Supreme, teach me how to cry

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Asha Nadi Baye Jai

Asha nadi baye jai asha nadi
Hasi parabar ajanar kole
Asha sathe ami kandi nirabadhi
Prabhu sathe nachi ananda dole


Hope-river flows, hope-river flows.
In the lap of the unknown
Is the river of smile.
At every moment I cry and weep with hope;
Again, it is I who dance with my Lord
In the swing of delight.

Ekla Chali Kothai Tumi

Ekla chali ekla chali ekla chali
Kothai tumi kothai tumi kothai tumi
Mukta habo ami tomar pada-chumi
Shanta habe amar sakal chaowa-bhumi
Ekla chali ekla chali ekla chali


Alone I walk, alone I walk, alone I walk.
Where are You, where are You, where are You?
By kissing Your Feet
Liberated my heart shall be.
My desire-world will then be silenced forever.
Alone I walk, alone I walk, alone I walk.

Ore Amar Man Agyanatar Dhan

Ore amar man
Agyanatar dhan
Ore amar man
Kanna sanatan
Ore amar man
Bandhan chirantan
Ore amar man
Mrityu anukkhan


O my mind,
You are the treasure of ignorance-night.
O my mind,
You are my eternal cry.
O my mind,
You are my sempiternal bondage.
O my mind,
You are my constant death.

Ami Tomar Sneher Dhara

Ami tomar sneher dhara
Ta na hale sarba hara
Ami tomar ashish benu
Ta na hale tuchchha renu
Ami tomar karunar shib
Ta na hale agyan ghor jib


I am Your Affection-flow:
If not, I shall be totally lost.
I am Your Blessing-flute:
If not, I shall be useless dust.
I am the silence-soul of
Your Compassion Supreme;
If not, I shall be an ignorance-creature.

Amar Hriday Gabhire

Amar hriday gabhire
Tomar rabire shashire
Heribar lagi kandi
Alik ashar swapane
Timir maran jatane
Amare niyata bandhi


In the very depth of my heart
To see Your sun and moon I cry.
In the false dream of my hope
And in the torture of dark death,
Myself I always bind.

Amar Hridaya Bane

Amar hridaya bane
Heribo tomar alor banshari
Madhu puta jagarane
Amar hridaya bane
Bandhibo tomar ashish charan
Amar hridaya bane


Deep inside the forest of my heart
I shall see the Flute of Your Light
In a sweet and hallowed awakening.
Deep inside the forest of my heart
I shall bind Your Compassion-Feet
With my heart’s surrender-song.

Ghum Bhengechhe Bhul Bhengechhe

Ghum bhengechhe bhul bhengechhe
Bhengechhe moha-jal
Pran phutechhe gan phutechhe
Phutechhe mahakal


My sleep has come to an end.
My mistakes have come to an end.
My attachment-net is smashed asunder.
My life divine has blossomed,
My song divine has blossomed.
In me, the Time Eternal is awakened at last.

Jibaner Prate Herechhi Tomare

Jibaner prate herechhi tomare
Maraner rate heribo tomare
Alor swapane herechhi tomare
Timir bandhane heribo tomare
Sudha parabare herechhi tomare
Moha-karagare heribo tomare


At the dawn of my life I have seen You.
In the night of my death I shall see You.
I have seen You in the light of my dream.
I shall see You in the bondage of my darkness-night.
In the sea of nectar-delight I have seen You.
In the prison of attachment-illusion I shall see You.

Dhire Dhire Hiya Tire

Dhire dhire hiya tire tumi aso
Akaran more prabhu bhalobaso
E jibane nahi ar sangshay
Alo giti ei mor parichay


Slowly and slowly at the bank of my heart-river
You come.
Lord, unconditionally You love me.
No more cloud-doubts and hesitation-night
in my life.
The Song-Light of the Supreme
Is my identification-might.

Andhar Esechhe Bale

Andhar esechhe bale
Tumi o jaibe chale
Ogo mor asha pran
Amarar madhu gan
Andhare charan tale
Bandhibo nashibo twara
Tumi shudhu mor dhara


Just because darkness has appeared
You, too, will desert me.
O my hope-life,
O my nectar-song of Heaven,
Before long I shall bind and destroy darkness
Under my feet.
You, you alone, are the light of my world.

Shuni Tomar Bani

Shuni tomar bani
Tomar charan khani
Tabu nahi tani
Dekhi tomar hasi
Tabu tomai nashi
Bhalo nahi basi


I hear Your Message-Light;
Yet I draw not Your Feet
To my bosom’s core.
I see Your Smile;
Yet I desire
To devour You and destroy You,
For I have no love left for You.

Amar Nayana Nire

Amar nayana nire
Rakhibo bidhata
Mor ahamika shire
Amar nayana nire
Heribo tomar
Madhu prashanti nire
Amar nayana nire
Taba jaya bheri
Habo ami dhire dhire


Inside the cave of my tearful eyes, O Lord,
I shall place my proud head.
Inside the cave of my tearful eyes
I shall behold Your Nectar-Silence-Nest.
Inside the cave of my tearful eyes
I shall become Your Victory-Drum;
Slowly and steadily I shall become.

Mago Ami Sarba Hara

Mago ami sarba hara
Kothai tomar ashish dhara
Jiban maru patha hara
Chaudike mor moha-kara
Nahi heri hiya tara
Habe ki hai amir sara


Mother, I am totally lost.
Where is Your Blessing-Flood?
My life-desert has no road.
Around me is the prison of illusion and delusion.
Nowhere I see the star of my heart.
Alas, will my little ‘i’ ever cease to exist?

Nai Nai Nai Nai Mor Thai

Nai nai nai nai mor thai
E bishal dharanite
Bhasiya chalechhi karuna hiyar
Bedanar sangite
Andhar nishar amar amire
Dekhiyachhi bahubar
Ami je amar taita hayechhi
Asim ashrudhar


No, I have no place
In this vast and boundless world.
Sorrowfully and pitifully
I am flowing with the music of my heart.
I have seen many times my little ‘i’
Of tenebrous night.
I belong to myself only;
Therefore, I am all by myself
With one solitary friend:
The sea of tears.

