Supreme, make my life a gratitude-flood

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Amar Mane Shudhu Lage

Amar mane shudhu lage
Tomai ami dakina hai
Paran bhare anurage
Byakulata nahi jage
Kandi shudhu ghor bedanai


My mind suffers badly
Because I do not invoke You, alas.
I cry and weep.
Insufferable are my pangs,
Yet I know not why I do not long for You.

He Ajana Ajana Tomai Kabe

He ajana tomai kabe
Janbo ami anubhave
Esechile nadir dhare
Dekechile andhakare
Diyechile kusum hare


O Beloved unknown,
I know not when I shall see You
And feel Your Presence in the depth
Of my heart.
Did You really come and stand on the bank
Of my heart-river?
Did You really call me
In the heart of darkness-night?
Did You really garland my soul of love?

Chale Jao Ghum Uthte Habe

Chale jao ghum uthte habe
Lagte habe kaje
Jatri sabai jachhe chale
Moder ki ghum saje
Chalo jagi hiyar bale


Sleep, away you go!
Leave me aside.
I must wake up.
I must throw my self, heart and soul
Into the vortex of life’s activities.
O sleep,
You and I, together let us try to march along
With the pilgrims who are
Bound for Eternity’s Golden Shore.

Vishwabani Shunte Habe

Vishwabani shunte habe
Kon surete baje
Hiya majhir gaibo bijay
Nitya sakal sanjhe


I wish to hear the universal message-song.
I know not its nectar-tune.
I know my Inner Pilot sings this song.
What I can do for Him is to sing
His Victory all day and night.

Ami Jatri Ami Jatri

Ami jatri ami jatri
Naba jibaner jatri
Nutan janam dao
Niye chalo more prabhu
Sandheha hate satya sadane
Nutan janam dao


I am a pilgrim, I am a pilgrim.
I am a pilgrim of a new life.
O Lord, give me Immortality’s life-breath.
Free me from the death-net
And take me to the abode of Truth-Light.

Ki Dilena Ki Pelena

Ki dilena ki pelena
Jata sab tor becha kena
Rekhe de man mayer paye
Kripamayir ashesh dena


Forget all about what you have given,
What you have received,
What you have sold and
What you have bought.
Place everything, O mind,
At the Feet of Mother Divine.
The Mother of Compassion is always
Immortality's endless boon.

Rangiye De Ma Ushar Gagan

Rangiye de ma ushar gagan
Tor hridayer range
Jiban amar sajiye de ma
Vishwa gitir range


O Mother, illumine the dawn-sky
In Your own Heart’s Illumination-Flood.
Also, Mother, decorate my life
Within and without,
With the beauty of Your universal

Ami Kothai Ami Kothai Eki

Ami kothai ami kothai eki
Amai jena tomar hiyai dekhi
Kothai andhar kothai alo
Kothai manda kothai bhalo
Sab je halo hai ekakar
He aparup he nirakar


Where am I?
Where am I?
It seems that I see myself
Inside Your Heart,
Where everything is far beyond
Good and bad, light and darkness,
Where I see the transcendental Beauty
Of the Formless One.

Ami Ankina Manasa Chabi

Ami ankina manasa chabi
Bhabina amare kabi
Shiber jatai kabhu
Nahi heri jahnabi
Khama karo more prabhu
Homer anale karina pradan habi


In the mental world I do not claim myself
To be an artist.
In the thought-world I do not claim myself
To be a poet.
My imagination never sees the source
Of the Ganges
Inside the matted hair of the Lord Shiva.
O Lord, forgive me,
Forgive my incapacity to become
A life of sacrifice
Before the fire of transformation’s perfection.

Debatar Dut Eso

Debatar dut eso
Ankite amar chabi
Karo more dhara kabi
Karo more dhara robi
Dao more asha pran
Amar aphuran


O messenger of the cosmic gods,
Do come and draw me, my earth-life.
Make me the poet to represent
Make me the earth-sun to represent
Do inundate my heart
With Heaven’s all-illumining and
All-fulfilling hopes.

Hasi Ami Hasi

Hasi ami hasi
Haste bhalobasi
Kandi ami kandi
Ami amai bandhi
Ami amar dhup
Jyoti andhar rup


I smile and smile.
I love to smile.
I cry and cry.
With my ceaseless cries
Myself I bind.
I am my soul’s incense-fragrance.
I am my self-chosen form of my
Inner bloom and outer gloom.

