Silence-seed and sound-fruit

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1. Inner strength

Either I shall have to
Cry like a child
Or I shall have to
Smile like a child.
These are the only ways
To constantly gain inner strength.
There are no other ways.
When I cry like a child
Or smile like a child,
Lo, inner strength becomes mine.

2. Joy

A human life of joy
Is a life of and for
God's Satisfaction-Toy
In humanity,
In His Universal Reality.

3. Oneness

Oneness with the past
Is our oneness with frustration-night.

Oneness with the present
Is our oneness with hesitation-night.

Oneness with the fast-approaching tomorrow
Is our oneness with God-preparation
For a new dawn.

4. Spontaneity

Is God-transcending
And Immortality
In our life of ever-mounting oneness
With the Absolute.

5. Avatar

An Avatar is he who is
Heaven's unrecognised infinite capacity
Humanity's immortal perfection.

6. Mother

The human mother tells the child,
"Look up!
There is the truth."

The divine Mother tells the child,
"Look within!
There alone
Is the beauty of truth."

7. Gratitude

Is self-expansion
In the life of the sincere seeker's
Ever-mounting aspiration.

8. Punctuality

The seeker's regularity
Makes God

The seeker's punctuality
Makes God

9. The Guru's love

If ever a disciple realises,
Even for a fleeting second,
What the Guru's love is,
Then God-realisation for him
Can no longer remain a far cry.
God-realisation then becomes
As easy as drinking water.

10. Supreme

As long as the animal in us
Plays the role of our Supreme,
We cannot become a genuine seeker.

As long as the human in us
Plays the role of our Supreme,
We cannot become a real seeker.

The day the Divine in us
Plays the role of our Supreme,
That day not only will we
Have the Supreme as our guide,
But we will ourselves become the Supreme —
Our only Goal.

11. Light

Give light;
You will receive more.

Become light;
You will receive much more.

Ask God
Whether to give light or become light;
You will become boundless light.

12. Devotion

To the inner reality
Is liberation
From the shackles
Of temptation and frustration.

13. Cry

Cry for name and fame;
God will not allow you
To participate in His cosmic Game.

Cry for surrender-participation
In His cosmic Game;
God not only will allow you
To play with Him,
But also will share with you
His infinite Delight.

14. Child

A human child
Cries for possession.
A divine child
Cries for perfection-progress on earth
Perfection-progress in Heaven.

15. Salvation

If you think of sin,
Then you need salvation.

If you think of ignorance,
Then you need liberation.

If you think of oneness,
Then you need God-realisation,

16. Self-giving

The self-giving life-tree
Becomes slowly,
And unerringly
The God-nourishing,

17. Creation

Creation is
In silence,
In silence.

18. Marriage

A God-ordained marriage
Leads to
Heaven's door.

A man-made marriage
Is the door to
Hell itself.

19. Acceptance

A surrendered life
Is God-satisfaction acceptance-light
In the heart
Of a genuine seeker.

20. Peace

Peace is not in seeing,
Peace is not in receiving,
Peace is not in feeling,
Peace is not in giving;
Peace is in praying to God
For peace-role
In the seeker's aspiring life.

21. Education

The best education
In the human life
Is self-giving.

The best education
In the divine life
Is unconditional surrender
To God's Will.

22. Vision

With our outer vision
We see the world
The way we want to see the world.

With our inner vision
We see the world
The way God wants us to see the world.
How does God want us to see the world?
He wants us to see the world
As God-preparing perfection.

23. Capacity

God never asks us
To do something beyond our capacity.
He always grants us
Infinitely more than the necessary capacity
When He asks us to do something for Him.

24. Beyond

The Beyond
Is in my heart's cry
For my nature's transformation
For the constant Satisfaction
Of my Beloved Supreme.

25. Sacred

A sacred life is needed
To receive God.

A sacred life is needed
To reveal the divine in us.

A sacred life is needed
For the real in us
To become universally real.

But a supreme life is needed
To carry the message of God.

26. Immortality

Is not a vague word;
It is a reality.
And this reality dawns
Only when the seeker becomes
A conscious and constant cry
For God-satisfaction in himself.

