly needs
The God who commands.

March 24th

High hopes, high ideals, high will, I dream
To claim here and now my Lord Supreme.

March 25th

Love not, trust not
Your vital-train.
It carries nothing
But torture-pain.

March 26th

My mind-roar can never silence
My God-whispers.
My Lord Supreme dances in my

March 27th

Daily my promise rises like the sun:
My ignorance-pleasure-dream I shall shun.

March 28th

To see beyond time faith is the telescope.
Faith shatters mind-doubts' strongest bondage-rope.

March 29th

Impossibility is empty of meaning.
God's God-Pride in me is blossoming.

March 30th

The pulse of a purity-heart I need,
My Supreme Lord's Heart-Breath-Book to read.

March 31st

A shocking decline in my devotion am I;
Yet my Lord Supreme remains His Compassion-Eye.


April 1st

My Lord, no more
Ignorance-worship, no more.
Mine is the heart-boat
Bound for the Golden Shore.

April 2nd

God does not mind
If you stumble, even fall.
Just ignore not
His Heart's Compassion-Call.

April 3rd

A heart replete
With oneness-fulness-love,
Indeed a fond
Blessing-blossom from Above.

April 4th

Only at man's heart-station stops God-Train
To carry man's sleepless and breathless pain.

April 5th

Needed: surrender-stamps to mail God-letters.
Once sent, we see no more bondage-fetters.

April 6th

What is God-loving dedication?
The oneness-love-joy in action.

April 7th

With pure obedience-bliss
On my wings I fly.
God gives me His own

April 8th

My heart, my only aspiration-shrine,
In you God's Hope and Promise shine.

April 9th

Each uncomely thought is ignorance-breath.
It leads our lives to destruction-death.

April 10th

Purity is matchless in every way.
It lives in God's Sun-Heart-Day.

April 11th

The more my life enjoys the outer sleep,
Helpless, hopeless, in my inner life I weep.

April 12th

What is my name, my real name?
My Lord's Heaven-ascending flame.

April 13th

The outer mind has made my life fearful.
The inner heart has made my breath cheerful.

April 14th

I pray and pray and pray to see God's Face,
To free my life from sad failure-disgrace.

April 15th

O Lord, do make my heart
Receptive in Your own Way.
O Lord, bless me, help me
To end my fruitless mind-play.

April 16th

Nothing can magnify
God's Perfection-Glory.
None can nullify
God's Compassion-Story.

April 17th

God's Compassion creates happiness-newness.
My gratitude creates surrender-sweetness.

April 18th

Seeker, if you sleep through
Your eyes will be empty of
Your great soul-beauty's charm.

April 19th

Ah, when my heart lives on God-hunger-cry,
God smiles in my self-transcendence-sky.

April 20th

My final farewell to my deception-mind:
No more the poison-breath of ignorance blind!

April 21st

Within, without my wild doubt-drum no more!
I have arrived at my God-faith-blossom-shore.

April 22nd

When I am in my searching mind,
My Lord Supreme is available.
When I am in my crying heart,
My Lord Supreme is attainable.

April 23rd

O my heart's sweet fountain-willingness,
You are my Lord's fondest nearness.

April 24th

My morning prayer if I not miss,
My heart becomes God's Pride, God's Bliss.

April 25th

My life's pure service-length
Is my God-oneness-strength.

April 26th

Be brave, my heart, be brave!
Your God — not in the cave.
Your God is in the mart.
Therefore, world-acceptance start!

April 27th

A restive mind divided
By God will never be guided.

April 28th

O God-seeker, keep not
Mankind behind.
God's Height, God's Depth, God's All
Your heart will find.

April 29th

No more my heart shall live
Inside my mind-cage.
My heart shall breathe and smile
Inside my soul-sage.

April 30th

Sleepless, I long to weep
For You, my Lord, I long to weep.
Oh, only You I need.
Do end my shameless ignorance-sleep.

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