Man Apaman Jani Taba Dan

Man apaman jani taba dan
Dui parabar chira aphuran
Hasi o kanna jani taba dan
Nahi habo ami kabhu hairan


Success and failure, fame and infamy —
I know these are Your boons.
At Your Choice Hours, You grant them.
These two boons are like two oceans
Of joys and sorrows.
I know they are limitless and beginningless.

Kali Tomar Sabi Bhalo

Kali tomar sabi bhalo
Tumi amar hiyar alo
Kali tomar sabi druta
Bhakti mukti abirata


Mother, Kali, everything of Yours is good,
Divine, perfect, supreme and absolute.
You are my heart’s only Light.
Mother Kali, everything of Yours is swift,
Very swift.
A life of devotion now
And a life of liberation in the future
You are always ready to grant,
O my Mother Kali,
Mother of Compassion-Light!

Kross Bedanai Pran Jai

Kross bedanai pran jai
Tumi o ki pita tyajile amai
Dekha deha bhase rudhir dharai
Pran jai jai jal pipasai
Kantar mukut parinu mathai


Father, the excruciating pain from
The cross-torture
Is about to end my life at this moment.
How is it possible, Father,
That You, too, have renounced me?
Look, my forehead is swimming
In the stream of blood,
My heart is dying of immediate thirst
And the thorn-crown that I am wearing
Is far beyond my capacity to bear.

Khama Karo Pita Agyan Jane

Khama karo pita agyan jane
Ei nibedan tomar charane
Kariche je era ghor kukarma
Janibena tara tahar marma


Father, forgive these ignorant souls.
This is my most soulful prayer
At Your Feet.
Alas, they will never know
Where their unlit and dark action
Will lead them.
They will never know what awaits them
For their most deplorable fate.

Kena Mahapran Mara Dehi Ase

Kena mahapran mara dehi ase
Kena phire chale jai
Hetha ache jara kende halo sara
Shishu sama asahai


I know not why the great, immortal souls
Accept a mortal body, mortal frame,
And why they return to their Source,
The Transcendental Heights.
From there, when they return,
What they see here is a sea of
Like a child’s helplessness-tears.

Jibane Marane Jene Ba Na Jene

Jibane marane jene ba na jene
Toma pane sabe dhai
Amara milibo amara hasibo
Taba hiya anginai


Knowingly or unknowingly,
In life and death,
Everybody runs towards You.
All of us, Your children on earth,
Will one day meet together
And smile together
Inside Your all-loving, all-illumining
And all-fulfilling Heart-Garden.

Mukher Katha Jaina Prabhur Kane

Mukher katha jaina prabhur kane
Praner kanna tante kebal jane
Kanda kanda ore amar man
Jishur matan karogo krandan
Vishwa pitar lagi
Sarba tyaji haye anuragi


The words that flow from my mouth
Fail to reach the ears of my Lord Supreme.
My heart-cry draws my Beloved Supreme to me
Like a magnet.
O my mind, cry and cry,
The way Jesus cried for his eternal
Heavenly Father.
Renounce all that you have
And become all that you are:

Ami Deha Nahi

Ami deha nahi
Ami pran nahi
Ami man nahi
Ami ar nai
Labhiyache sandhan
Aloker aphuran


I am not the body.
I am not the vital.
I am not the mind.
No, I exist no more.
I have now discovered
In the depths of my heart
The flood of Eternity’s
Boundless Light.

Diye Jai Diye Jai

Diye jai diye jai
Niye kichu nahi jai
Tomar karuna dhara
Shudhu suru nahi sara


Your Compassion-Flood only gives to me;
It never takes anything from me.
Constant giving is its game eternal.
This act of giving remains as an eternal
Beginning with no end.

Tumi Bhalobaso Bale Sabai Base Bhalo

Tumi bhalobaso bale
Sabai base bhalo
Ta na hale dakbe amai
Agyanatar kalo
Tumi bhalobaso bale
Sabai base bhalo
Ta na hale amar majhe
Dekhbena keu alo


You love me; therefore, everybody loves me.
Otherwise, no soul will love me
And I will be loved only by
Ignorance and darkness.
You love me; therefore, everybody loves me.
If not, nobody will ever see
An iota of light within my heart.