Hridaya Majhare Nibira Andhare

Hridaya majhare
Nibira andhare
Niyata amai heri
Kothai janani
Kothai sharani
Kothai alok
Kothai dyulok
Kripa parabar
Shudhu ekbar
Chahi hate taba bheri


In the inmost recesses of my heart,
Where darkness reigns supreme,
I always see my self-form.
O Mother Divine, where are You?
O Immortality’s road, where are You?
Where is the Light of the Supreme?
Where is the Transcendental Heaven?
O Ocean of Compassion, only once
Do make me Your instrument-soul.

Bidhata Tomar Pashan Hriday

Bidhata tomar pashan hriday
Sanchar kare bhay
Bidhata tomar rudra murati
Amare karichhe khay
Tumi chaho mor amar amir
Nishesh parajay
Hok taba jay
Jachi taba barabhay


Lord Supreme, Your Stone-Heart
Creates inexplicable fear in me.
Lord Supreme, Your Destruction-Face
Is devouring me within, without.
You want the total defeat of my little world.
May Your Victory be proclaimed!
I implore Your Compassion-Flood.

Namaskar Ashrudhar Laho Mor

Namaskar namaskar namaskar
Ashrudhar laho mor ashrudhar
Namaskar namaskar namaskar
Premahar laho mor premahar
Namaskar namaskar namaskar
Andhiyar laho mor andhiyar
Namaskar namaskar namaskar
Arbar dharo more arbar


I bow and bow and bow.
Do accept the flow of my heart-tears, do accept.
I bow and bow and bow.
Do accept my love-garland, do accept.
I bow and bow and bow.
Do accept my life’s teeming darkness, do accept.
I bow and bow and bow.
Once more do hold my hand, do hold.

Amar Nayane Nehari Tomar Swapane

Amar nayane
Nehari tomar swapane
Tomar nayane
Nehari amar gahane
Dyulok nayane
Nehari tomar ketane
Bhulok nayane
Nehari amar marane


In my eyes I see
Your divine Dream supreme.
In Your Eyes I see
The core of my heart.
In the Eyes of Heaven I see
Your Victory-Banner.
In the eyes of earth I see
My imminent death.

Amar Jibana Majhe

Amar jibana majhe
Asha sangit baje
Amar jibana majhe
Bhakati plabana raje
Amar jibana majhe
Ananta prabhu saje


In my earth-life
The music of celestial hope
Is being played.
In my earth-life
I see a boundless devotion-flood.
In my earth-life
The Infinite is donning
His infinite cloaks.

Anale Anile Anute Renute

Anale anile anute renute
Nehari tomar chhabi
Taba dhyana rup ogo aparup
Ankiyachhe kato kabi
Anusari sei mahajan path
Lekhani niyechhi hate
Ganthibo baliya ei katha har
Ajike madhura prate
Jaya jaya jaya parameshwara
Jagat gurur jay
E mantra japi karibo amara
Bishwa atma jay


In fire and water,
In dust and atoms,
Seeing You, Your Meditation-Trance,
Many poets have depicted
Your immortal Beauty.
They are my pioneers.
This morning I am weaving the garland
Of soulful words:
Victory, victory, victory
To the Guru Supreme of the Universe.
Repeating this incantation
We shall conquer the world-soul.

Janani Amar Jiban Tatini

Janani amar jiban tatini
Chhutiyachi taba pane
Bhakati akuti hiyar plabane
Sahaja sarala gane
Janani amar khaniker tare
Pele taba bhalobasa
Nimesher majhe mithe jai mor
Jibaner shata asha


Mother, my life-river is flowing toward You
With simplicity’s song
And with the flood of heart’s devotion-aspiration.
Mother, even for a fleeting second
When I receive Your Love divine,
In the twinkling of an eye,
All my hope-world reaches
Its satisfaction-life.

Brahma Vishnu Vishwapati

Brahma Vishnu Vishwapati
Ja tumi hao priya
Sakal truti khama kare
Apan kare niyo
Tomar bani balbo shudhu
Shunbo tomar katha
Antare mor nitya rabe
Madhur nirabata


Beloved, whether You are Brahma, Vishnu
Or Lord of the Universe, I know not.
No matter what You are,
Make me Your own, very own.
I shall proclaim only Your Message-Light;
I shall hear only Your Dictates.
In my heart ever shall reside
The flood of Your Nectar-Silence.

Dekhbe Tumi E Dui Chokhe

Dekhbe tumi e dui chokhe
Shunbe e dui kane
Nirabadhi thakbo ami
Tomar joga dhyane
Dui kamana rakhchhi mago
Ja khushi ta diyo
Na hai amai tomar pujar
Sebak kare niyo


You will see through these two eyes of mine.
You will hear through these two ears of mine.
Always I shall remain deeply absorbed
Meditating and contemplating on You.
Mother, this is my longing serene.
One more desire have I :
Give me what You want me to have
Or make me Your faithful instrument.

Sindhu Nire Indu Heri

Sindhu nire indu heri
Heri madhyakashe
Megher aral hate kabhu
Muchki hasi hese
Shashi kala jahar gara
Rabi jahar ankhi
Praner priya sei debatai
Ki name aj daki


In the water of the sea
I see the moon.
In the middle of the sky
I see the moon smiling at me,
Piercing through the teeming clouds.
O Beloved Supreme,
Yours is the Beauty of the moon;
Yours is the Light of the sun.
They are Your Vision-Eyes divine.

Kar Parashe Kumud Hase

Kar parashe kumud hase
Nayan khule kali
Kahar shobha jhare pare
Jyochna haye gali
Ke se amar nayan mani
Praner priyatama
Swapne kena dekhina se
Anan manorama


By whose touch the lily smiles
And opens its beauty-bud?
Whose beauty’s moonlight
Do I see in the lily?
Who is the Eye of my eye?
Who is the Heart of my heart?
Alas, why do I not see Him,
His Face of transcendental Beauty,
Even in my dreams?

Nami Juga Avatar

Nami juga avatar
Deba bigraha karunar
Asim udar jayatu apar
Dhangser pathe chalechhe pritthi durbar
Mahakalanal bhishan garal
Hingsa irsha abichar
Nami juga avatar
Chinmoy bapu jyotir adhar
Sarba siddhi oishi riddhi
Dharani jachichhe charane tomar
Nami juga avatar


I bow to You, O Avatar of the era,
O emblem of infinite Compassion-Height.
Constantly I sing your Victory-Song.
This mad world is running toward destruction.
Around me is the poison of jealousy, cruelty and injustice.
I bow to You, O Avatar of the era,
Your Consciousness-body,
Which is the receptacle of boundless Light,
Filled with Heavenly Light and Power.
O Avatar of the era,
My world invokes You alone.

