Song-flowers, part 3

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In His Inner Heart

In His inner Heart
I am my Lord’s only choice.
In His outer Life
I am my Lord’s only Voice.

Lifting Up the World

Lifting up the world
With a oneness-heart,
The Hour of God
And His Victory-Start.

I Am Happy Because I Still Need God (2)

I am happy because I still need God.
God is happy because I still love Him.

Are You There, God?

Are You there, God?
Would You mind
Coming over to me
With Your Compassion-Eye
And Your Forgiveness-Heart?

I Have Forgotten to Love God

I have forgotten to love God,
But God has not forgotten to forgive me.

Once You Start Singing

Once you start singing
Your heart’s surrender-song,
Do not stop! Do not stop! Do not stop!

Allow Not Your Vital-Horse

Allow not your vital-horse
To frighten your heart-bird.


Aspiration-garden will become dry
If there is no enthusiasm-gardener.

Why Are You Shopping?

Why are you shopping
Inside the mind-cave?
The heart-department store
Is right in front of you!

Each Happy Life-Car

Each happy life-car needs
An encouragement-engine.

God Wants You to Know

God wants you to know
That He has not yet
Finished your life’s portrait
To His satisfaction.

A True God-Lover Does Not Grow Older

A true God-lover
Does not grow older.
He only becomes wiser.

The Choice Is Yours

The choice is yours:
Either you will please God’s Heart,
Or continue pleasing your mind.

Every Day, Without Fail

Every day, without fail,
God sends a Compassion-Letter
To all God-lovers and servers.

Yesterday I Was God's Faithful Dog

I was God’s faithful dog.
I am His beautiful lamb.
I shall be His powerful lion.

My Love of God Is Not a Loan from God

My love of God
Is not a loan from God,
But a gift from God.

God's Earth-Transformation-Organ

May my life-breath become
The resonance of God’s

My Lord, I Am Not Crying

My Lord, I am not crying
For Your smiling Face.
But I am waiting
For Your Command Supreme.

A Thousand Promises

My mind is made of a thousand promises.
My heart is made of one single need:
Sleepless love of God.

God's Tennis Court

God’s Tennis Court
Is meant only for those
Who like to play all the time

My Inner Faith-Doctor

My inner faith-doctor easily cures
My outer doubt-disease.

At Any Time

At any time, you can visit God.
He has a twenty-four-hour
Visiting service.

My Love of God and God's Love of Me

My love of God and God’s love of me
Enjoy giving mutual shelter.

Yesterday I Was Crawling

I was crawling.
I am climbing.
God and I will be together

What Your Heart Needs

What your heart needs every morning
Is a fragrant prayer-flower.

God's Motto

God’s motto is:
Wake up!
Man’s motto is:
Lord, do not give me up.

Drive Forward

Drive forward, drive forward,
Your life-car does not need
Reverse gear.

God Triumphantly Thrives (2)

God triumphantly thrives
On man’s beautifully happy smile.

When God Comes into Your Life

When God comes into your life,
He brings His Compassion-Child
To breathe inside your aspiration-heart.

I Am Not Sorry, O My Sleeping Mind

I am not sorry,
O my sleeping mind,
That I woke you up, never!
I am not sorry.

Something for Nothing

Something for nothing
Only clever men can expect.
Nothing for something
Only poor God can accept.

Beauty Is Wisdom

Beauty is wisdom.
Purity is freedom.
Oneness is realisation.
Perfection is satisfaction.

One Question Remained (2)

One question
And will always
Remain unanswered:
Who is not God?

It Shall Never Happen

It shall never happen.
I shall never eat my
Realisation-fruit all alone.
It shall never happen.

Father, O Father

Father, O Father,
What do You do
Here in my heart?
“I dream My cosmic Dream.”

His Is the Magic Smile (1)

His is the magic smile
That every day eclipses
My heart’s excruciating pangs.

To See God the Light

To see God the Light,
To feel God the Light,
To become God the Light:
This is the only goal
Of my meditation.

Your Business Is to Begin (1)

Your business is to begin.
God’s Business is to finish.

Regularity Is the Temple (2)

Regularity is the temple.
Punctuality is the shrine.

I Meditate Because I Must (1)

I meditate because I must.
I love because I am God’s.

I Found Many Short Cuts (1)

I found many short cuts
To God-realisation.
But not even one short cut
To God-manifestation.


From Heaven’s soul
I receive.
From earth-heart
I receive.
From God-Eye
I receive.

The Songs of My Tomorrow's Heart

The songs of my tomorrow’s heart
Are melting my today’s mind.

A God-Loving Heart

A God-loving heart
And a self-giving life
Are always absolutely

I Love Myself

I love myself
Because I need God
And nobody else.

I Think of God

I think of God because
I need God’s Power.
God thinks of me because
He needs my love.

God Loves Me — I Mean My Sincere Cry

God loves me — I mean my sincere cry.
God wants me — I mean my simple life.
God needs me — I mean my pure heart.

What I Need Is a God-Climbing Heart (2)

What I need is a God-climbing heart,
And not a God-manufacturing mind.

If You Do Not Have a Sense of Humour (2)

If you do not have a sense of humour,
Then God will not choose you
To be in His close Company.

The Life-Boat of a Gratitude-Heart

The life-boat of a gratitude-heart
Is always tied to God’s
Supreme Satisfaction-Ship.

You Are Right

You are right.
God loves you dearly.
You are perfect.
God needs you daily.

God's Pen

If it is God’s pen,
It will never run out
Of Compassion-ink.

When My Heart's Silence Knocks

When my heart’s silence knocks
At God’s Door,
God immediately reveals
His Infinity’s Satisfaction-Smile.

God Cries Only Once

God cries only once:
When I tell Him
That I do not deserve Him.

