Supreme, I sing only for You

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Nai Kicchu Nai Tai Bujhi Ma

Nai kichhu nai tai bujhi ma
Paina taba sneha
Tomar bujhi lage bhalo
Shudhu gunir deha
Guni ami chaina hate
Raibo ami boka
Hasi tomar naiba pelam
Ami tomar khoka


Mother, do You not love me
Just because I have nothing to offer You?
Do You love only those
Who are blessed with striking capacities?
Mother, I do not want to be a man
Of virtues or capacity;
I want to remain a fool.
Although You bless me not
With Your smile divine,
I claim myself Your fondest child.

Akaran Name Kripa Akaran

Akaran name kripa akaran
Japa tapa puja kripa sadhan
Karuna labher noi go karan
Barishar dhara abanir buke
Shanchare naba pran
E je karunar dhan


Unconditional Grace descends;
An austere life, a life of strict discipline
I need not lead to receive
Compassion-Flood from above.
Compassion descends incessantly
And unconditionally;
A new life in me it awakens.
Indeed, this is the gift of Compassion-Flood.

Nai Nai Nai Ami Ar Nai

Nai nai nai
Ami ar nai
Shudhu achhe ek chhaya
Sahasa sonali
Alor jhalake
Se o je harai kaya


Nothing there is.
I no longer exist.
Only a shadow,
And even that shadow
Has lost its body-form
And is transformed
By the flash of golden light.

Mago Tomar Charan Tale

Mago tomar charan tale
Ke diyeche phul
Ke jeleche tomar kache
Sandhyaratir dip
Kahar bhale puja sheshe
Ankbe mago tip
Kon pujari dhainya habe
Tomar jaya gane
Kare tumi mantra debe
Aji kane kane
Ke se etoi priyatama
Shuddha shanta jib
Sarga hate nemeche ki
Brahma Vishnu Shib


Mother, who has placed flowers at Your feet?
Who has kindled the evening lamp before You?
At the end of worship, on whose forehead
Will You place Your benediction-mark?
Who is the worshipper to be blessed
By singing Your victory-song?
Whom shall You initiate in silence-secrecy today?
Who is that beloved of Yours, so pure and silent?
Has he, like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,
Descended onto earth?

Nami Tomai Ogo Nama

Nami tomai ogo nama
Shubhra puta kamal sama
Tomar charan tale
Phutbo ami sabar sathe
Kamana e aj e prabhate


To You I bow, O Lord of my worship.
Like a white lotus of purity,
I place myself at Your feet
And bloom with all seekers of the spirit.
This is my sole longing this morning.

Manthare Chale Manthara

Manthare chale manthara
Druta chale bana sardul
Sabadhani chale charidike heri
Kabu nahi kare bhul


Slowly the slow ones move,
And fast runs the forest tiger.
In me the cautious world looks around
And makes no friends with mistakes.

Ami Nahi Chali

Ami nahi chali
Shudhu dekhi ami
Triguner lila nritya
Kona khobh nai
Amar parane
Achapal ei chitta


I do not move.
I only watch the dance
Of three gunas: purity, dynamism
and lethargy.
Tranquil is my heart.
I suffer not from attacks of lethargy.
I am not puzzled by dynamism-rush.
I am not proud of my purity’s flood.

Jachi Sumati

Jachi sumati
Naba arune kari pranati
Usha arati halo birati
Eso shripati


I bow to the rising sun
And pray for divine thoughts
And life serene.
My dawn worship is over.
O beauty’s Lord, You I invoke.

Jago Jago Bharater Rishi Kabi

Jago jago
Bharater rishi kabi jago
Naba rupe gyana parabar
Jagater ashar
Tamasar pran vedi
Jago priya jyotir adhar
Sanchita punjita
Dharanir glani shata
Parashe tomar hok khoi
Oishi labani ani
Kurupa e dhara khani
Karo priya sucharu akkhoi


Awake, awake,
O seer poet of Mother Ind,
O world-haven,
Awake in your new form, knowledge-sea.
Piercing the heart of ignorance,
Awake, O Beloved, O Source of light.
May your silence-touch
Transform the long accrued
Into the light of dawn.
Bring down your lustre-light
And illumine this unlit world
And make it beauty immutable.

He Mor Kabita Tumi Je Amar

He mor kabita tumi je amar
Antara shatadal
Tumi niye aso parane amar
Amarar parimal
Byathar tatini taranga sathe
Pran jabe boye jai
Parashe tomar mukti salile
Lukai e pran kai


O my poem, you are the lotus of my heart.
You bring into my heart
Nectar-light from Heaven.
When my life flows
With the river of sorrow with its countless waves,
May your magic touch
Hide me in the waters of liberation-sea.

Bhangeni Aji O Bhul

Bhangeni aji o bhul
Dukher sagare dubitechi tai
Na heri kotha o kul
Nai kono thai jetha kichu nai
Bishad bilap shranti
Dukher rajani pohabe ki kabhu
Guchibe ki kabhu bhranti


Even now my mistakes are not rectified;
Therefore, I am drowning in the sea of sorrow.
I see no shore. Lost, I am totally lost.
No place on earth where there is no depression,
Lamentation and long weariness.
Will ever the night of dole
Lose its existence in the effulgence of dawn?