Jara Maran Dukkha Abhab

Jara maran dukkha abhab
Thakbena ar thakbena
Hingsa irsha thakbena ar
Kabhu keha kandbena
Atmagyaner parash pathar
Karbe sona sakal pran
Andhakarer rajye habe
Swarga rajya prathishthan


A lifeless body and death
No more can exist in this world of ours.
Jealousy, cruel brutality
Will come to an end.
Human suffering will exist no more.
The magic touch of my Self-realisation
Will transform all human life.
Here, in the world of darkness,
Will be established the Kingdom
of highest Heaven.

Bhul Kare Ma Na Hoi Ami

Bhul kare ma na hoi ami
Jaini tomar kachhe
Tumi kena dharani e hat
Chhutechhile amar lagi
Paliye gechhi karechhi utpat
Na hoi ami tomar dake
Asini ma phire
Tai bujhi ma bhasiye dibe
Akul sagar nire


Mother, true, I have not gone to You,
By mistake.
But why have You not come
And caught my hand?
Did you run toward me?
I ran away and played mischief, true.
I have not come to You when You called me.
Is that a sufficient reason
Why You threw me into the water
Of the endless ocean?

Dusahasi Pather Mita

Dusahasi pather mita
Jhanjha chira sathi
Dake amai khelar lagi
Dake andhar rati
Taita chali tomai chere
Dure bahudure
Rakho bendhe amai prabhu
Tomar hiya pure


Indomitable storm is my fellow-traveller.
It calls me again and again
To play with it.
Tenebrous night also calls me to play with it;
Therefore, I leave You
And go away far, very far.
O Beloved Supreme,
Will You not bind me once and for all
In the core of Your Eternity’s Heart?

Amar Dake Dao Ma Ebar Sara Amar

Amar dake dao ma ebar sara
Amar prane namuk tomar
Hasir jyochna dhara
Kabir asha mauna rishir bhasha
Bishwa mayer bhalobasa
Jagao amar prane
Tomar bijay gane
Jiban nadir srota dhara
Ar jena ma na hoi patha hara
Amar dake dao ma ebar sara


Mother, this time do listen to my call.
May Thy Smile of moonlight enter into me.
May I be energised with the hope of the poet
And the silence-voice of the seer.
Mother, awake in me Your universal Love.
May the flow of my river
Proceed towards You
Singing Your Victory-Song.
Mother, I want not to be lost any more.
Mother, this time do listen to my call.

Khudra Chaowa Byartha Nahe

Khudra chaowa
Byartha nahe
Byartha nahe asha
Tuchchha nahe
Ghrinya nahe
Praner bhalobasa
Purna rupe purna rase
uthuk jiban bhari
Deba jiban dibe dekha
Oi je tomar tari


A little desire ends not in vain.
A little hope ends not in vain.
Heart’s love is not a meaningless,
Contemptible thing.
May my life blossom
With a fulfilling beauty
And a fulfilling fragrance-flavour.
Lo, I behold Your Boat.
My new life has dawned.

Nayan Nehare Bishwa Bhuban

Nayan nehare bishwa bhuban
Herena tahar pran
Tai ankhi duti ruddha kariya
Jogi kare tar dhyan
Shruti shudhu shune bahirer katha
Shunena oishi bani
Sangjata tai shrutire kariche
Satya tapasa gyani


The eye sees the entire world
But it sees not its own life;
Therefore, keeping the two eyes closed,
The Yogi meditates on You,
O Lord Supreme.
The ear hears only
The messages and the clamour of the outer world.
It hears not the messages
Of the highest Heaven;
Therefore, the true seeker of wisdom
Always tries to keep his ears
Under his perfect control.

Antara Ankhi Khule Dao Prabhu

Antara ankhi
Khule dao prabhu
Heribo tomar kaya
Khunjiya laibo
Jyotir sagare
Tomar swarup chhaya
Sakaler prane
Heriya tomare
Basibo tomare bhalo
Tumi je karibe
Kalima malin
Antara khani alo


O Lord Supreme, do open up
The eye of my heart
To see Your universal Body.
Inside the ocean of light
I shall discover
Your transcendental Self-Form.
In the heart of all
I shall see You
And love You soulfully and unconditionally.
It is You who will transform
My ignorance-heart
Into the flood of wisdom-light.

Mago Tumi Snehamayi

Mago tumi snehamayi
Ami tomar koler shishu
Akash pane cheye thaki
Merir kole jeman Jishu
Tumi amai baso bhalo sabar cheye beshi
Abak haye cheye thake para pratibeshi
Ami daki mago amar dako khokan tumi
Ektu hese tomar paye nitya ami chumi


O Mother of Compassion,
I am Your sweet infant child,
Like Jesus looking far into the skies
From the lap of Mary.
You love me infinitely more
Than anybody else.
Friends and neighbours wonder
At your loving preference.
I call You Mother,
You call me darling.
I give You a sweet little smile
And kiss Your Feet again and again.

Dure Dure Bahudure

Dure dure bahudure
Asha more niye jai ajanar kole
Setha heri mor swarup amar
Nartan paramer dole


Far, very far, into the world of the
farthest beyond
My hope carries me and places me
On the sweetest lap of the Unknown.
There I behold my Self-form
In the Dance-Delight of the Absolute.

Ja Jai Taje Jaina

Ja jai ta je jaina
Ja pai ta thakena
Hariye jai kon atale
Ja pai ta thakena


Whatever appears to leave us
Actually does not leave.
Whatever appears to stay with us
Actually does not stay.
Nothing remains.
Everything is a mystery
Of constant gain and loss.

Drashta Tahare Bali

Drashta tahare bali
Prati phule phale
Sarba jibete
Je kare atma darashan
Chinta jahar niyatar karichhe
Bidhatar smriti tarpan
Srabane parashe pratiti karme
Dibya sushama lavanya
Phutiyachhe aj taito hayechhi
Atma drashta barenya


Him I call a seer
Who sees his own self-form
In every flower, in every fruit
And in every human being;
And whose every thought
Is an adoration-offering
To the Lord Supreme.
In my sweet dream
And each little action of mine
Your divine lustre blossoms;
Therefore, in me the seer-vision
Of world-admiration has found its illumination.

Hiya Pakhi

Hiya pakhi egiye chalo
Dekhona ar pichhe
Bishwa jaha dite pare
Ta je tuchchha michhe


O bird of my heart,
Fly on, fly on.
Look not behind.
Whatever the world gives
Is meaningless, useless
And utterly false.