Earth's Sad Cry

Earth’s sad cry:
God is not approachable.
Heaven’s sad cry:
God is concerned more about earth.

Wherever He Goes

Wherever he goes
His heart carries for him
A thousand prayer-flowers.

God Invited Me to Eat with Him

God invited me to eat with Him
And choose anything I want from Him.
I invited God to eat with me
And lose everything in my hunger-cry.

Nothing But Fun

Heaven thinks my life
Is nothing but fun.
Earth knows my life
Is nothing but frustration.
I feel that my life
Is nothing but God-preparation.

He Surrendered

He surrendered.
Therefore, God made him
The manager of His cosmic Factory.

Light Tells Me What I Am

Light tells me what I am.
Delight tells me where I came from.
Love tells me who I am.
God tells me whose I am.

Do You Seek None but God?

Do you seek none but God?
Then definitely
God loves you most.

When I Think of God

When I think of God,
I feel that God’s Love for me
Is His unconditional Guarantee.

I March

I march only in my heart’s purity-parade,
And my life’s surrender-parade.

Where Is God's Smile? (2)

Where do you find God’s Smile?
Not in aspiration,
Not in realisation,
Not even in perfection,
In the tears of gratitude-heart.

If You Are a Great God-Lover

If you are a great God-lover
Then every day your aspiration-heart
Needs a tune-up.

My Soul Has Taught Me How to Fly

My soul has taught me
How to fly.
I have taught my soul
How to cry.

O My Beloved Master

O my Beloved Master,
Blissful is my heart
For my surrender-life
You have accepted as Your own,
Very own.

Truth Is God's Birth

Truth is God’s Birth,
Peace is God’s Life,
Love is God’s Ascendence,
Light is God’s Perfection.

To Please God in My Own Way

To please God in my own way
I go to God with two empty hands.
To please God in God’s own way
I go to God with one empty heart.

There Was a Time When I Used To

There was a time
When I used to only think of God.
Now God is asking me
Also to fight for Him.

God Tells Me That I Can Talk to God

God tells me that
I can talk to God
Only if I walk with man.

My Lord Is Not Discouraged

My Lord is not discouraged
Although I have failed many times.
On the contrary,
He is begging me to continue.

God, You Are Fast Approaching

God, You are fast approaching
And so is my love-life
With perfection-reality.

Every Day God Visits

Every day God visits
My heart’s aspiration-cry.
And feeds it with His

Every Day Collect Love-Flowers

Every day collect love-flowers
From your heart-garden
And place them on your soul’s peace-shrine
As a prayer to your Beloved Supreme.

Each Gratitude-Heart Is a Magnet

Each gratitude-heart
Is a magnet that pulls in
God’s sacred Smiles.

Man's Latest Discovery

Man’s latest discovery:
God is all Forgiveness.
God’s latest discovery:
Man can be satisfied.

Man's Aspiration-Heart

Man’s aspiration-heart
And God’s Compassion-Eye
Every day barter their hope.

Perfect Thinking You Have

Perfect thinking you have.
Perfect living you are.
Absolute self-transcendence
You shall become.

If You Study the World of Your Heart

If you study
The world of your heart,
God will bless you
With His Life’s Sunrise.

His Cry Stole My Heart

His cry stole my heart.
His smile stole my soul.
His love stole my life.
His oneness with God stole my all.

His Is the Magic Smile (2)

His is the magic smile
That every day eclipses
My heart’s excruciating pangs.

I Strive Because I Am Alive

I strive because I am alive.
I am alive. Therefore, I must reach
God’s Heavenly Throne.

I Do Not Want to Hear

I do not want to hear
From your God-thirsty lips.
I want to feel
Your God-hungry heart.

I Have Seen Two Things (1)

I have seen two things:
God’s Compassion and God’s Forgiveness.
But I have become only one thing:
A gratitude-life.

God Always Has Time for You

God always has time for you.
It is you who never want
To listen to Him.

God's Glory-Lottery

God’s Glory-Lottery is always won
By the seeker’s aspiration-flames.

God's Victory-Clarion

God’s Victory-Clarion is for
Eternity’s self-giving seeker-runner.


Willingness-eye sees only one thing:
God’s Dream-Life in His Reality-world.

No Distance Too Great

There is no distance too great
For a oneness-God-lover to cover.

Each Good Thought Is a Piece of Heaven (1)

Each good thought
Is a piece of Heaven
That a God-lover carries
Wherever he goes.

God's Estimated Time of Arrival

God’s estimated time of arrival
Is the Eternal Now.

Where Else Can You Find Peace?

Where else can you find peace
If not in your cheerful obedience
To God’s all-seeing Will?

In the Small Hours of Morning

In the small hours of morning,
Every day my Lord Supreme
Comes to inspect
My heart’s burning aspiration.

Is There Any Day?

Is there any day when God is not
Anxious to hear a ‘hello’ from you?

Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am my life's unfinished God-work.

At Last I Am So Happy

At last I am so happy
To see your sunrise-heart
And sunset-mind.

Who Is Inside Me?

Who is inside me?
Ah, I see my Beloved Supreme.
Who is running ahead of me?
Ah, I see it is my Lord Absolute.

To See a Face of Love

To see a face of love
Is to feel a heart of peace.

I and My Pride Can Live Without God

I and my pride
Can live without God.
But God and God’s Compassion
Cannot live without us.

Do Not Cry

Do not cry,
I love you.
Do not cry,
The world needs you.
Do not cry,
God is still dreaming
Inside you and for you.

One Unforgivable Sin

I have forgiven all my sins
Except one unforgivable sin
And that sin is
I do not love my Beloved Supreme only.

God the Dreamer, I Love You

God the Dreamer,
I love You — Your Beauty.
God the Lover,
I need You — Your Duty.