Dike Dike Taba Mahimar Bani

Dike dike taba mahimar bani
Mukharita karibar
Bishwa janani antare karo
Shaktir sanchar
Naba aruner bikiran rashi
Kusumer puta prane
Parashe jagai oishi eshana
Snigdha karuna dane


O Mother Divine, give me strength divine
To inspire the world
And spread Your message-light
From coast to coast.
In me is the illumining light of the rising sun;
In me is life’s flower-heart.
Heaven’s aspiration-flight is awakening me
With Your Elysian Compassion-Touch.

Amare Peyeche Ghum

Amare peyeche ghum
Charidike kato hasi utsab
Puja aradhana dhum
Jagi nai tabu
Shuni nai dak
Basi nai kare bhalo
Keha jale nai amar e ghare
Sandhya pradip alo


Sleep has overpowered me.
Around me endless roaring mirth,
Soulful, festive life-flow and
sweet devotion flames.
Yet I am not awakened.
I hear not the call divine.
I love nobody.
My life’s evening has set in,
But nobody has kindled the lamp
in my heart room.

Manushi Drishti Kata Je Bhranta

Manushi drishti kata je bhranta
Kata je mulyahin
Kata kalpana raimya nagari
Dhulai hayeche lin
Tabu keno hai giti utsab
Dike dike alo mala
Bijoy nishan puja ayojan
Pulaka barana dala


How false is human vision!
How meaningless is human vision!
Wonder-cities of imagination-creation
Are all buried in the dust of oblivion.
Yet human souls derive much joy
From hoisting the victory-banner
And garlanding the heroes
And offering heart’s love-world.

Ami Tomar Lagiya

Ami tomar lagiya
Rayechi jagi dibanishi bhalobasiya
Nai je pathe badhar bandhan
Kebal tomar kripar plaban
Dhanya jiban mor amire sanpiya


For You
I am wide awake
With all my heart’s love.
On my way there is no bondage-obstruction,
Only the flood of Your Compassion.
Blessed is my life
By offering my ego-I to You.

Khama Karo Khama Karo More Barebar

Khama karo khama karo
More barebar
Ogo mor ajanar
Kripa parabar
Ami habo taba hasi
Ananda chand
Tumi habe e hiyar
Anahata nad


Forgive me, forgive me
Time and again.
O Compassion-Flood
Of Eternity’s ever-unknown Beyond,
I shall grow into Your Smile-World
And Delight-Moon.
You will be my heart’s
Birthless and deathless soundless sound.

Nami Juga Avatar

Nami juga avatar
Smari ratula charana
Gahite bhajana
Dibe ki ebar adhikar
Rishi kabi prema avatar
Shata name daki
Shata bhabe anki
Nami toma shatabar
Mukti dishari manavatar
Amrita dani
Maraner glani
Bidurita karo juga avatar


I bow to You, O Avatar of the era!
Will you give me the right to worship You
By touching Your red lotus-Feet?
O Seer-Poet, O Love incarnate!
In hundreds of ways I call You,
In hundreds of ways I paint You,
I bow to You countless times.
O beckoning hands of humanity’s liberation,
Do offer Your Nectar-Flood,
And sweep away the dark disgrace of death.
I bow to You, O Avatar of the era!

Shudhu Chali E Chalar

Shudhu chali e chalar
Nai je birati
Hisab karini kabhu
Er labh khati
Britha kigo ghure mari
Ei marubhume
Dhula bali kantaka
Ar kalo dhume


I just walk on;
My walking never ends.
I have never calculated
The loss and gain of my journey.
Alas, am I to go on
Eternally in vain
In this earth-desert
Full of dust and sand, thorns and smoke?

Kutil Maner Prabesh Nishedh

Kutil maner prabesh nishedh
Amar alor bhuvane
Kurup praner prabesh nishedh
Amar mukti swapane
Alas deher prabesh nishedh
Amar premer gahane


A crooked and tricky mind has no access
To my world of light.
An ugly and impure vital has no access
To my liberation-dream.
An idle and useless body has no access
To my love-depth.

Anrita Hate Sat Pathe

Anrita hate sat pathe
Niye jao
Biduri tamasa jyotir
Smaran nao
Nahi jena pai bhoy
Ami jena chali
Amrita dhame
Mrittyure kari joy


Lead me from the unreal to the real.
Lead me from darkness to light.
I must not fear;
Dauntless I must march
From death to Immortality.

Chetana Amar Akashe Batase

Chetana amar akashe batase
Miliya nritya kare
Sagarer jale kheliya berai
Ami thaki giri pare
Nai kona thai jetha ami nai
Bishwa bhubana majhe
Atma jiban ahuti ditechi
Paramer seba kaje


My consciousness dances
With boundless sky and air.
It also sports with the waves of the sea.
And I am on the top of the mountain peak.
No place there is on earth
Where my consciousness is not.
I am offering my self-form
To the service of the Absolute Supreme.

Keu Je Mor Apan Noi

Keu je mor apan noi
Sabai jani par
Tabu je keno dake tader
Mama e antar
Par je aj chira kaliy
Na rahe jena par
Kurup prane heribo aji
Masi rupantar


Nobody is dear to me;
All are nothing to me;
Yet, I know not why,
My heart welcomes them all.
I am sure he who is not dear to me today
Will one day become dear to me,
And in the heart of life
I shall see the transformation
Of dark ignorance night.