Ami Shudhu Ekti Jinish Jani

Ami shudhu ekti jinish jani
Amar lagi tomar mukti bani
Ekti katha tumi shudhu kaho
Hasle ami tumi amai laho


I know only one thing:
For me is Your liberation-message.
You tell me only one thing:
You accept me only when
I soulfully smile at You.

Amar Majhe Vishwa Raje

Amar majhe vishwa raje
Sabar majhe ami
Swarge martye sarba bhute
Ami antarjami
Jani ami jani ami
Jani sakal katha
Amar pane cheye thaki
Pujush nirabata


Inside me is the vast universe.
Inside everyone is my abode.
In Heaven and on earth,
In all living elements,
I and my self-form abide.
I know, I know, everything I know.
Sleeplessly nectar-silence awaits my arrival.

Dudiner Tare Esecho Jagate

Dudiner tare esecha jagate
Jataparo tumi hasiya jao
Mukti sagare senan kariya
Bidhatar giti gahiya jao


You have come into the world
Only to stay for a few days.
Go on smiling to your heart’s content.
Bathe in the sea of liberation
And go on singing our Lord’s Victory-Song.

Katai Katha Bali Ami

Katai katha bali ami
Asal katha nahi bali
Tomai pabar sakal asha
Diyechi aj jalanjali


Endless things You tell me,
But the real thing You do not tell.
Therefore, today I am sad, depressed.
All hope I have abandoned.
I discover myself in the land of nowhere.

Tumi Amai Sneha Karo

Tumi amai sneha karo
Taito ami mani
Ta na hale nutan katha
Ami ki hai jani
Tumi amai sneha karo
Taito ami mani
Ta na hale ami hatem
Tamasar sandhani


You inundate me with Your Affection-Light;
Therefore, everybody admires and adores me.
If not, I would know not even a single new word.
You inundate me with Your Affection-Light;
Therefore, everybody admires and adores me.
If not, I would have definitely become
A searcher for tenebrous gloom.

Basanar Dwar Ruddha Amar

Basanar dwar ruddha amar
Akutir dwar khola
Taito hayechi shiba sundar
Chira ananda bhola


My desire-door is completely closed today.
My aspiration-door is wide open.
Therefore, I have become the calmness
And beauty of the Lord Shiva,
Eternally and supremely self-amorous.

Ore Amar Hiya Pakhi

Ore amar hiya pakhi
Tui je amar jiban ankhi
Ore amar hiya rabi
Tui je amar mukti chabi
Ore amar hiya giti
Tui je amar bishwa priti


O bird of my heart,
You are my life’s
New eye and new vision.
You are the sun of my heart.
You are liberation-beauty.
You are my heart-illumining song.
You are my love universal.

Nirabata Tumi Bina Sabi Britha

Nirabata nirabatya nirabata nirabata
Tumi bina sabi britha sabi asarata
Nirabata nirabata nirabata nirabata
Tumi bina jiban amar ashesh khati byatha
Nirabata nirabata nirabata nirabata
Tumi amar adi anter ashesh madhurata


Silence, silence, silence, silence!
Without you, everything is useless,
Everything is lifeless, everything is fruitless.
Silence, silence, silence, silence!
Without you, my life is constant suffering
And endless loss.
Silence, silence, silence, silence!
With you, I am truth-sweetness
And nectar-ecstasy birthless and deathless.

Nahi Shesh Nahi Shesh

Nahi shesh nahi shesh
Rahi ami animesh
Nahi shesh nahi shesh
Amar sandesh
Nahi shesh nahi shesh
Chira ajanar desh
Ache shesh ache shesh
Dharanir moha klesh


There is no end,
No end to my aspiration, my inner cry.
Sleepless I remain awake.
Again, there is no end, there is no end.
I am Heaven’s message-light.
There is no end, there is no end.
I am representing a country unknown.
I know there is an end, there is an end
And that end is the end of my world’s

Dako Dako Sabare Dako

Dako dako sabare dako
Sabar majhe tomare rakho
Dako dako sabare dako
Mithya bojha dure rakho
Dako dako sabare dako
Ta na hale sariya thako


Call, call everyone.
Place everyone inside your heart.
Call, call everyone.
Throw aside falsehood-load.
Call, call everyone.
If you can’t do that,
Then you must remain aloof.

