Silence, please! God is coming

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God, I Am Rejecting Man

God, I am rejecting man.
Because he has the same
Weaknesses that I have.
Man, I am accepting God.
Because He has the same
Perfection that I have.

God and I Support Each Other

God and I support each other
I support God
With my adoration-leaf.
God supports me
With His Compassion-Tree.
God and I support each other
I support God
With my devotion-drop.
God supports me
With His Illumination-Sea.

Tolerance Is Your Choice

Tolerance is your choice;
Your heart is satisfaction-sky.
Forgiveness is your choice;
Your life is perfection-sun.

Father, Do Organise My Shapeless World

Father, do organise
My shapeless world.
Son, do feed
My hungry world.
Father, my world
Needs You desperately.
Son, My world
Loves you unreservedly.

My American Friend

My American friend
Tells me how great he is.
My Indian friend
Tells me how pure he is.
My Canadian friend
Tells me how tolerant he is.
My English friend
Tells me how intelligent he is.
My Scottish friend
Tells me how friendly he is.
My Puerto Rican friend
Tells me how soft he is.
My Irish friend
Tells me how energetic he is.
My Swedish friend
Tells me how visionary he is.
My Swiss friend
Tells me how solid he is.
My French friend
Tells me how polite he is.
My Japanese friend
Tells me how sincere he is.
Needless to say, they all
Tell the truth,
Of course, their own version
Of the truth.

Don't Go to Extremes

Don’t go to extremes.
A cave-life
Is not meant for you.
Don’t go to extremes.
A pleasure-life
Is not meant for you.
What is meant for you
Is God-discovery
In self-mastery.

Patience I Need

Patience I need
To feed the earth-body in me.
Speed I need
To feed the Heaven-soul in me.
Surrender I need
To feed the God-Eye in me.

Faith, My Faith

Faith, my faith,
Never leave me.
You know, without you,
I am a rudderless boat.
Surrender, my surrender,
Never leave me.
You know, without you,
I shall reach a goalless shore.

You Belong to Earth

You belong to earth;
You dream of fame and glory.
He belongs to Heaven;
He dreams of love and service.
I belong to God;
I dream of compassion and perfection.

I Am Happy Because

I am happy because
My body is obedience.
I am happy because
My vital is confidence.
I am happy because
My mind is concentration.
I am happy because
My heart is dedication.
I am happy because
My soul is satisfaction.

When I Was Aloof

When I was aloof,
God forgave me.
When I was reserved,
God forgave me.
When I was cynical,
God forgave me.
When I was sceptical,
God forgave me.
Now that I am trying,
Trying to be good and divine,
God is examining me.
Alas, alas,
What kind of fate I have!

It Amazes Me

It amazes me
That you never offend anybody.
It amazes me
That he never dislikes anybody.
It amazes me
That I never need anybody.

Heaven-Dreamer I Was

Heaven-dreamer I was,
I really was.
Earth-doer I am,
I truly am.
God-lover I shall become,
Unerringly I shall become.

A Corrupted Mind

A corrupted mind
Is the birth of self-deception.
A corrupted heart
Is the birth of self-confusion.
A corrupted life
Is the birth of self-destruction.

Easy to Lead!

Easy to lead!
I lead my heart.
Easy to drive!
I drive my mind.
But difficult to reach!
Therefore, I cry;
Therefore, I sigh.

To Lose Everything

To lose everything
Is to need God, God alone.
To choose God
Is to lose nothing, absolutely nothing.

Simplicity-Boat I Have

Simplicity-boat I have.
Sincerity-boatman I am.
Purity-passenger I accept.
Divinity-shore we reach.

His Infant Dream

His infant dream:
He will see
The Face of God.
His adolescent dream:
He will become
The best instrument of God.
His adult dream:
He will please God
In God’s own Way.

Let Me Tell You the Difference

Let me tell you the difference
Between my God-realisation
And my God-manifestation.
When I think of my God-realisation,
I think of a wrestler
Fighting a weakling.
When I think of my God-manifestation,
I think of a weakling
Fighting a wrestler.

He Loved His Flatterers

He loved his flatterers.
He loves his fault-finders.
He will love, without fail,
His consciousness-transformer.

My Body Dances When I Do

My body dances
When I do.
My heart dances
When I become.
My soul dances
When I really am.


Aspiration-tree grows.
I knew it. I knew it.
Realisation-flower blossoms.
I know it. I know it.
Perfection-fruit lasts.
I shall know it. I shall know it.

Tear-Drops I Have Discovered

I have discovered
To conquer Heaven.
I have invented
To conquer earth.

One of My New Hobbies

God loves me.
This is one of His old habits.
I love God.
This is one of my new hobbies.

