Song-flowers, part 6

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Alas, When Will I Have the Courage?

Alas, when will I have the courage
To tell the world
That my heart’s aspiration-desert
Is the only cause
Of my Lord’s streaming Tears?

Every Morning Across the Miles

Every morning across the miles
I send my oneness-heart.

I Am Ready Today

I am ready today
To book my passage
To my soul’s summit-height.

God Dances His Ecstasy-Dance

God dances His Ecstasy-Dance
Only in the heart of a soulful self-giver.

A Soulful Thought

A soulful thought
Always comes
From distant galaxies.

My Aspiration-Bird

My aspiration-bird flies
From the limitation-sky
To the realisation-sun beyond.

Sleeplessly and Breathlessly

Sleeplessly and breathlessly
My heart is fond of
Beautiful hope-blossoms.

God Wants to Know How You Are

God wants to know
How you are.
He expects an early reply.

The Language of Failure

I am unlearning
The language of failure.

How Can God Praise You?

How can God praise you?
You have no faith
In your own prayer.

I Am Giving to the World

I am giving to the world
What God has already given to me.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy, happy, happy birthday!
We love your soul’s rainbow-dream promise-play.

Are You Serious, My Lord?

Are You serious, my Lord,
When You tell me
That I shall never please You
In Your own Way?


Lethargy-blanket, no more
You are my bodyguard.
No more!

God Is Not Coming

God is not coming
If you are not losing yourself
In God-Love-songs.

Freedom Within, Freedom Without

Freedom within, freedom without:
Today’s shout.
To please my Lord in His own Way,
I came into the world:
Tomorrow’s whisper.

Many, Many Lives Ago

Many, many lives ago,
God taught me
How to love Him
And how to serve Him

I Am My Mind's Thunder-Blunders

I am my mind’s

I Am My Mind's Frustration-Collection Box

I am my mind’s

My Mind's Best Confusion-Class-Friend

I am my mind’s best

My Mind's Endless Stupidity-Capacity

I am my mind’s
Endless stupidity-capacity.

I Am My Mind's Desire-Frustration-Medal

I am my mind’s

Every Morning God Begs Me

Every morning God begs me
To breathe His Infinity’s Breath.

Give First What You Want Most

Give first what you want most:

Always, Always, Always

Always, always, always,
A sweet smile is by far
The best beginning.

Every Day My Silence-Eye

Every day my silence-eye
Reaches a plateau of excellence.

My Heart Is Loyal

My heart is loyal
Only to the Absolute Supreme.

O My Mind, Stay Away

O my mind, stay away
From the blind opinion-battle.

My Heart's Self-Improvement-Room

I live only in my heart’s

My Mind's Disobedience-Thunder

My mind’s disobedience-thunder
Has destroyed my life’s

A Blessingful Blink of Eternity's Eye

What I every day need
Is a blessingful blink
Of Eternity’s Eye.

I Shall No More Permit Myself

I shall no more permit myself
To be overtaken by
Hopeless cries and helpless sighs.

My Lord's Sweetness-Forgiveness-Eye

My Lord’s Sweetness-Forgiveness-Eye
Is my life’s only liberation-light.

The Fragrance of a Humility-Life

The fragrance of a humility-life
Is God’s matchless treasure.

A Cloud of Doubt

I shall never allow my heart’s
To be devoured
By a cloud of doubt.

To Please God at Every Moment

To please God at every moment
In His own Way,
Each seeker needs
A sprinter’s deer-speed.

When Your Master Is Highly Pleased

When your Master
Is highly pleased with you,
You will unmistakably own
A tranquility-heart.

My Heart's First Birthday

My heart’s first birthday I observed
The day for the first time
I was able to sit
At my Master’s compassion-feet.

My Inner Pilot

My Inner Pilot is happily watching
The clash of my desire-swords.

My Calling Distance

I know, I know,
God is always
Within my calling distance.

What Is Faith?

What is faith,
If not a death-defying smile?

Your God-Interpretations

My mind, I don’t need
Your God-interpretations.
God has a Mouth;
Let God speak for Himself.

O My Complacency-Pillow

O my complacency-pillow,
I am really happy
To say goodbye to you.

When My Peace-Heart Dreams

When my peace-heart dreams,
My bliss-life sings.

I Love and Treasure the Rainbow-Dream

I love and treasure the rainbow-dream
Of my God-obedience-heart.

O My Aggression-Vital

O my aggression-vital,
Prepare yourself to receive
My spirit’s death-punch.

My Basement-Progress-Doom

Where do I live, where?
I live in my basement-progress-doom.

Where Does God Live?

Where does God live?
Where does God live?
He lives inside my big

My Mind's Thunder-Gong

Today my mind’s thunder-gong
Is learning my heart’s sweetness-song.

My Perfection-Rest

My perfection-rest
Is my oneness-nest.

No Sunset

No sunset for the true

My Gratitude-Presents

My gratitude-presents
God opens first.

My Heart's Humility-Forgiveness-Songs

My heart’s humility-forgiveness-songs
God’s Heart proudly treasures.