Kusum Komal Parane Amar

Kusum komal parane amar
Sahena jharer haowa
Tai bale kigo biphal haibe
Amar sakal chaowa
Kata abedan kata nivedan
Katai kamana kalpana
Byartha ki habe sadhan bajhan
Pranati arati archana


My flower-heart fails to bear life storms;
Therefore, will all my longings fail to bear fruit?
Will all my seekings, all my offerings,
All my imaginations,
All my spiritual disciplines, all my worship,
All my devoted surrender be in vain?

Aro Kachhe Ese Na Dharile Hath

Aro kachhe ese na dharile hath
Kemane chalibo pathe
Kemane sahibe jadi bhese jai
Durgama giri srote
Jani ami jani parane tomar
Lage je amar byatha
Ta nahale mor nijer lagiya
Nai kona byakulata


If You do not come nearer and clasp my hand
How can I walk along the road?
How will You bear it if I am carried away
By the flood coursing through the impenetrable mountain?
I know, I know Your Heart suffers my pangs.
If not, no concern have I for my own life.

Bishwa Pujya Mahat Habar Asha Diye

Bishwa pujya mahat habar asha diye
Khudra chaowa purna nahi karo
Mahat ami chaina hate jeman iccha
Teman kare dharo amai dharo
Chaudike mor andha murkha ghor andhiyar
Chaudike mor kapurush ar nishwa
Sabar mukti jachi ami ami sabar
Sabai amar chirantaner bishwa


You do not fulfil my little desires
Because You want to fulfil
My longings sublime.
I do not want to be great
If You accept me as I am.
Around me all are blind and stupid.
Around me all are weak and destitute.
I long for the liberation of all souls;
I belong to all and all belong to me.
We comprise Eternity’s universe.

Paran Mama Tomar Kachhe

Paran mama tomar kachhe
Kata kichhui chai
Hriday jache thai shudhu ma
Tomar ranga pai
Ashesh ratan dileo ma
Habe na pran tripta
Hiya amar atma-tyagi
Tomar kachhe lipta


My vital desires from You countless things.
My heart yearns for only one thing:
Your Lotus-Feet.
Mother Divine, even if You give me
Immeasurable wealth,
My vital will fail to be satisfied.
But my heart, offering its self-form
Has become one with You
In the depth of Your Heart.

Ebar Amai Tano Mago

Ebar amai tano mago
Ebar amai tano
Amar praner khudratare
Tibra bhabe hano
Phutbo ami phuler mato
Tomar paye abirata
Amar hiyar gopan byetha
Pabe tomar nirabata
Ghor timire paran mamo
Tumito ma jano
Ebar amai tano mago
Ebar amai tano


Mother, draw me near You this time,
Draw me near You.
Strike hard
The meanness of my life.
Like a flower
I shall always blossom at Your Feet.
My heart’s secret pangs
Shall receive Your silence-blessing.
Mother, You know well
My vital is in ignorance-night.
Mother, draw me near You this time,
Draw me near You.

Shunya Hate Shunya Hiyai

Shunya hate shunya hiyai
Purnatare dakbo
Ei je amar pan
Bedan rate maran buke
Purnatare bandhbo
Amar ashar dhan


With empty hands and with an empty heart
I shall invoke the life of Infinity’s perfection.
This is my soul-promise.
In the night of suffering
And in the heart of death
I shall grasp the life of plenitude.
Indeed, I treasure this hope-light.

Amar Nutan Pran Tomar Kripar Dan

Amar nutan pran
Tomar kripar dan
Amar nutan asha
Tomar bhalobasa
Amar nutan bani
Tomar charan khani
Amar nutan rabi
Tomar premer chhabi


My new life is Your Compassion-Gift.
My new hope is Your Love-Gift.
My new message embodies Your Feet of Light.
My new sun is the picture of Your Love-World.

Ami Bholanath

Ami bholanath
Srishtir tras
Srashtar priyatama
Ami sundar
Ami bhashwar
Ami chira anupama


I am the Lord Shiva;
I am the world terror;
I am the beloved of the Creator supreme;
I am the beauty of the Beyond;
I am the ever-illumining sun;
I am Eternity’s excellence.

Amala Dhabala Pathe

Amala dhabala pathe
Je chale kishora hate
Tomar charan anusari
Tahar hridaye ese
Biraj kario hese
Nitya niyata ogo hari
Maner kalima jata
Praner basana khata
Biduri apan kare niyo
Tomar ja kichu ache
Apan haiya kache
Tahare tahai shudhu dio


He who walks along
The path of purity
Following Your Footsteps,
Do descend into his heart,
O World-Liberator.
Delete his life of imperfections,
His life of unlit desires.
Bless him with what You have.
Give him, Lord, Your Blessing-Gift.
Make him Your own, very own.

Jadi Bhabi Toma Dakibona

Jadi bhabi toma dakibona ar
Heribona oi mukh
Nayan mudiya thakibo niyata
Tahate paiba sukh
Sahasa tomar hasir lahari
Shune dekhi ankhi khule
Ati kachhe priya asiyacha aj
Najani kemane bhule


If and when I think that I shall not invoke
You any more,
I shall not even look at You, but shall keep
My eyes shut
And thus derive happiness.
I see You touching my eyes
With the waves of Your Smile.
I know not, Beloved, how and why
You are so close to me today.
Perhaps all this is just a mistake.