I Love God Because I Need Him

I love God
Because I need Him.
God loves me
Because He has to love
His Self-extension-reality.

It Is Never Too Late to Aspire

It is never too late to aspire.
My heart feels it.
It is never too early to realise.
My soul knows it.

My Sight Tells Me

My sight tells me where God is.
Therefore, I am lucky.
My faith tells me how God is.
Therefore, I am happy.
My love tells me who God is.
Therefore, I am peaceful.

To See the Face of God

To see the Face of God
I enter into you.
To see the Heart of God
You enter into me.

Indian Devotion

Indian devotion
Has made his heart pure.
American love
Has made his life sure.

Climb Up with Me

Climb up with me,
O earth-sorrows.
Climb down with me,
O Heaven-smiles.
Stay with me
Wherever I am,
O God-concern.

Silence, Please

Silence, please!
God is coming.
I hear His Voice.
Silence, please!
God is come.
I see His Face.
Silence, please!
God needs you, you alone,

Mother Mary's Feet

Mother Mary’s feet were pure.
Father Joseph’s eyes were sure.
Their son Jesus’ heart was both
Pure and sure.

None to Equal His Zeal

For God-realisation
There was none to equal his zeal.
For God-manifestation
There was none to equal his frustration.

Silence Is Not Silent

Silence is not silent.
Silence speaks.
It speaks most eloquently.
Silence is not still.
Silence leads.
It leads most perfectly.

I Hate My Dream-Life

I hate my dream-life
Because it is not true.
I hate my reality-life
Because it is not false.

Beauty Glows

Beauty glows
When love expands.
Divinity triumphs
When sincerity flows.

Lord, I Marvel at Your Compassion-Shower

Lord, I marvel at Your Compassion-Shower.
“Son, I marvel at your ignorance-power.
I marvel at your ingratitude-tower.”

Ascend, Ascend!

Ascend, ascend!
At the end of your Heaven-bound journey
You will grow into God the Eternal Lover.
Descend, descend!
At the end of your earth-bound journey
You will grow into God the Eternal Beloved.

No Disciple

No disciple can truly live
Without some sincerity within.
No Master can truly live
Without some divinity within.

Pray to God

Pray to God.
You can never overestimate
Your necessity-cry.
Meditate on God.
You can never measure
Your opportunity-train.

With Speed Faster Than a Thought

With speed faster than a thought,
I have cast aside my earth-experience.
With speed slower than a tortoise,
I have embraced my Heaven-realisation.

Spend Some Time in Feeling

Spend some time in feeling.
Heaven is not as indifferent
As you feel.
Spend some time in seeing.
Earth is not as stupid
As you see.

I Am on God's Side

I am on God’s Side.
Therefore, I dare to become,
And I will become.
God is on my side.
Therefore, I am,
I eternally am.

My Earth-Life

My earth-life
Is a secret sorrow
Of my dying heart.
My Heaven-life
Is a sacred smile
Of my challenging soul.

I Look at God

I look at God and declare:
Truth is all.
God looks at me and declares:
All is truth.

Sad News Travels Fast

Sad news travels fast:
I forget to feed humanity.
Good news travels slowly:
I love to serve humanity.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams, my sweet dreams,
Are you really real?
I think you are.
Hard realities, my hard realities,
Are you not always false?
I know you are.

Believe It or Not, I Have Seen God

Believe it or not,
I have seen God, the real God,
Inside you, inside your purity-body.
Believe it or not,
I have seen God, the real God,
Inside you, inside your beauty-eye.

My Animal Life

My animal life
Is a rainbow of binding ropes.
My human life
Is a rainbow of encouraging hopes.
My divine life
Is a rainbow of fulfilling scope.

Silence, What Is It?

Silence, what is it?
The root of time.
Sound, what is it?
The trunk of time.
Perfection, what is it?
The tree of time.

Faith Is Strong

Faith is strong
In God-Assurance.
Aspiration is strong
In God-Compassion.
Love is strong
In itself.

What Kind of Master Are You?

What kind of Master are you?
My own Master never told me
That I was a hopeless case.
What kind of disciple are you?
My own disciples always worship me
As God, the only God.

What Are You Doing, Master?

What are you doing, Master?
“I am thinking of you.”
Is that so?
Thank you, Master.
What were you doing
Before I came, Master?
“I was thinking of you.”
Is that so?
Thank you, Master.
What will you be doing, Master,
After I leave you?
“I will be thinking of you.”
Is that so?
Thank you, Master.

Necessity Taught Me

Necessity taught me
How to become a Yogi.
Integrity has taught me
How to become a poet.
Curiosity is teaching me
How to become an artist.

