Silence speaks songbook

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I Came to You, My Lord Supreme

I came to You, my Lord Supreme,
In my silver silence-dream.
You came to me with Your Sweetness-Face
And Oneness-Fulness-Embrace.

Never Say No

Never say no,
Never say no,
O never say,
When God’s Compassion-Eye
Desires you to play.

God's Fondness-Heart

God's Fondness-Heart
Soulfully I shall become today.
Quickly I ended
My proud, self-styled darkness-play.

If You Can Rekindle Your Aspiration-Flame

If you can rekindle
Your aspiration-flame,
God will immediately
Take away the blame.

Faith: Use It to Fly

Faith: use it to fly
In God’s own Sky.
Faith: lose it to be
Your life’s orphan-cry.


Ambition, ambition, ambition,
O dark abyss of frustration.

O World of Ingratitude

O world of ingratitude,
O world of ‘I’-ness-darkness,
Forget not, forget not,
The Lord is still all Forgiveness.

Only a Heart of Gratitude

Only a heart of gratitude
Can and shall own beatitude.

O, Try to Be God's Surrender-Toy

O, try to be God’s surrender-toy.
He will open the petals of joy.

Your Heart's Possibility-Room

Keep always open
Your heart’s possibility-room.
Therein shall bloom.

During Your Great Heavenward Trip

During your great
Heavenward trip
Maintain your life’s
And soul’s friendship.

God Has Written His Perfection-Book

God has written
His Perfection-Book for man.
Not to read the book
Is man’s secret plan.

Aspiration, Aspiration

Aspiration, aspiration, aspiration,
My heart is crying, my breath is sinking,
Do take my life to Liberation.

Never to Try Will Make You Fail

Never to try
Will make you fail.
Ever to smile
Will make you sail.

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and earth
Are in oneness-embrace.
One life, one heart,
God-Beauty’s Perfection-race.

When Your Mind's Doubt-Thorns Knock

When your mind’s doubt-thorns
Knock most powerfully,
Keep your heart’s faith-flower
Unavailable immediately.

I Read My Eyes and Not My Palm

I read my eyes and not my palm.
I love my heart and not my mind.
I see within and not without.
Ignorance-seeds ever fail to sprout.

Receptivity Soulfully Receives

Receptivity soulfully receives
God the eternal Lover.
Spontaneity sleeplessly reveals
God the immortal Knower.

I Shall Fulfil

I shall fulfil, I shall fulfil
My Lord Supreme.
My heart shall be His sweet and fond

My Insecurity-Thief

My insecurity-thief my soul has caught
With its confidence-light.
Now is the time for me to bravely reach
Heaven’s long-forgotten height.

My Little, Brittle Heart

My little, brittle heart
For You, my Supreme Lord.
O, save my death-captured life
With Your Oneness-Chord.

My Sleeping Body

My sleeping body has sprung to life.
No doubts have I, no fears.
Delight within, delight without,
My heart’s gratitude-tears.

The Remains of Stark Frustration

The remains of stark frustration
Make dear friends with destruction.

O My Aspiration-Heart of Beauty

O my aspiration-heart of beauty,
Through you my inner Pilot
Fulfils His Duty.

My Sleepless, God-Hungry Heart

My sleepless, God-hungry heart
Never knows depression-dart.

O Marvel-Producing Fulness-Faith-Mind

O marvel-producing
Yours is the duty
To transform the blind.

I Love Your Eye

I love Your Eye
Because it feeds my life.
I love Your Feet
Because they smash my knife.

Your Thread of Aspiration

Your thread of aspiration
Spun through time
Shall lead you to
The perfection-clime.

You Are Your Life's Lip-Deep Sincerity

You are your life’s
Lip-deep sincerity.
God is His Heart’s

Read Not the Calendar

Read not the calendar
Of life’s teeming mistakes.
Oh, swim, only swim,
In life’s aspiration-lakes.

The Great News

The great news
Of your heart’s aspiration-cry
Helps me, my life,
Cheerfully, bravely fly.

You Will Lose Track

You will lose track of your
Beloved Supreme
If you do not become
Your life's glowing dream.

The Concentration That Defies Description

The concentration
That defies description
Can give your life
Complete satisfaction.

Trust Not the Cobweb-Mind of Confusion

Trust not the cobweb-mind of confusion
To grant you your soul-illumination.

Touch God's Heaven-Feet

Touch God’s Heaven-Feet,
O please, O please.
Immune they are
To doubt-disease.

Progress, Progess

Progress, progress, progress,
Self-discovery process.

My Present Friendship

My present friendship
With my soul’s height
Is the pioneer
Of my future delight.

To Fill My Life's Long Progress-Hall

To fill my life’s
Long progress-hall,
I must become
A surrendered ball.

You Want to Know, My Friend

You want to know, my friend,
My present situation?
My friend,
I am my ego’s self-infatuation.

O My Doubting Mind, O My Suspecting Mind

O my doubting mind,
O my suspecting mind,
You are a student on the campus
Of confusion and destruction-night.
Blind you are, deaf you are, plus and plus.

I Shall Favour My Lord

I shall favour my Lord
With my surrender-flame,
And go beyond the mud and dirt
Of name and fame.

My Lord, Tell Me Your Absolute Secret

My Lord, tell me
Your absolute Secret.
Do You ever
Have any sad regret?

O, Make My Weak Heart Strong

O, make my weak heart strong
To sing Your Oneness-Song.

My Lord Gives Me

My Lord gives me
His Compassion-Eye-Lift.
I give my Lord
My gratitude-heart-gift.