Nayane Shudhu Tomar Hasi

Nayane shudhu
Tomar hasi
Uthuk bhasi
Ei kamana
Parane mamo
Andhar nasi


May Your Smile divine flow across my eyes.
This is my life’s only longing.
Descend into my life,
Casting aside the pall of gloom.

Keno Bhoi Keno Bhoi

Keno bhoi keno bhoi
Keno karo bhoi
Toma lagi toma majhe
Chiro nirbhoi
Keno bhoi keno bhoi
Keno karo bhoi
Tumi shishu paramer
Tumi akkhoi
Keno bhoi keno bhoi
Keno karo bhoi
Oi shuno mahakal
Ghose taba jai


Why do you fear, why do you fear?
For you, in you, is the eternally fearless One.
Why do you fear, why do you fear?
You are the child of the Absolute Supreme.
Immutable you eternally are.
Why do you fear, why do you fear?
Hearken, the time eternal,
Is proclaiming your victory supreme.

Shubhra Akash Shubhra Batas

Shubhra akash shubhra batas
Shanta dharar pran
Ami shudhu eka hriday jahar
Niyata bhramyaman


A clear, bright sky and clear, bright air
And a tranquil earth-heart I feel within me.
Alone I am roaming in the cosmos wide
With my eternity’s partner-heart.

Ek Khana Banka Path Kantake Ghera

Ek khana banka path kantake ghera
Pratipade badha pai bhishan e bera
Nai alo nai bayu shudhu kalo chhaya
Bibhishika dekhateche dhare bhima khaya
Eka eka nirajane bhrami sei pathe
Bhulegechi ashiyachi ami kotha hate


A tortuous road full of thorns;
At every step I encounter dire obstacles.
No light, no air, only a black shadow before me.
With a giant body he frightens me.
Alone I walk along an unlit, lightless labyrinth.
Long have I forgotten where my source is.

Ananda Hate Sanjata Mora

Ananda hate
Sanjata mora
Anande kari bas
Prati bedanar
Pashchate tai
Ananda ullas


Our earth-entrance from our Source:
Delight is our life-flow.
At the end of each earth-pang
Our entire being is flooded
With ecstasy’s transcendental Height.

Bhakti Amar Kon Sudure

Bhakti amar kon sudure dhai
Nil akasher se kon nilimai
Ore amar bhakti dhara
Bihane tor hriday amar
Abar phire ai
Paran tore chai


To which far off land does my devotion fly?
In which blue welkin does it lose its existence pure?
O my devotion flood, my heart is all destitute without you.
Do return.
My heart life is desperately in need of you.

Ke Jai E Mukhe Hasiya

Ke jai e mukhe hasiya
Ke jai e chokhe dekhiya
Hasina dekhina kichhui karina ar
Bhab jage mane jage je basana
Kata bhanga gora kathoi sadhana
Ke rakhe hisab ke chalai nahi jani
Swapane jagiya swapane ghumai
Swaruper sandhani


Who smiles in my dream?
Who sees through my eyes?
I do not smile; I do not see;
I do not do anything.
Thought-life and desire-life
I do not account for.
In me, my Beloved enjoys
His Dream-Life and Reality-Life.
In me, for Him is an eternal search.

Ami Kalo Mrinmoy

Ami kalo mrinmoy
Ei mor parichoy
Ami taba barabhoy
Ei mor parichoy
Ami habo chinmoy
Ei mor parichoy


I am dark ignorance-clay;
This is my earth-reality.
I am Your Compassion-flood;
This is my Heaven-reality.
I shall be consciousness universal and transcendental;
This is my Absolute Reality supreme.

Jatri Chaleche Durgam Pathe Rikta

Jatri chaleche durgam pathe rikta
Ghana andhiyare ashru badale sikta
Kota samadhan shudhu bera jal bhranti
Chira sahachar bedana bilap shranti


The pilgrim is proceeding
Along the impenetrable road
with his nothingness-companion.
He sees teeming darkness and lightning tears
within and without him.
Bondage all around him; solution a far cry,
Weariness, lamentation, excruciating pangs
have made him their eternal friend.

Je Ja Chai Diyo Tare

Je ja chai diyo tare
More shudhu diyo asha
Pujibo tomare maner gahane
Heribo satata hridayer bane
More shudhu diyo akuti
Janate tomare pranati


Whatever one wants, give him.
Give me only hope-life and love-light.
In the inmost recesses of my heart
I shall worship You.
I shall behold You, Your sole Reality.
Give me only the aspiration-flame
To bow to You alone.

Amar Anan Bhora

Amar anan bhora
Jyotsna dhara
Paran bhora hasir gan
Ei je tomar sneher dan
Snehamayi sneha tomar
Nitya aphuran
Tumi amar byakul hiyar
Mukti shikhar tan


My face is grown into moonlit night.
My heart is grown into a song celestial.
I know these are Your affection-gifts,
O Mother of affection-flood.
Ceaseless and unconditional You always are.
You are my expectant heart’s
Flame of liberation-flow.

Andharer Par Alor Sharani

Andharer par
Alor sarani
Bijoy juddha sheshe
Labhibe jatri
Ei bharoshay
Chaleche niruddeshe


At the end of the darkness-tunnel awaits
The road of light.
Victory dawns at the end of battle-might.
This realisation has blossomed in the heart
Of the hero-soldiers;
Therefore, treasuring this hope,
The warriors are marching toward
Their destined goal.