Ogo Ananta Sundara

Ogo ananta sundara
Ogo mor hiya bhaskara
Jago jago jago
Tumi mor asha sindhu
Ami taba kripa indu
Ogo simahin hasi rashi
Dao more taba madhu banshi


O endless Beauty,
O Sun of my aspiration-heart,
Awake, awake, awake!
You are my hope-sea;
I am Your Compassion-moon.
O Eternity’s Smile-Beauty,
Give me Your sweet and melodious
Soul-stirring flute.

Aghate Aghate Jibana Prabhate More

Aghate aghate jibana prabhate
More pabitra karo
Shaman ashani ami nahi mani
Tumi jadi more dharo


Strike me again and again,
Right from the morning of my life
And make my entire life purity’s flood.
Neither do I respect nor do I fear
The thunder of doubt
When You, out of Your infinite Bounty,
Clasp me, my love and service-life.

Prabhu Amar Chapalata

Prabhu amar chapalata
Jagai tomar prane byatha
Prabhu amar malinata
Jagai tomar prane byatha
prabhu amar nirabata
Tomar kripar asimata
Prabhu amar amarata
Tomar kripar asimata


Lord, my restlessness-life causes
Excruciating pangs in Your Heart.
Lord, my impure life causes
Excruciating pangs in Your Heart.
Again, it is You, Lord,
Who have granted me silence-life.
Lord, my silence-life is but Your
Infinity’s Compassion-Light.
Lord, my immortality is Your
Infinite Compassion-Life’s service-love.

Shudhu Katha

Shudhu katha shudhu katha
Shudhu bachalata
Shudhu chhal shudhu chhal
Shudhu kolahal
Shudhu nash shudhu nash
Chira abhilash


You talk, you only talk;
Endlessly you babble.
You deceive, you deceive;
Endlessly you deceive.
In you, around you, is only confusion-riot.
You destroy your life-long
Secret and sacred desire:

Tumi Amar Banshi

Tumi amar banshi
Hiyar kanna hasi
Ami tomar banshi
Kripa rashi rashi
Tumi amar bhor
Ami tomar dor


You are my flute.
You are my heart’s joy and sorrow.
I am Your flute
Which invokes Your endless
You are my Eternity’s dawn
And I am Your door
For humanity to enter into
Your Palace supreme.

Jadio Tomare Ami Nahi Daki

Jadio tomare ami nahi daki
Jeona chariya prabhu
Jadio tomare nahi basi bhalo
Jeona chariya prabhu
Jadio satata taba prane hani
Jeona chariya prabhu
Jadio tomai ami bhabi par
Jeona chariya prabhu


Although I do not invoke You, O Lord,
Do not leave me.
Although I do not love You, O Lord,
Do not leave me.
Although at every moment
I strike Your Heart, O Lord,
Do not leave me.
Although I take You as a perfect stranger,
O Lord, do not leave me.

Tumi Gaha Gan Ananda Aphuran

Tumi gaha gan
Ananda aphuran
Ami gahi gan
Ajanar abhijan
Tumi gaha gan
Andhare ujhal bati
Ami gahi gan
Tumi acho bale sathi


You sing songs with endless delight.
I sing songs while walking along the road
Of the ever-unknown.
You sing; therefore, even in teeming darkness,
There is a candle-flame that brightly shines.
I sing because You are my Eternity’s Comrade.

Prabhu Tomar Charan Dhari

Prabhu tomar charan dhari
Tomar bani prachar kari
Prabhu tomar charan dhari
Tomar hasi pradan kari
Prabhu tomar charan dhari
Asim prane baran kari


Lord, I touch Your Feet,
I spread Your Life’s Message-Light.
Lord, I touch Your Feet,
And thus give You a happiness-smile.
Lord, I touch Your Feet,
And accept the Infinite in the finite heart.

Khulo Dwar Khulo Dwar

Khulo dwar khulo dwar
Dibo toma premahar
Khulo dwar khulo dwar
Chahi janmo sadhanar
Khulo dwar khulo dwar
Tumi shudhu more chahibar


Open the door, open the door!
I shall give You my love-nectar-garland.
Open the door, open the door!
I need a new life to practise spiritual discipline.
Open the door, open the door!
Truth to tell, You are my heart’s only choice.