Dukhero Rajani Sheshe

Dukhero rajani sheshe
Shuk ese kahe hese
Priya mor nahi ar bhay
Hasir aral hate
Ashru gopane kahe
Mane rekho ami je ajay


At the end of the sorrowful night
Truth appears and smilingly says,
“Beloved, fear no more.”
Piercing the veil of smile
Tear appears and says,
“Forget not, I am eternally unconquerable.”

Nil Akasher Sobuj Pakhi

Nil akasher sobuj pakhi
Jabi ki bhai bal
Ekla jete bhay kare je
Sange niye chal
O pare mor ma rayechhe
E pare mor basa
Madhya khane sarba nashi
Nadi kirti nasha
Santar keta pare jabo
Teman sadhya nai
Taito ami tari mata
Ure jete chai


O green bird of the blue sky,
Tell me, will you go with me, brother?
I am afraid to go alone
To my Mother’s Home,
Which is on the other shore.
No capacity have I
To swim across the river of destruction.
Will you follow me?
Will you help me fly like you
To the other shore
Where my Eternity’s Mother is?

Ekla Ami Dushtu Shudhu

Ekla ami dushtu shudhu
Ar sabe ki shanto
Porar katha shune bujhi haina keha klanto
Ekhan nahe parbo pare anek samoi achhe
Golpo ami shunbo ekhan didi monir kachhe
Eman ichchha amar mato haina ki ar karo
Sushil shubok panchti cheler bolte ki nam paro


I alone am a naughty boy
And the rest are calm and quiet.
There is nobody to become tired
As soon as he hears about study.
Not now, not now,
Later on I shall study.
I shall now hear stories from my grandmother.
Like me, do others have no desire?
Can you tell me five names,
Only five names, of such sweet
Calm and devoted children?

Jishur Swapna Sarga Rajya

Jishur swapna sarga rajya
Bastabe rup dite
Narayan aj murta holen
Dhulimoy dharanite
Bidhatar joy dharanir joy
Bishwa bashir joy
Suchita hateche sata jugar
Ajike abhyudoy


To manifest the reality-form of the
Kingdom of Heaven of Jesus,
Today the Lord Supreme
Has descended on earth,
The earth of sand and dust and ignorance.
Lord’s Victory, world’s victory
And the victory of humanity
Are giving birth to a new era
Of new illumination and new perfection.

Lila Mayir Dekhbo Lila

Lila mayir dekhbo lila
Shunbo mayir katha
Sathi habe amar jani
Madhu nirabata


I shall watch
The cosmic dance-game
Of the Mother divine
And listen to Her constant loving demands.
I know, I know,
I will have only one Friend, one Witness:
That is my nectar-silence.

Bhikkha Kore Tabu Bhalo

Bhikkha kare tabu bhalo
Ekla jabona
Sabare khudha mita prabhu
Noile khabona
Tomar ashun swarga hate
Eso hethai niye
Pujbo tomai sabai mile
Praner bhakti diye


I am ready to beg;
Yet I shall not go alone.
I shall not eat
Unless, O Lord, You satisfy everyone’s hunger.
O Lord, bring down Your Heaven to earth.
I assure You, we shall all together
Love You and please You
With our heart’s devotion-flames.

Martyer Pare Udar Lokher

Martyer pare udar lokher
Apubor mahadan
Simar majhare tumi sumahan
Prana priya mahapran
Tripti tomar bishwa tripti
Tomar bijaye atma jay
Tomar riddhi manober riddhi
Debachetana abhyuday


You are the unique gift to earth from Heaven.
O great One, You are the Infinite;
Yet you live in the finite
By spreading Your Heart of Love.
Your Satisfaction is the world’s satisfaction.
In Your Victory is the victory
Of one’s real self.
Your Prosperity is world-prosperity
And the awakening of God-Consciousness
In the aspiring mankind.

Gahana Hridaya Tale

Gahana hridaya tale
Tomare pujibo bale
Kariyachhi ayojan
Tumi prema sanatan
Tumi ananta rup
Ami nirabata dhup


In the inmost recesses of my heart
To worship You I have prepared myself.
O Eternity’s love, Your infinite Beauty-Forms
Have made me into incense-fragrance of silence.

Amai Jara Bhalobase Kothai Tara Kothai

Amai jara bhalobase
Kothai tara kothai tara
Amar lagi kande jara
Kothai tara kothai tara
Amar sathi chalbe jara
Kothai tara kothai tara
Amai jara bandhbe hese
Kothai tara kothai tara


Those who love me, where are they today?
Where are they?
They cry for me, I know they cry for me,
But where are they today, where are they?
Where are those who are supposed to
Walk along with me?
Where are those who are supposed to bind me
With the bonds of the heart?

Chetana Amar Bedana

Chetana amar bedana
Bedana amar eshana
Eshana amar oishi karuna
Ami mor bidhatar bandana
Chetana amar bidhatar jaya nishan
Agyanatar rupantarer kripan


My consciousness is all sorrow.
Sorrow is my aspiration-flame.
My aspiration is Your Heavenly Compassion.
I am my Lord’s eternal worship.
My consciousness shall be
My Lord’s Victory-Banner
And the sword for the transformation
Of my nature.

Jharna-Kala Moder Bala (2)

Jharna-kala jharna-kala jharna-kala
Moder bala moder chala ujjwala
Tumi moder asha-hiyar chira mangala
Kanna hasir parapare dodul dola


O Fountain-Art, Fountain-Art, Fountain-Art!
Gold-bright is our journey’s voice;
Gold-bright is our journey’s goal.
You are our hope-hearts’
Eternally hallowed Consciousness-Light supreme.
You are the delight-swing of silence-height
Beyond the shore of earth-sorrows
and Heaven-smiles.
O Fountain-Art, Fountain-Art, Fountain-Art!

Din Chale Jai Ase Jaminir Andhiyar

Din chale jai ase jaminir andhiyar
Bhul pathe shudhu chalechhe e pran srotadhar
Asibe ki kabhu sei shubhadin e jibane
Phutibe ki taba alor kusum manobane


The day dies.
The darkness of the night appears.
I am walking along the wrong road all the time.
Will there be any auspicious day
When inside my heart
The flower of light will blossom?