Harabo Ajike Amar Amire

Harabo ajike amar amire
Amiya sagara tire
Dhire dhire ati dhire
Rahibo hethai nirabata sathe
Madhu lavanya nire
Jabona kakhano phire
Tamasa praner ashru nadir
Supta gabhir rate


Slowly, very slowly,
At the shore of the nectar-sea
Today I shall lose my little ‘i’.
I shall stay there
With silence-light
And honey-lustre.
I shall not return
To my dark ignorance-night
of sombre sleep.

Ami Amar Mukti Bhanu

Ami amar mukti bhanu
Hiyar mahotsabe
Ami amar andha nisha
Maner kalarabe
Ami amar atma sudha
Purna loker smriti
Ami amar ushar marur
Dhangsa chhayar priti


I am my liberation-sun
In the great festival of hearts.
I am my blind night
In the clamour of my mind.
I am my soul-nectar
And my memories of perfection-light.
I am my barren desert
And my love of destruction-shadow.

Jader Lagiya Tomare Bhulechi

Jader lagiya tomare bhulechi
Kothai ajike tara
Moher bandhane amije amai
Karechi sarbohara
Dekha dao more he khama baridhi
Hiya mama jena dake nirabadhi
Pujibo tomai hanibo bhangibo
Timir jiban kara


Where are those people for whom
I have totally forgotten You?
With my attachment-ties
I have made myself totally destitute.
Do appear before me,
O ocean of Forgiveness.
May my crying heart invoke You ceaselessly.
I shall worship You.
I shall break asunder the prison
Of darkness-life.

Aro Dure Aro Dure

Aro dure aro dure
Mago tomar hriday pure
Jabo ami jabo
Nil akasher rabi shashi
Bajai prane alo banshi
Nutan akash nutan batas
Jagai prane chinta udas
Dibanishi sabar majhe
Tomai ami pabo
Mago tomar hriday pure
Jabo ami jabo


Mother, into the city of Your Heart I shall go,
Into the farthest city of the Beyond.
The moon and sun of the sky
Are playing their flutes of light within my heart.
A new sky, a new air
Awake within me boundless thought.
All day and night I shall see You,
Receive You and achieve You in the heart of all.
Mother, into the city of Your Heart I shall go.

Jani Tumi Asbe Phire

Jani tumi asbe phire
Taita cheye thaki
Phanki diye jeyona go
Amai diye phanki
Tomar lagi amar hiya
Thake sada jagi
Asha rate dekha tomar
Nitya jena magi


I know You will return;
Therefore, I look around with expectant eyes.
O, deceive me no more.
My heart is always awake to catch a glimpse of You.
I pray to You to appear before me
In my hopeful night.

Eso Sundara Chiro Manohara

Eso sundara chira manohara
Eso mor prananath
Tomar lagiya kande nirabadhi
Amar dibasa rath
Ogo ananta eso eso eso
Amarar ajanar
Amar amire sanpite tomare
Dao aji adhikar


O beautiful one, O eternally charming one,
O Lord of my life, do come.
My heart weeps for You
Day in and day out.
Come, O Eternal One
Of the Heaven unknown.
Give me the right today to place my little ‘i’
At Your Feet divine.

Kata Bedanar Ashru Bahiya

Kata bedanar ashru bahiya
Tapta e pran khani
Esechilo hetha bishwa janani
Shunite tomar bani
Mauna parashe balile tahar kane
Herite tomar pane
Pareni rakhite se adesh taba
Bichitra abhinava
Kheyal tahar mani
Keno tumi tabu
Nilena bakkhe tani


O Mother Divine, to listen to Your message
I have shed ceaseless tears.
I have turned my life into a fever of tears.
I want nothing but to see You.
With a silent touch
You have asked me to glance at You.
I have failed to abide by Your command.
You know my failure
Was caused by my deplorable whims,
Yet I do not know
Why You have not drawn me toward Your Heart.

Ebar Tomai Karechi Jai

Ebar tomai karechi jai
Bhalobasa diye
Tomar ashish niye
Bishwe ami dakbo hese
Bishwa sabhai giye
Jenechi aj ei dharanir
Sakal gopan katha
Tomar nirabata
Amar prane taito aji
Eseche purnata


I have now won You with my love.
With Your Compassion-Flood
I shall invite the world.
With my soul’s smile,
Appearing before the world assembly,
I have learned all secrets of the world.
I have learned the message of Your Silence;
Therefore, in me I see
The wealth of perfection-plenitude.

Mukta Amar Rath

Mukta amar rath
Mukta ajike
Mukta sakal kantako bhara path
Tumi amar paran majhi
Ami tomar tari
Sabar prane basbo bhalo
Tomar charan smari


Free is my chariot.
My road is clear of thorns.
You are my Inner Pilot;
I am Your dream-boat.
My love-light will find its existence
In the heart of all
By touching Your Haven-Feet.

Dyuloke Jekhane Gyane O Karme

Dyuloke jekhane gyane o karme
Tumi ami ekakar
Chetana amar uthuk sethai
Jachi ami barebar
Abhed gyaner punya aloke
Heriya tomai nayan bari
Abahan kare anibo dharai
Narayane mor baran kari


May my consciousness fly into Heaven
Where You and I are one
In knowledge and service-light.
This is my constant prayer.
O my Lord Supreme, this realisation of mine
Offers me purity’s light of oneness
And I drink deep the beauty of Your Eyes
In my reality world.