Alo Mor Nibe Jai Barebare

Alo mor nibe jai barebare
Kuruper bibhishika karagare
Asha dheu tabu ache sathe sathe
Taba dekha pabo ami madhu prate


Again and again my life-lamp blows out
In the prison-cell
Of fiery and frightening
Yet the waves of hope never leave me,
They are all around me.
I know well I shall see You
In the golden morn.

Ogo Asha Amare Chariya Jeona

Ogo asha amare chariya jeona
Ogo bhiti amare bandhiya rekhona
Ogo hasi amare bhuliya jeona
Ogo jyoti nahi bujhi taba chalona


O hope, leave me not nor go away.
O fear, bind me not, I pray.
O smile, forget me not.
O Light, I never understand
Your playful master-tricks.

Ogo Mor Hiya Shatadal

Ogo mor hiya shatadal
Ujjwal achapal
Ogo mor puta hiya rabi
Amarar rupa chabi
Ogho mor madhu hiya shashi
Taba hasi dasha dishi


O my heart’s lotus, beautiful and calm,
O my pure heart’s sun,
You are the beauty-form of Heaven.
O my heart’s sweetness-moon,
I see your smile here, there and everywhere.

Ogo Amar Asha Hiyar Majhi

Ogo amar asha hiyar majhi
Tomar sathe dekha habe aji
Tumi amar chirantaner sathi
Tumi amar amaratar bati


O Boatman of my hope-heart,
I shall meet with You today.
You are my Eternity’s Companion.
You are my Immortality’s Light.

Tomar Charana Tale

Tomar charana tale
Heribe amar ankhi jale
Amar hriday tale
Heribo tomar shatadale
Ogo sudhamoy sur
Asimer bani sumadhur


You will see my tears
At Your Divinity-Feet.
In the depth of my heart
I shall see Your Lotus.
O nectar-melody,
The message-light of the Infinite
Is always sweet.

Ja Ache Tomar Hridaye

Ja ache tomar hridaye
Ta ache amar aloye
Ja ache tomar bachane
Ta ache amar jibane
Ja nai tomar nayane
Ta nai amar gahane


Whatever is inside Your Heart
Is inside my home.
Whatever is inside Your Words
Is inside my life.
Whatever is not in Your Eye
Is never inside my inspiration-length
And aspiration-depth.

Andhakare Andhakare

Andhakare andhakare
Harai amar apanare
Andhakare andhakare
Dake moher karagare
Andhakare andhakare
Pabo amar bidhatare


In darkness-life I lose myself.
In darkness-life I invoke temptation-prison.
In darkness-life I shall definitely
Receive and achieve my Lord Supreme.

Halo Aji Puta Bhor

Halo aji puta bhor
Nahi ar ama ghor
Puta bhor ami aji
Tai dake hiya majhi
Bhor bhor chira bhor
Oi asimer dor


Purity-day has dawned today.
I see darkness nowhere.
Purity-dawn I have become today.
Therefore, my heart’s Boatman calls me.
Behold, the door of Infinity is wide open.

Tomar Kripar Ashesh Dhara

Tomar kripar ashesh dhara
Amai kare atmahara
Amar chokher ashesh dhara
Tomai kare atmahara
Tomar hasir ashesh dhara
Bhengeche mor moha kara
Amar kritagyatar dhara
Tomar majhe suru sara


I lose my consciousness
In the flow of Your Compassion-Beauty.
The endless flow of my tears
Makes You lose Your Consciousness vast.
Your Smile’s endless flow
Has smashed my illusion and temptation-prison.
O, make my life a ceaseless flood of gratitude!
In You is my eternal journey’s endless start.

Eso Twara Eso Twara

Eso twara eso twara
Ogo amar dukha hara
Eso twara eso twara
Chahina ar mrittyu jara
Eso twara eso twara
Dhara dao aj dhara


Come quickly, come quickly,
O Remover of my heart’s endless sorrow.
O, come quickly, come quickly!
I want no more death and its friend,
Come quickly, come quickly!
Appear before me.
Allow me to capture You
And claim You, my Eternity’s All.