Song-flowers, part 7

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My Heart's Sacred Song-Flames

Where do I live?
I live on the altar of my heart’s
Sacred song-flames.

Victory over the Mind

Victory over the mind
Helps you become
The partner of God the Liberator.

God-Dreamer, My Soul

God-dreamer, my soul.
God-lover, my heart.
God-server, my life.
God-fulfiller, I am.

I Need Perfection-Shore

I need perfection-shore
And not ignorance-roar.

I Thank You, My Lord Supreme

I thank You, my Lord Supreme,
For my willingness-heart.


Goodbye, goodbye.

My Breath of Infinity

My Lord, Your Compassion-Eye
Is my breath of Infinity.

I Am Truly Ashamed

I am truly ashamed of
My self-indulgence-life.

My Life's Transformation-Boat

My Lord Supreme,
Where is my life’s transformation-boat?

Attachment, You Are So Undivine

You are so undivine
From head to foot.


You are now under arrest.

I Am in Between

I am in between
My soul’s ecstasy-shore
And my body’s lethargy-snore.

Prayer Is the Beauty of God in Me (1)

Prayer is the Beauty of God in me.
Meditation is the Prosperity of God in me.

Can You Not? (2)

Can you not give your Master
Your aspiration-snack,
Since he is going to give you
His full realisation-meal?

A Constant Gratitude-Heart (2)

A constant gratitude-heart
Is a way of loving God
In His own Way.

A Seeker's Humility-Heart (3)

A seeker’s humility-heart
Knows how to become
A smile of God.

Allow Me, O Lord

Allow me, O Lord, immediately to stand
For the God-realisation-examination.
I wish to be spared the torment of waiting.

My Heart Is a Born God-Seeker

My heart is a born God-seeker.
My life is a born God-lover.
My soul is a born God-distributor.

Be Not Your Master's Sorrowful Sigh

Be not your Master’s sorrowful sigh.
Be your Master’s powerful pride.

My Heart's Expectation

My heart’s expectation means
My life’s prison-torture.

On My Way to God

On my way to God,
Mother Earth said to me:
“Abandon me not, my child.
Forget me not, my child.”

I Really Know Not Why

I really know not
Why God gives me everything
For the asking.

I Keep Asking God Only Two Things

I keep asking God only two things:
Why He loves me and why He needs me.

Enthusiasm, I Need Your Eager Heart

I need your eager heart,
I need your eager eyes,
I need your eager hands
And your eager feet.

Count God's Blessing-Days

Count, count, count
God’s Blessing-Days,
And not your complaint-nights.

Will I Go High Before I Die?

I am asking God,
My Lord, my Lord,
Will I go high, very high before I die?
God is saying to me:
“My child, My child,
The answer is in your aspiration-heart.”

Why Do I?

Why do I love to live
In a howling storm of blunders?

Mine Is the Aspiration-Sky

Mine is the aspiration-sky
Which is never overcast.

Prayer Is the Beauty of God in Me (2)

Prayer is the Beauty of God in me.
Meditation is the Prosperity of God in me.

I Pray to God for Protection

I pray to God for protection.
I meditate on God for perfection.

I Pray When My Heart Is Thirsty

I pray when my heart is thirsty.
I meditate when my soul is hungry.

I Pray to God to Receive His Power

I pray to God to receive His Power.
I meditate on God to give Him my love.

Each Time I Pray

Each time I pray,
I am thrilled.
Each time I meditate,
I am fulfilled.

With My Prayer-Cry

With my prayer-cry
I purify my mind.
With my meditation-smile
I beautify my life.

When I Pray, I See God Looking at Me

When I pray,
I see God looking at me
From a very high height.
When I meditate,
I see God at my heart-door.

When I Pray, I Belong Only to this World

When I pray,
I belong only to this world.
When I meditate,
I belong to all the worlds.

My Meditations and My Soul-Smiles

No difference between
My meditations and
My soul-smiles.

No Difference

No difference between
My prayers and
My heart-cries.

I Pray When I Am Helpless

I pray when I am helpless.
I meditate when I am restless.

My Everest Heaven-Rest

O, when can I get,
Where can I get
My Everest Heaven-rest?

You Fool

You fool, you fool, you fool!
You dine with anger-beast.

I Am a Morning Rose

I am a morning rose
In God’s Dream-Garden.

No Inner Noise, No Outer Noise

No inner noise, no outer noise,
What I need is a lion’s poise.

Doubt and Fear

Doubt and fear torture me
When I see a self-made man.

Alas, My Soul Wants to Live Alone

Alas, alas,
My soul wants to live alone —
Without my body.

My Heart Needs My Lord's Dream-Boat

My heart needs my Lord’s Dream-Boat.
My mind wants God’s Reality-Shore.

My Heart's Blossoming Faith

My heart’s blossoming faith
Shall never abandon
My searching mind.

O My Mind, Ride Not My Wild Vital-Chariot

O my mind, ride not
My wild vital-chariot.

Beyond the Reach of Peace-Lovers

Nothing, nothing, nothing,
Is beyond the reach
Of peace-lovers.

When Shall I End My War?

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!
When shall I end my war
With my doubting mind?