Nai Kichhu Nai Khati

Nai kichhu nai khati nai tale
Kachhe kachhe jadi thako
Bhul pathe mago chalibar kale
Nam dhare jadi dako
Pratiti kathai prati chintai
Pratiti khudra kaje
Lilamayi jena jibane amar
Dibya sushama raje


Nothing, I have nothing;
Yet I am not miserable.
I want You only to be beside me all the time.
Mother, when I walk along a wrong path
I wish You to call me by name.
If You do that, I want nothing else from You.
In all my little thoughts and actions
I pray for Your Presence.
O Mother divine, in Your cosmic Game
May my divine beauty blossom.

Ki Jena Phelechhi Kothai Na Jani Haraye

Ki jena phelechhi kothai na jani haraye
Ta je thake chira ankhir arale palaye
Behu jug hate lukochuri khela khele
Shesh smriti tuku ajio pareni dhele


It seems that I have lost something somewhere.
My eyes are pining for it,
My heart is pining for it,
But it is all hidden.
From time immemorial
You have been playing hide-and-seek with me.
This much I can recollect; that’s all.

Mane Pare Jena Ati Dure Deshe Esechhi

Mane pare jena ati dure deshe esechhi
Phiribar tare shakti sahas enechhi
Na jani kothai rekhechhi se dhan gupta
Ekhano je mor adhek chetana supta


It seems that I have entered
Into a very far-off land
And I have brought with me
The strength and courage to return.
I do not know where my Eternity’s wealth
is hiding.
Alas, alas, my consciousness-life
Is yet half asleep.

Lobhe Pap Jani

Lobhe pap jani
Pape je maran hai
Tabu kena daki
Lobhe pran anginai
Din haye chira sukhi
Nai jar lobh
Tyag majhe kabhu
Nahi raje kona khobh


Greed begets sin;
Sin begets death.
I know this; yet I allow
Greed to enter into my heart’s core.
He is happy, really happy,
Who has conquered his outer greed,
Although he poverty-stricken.
He is really happy
Who becomes the God-message
of self-sacrifice.

Akul Parane Kata Kichu Ami Cheyechi

Akul parane kata kichhu ami cheyechhi
Diyechhi tomai hriday shonit diyechhi
Hatash paran pratidane shudhu peyechhi
Bhalobasa diye ashesh jatana kinechhi


With an eager heart
So many things I have desired.
I have offered You the blood of my heart.
In return, I have received
Only a disappointed heart.
I have bought endless excruciating pangs
With my heart’s love.

Chahibar Lagi Diyecho Sujog

Chahibar lagi diyechho sujog
Tai ami prabhu chahi
Swapaner kole ranjana dole
Taba jaya giti gahi


Lord Supreme, You have given me
Ample opportunity to invoke You.
In the core of my dream,
In the swing of delight,
Your Victory-Song I sing.

Ekla Ami Raibo Hetha

Ekla ami raibo hetha
Amar hiya-bane
Phutbo ami kusum sama
Swapne jagarane
Ami amar dekhbo hasi
Dekhbo amar byetha
Ari amar ar keha nai
Kebal mukharata


Here I shall remain all alone
In the depth of my heart.
Like the flowers I shall blossom
In my dream and in my awakening.
I shall appreciate and admire my own beauty
And sympathise with my sorrow.
Nobody is my enemy except my talkative mouth.

Jibana Chale Tomai Bina

Jibana chale tomai bina
Taita bahe ashru dhara
Aro kato aghat diye
Karbe amai tomar priyatoma
Dekhbo kabe tomar mago
Bishal hiya anan manoram


My life goes on without You;
Therefore, my eyes are swimming in tears.
What more suffering can I go through
To make me Your beloved?
When shall I see Your Heart’s Magnanimity
And Your Face of transcendental Beauty?

Ami Je Tomai Karechhi Mahat

Ami je tomai karechhi mahat
Ta na hale tumi khudra
Mor sadhanai tumi aji man
Karunar nidhi rudra
Jiban amar tomai diyechhe
Atmatyager brata
Sabai saman tomar kanane
Nahi keha abanata


It is I who have made you great.
If not, you would have remained
most insignificant.
It is through my own spiritual discipline,
O my mind, that you have become
The wealth of compassion.
My life has given you
The vow of self-sacrifice.
All are equal in your heart-garden.
The sense of superiority and inferiority
is abolished.

Apar Prane Byetha Diye

Apar prane byetha diye
Tripti jara pai
Tader lagi kande e pran
Barai bedanai
Manush haye chale jara
Amanusher mata
Keman kare pabe bibhur
Mukti shashwata


My heart is sad at the stupidity
Of those who get satisfaction by torturing others.
Although they are human beings,
They act like animals.
When will they get a glimpse of liberation
From our Lord Supreme?

Ek Bhul Kari Shatabar

Ek bhul kari shatabar
Charidike byetha parabar
Dur asimer ajanar
Kanta bane ghuri ami eka
Na jani ki achhe bhale lekha
Prabhu kotha taba pada rekha


The same mistake I commit hundreds of times.
Around me is the ocean of sorrows.
I am sure this sorrow has come
From the unknown Infinity.
In the forest of thorns I am moving all alone.
I do not know what is written on my forehead.
Lord Supreme, where shall I get the dust
of Your Feet?

Amar Chapal Praner Bajare

Amar chapal praner bajare
Dekhi ami mor hriday rajare
Amar malin manas kanane
Dekhi aji ami jyotir plabane
Lakya bihin jibane amar
Bidhatar banshi baje barebar
Jani ami jani amarar bani
Bahiya chalibe hiya tari khani


In the market of my restlessness-life
I see the King of my heart.
In the garden of my impure mind
Today I see a flood of Light.
I see the Flute of my Lord Supreme
Again and again in my goalless life.
I know, I know the message of Heaven
My heart-boat will carry.

Aro Dure Aro Dure

Aro dure aro dure
Bandhan hara sagar nire
Atal tale taliya jai
Ratan je nai tire
Jyotir ranir anke base
Bhuban kare ala
Ke tulichhe hajar kusum
Ke ganthichhe mala
Ke oi shishu dakchhe dure
Dakchhe amai kachhe
Nayan amar ghurchhe jena
Jahar pachhe pachhe


Farther, farther beyond,
On the shore of the endless ocean,
The wealth is not available
No matter how deep I dig within.
Who is he who sits on the lap of Beauty’s Queen
And radiates the earth-body,
Who plucks thousands of flowers
And weaves a garland?
Is it that child who is calling me from afar?
Is he the one who calls me always from afar
And for whom my eyes pine?