I Fix My Soulful Eyes

I fix my soulful eyes
On my Master’s feet
For compassion.
I fix my soulful eyes
On my Master’s heart
For liberation.
I fix my soulful eyes
On my Master’s eyes
For perfection.

God's Heart I Desire

God’s Heart I desire.
God’s Feet I choose.

A Desiring Mind

A desiring mind
A paralysing fear.


Life’s unwanted sleep.

When I Am My Receptivity-Heart

When I am my receptivity-heart,
God is God’s Sunrise-Smile.

Purity Cares

Purity cares.
Impurity dares.

Sound, Do Not Touch Me

Sound, do not touch me.
You are untouchable.
Silence, let me touch you.
You are so lovable.

The Mind Enjoys Conspiracy

The mind enjoys conspiracy.
The heart enjoys ecstasy.

I Want to Know Where God Is

I want to know where God is.
God wants me to know who I am.


God-reliance is the perfect sail
Of my life-boat.


I do not want you.
I love you. I need you.

God Is God's Compassion-Drill

God is God’s Compassion-Drill.
I am my heart’s devotion-thrill.


No heart can breathe
Without hope-flames.

My Soul, If You Do Not Teach Me

My soul,
If you do not teach me,
Who will?
My heart,
If you do not love me,
Who will?

There Is No Fixed Hour

There is no fixed hour
To unfurl your aspiration-sails.

Each Mind

Each mind
Has something new to say.
Each heart
Has something new to give.
Each life
Has something new to become.

Fear Dies

Fear dies only when
You close the eyes of fear.
Doubt dies only when
You punch the head of doubt.
Jealousy dies only when
You twist the tail of jealousy.

At Last I Now Have Peace of Mind

At last I now have peace of mind;
My fault-finding eyes nowhere I find.


Desire-thorn punctured me.
Aspiration-rose nurtures me.

A Heart of Peace Hears (2)

A heart of peace hears
God’s thunderous Applause.

When God Comes to Me

When God comes to me, He tiptoes.
When I go to God, I thunder.

Long Is the Love-List of God

Long is the Love-list of God.
Longer is the Compassion-list of God.
Longest is the Forgiveness-list of God.

The Mind Blames the World

The mind blames the world.
The heart claims the world.

The Mind Complains

The mind complains and assails.
The heart steers and sails.

Prayer Expects

Prayer expects.
Meditation selects.

My Mind Wants to Challenge

My mind wants to challenge
The whole world.
My heart longs to change
The whole world.

My Mind Is a World-Storyteller

My mind is a world-storyteller.
My heart is a God-Song-singer.

Greed Is My Mind-Thirst

Greed is my mind-thirst.
Need is my heart-hunger.

God's Only Enemy

God’s only enemy
Is God’s Justice.

God's Only Lord

God’s only Lord
Is man’s surrender.

God and Indifference (1)

God and indifference
Never rhyme.

God Has Taught Me How to Swim (13)

God has taught me
How to swim with Him.
I have taught God
How to drown for me.

An Unwilling Mind

An unwilling mind
Is doomed to be
A crying failure.

My Soul Is Homesick

My soul is homesick.

Every Day God's Compassion-Eye

Every day God’s Compassion-Eye
Navigates my heart-journey.

A Restless Monkey-Mind

I am no longer
A restless monkey-mind.
I am now
A breathless deer-heart.

Today's Ego-Emperor-Smiles

Today’s ego-emperor-smiles
Are tomorrow’s ego-beggar-tears.

God Will Never Stop

God will never stop carrying sweet hopes
In His Rainbow-Heart.

A Big Zero-Mind

A big zero-mind
Can easily have
A super hero-heart.

Love God the Silence Within

Love God the Silence within.
Manifest God the Sound without.

God Is Always Hungry

God is always hungry
For the fragrance
Of a self-giving purity-heart.

No Such Thing

There is no such thing
As perfection’s ultimate height.

Impossibility Always Bows (2)

Impossibility always bows
To humanity’s patience-mountain.

The Heart-Doorman

The heart-doorman
Always detects
The clever mind-thief.

Anything Divine

Anything divine
Cannot be overdone.

May I Not Lose Your Private Phone Number

My Lord, may I not lose
Your private phone number.
My Lord, may I not lose
Your home address.

May I Not Be a Fool (2)

May I not be a fool to miss God’s

I Went to God for Consolation

I went to God for consolation.
He gave me illumination instead.

I Love God, But I Love Infinitely More

I love God,
But I love infinitely more
To cling to God’s Feet.

God-Seekers, Awake!

God-seekers, awake!
God-lovers, arise!
God-servers, begin!

The Great Dream Is Love

The great dream is love.
The greater dream is surrender.
The greatest dream is peace.