27. Spirituality

Is the only reality
That grows in our inner life,
That glows in our outer life
That flows in God's ever-transcending

28. Hope

Real hope is not mere wishful thinking.
Real hope is the seed of reality in us
Which is bound to manifest itself
In God-satisfaction

29. Ignorance

When I consciously do not mix
With ignorance-night,
Delight spontaneously mixes with me
And promises me
That light will always mix with me.

30. Instrument

Lord Supreme,
Make me a hallowed instrument,
A flute,
So that you can play on me
With Your all-illumining,

31. Soul

The soul not only tells us about
The existence of the supreme Goal,
But also shows us
Where the Goal is
What the Goal is.

32. Becoming

Lord Supreme,
I am becoming
A surrendered instrument of Yours
Precisely because
That is what You want
For Your constant and continuous
Satisfaction in me.

33. Energy

The divine in me grows
Only when I devotedly allow
The supreme Energy to flow.
What is the supreme Energy?
The supreme Energy is my constant
Offering of my gratitude-heart
To the Supreme.

34. Silence and sound

God's Silence-Life
Is God's perfect Love-Life
In God.

God's Sound-Life
Is God's constant Satisfaction-Life
In man.

35. Soulfulness

Man's soulfulness
Is God's all-fulfilling Oneness
With the seeker's promise
To the Absolute Supreme
For God-manifestation.

36. Reality

Earth-bound reality tells me
That I am of ignorance-night
And for ignorance-night.

Heaven-free reality tells me
That I am eternally
What God wants me to be:
His constant and conscious instrument.

37. Divine journey

The divine journey
Is the continuous, eternal journey
That is not only nearing God-Reality
But is actually bringing God-Reality
To itself.
And this journey is not only the soul's
Continuous preparation
In us,
But also the soul's full blossoming
For us.

38. Child

A human child
Eventually becomes

A divine child
Eternally remains
In God-Satisfaction.

39. Eternity

Is the God-height in man.

Is the God-length in man.

Is the God-depth in man.

40. Clarity

Clarity is the greatest wealth
That a human mind can achieve.

Purity is the best wealth
That a human heart can achieve.

Surrender is the best treasure
That a human life can achieve.

41. Prayer

When I pray,
I pray to God to make me perfect.
When I meditate,
God tells me that
I have all along been perfect,
But I have only to realise it.

42. Will

Human will is nothing more
Than disheartening hesitation.
Divine Will is nothing short of
God-preparation in us,
God-Perfection for us
God-Satisfaction in and through us.

43. Faith

Inner obedience
Immediately increases our outer faith.
Outer obedience to the spiritual Master
Immediately increases our inner faith.
And when our inner faith is increased,
Our outer ignorance is not only decreased
But immediately and totally diminished.
At that time we become
Perfect instruments of God-manifestation.

44. Enlightenment

Is the first enlightenment
In our inner eternal journey.

Is the second enlightenment
In our heavenward eternal journey.

Is the third and last
All-illumining and all-fulfilling
In our eternal journey
Toward ever-transcending
Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.

45. Bliss

Is divine intensity-height.
Is God-intensity
Universal Reality.

46. Creativity

Is a God-loving reality in us.
Is constant God-embodiment,
God-revelation and God-manifestation
In the seeker's evolving life
Of God-Satisfaction.

47. Everlasting

There is only one everlasting reality
In the human heart
And that everlasting reality is man's
Constant, increasing and expanding

48. Service

Sow the unconditional love-seed.
Lo, God grants you
The God-service-tree,
The tree that bears

49. God-Dream

Is unrecognised
Reality in us.

Is unmanifested
Divinity for us,
Only for us.

50. Surrender

I surrender my outer existence to God
Not because He is very great,
Infinitely great,
But because He is the only Reality
That loves me sincerely,
Even I do not love myself
The way God loves me.
To Him alone I surrender.

Editor's preface

During a meeting of his Connecticut Centre on August 11, 1975, Sri Chinmoy asked each of his disciples to give him a spiritual word, and he then spontaneously recited a poem based on the word. The different words, and Sri Chinmoy's poems have been collected in this volume.