Asha Diye Dao Bhare

Asha diye dao bhare
Amar antare
Jaliya sahiya bandhana jal
Tapta e tanu haye gechhe lal
Rahibena ar manda kapal
Asha diye dao bhare
Amar antare


O, fill my heart with hope.
My suffering day and night has bound me.
My body is all red.
No more darkness will abide on my forehead.
O, fill up my heart with hope.

Ebar Mago Niyo Amar

Ebar mago niyo amar
Sakal truti hari
Thakbo ami hasi mukhe
Tomar anchal dhari
Tomai chhere jabo ami
Kothai balo ar
Ki ar achhe tomai mago
Amar balibar
Jiban amar katbe mago
Tomar jaya gane
Animeshe raibo cheye
Tomar charan pane


Mother, this time steal away all my mistakes.
With a smiling face I shall remain
Right beside You.
Where can I go, Mother, leaving You?
What can I tell You, Mother? You know everything.
I wish to spend my life only singing
Your Victory-Songs.
At every moment I shall look at You
And contemplate on Your Feet divine.

Ekla Ami Mago Ebar

Ekla ami mago ebar
Jabo tomar ghare
Nirabe ma raibo cheye
Tomar charan dhare
Hariye jabo din dupure
Bishwa sabha hate
Ghurbona ar dine rate
Anka banka pathe


Alone, Mother, I shall come to Your House.
In silence I shall look at You,
Clasping Your Feet.
I shall hide myself day in and day out
From the world-assembly.
I shall not walk any more aimless
On the world’s winding road.

Shunye Uro Pakhi Tumi

Shunye uro pakhi tumi
Shunye uro pakhi
Balo amai tomar khela
Uro shudhu naki
Shudhai toma keman kare
Uro tumi akash pare
Tomar pane cheye thake
Amar duti ankhi
Shunye uro pakhi tumi
Shunye uro pakhi


O bird, you fly in the sky of Infinity.
Tell me, is flying your only game?
Tell me, how do you fly in the infinite blue welkin?
My soulful eyes look at you with all admiration.
My heart pines to fly like you.
O bird, you fly in the sky of Infinity.

Amai Tumi Murkha Rekhe

Amai tumi murkha rekhe
Pao tumi ma tripti
Tomar prane deina pira
Amar niret supti
Amai tumi mahat jadi
Karte nahi chao
Parashanti pabena hai
Jetha ichchha jao


Keeping me a fool,
Do You get satisfaction, Mother?
My ignorant inert life of sleep tortures You.
But if You do not make me great and good,
How can You have peace of mind?
Go wherever you want to,
For You there will be no peace
If You do not make me good
And Your own.

Madhu Diye Dao More

Madhu diye dao more
Amar antare
Ekti parashe parash pathar
Lohe ene dei swarna kanti
Taba pada raja rupantarima
Bhanguk amar sakal bhranti
Madhu diye dao bhare


Fill up my heart with inner honey.
As the magic touch of the philosopher’s stone
Transforms iron into gold,
Your Feet will transform all my blunders
Into perfect reality.
Fill up my heart with inner honey.

Nil Pakhi Bale Ai Ai

Nil pakhi bale ai ai
Bela jai dekha bela jai
Sukhero madira je karechhe pan
Tahare namaskar
Ghire achhe jena satata sethai
Sukher andhakar


The blue bird says, come, come.
Time is passing by.
I salute him who has tasted
The wine of pleasure.
Rest assured that in him, around him,
Is nothing but the darkness of pleasure-night.

Ke Jena Kahichhe Ati Khina Sware

Ke jena kahichhe ati khina sware
Bhay nai bhay nai
Sukher swapan bhengechhe jakhan
Amrita lagi chalo jai


It seems that someone is telling me
In a very faint voice,
“No fear, no fear!
Since your dream of pleasure
Has come to an end,
Follow me to drink nectar
In the world of Immortality!”

Jyoti Sandhane Jabe Jadi Chalo

Jyoti sandhane jabe jadi chalo
Oi dekho bela jai
Khaniker sukhe bhulona bandhu
Bela jai bela jai


If you want to go towards light,
Look, the time is getting late.
Friend, do not forget the reality
In the pleasures of the fleeting seconds.
Time is leaving you fast, very fast.

Akashe Nai Rabi Shashi

Akashe nai rabi shashi
Batase nai pran
E kon deshe elam aji
Gaite praner gan
Chaudike mor timir andhar
Bibhishikar chhaya
Asim pathar agyanatar
Mithya moha kaya


In the sky there is no sun, no moon, no air.
I know not where I have come today
To sing the song of my heart.
All around me is an endless expanse of darkness
And the shadow of frightening beings,
And the body of ignorance and falsehood-delusion.

Diner Sheshe Rater Sheshe

Diner sheshe rater sheshe
Tomar pete dekha
Jatri ami nitya chali
Ashar deshe eka
Swapan kusum phutbe jani
Madhur hasi hese


At the close of day
And at the close of night
To see you, I, the eternal pilgrim,
Am roaming in the land of hope.
Will my dream-flower ever blossom
With a sweet smile?

Ei Dharanir Kichu Nahi Lage Bhalo

Ei dharanir kichhu nahi lage bhalo
Charidike mor hatash hriday kalo
Niye jao prabhu niye jao prabhu more
Nahi chahi ar basanar moha-dore


Nothing of this world I enjoy.
Around me, nothing but a dark, broken heart.
Lord, take me.
Take me, my Beloved.
No more do I want this world of binding desires.

Asim Jatana Kemane Sahibo Balo

Asim jatana kemane sahibo balo
Hiya pakhi mor chalo jai mora chalo
Swarga duar khulibena jani hai
Tabu e bishwa pran mor nahi chai


Infinite sufferings how can I bear any more?
O bird of my heart, come.
Let us fly away.
I know the doors of Heaven will not welcome us.
Yet my heart does not want this world.

Jani Ami Jani Alik Swapan Jiban Amar

Jani ami jani
Alik swapan jiban amar
Dukher sagar asim pathar
Jani ami jani
Amar kanna keha nahi shune
Prabhu kandi dibanishi
Bhagna hriday chira sathi mor
Tar sathe shudhu mishi


I know, I know, my life is a false dream,
An endless expanse of sorrow.
I know, I know, my heart-pangs
Touch nobody’s heart.
Yet helpless I cry day and night.
Only one friend I have:
A totally smashed heart.

