My Silence-Heart Blossoms, part 3

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May 1st

I was a willing slave to ignorance-night,
And now I am a messenger of Heaven's Delight.

May 2nd

I am a volley of man-complaints, I am.
Yet my heart-door my Lord does not slam.

May 3rd

The bitterness of my mind
I must erase.
The oneness of my heart
Chase I must, chase.

May 4th

My mind is a ruthless heart-attacker.
My soul is a sleepless heart-poise-backer.

May 5th

O God's Thunder-Justice, my only hope
To stop me climbing temptation-rope.

May 6th

Ah, who am I?
A poor oneness-performer.
Ah, who is God?
An indulgent Observer.

May 7th

I want my life to live
On God-hunger-cry.
I want my breath to fly
In God-Fragrance-Sky.

May 8th

Mine is the soul
That loves to be an ignorance lighter.
Mine is the heart
That loves to be an ignorance-fighter.

May 9th

Meditation, meditation, my meditation,
You are my soul-life's happiest vacation.

May 10th

My surrender is my Lord's
Deepest Love-Pride.
My gratitude is my Lord's
Fastest Joy-Ride.

May 11th

Now that I am no longer stupid and blind,
My Lord, take me, my forest-density-mind.

May 12th

God's Compassion-Eye is my only Home.
My mind's wild life no more shall roam.

May 13th

When it is a matter of God,
I am consciously forgetful.
When it is a matter of man,
I am helplessly frightful.

May 14th

The mind that tries and tries
God smilingly needs.
The heart that cries and cries
God lovingly feeds.

May 15th

Alas, for my poor heart
There is no golden to-morrow.
Alas, for God's poor Heart
There is nothing but helpless sorrow.

May 16th

I have resolved never to complain;
Therefore, no more my bondage chain.

May 17th

My complete God-surrender-song I have sung;
My ego-funeral-bell is already rung.

May 18th

With God no God-lover disputes;
With God they play their oneness-flutes.

May 19th

My Lord's Heart and Eye
Weep and weep and weep,
Oh, when my life enjoys

May 20th

My Lord, bless me to think of You, to think,
So that my earth-life does not fall and sink.

May 21st

Since to the end my sweet Lord's Tears
Care for me, care,
Ignorance-blows I shall bravely
Ignore and dare.

May 22nd

Heaven gives my heart-breath Heavenly instructions.
Earth gives my mind-life earthly distractions.

May 23rd

I shall be there where God's Compassion is found.
Mine is the life-train my Lord's Forgiveness-bound.

May 24th

My heart of love God remembers
And not my doubting mind.
My face of smile God remembers
And not my torturing blind.

May 25th

My instant peace is God's Silence-Delight.
My instant bliss is my heart-cry-flight.

May 26th

My discipline-life is not self-torture.
My discipline-life is my God-rapture.

May 27th

A truth-seeker is a God-thinker.
A God-thinker is a bliss-drinker.

May 28th

I shall not permit myself
To be abandoned by hope.
Hope is my only strength,
My only God-climbing rope.

May 29th

A sleepless, breathless faith-follower
Can never be pleasure-wallower.

May 30th

No more self-confidence-crisis!
I am now a God-dependence-oasis.

May 31st

My faith-success-story I enjoy sleeplessly.
My surrender-progress-song I love breathlessly.


June 1st

Expect not!
You will win the God-Race.
You and your eyes shall see God face to face.

June 2nd

Humility, humility, humility!
My receptivity's multiplicity.

June 3rd

My Lord is proud of my heart's delight
And not of my mind's highest flight.

June 4th

A mind of failure, a heart of success
No more can shackle me.
My Lord's Compassion-Eye has made
My life utterly free.

June 5th

My success-life brings me nothing but pride;
My progress-life gives me a longer God-ride.

June 6th

My mind betrays my Lord
Time and again,
Yet He desires my freedom
From bondage-chain.

June 7th

The path of doubt leads me
To blind nothingness;
The path of faith
To constant God-oneness.

June 8th

God is making my life a sweet peace-song.
My gratitude-heart shall strike His Victory-Gong.

June 9th

Oh, I want not my mind's foolish fantasy!
I long only for my heart-ecstasy.

June 10th

My dream-awakened life,
You I breathlessly love.
You are my heart's only
Sweet fondness-oneness-dove.

June 11th

Be heart-wise and not mind-clever:
Obedience-road never fails, never!

June 12th

O keep your mind mountain-high, holy;
Your life will be punctured by no folly.

June 13th

My heart-room is all made of hope.
No sad failure therein can grope.

June 14th

Oh, how can my life ever thrive
If my heart was not born to strive?

June 15th

O try and try and try, O try!
Your mind will be a freedom-sky.

June 16th

O doubting mind,
I tell you once and for all
Fast approaching
Your inevitable downfall!

June 17th

My God-dreaming heart
Is the voice of my soul.
My God-pleasing soul
Leads my life to my Goal.

June 18th

The courage of my heart's God-conviction
Shall bless my life with God-perfection.

June 19th

To shatter ignorance-grip,
Cancel your pleasure-trip!

June 20th

My heart's aspiration-train,
Fear no obstruction-chain!

June 21st

Satisfaction is neither here nor there;
Madly we are hurrying towards nowhere.

June 22nd

Oh, nothing can be marred by man;
Perfection-delight is all God's Plan.

June 23rd

No one can change the world-no one!
All are needed for transformation-crown.

June 24th

God is speaking to my heart directly;
My gratitude-heart is blossoming devotedly.

June 25th

Smash not God's Heart any day
By devouring ignorance-clay.

June 26th

My soul and my Master are one, I know.
They enjoy deep pride in my wisdom-glow.

June 27th

Quickly empty your ignorance-mind-night.
God is arriving with His Ecstasy's Height.

June 28th

My mind was Eternity's darkest night;
My mind now Infinity's brightest Light.

June 29th

Victory to God's Compassion-Flood, victory!
Today begins my life's God-Smile-story.

June 30th

I love my Lord only:
This is not my mere pronouncement.
Indeed, this is my life's

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