Khama Karo More Ogo Kripamoy

Khama karo more ogo kripamoy
Shesh aparadh mor
Rahibena ar parane amar
Dainya jatana ghor
Chira sudhamoy bhakti plabane
Bhasaye amar prane
Antara pakhi jagibe abar
Tomar bijoy gane


O Lord of Compassion,
Forgive me, forgive me
For the last time.
This is my last offence.
In my heart no longer shall remain
Pangs and poverty dark.
My heart shall flow with devotion flood.
The bird of my heart will awake
To Your Victory-Song.

Nil Jamunar Tire

Nil jamunar tire
Amar hiyar param amire
Bahubar ami dekhechi
Nil jamunar tire
Sayane swapane alo jagarane
Kanu sathe ami khelechi
Nil jamunar tire
Dharar mukti lagiya amara
Swarga duar khulechi
Nil jamunar tire


At the bank of blue Jamuna
Many a time I have seen
The transcendental form of my heart.
At the bank of blue Jamuna
In sleep, in dream and in the waking hours
I have played with Krishna.
At the bank of blue Jamuna
Together we have opened the door of Heaven
For the liberation of the world,
At the bank of blue Jamuna.

Shunya Hate Ebar Ami

Shunya hate ebar ami
Jabo tomar kache
Dekhbe tumi rikta e pran
Keman madhur nache
Riktata mor tomar ashish
Tomar barabhoy
Ja kichu dao khudra mahat
Sakali madhumoy


With empty hands
This time I shall come to You.
You will see how beautifully
My life of nothingness shall dance.
My nothingness is Your Blessing
And Compassion supreme.
No matter what You give me, big or small,
It is all sweetness-flood.

Shunyata Go Shunyata

Shunyata go shunyata
Tumi ankhir purnata
Tumi hiyar nityata
Shunyata go shunyata
Tumi nabher stabdhata
Tumi dharar mugdhata


Nothingness, O nothingness,
You are my vision’s plenitude;
You are my heart’s everlasting reality.
Nothingness, O nothingness,
You are the silence-light of the sky;
You are the world-appreciation
And world-admiration.

He Sevak He Sevika

He sevak he sevika
He premik he premika
Eso mor hiya duare
Daki aji bare bare
Mamo puto abahan
Tomader darashan
Bidhatar sanatan
Amarata jagaran


O my dedication-son and dedication-daughter,
O my love-son and love-daughter,
Come and stand at my heart door.
Today I call you incessantly.
With my heart of purity
I invoke your presence love.
Indeed, you are my Lord’s
Eternal and immortal awakening.

Dhara Jadi Tumi Nahi Dite Chao (1)

Dhara jadi tumi nahi dite chao
Ei dharanir buke
Britha kena ar kathaiba din
Marma pirana dukhe
Dhan man jash gyaner garima
Kamya kichui nai
Shudhu abhilash sri charane taba
Pai ekbar thai


If You do not want to be caught
In the heart of this world,
Why should I spend my time in vain
And in utter sole misery?
Name, fame, knowledge and glory I desire not.
Only one desire have I:
My haven at Your Feet.

Ami Shudhu Banshi

Ami shudhu banshi
Tumi na bajale
Nahi baji kona kale
Ei kathatuku likhibe ki mor vale
Sakale janibe
Amar gopan katha
E banshi paibe tomar shrimukhe
Charama sarthakatha


I am Your flute.
I never produce a sound
If You do not play on me.
Will You write down this message
On my forehead?
Everyone will come to know
Of my secrecy-life.
I shall attain to the highest
By adorning Your face.

Dure Dure Ati Dure

Dure dure ati dure
Kache ati kache
Nitya tomar nupur dhani baje
Harai kena apan swarup laje
Ar kato kal baki
Amar hate bandhbe kabe
Tomar prema rakhi


Far, very far,
Near, very near,
I hear Your ankle bells.
Who do I lose my self-form in shyness?
How long have I to wait for You
To tie my hands with Your love cord?

Ami Tomai Bhalobasi Tomar Kripa Lagi

Ami tomai bhalobasi
Tomar kripa lagi
Ami tomar puja kari
Gabhir rate jagi
Ami tomar tumi amar
Dan pratidan bhalobasar
Mora moder hiya bane
Nitya anuragi
Ami tomai bhalobasi
Tomar kripa lagi


I love You for Your Compassion-Flood.
I worship You when the night is far advanced.
You are mine; I am Yours.
We barter our love-light.
In our heart-forest we long for each other.
I love You for Your Compassion-Flood.

Amar Dake Debe Sara

Amar dake debe sara
Ei achhe mor asha
Tomar kachhe chai je shudhu
Sneha bhalobasa
Sneha tomar amulya dhan
Jane sabai jane
Taito kandi eso mago
Eso amar prane


You will hear my call.
This hope I treasure.
I desire affection and love
From You alone.
Everybody knows
Invaluable Your love is;
Therefore, our heart cries for You,
Mother Divine, come in, come in.