Ai Ai Ai Chandra Taraka

Ai ai ai chandra taraka
Nil nabha rabi ai
Parane bajichhe amarar banshi
Jiban ajike asimer hasi
Nai hetha nai dainya timir
Jyoti nirjhar bishal e nir
Ai ai ai antara pakhi
Ajike sabare chai
Ai ore ai chandra taraka
Nil nabha rabi ai


Come, come, come, O moon, O stars,
O sun of the blue-vast sky.
Come to hear the flute of Immortality in my heart,
to watch the smile of Infinity in my life.
Here there is no human poverty, no darkness-life.
Here, in this heart-nest of mine,
there is only an endless fountain-light.
Come, come, come. Today the bird of my heart
desires everyone.
Come, come, come, O moon, O stars,
O sun of the blue-vast sky.

Phanki Amar Maner Sathi

Phanki amar maner sathi
Tabu tumi khamar bati
Tumi thako hriday pure
Tabu bhabi bahudure
Tomai kabhu nahi daki
Tabu ami tomar ankhi


Deception is the friend of my mind;
Yet You are the Lamp of my Forgiveness.
You abide within my heart;
Yet I feel You are far, very far.
Never do I call You;
Yet I am Your darling.

Tumi Amai Khama Karo

Tumi amai khama karo
Taito benche achhi
Tumi amai bhalobaso
Taito benche achhi
Tumi amar dharechho hat
Taito benche achhi
Ami tomar kripa banshi
Taito benche achhi


You forgive me;
Therefore, I am still alive.
You love me;
Therefore, I am still alive.
You have caught my hand;
Therefore, I am still alive.
I am Your Compassion-flute;
Therefore, I am still alive.

Bela Mor Chale Jai

Bela mor chale jai
Amar amire haraite chahi
Nirabata anginai
Bela mor chale jai
Jibaner dole maraner kole
Tomare e hiya chai


My time is passing by.
I wish to lose my little ‘i’
In the lap of silence.
My time is passing by.
In the swing of life
And on the lap of death
My heart longs for You alone.
My heart longs for You alone.

Tumi Kanda Bhul Kareo

Tumi kando bhul kareo
Jakhan nahi dhari
Tumi haso ami jakhan
Tomai bichar kari
Tumi nacho jakhan tomai
Barek ami smari


You cry even when
I do not catch You by mistake.
You smile when
I try to judge You.
You dance if even once
I invoke You.

Tomar Dekha Pabo Bale

Tomar dekha pabo bale
Esechhi dhara buke
Ogo amar hiyar rabi
Rayechho kotha luke
Tomar dekha pele ami
Jabo swarga loke
Ar katokal raibo hethai
Sarbahara shoke


To see You I have come into the world.
O sun of my heart, where are You hiding?
When I see You again,
I shall leave for Heaven-repose.
How long have I to stay on earth helpless,
Having sorrow and grief as my only friends?

Tomar Pulaka Palake

Tomar pulaka palake
Nehari ashar bhuloke
Tomar pulaka palake
Nehari dipta dyuloke
Tomar pulaka palake
Nehari amar ashoke


In Your soul-illumining Glance
I see my hope-world.
In Your soul-illumining Glance
I see my illumination-Heaven.
In Your soul-illumining Glance
I see my world, far beyond
The grip of sorrow and grief.

Tomar Charana Tale Atmatyager Jiban

Tomar charana tale
Atmatyager jiban bitapi
Phutibe je phule phale
Amar charana tale
Nashibo amar andhar nishar
Unmad kolahale


At Your Feet divine
Is blossoming,
Beautifully and soulfully,
The tree of my self-sacrifice.
At my thunder-feet
I shall destroy the mad clamour
Of dark ignorance-night.

Sombare Mor Dharechhila Matha

Sombare mor dharechhila matha
Parini asite tai
Mangalbare oishadh lagi
Daktar bari jai
Chokher jalai parini asite
Budhbare mahasay
Gurubare para parini karite
Tai karechhile bhay
Tar pardin uthechhila jwar
Asite parini tai
Shanibare mora maner harashe
Mamabari chale jai
Rabibare jadi iskul hato
Asitam nishchay
Chhutir dibase parite parina
Asubidha eki nay


Sir, on Monday I suffered from severe headache;
Therefore, I could not come to school.
On Tuesday I went to the doctor for medicine;
Therefore, I could not come to school.
On Wednesday my eyes gave me much trouble;
Therefore, I could not come to school.
On Thursday I could not do my lessons;
Therefore, I could not come to school.
On Friday I had a very high fever;
Therefore, I could not come to school.
On Saturday, with heart’s deepest joy
All the members of our family
Went to our maternal uncle’s house;
Therefore, I could not come to school.
On Sunday, if there had been any school
I would definitely have come.
But on the day of vacation
I do not get a chance to study.
Is it not a real cause of annoyment?

Sapta Baridhi Sapta Bhudhar

Sapta baridhi sapta bhudhar
Amare ghiriya raje
Rabir dipti birajichhe mor
Gahana hriday majhe
Je dike phirai ankhi
Heri shudhu mago tomar anchale
Rekhechho amare dhaki


Seven seas and seven mountains
Around me.
Inside, the light of the sun
Is dancing in the inmost recesses of my heart.
No matter which side I cast my glance,
Mother Divine, I see myself enveloped
In Your fond Embrace.

Sandhya Sakal Bela

Sandhya sakal bela
Taba smrita katha
Smariya kebali
Kari je katai khela
Jibaner srot mile jena jai
Tomar sindhu jale
Shantir dhara labhi jena mago
Ratula charana tale


In the morning and in the evening
I think of You, I invoke You.
Inwardly I play with You
So many games.
Let the flow of my life
Enter into Your Ocean-Light.
Mother, only one prayer I have:
I need an incessant flow of Peace
At Your red Lotus-Feet.

Basana Hase Basana Kande

Basana hase basana kande
Basana base bhalo
Usha debir mridu hasi
Gahan timir kalo
Akuti uthe akash pane
Basana prane hani
Basana moha ek nimeshe
Churna habe jani


My desire smiles and my desire cries.
My desire loves the sweet smile
Of the goddess dawn
And the darkness
Of dark night.
I know not how and why
My aspiration-flame is climbing up
To reach the skies.
I know in a twinkling
My desire-world
Will come to its final end.