Nirab Bhasai Tomai Ami Kahi

Nirab bhasai tomai ami kahi
Ami jena tomar majhe rahi
Amar jatan amar bandhan
Amar jiban amar maran
Tumi acho taito ami sahi
Amar lagi tomar kripa-mahi


In silence I speak to You,
I long to remain in the depth of Your Heart.
My heart-pangs and my bondage-night,
My earth-life and my earth-death
I enjoy and suffer just because I know
Your Compassion-Sea is all for me.

Nil Akasher Megher Phanke

Nil akasher megher phanke
Oi heri kar alo tari
Sethai amai jete habe
Sakal byetha baran kari
Maran majhe pete habe
Maran hiner asha alo
Prabhur lagi tyaji e pran
Guchabo mor sakal kalo


Whose light-boat does my vision capture
In the flights of clouds?
Accepting all pangs of the world
I shall have to appear there
In the heart of death.
I must receive the hope-light of the deathless world.
I shall sacrifice my life for my Beloved Supreme
And end my life of ignorance-night.

Srashta Amar Jagater Jyoti

Srashta amar jagater jyoti
Atma bijayi bir
Janani amar bishwa janani
Ei janiyachhi sthir
Ami chinmoy nahi mrinmoy
Mukta jyotir dhara
Jyotir jyotite dubiya rayechhi
Haiya apana hara


My Creator is the Light of the universe
And the supreme Hero-Conqueror of the Self.
My Mother is the Mother of the universe.
Indeed, this is my absolute realisation.
I am the consciousness supreme
And not earth’s ignorance-dream.
I am the light-flow
From the freedom of the Beyond,
Immersed and self-amorous
In the sea of Infinity’s Light.

Sonar Baran Jyotir Toran

Sonar baran jyotir toran
Jemni gela khule
Paran amar uthla neche
Dodul dolai dule
E je ushar agamani
Jyotir tari beye
Parash kari supta paran
Aloi dila chheye


The golden door of light
Opens up,
And my life dances
With the ecstasy of the Beyond.
The dawn-goddess has arrived,
Sailing the boat of light.
It has touched my life of somnolence
And awakened me to the heights of light.

Tomai Ami Karechi Jai

Tomai ami karechi jai
Taito ami nachi
Amai tumi karibe jai
Taito bhabe achi
Ami tomai diyechi mor
Agyanatar ghor
Tumi amai dibe tomar
Amarata bhor


I have won You over;
Therefore, I am dancing today.
You will conquer me in Your own Way;
Therefore, I exist on earth.
I have given You
My dark ignorance-life.
You will give me at Your choice Hour
Your Immortality’s dawn.

Phul Phul Phul Amra Akash Phul

Phul phul phul
Amra akash phul
Heri moder kul
Phal phal phal
Samarpaner phal
Mayer charan tal
Bal bal bal
Pather susambal
Mukti sudha jal
Chal chal chal
Amra nirbhichal
Alor ashish dal


Flowers, flowers, flowers;
We are the flowers of the sky.
Our destination is within our ken.
Fruit, fruit, fruit;
We have become the fruit
Of our surrender-light.
Let us declare, let us declare, let us declare,
Our Mother’s Feet
Embody our journey’s Nectar-Goal.
Let us march on, let us march on,
Let us march on.
Dauntless are we, the hero-warriors
Of the Blessing-Light of the Supreme.

Prabhat Habe Prabhat Habe

Prabhat habe prabhat habe
Kabe kabe kabe kabe
Shanto habo shanto habo
Kabe kabe kabe kabe
Jantra habo jantra habo
Kabe kabe kabe kabe
Surya habo surya habo
Kabe kabe kabe kabe


My day shall dawn, my day shall dawn,
But when, but when?
Calm I shall be, calm I shall be,
But when, but when?
An instrument of the Supreme
I shall become, I shall become,
But when, but when?
I shall become, I shall become,
But when, but when?

Sukher Katha Balbo Tomai

Sukher katha balbo tomai
Dukher katha balbona
Premer hiya debo tomai
Maner timir debona
Jiban diye dakbo tomai
Maran diye dakbona
Hasi diye bandhbo tomai
Ashru diye bandhbona


I shall always give You joyful news;
I shall hide from You my world of sorrow.
I shall offer to You my heart of love;
Never shall I offer You my tenebrous mind.
I shall invoke You, sacrificing my earth-life.
I shall bind You with my soul-smile,
And never with my life-tears.

Se Je Amai Chaina Kabhu

Se je amai chaina kabhu
Ami jare daki
Bhalobasar pratidane
Pelam shudhu phanki
Ei jibaner karun banshi
Tari lagi baje
Bhulte tare pari na hai
Shata dukher majhe


He never wants me whom I call.
I have received only deception from Him
In return for my love.
I always play on my compassion-flute
In spite of my heart’s ceaseless pangs.
Alas, Him I can never forget.

Se Chai Tomar Hasi

Se chai tomar hasi
Sneha rasi
Ami chai amare
Hridaye tomar
Parane sabare
Herite khelite


He desires Your Smile,
Your affection-wealth.
I desire myself
In the heart of all human beings
To sport and become one, indivisible.

Tomar Manushi Tanure Ghiriya

Tomar manushi tanure ghiriya
Amara lakka prani
Samabeta aji hayechi hethai
Shunite dibya bani


We, countless souls, muster around
Your divinely physical form
To hearken to Your Call,
To give life form to Your Message supreme.