Tomar Ashish Mala Amai Karbe Ala

Tomar ashish mala amai karbe ala
Amar jatra path
Bijay manorath
Sindhu prane bindu asha
Na hoi jani britha
Tumi amar ankhir tara
Dukhi praner mita
Tumi amar abhay barabhay
Tumi amar hiyar parichay


Your blessing-garland is my journey’s road
And victory’s fulfilling satisfaction.
This hope of a tiny drop
In the heart of the mighty ocean
Will not be in vain.
You are the Light of my eye
And the Friend of my sorrowful heart.
I am Your Blessing-Compassion.
You are the identification of my heart.

Rag Kare Ma Ekla Ami

Rag kare ma ekla ami
Jabo jakhan chale
Tomai nahi bale
Pechhan phire tomai dekhe
Kandbo ami dare
Pachhe amai dharte balo
Duhate mor dhare
Jani amar shunte habe
Tomar mago katha
Tomar sakal mukharata
Tomar pane nayan rekhe
Stabdha haye jabe
Tomar hasi dekhle mago
Amar hasi pabe


Mother, when I go away
Being angry with You,
Without telling You,
Will You look for me?
I know I shall tremble in fear
If I look behind and see
That You are running after me
To catch me with Your Heart’s
Endless Affection-Compassion-Love.
If you call me, I know, Mother,
I shall have to surrender to You.
If You smile, Your Smile will compel me
To return to You.

Sabar Majhe Prabhu

Sabar majhe prabhu tomar tomar pete dekha
Jatri ami ratri sheshe jachchi chole eka
Photar age jhare je phul sathi amar
Shesab mukul
Nahi jani amar bhale ki je achhe lekha
Nahoi ami nai dekhibo tomar pada rekha
Jhara phuler motoi ami jharbo sheshe ekha
Tate amar ki ase jai balo tomar paye
Nitya pranipat


O Lord, to see You in the heart of everyone,
I the traveller am alone
Walking along the road of Eternity.
The flowers that drop
Before they are blossomed
Have become my friends.
I know not what is written on my forehead.
No matter if my life ends
Like a flower before it is blossomed
Or my life ends before I have seen Your Feet,
I know I shall always bow to You.

Ranga Jaba Enechhi Ma

Ranga jaba enechhi ma enechhi bel phul
E path haye jabar katha karish na ma bhul
Tor kole ma mukti rekhe chupti kare thaki
Parashe tor rishi habo phutbe debo ankhi


Mother, I have brought Your favourite
Red flowers and leaves to please You.
Forget not to see me
When You go by this way.
Placing my head on Your Lap,
Silence-life I enjoy.
At Your sweet Touch,
I shall become a divine seer
And I become the eye of the cosmic gods.

Purba Chaler Alo Jwala Malarabi

Purba chaler
Alo jwala malarabi
Amara pranachhabi
Rudra santo pran
Gahi nirabadhi
Gabhir mandre
Tomar bijaya gan
Ankhi pore raje
Oishe dipti
Nandana bana hasi
Phire phire chai
Bishwa hriday hasi
Taba bhalobasi


O beautiful sun that shines in the east,
O life-beauty of Heaven,
O silence and sound-life,
I sing constantly Your Victory-Song
With heart’s solemnity.
The beauty of Paradise
And the light of Heaven
Adore Your Eye.
Again and again the world’s heart
Admires You and Your Soul-Smile.

Surjya Jakhan Mudbe Nayan

Surjya jakhan mudbe nayan pashime oi ganye
Tara ashob ese jute bidhur dane baye
Temni amar katha bala jedin habe shesh
Thakbena ar kono dukho thakbena ar klesh
Ami je ma anek diner hariye jaowa chhele
Kon sagarer gabhir jale amai khunje pele


When the sun goes to sleep in the west,
When the stars cluster around the moon,
My life of sound will come to an end.
All my sufferings will come to an end.
Mother, I am Your son long lost.
In the depth of which ocean
Have You discovered me at last?

Bela Shesher Gan

Bela shesher gan
Shunbe amar pran
Bela shesher gan
Asha nadir ban
Bela shesher gan
Shanti aphuran


My heart shall hear
The song of the end of time.
The flood of hope-river
Inundates me.
Peace infinite allows me to claim it
As my own, very own.

Swalpe Tushti Bale Bhai Brihater Khudha

Swalpe tushti bale bhai brihater khudha
Amar bipani hate jei kona sudha
Baran kariya laho ghuriona ar
Dubibe jiban surjya namibe andhar
Sarba grasi khudha bale swalpa kare pan
Mitibena trisha mor ogo matiman
Bishwer khanik sukh ati tuchchha jani
Amar mitabe sadh baikunter rani


Little satisfaction says to big hunger,
Brother, accept from my little shop
The little nectar that I have.
Do not roam any more.
One day your life-sun will die,
Darkness will descend.
The all-devouring hunger says,
Brother, I shall never be satisfied with little.
The little satisfaction of this world is most
Only the Queen of Heaven can satisfy
My vast hunger.

Tomai Ami Bhebechhilam

Tomai ami bhebechhilam
Prabhu anya rup
Tumi amar prane tomar
Raibe e pran chup
Dure tumi bahudure
Apan naha tumi
Amai khunje nite habe
Amar alo bhumi


Lord, I thought You would look different.
I shall be inside Your Heart
And You shall be inside my heart.
By seeing You, my sound-life
Will be transformed into silence-life.
You are far, very far;
You are not my own.
I have to discover my own light-world.

Tanu Amar Tariy Tanu

Tanu amar tariy tanu
Apan je jan mor
Moder prane nitya raje
Timir bihin bhor
Ekti tarur duiti shakha
Lakya je ek jani
Taito mora hayechhi aj
Aruper sandhani


My body is his body
Who is close to my heart.
In our heart abides the dawn
Empty of darkness.
We are like one tree with two branches.
This was our goal;
Therefore, today we have become
The seekers of Infinity’s Beauty.

Tomar Charana Tale Amare Harabo Bale

Tomar charana tale
Amare harabo bale
Kato shatabar kendechhi
Amar hridaya tale
Tomare heribo bale
Kato shatabar dekechhi
Amar nayana jale
Tomare pujibo bale
Kato shatabar cheyechhi


At Your Feet divine, to lose myself completely,
Hundreds of times I have cried and cried.
Inside the depths of my heart, to see You,
Hundreds of times I have invoked You.
With the tears of my eyes, to worship You,
Hundreds of times soulfully I have desired.