Swapane Parash Diye Jao Priya

Swapane parash diye jao priya
Jagile lukao dure
Anmana haye ghuribar kale
Heri toma giri chure
Jadi daki toma kache eso priya
Hese jao dure chale
Tripti ki tumi pao priyatama
Niyata amare chhale


You touch me softly and compassionately,
O Beloved of my dream.
The moment I awake, I see You hiding
Far, very far, from my vision light.
When I roam on the peak of the mountain,
You I see lost in self-life.
When I call You to come near me,
Smiling You run away.
O my Beloved Supreme, by deceiving me always
Do You really get joy?

Tumi Jadi Hat Dharo

Tumi jadi hat dharo
Jabo pare chale
Ta nahale kata byatha
Pabo pale pale
Simahine sima majhe
Jadi nahi pai
Kanta bane keno balo
Shudhu asi jai


If You clasp my hand
I shall reach the shore.
If not, at every moment,
Excruciating pangs shall torture my heart.
If I do not see You and have You
In the Infinite and the finite
Why do You ask me to come again and again
Into this world beset with difficulty-thorns?

Bahudin Pare Abar Tomare Daki

Bahudin pare abar tomare daki
Bahudin pare nehari abar amar nayane jal
Tomai bidhata phanki diye shudhu phanki
Cheyechilo pran bidurite mor samasya kolahal
Tumi jano mor chapal praner byatha
Dao prabhu more simahin purnata


Again after a long time I invoke You.
Today again I see tears in my eyes.
Lord, by deceiving You
My vital life wanted to cast aside its problem-din.
You know the excruciating pangs of my restive vital.
O Lord, shower me with Eternity’s Infinity.

Tomar Ketan Diyecho Amare

Tomar ketan diyecho amare
Tumi chiro barabhoy
Amar bedan diyechi tomare
Tai ami nirbhoy
Tomar swapan diyecho amare
Ogo anandamoy
Amar maran diyechi tomare
Tai ami akkhoy


Your banner You have given me.
You are Eternity’s Compassion.
I have given You my heart’s excruciating pangs;
Therefore, no fear have I.
Your Vision-Dream You have given me,
O Delight supreme.
I have given You my earth-bound death;
Therefore, Immortality’s life I am.

Samadhan Khunje Naba Samasya Ar

Samadhan khunje naba samasya ar
Kalpana kare rachibona arbar
Prashanta mane thakena prasna lesh
Shata samasya swarupe niruddesh


I shall not create more problems
By longing for solutions.
With my unconscious imagination-power
I shall not create any more problems.
The questioning mind loses its very existence
In tranquillity’s heart
Where all problems have lost their identity.

Tumi Amai Dekechile Jaini Tomar Kache

Tumi amai dekechile
Jaini tomar kache
Bhalo tumi besechile
Jaini tomar kache
Amar lagi kendechile
Jaini tomar kache
Indu sudha rekechile
Jaini tomar kache


You called me,
Yet I did not go to You.
You loved me,
Yet I did not go to You.
You cried for me,
Yet I did not go to You.
Nectar moon You kept for me,
Yet I did not go to You.

Banshi Tomar Nahi Baje

Banshi tomar nahi baje
Amar ushar hiya majhe
Hasi tomar nahi raje
Amar ushar hiya majhe
Tabu daki bhore sanje
Amar ushar hiya majhe
Na ashile morbo laje
Amar ushar hiya majhe


I hear not Your flute
In my barren heart.
I see not Your Smile
In my barren heart.
Yet, I invoke You morning and evening
In my barren heart.
If You do not respond, I shall die in utter shame
In my barren heart.

Pranami Charane Janaka Janani

Pranami charane janaka janani
Jugala murati karunar
Ki achhe moder tomader paye
Diba je ajike upahar
Kata dhani mani kata asharan
Dasha dishi hate kariche smaran
Tomader oi ratul charane
Pranamiya barebar


Father and Mother Eternal,
Two Faces of Compassion in one form;
To You we bow.
What gifts do we have to offer at Your Feet?
People from various parts of the world,
With wealth, virtue and capacities,
And also the helpless destitutes,
Are invoking Your presence divine,
Bowing to Your red Lotus-Feet
Again and again.

Sabare Diyecho Ananda Sudha

Sabare diyecho ananda sudha
Amare diyecho byatha
Bedanar majhe khunjiya laibo
Aphuran nirabata
Sabar basanar karecho purna
Garba amar karecho churna
Ami amar supti swapan
Ami mor karagar
Jenechi satya tumi je amar
Samadhan parabar


To everyone You have given Nectar-Delight.
Me You have given only excruciating pangs.
In the heart of pangs I shall discover
Infinite silence.
You have fulfilled everybody’s desires.
My desire for ego-destruction, too,
You have fulfilled.
I am my somnolent dream and my prison life.
This truth I have discovered
And I have solved my problem sea.

Swapan Tari

Swapan tari swapan tari
Kothai tumi thako
Alor desher kripa tapan
Kothai tumi rakho
Swapan tari swapan majhi
Amar hiya nadi
Dake toder mukta paran
Dake nirabadhi


O my dream boat, O my dream-boat,
Where do you abide?
Where do you keep the compassion-sun
Of the world of light?
O my dream boat, O my dream-boatman,
The river of my heart
And my liberation life
Ceaselessly and unconditionally call you.