Supreme, teach me how to surrender

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Ai Ma Shyama Pagli Amar

Ai ma shyama pagli amar
Ami ma tor pagla chele
De ma ma ma amai mukta kare
Sakal bandhan dure phele
Ma tor bijoy ma tor prakash
E jagate e jibane
Lakya amar ar janina
Rakhish na ar maya bane


O my mad Mother, come, come!
Your mad son is crying for You.
Mother, make me free from all
Mother, my only aim
Is to proclaim Your Victory
And manifest Your Light.
Therefore, keep me not in the thick
Of attachment and illusion-forest.

Akash Bhalobasi Ami

Akash bhalobasi ami
Mukti bhalobasi
Sarba jibe sarba kale
Nitya ami hasi


Boundless sky,
Immortal liberation-life I love.
Therefore, in all ages,
In all human beings
My oneness-soul smiles.

Akash Madhur Batas Madhur

Akash madhur batas madhur
Charidike madhu akkhoy
Peyechi madhur sandhan ami
Hayechi je madhumoy
Madhu jara chai ai ai ai
Kari madhu bitaran
Madhur hasiya andhar nashiya
Madhu rupe kari rupayan


Sweetness is the sky, sweetness is the air,
Sweetness all around me.
I have discovered sweetness-life
Within and without.
Sweetness-heart I distribute.
All darkness I have destroyed
With my all-illumining sweetness-smile.

Alo Alo Alo

Alo alo alo
Antare mor gyaner dipan jwalo
Charidike andhar kare ase
Abishwasi atrahasi hase
Alo alo alo
Antare mor gyaner dipan jwalo


O Light divine, do kindle the flame
Of wisdom-light inside my heart.
The doubting mind covers my existence.
All around me, the world-laughter of disbelief!
O Light divine, do kindle the flame
Of wisdom-light inside my heart.

Alo Andhar Amar Jato

Alo andhar amar jato
Tomai sanpe abirata
Mukta habe pran
Sakal asha bhalobasa
Chirakaler mauna bhasha
Tomai kari dan


My life shall be liberated
By offering my darkness-night
And my light-day to You.
All my hopes and all my love
And my silence-existence
I shall offer to You,
O flood of liberation-sea.

Alor Sathe Alo Haye

Alor sathe alo haye
Aloi chali mishe
Bahur buke dodul dule
Berai dasha dishe


With the Light divine,
One I have become.
I have perfectly blended
In the Light divine.
All-where in the heart of the many
I swim and sport
With boundless joy.

Amal Dhabal Pal Tulechhe

Amal dhabal pal tulechhe
Amar jiban tari
Kata jatri bhir karechhe
Ei taranir pari
Tumi dhare achho hal
Khule achhi ami pal
Tomar prane paran amar nache
Ami achhi nitya tomar kachhe


My life-boat is about to sail with its purity-breath.
All the soulful pilgrims have arrived.
The boat will carry them.
Lord Supreme, You are the Pilot Absolute.
Therefore, our aspiration-cry shall, without fail, reach
The Golden Shore of Perfection-Satisfaction.

Amar Jata Shata Abeg

Amar jata shata abeg
Asha akinchan
Sakal bhalobasa ebar
Kari samarpan


My hope-smile
And all my aspiration-cries
I am placing
At Your Feet,
O my earth-Heaven,
My Reality’s Lord Supreme.

Amare Jadi Baso Bhalo

Amare jadi baso bhalo
Niye jao amare aj
Taba paye rakhibo mor
Jiban bhor sanjh


If you really love me
Then take me, my life within
And my life without, today.
At Your Feet divine
I shall place my surrender-life
Of morning duty and evening beauty.

Amare Karo Ma Shunya

Amare karo ma shunya
Purna karite antara mor
Tomar kirane punya
Amare karo ma adhikar
Man buddhir atite
Jyotite rayeche sakal pratikar


Mother, do make me, my heart,
Complete emptiness life
So that You can fill it with Your Beauty’s Light.
Mother, capture me, my life
Within and my life without.
I know, I know, Mother,
My life’s teeming problems will be over
Only when I far transcend
My thought-world and my mind-world.

Ami Adihin Anta Bihin

Ami adihin anta bihin
Asimer ek bindu
Ami nai ar shudhu nirakar
Dakiche purna indu


Beginningless am I and endless am I.
No more do I have form-life.
I am beckoned by the formless,
Infinite inner moon.

Ami Akkhoy Ami Abyay

Ami akkhoy ami abyay
Ami chira simahin
Simar swarupe sajaye amare
Bajai lilar bin


Eternal, immutable I am.
Boundless I am.
In the finite I am wearing
The form finite
And playing on the life-violin
In the Cosmic Play.

Ami Amar Dhyane Tanmoy

Ami amar dhyane tanmoy
Ami akkhoy atma pujai tanmoy
Antare mor dibya swarup
Bahire kebali malinata stup
Mithya branti parajoy
Ami amari dhyane tanmoy


Deeply I am absorbed
in my trance-light.
At times, darkness and ignorance-night
Capture my outer life,
But in my inner life
I am Perfection’s height.

Ami Amare Bhalobasi

Ami amare bhalobasi
Tai na pai taba hasi
Ami amare bhalobasi
Tai na pai taba banshi
Ami amare bhalobasi
Tai andhar rashi rashi


I love my human self;
Therefore, I do not get Your Smile.
I love my human self;
Therefore, I do not get Your Flute.
I love my human self;
Therefore, teeming darkness is all around me.

Ami Ananta Asima Akasha Pratim

Ami ananta asima akasha pratim
Sundaro sundaro akkhoy
Ami akashe batashe
Shishu kala hashe
Amrita sanchoy


I am the endless emblem
Of the infinite sky.
O Absolute Beauty,
I see You within my heart;
I see You in the breath of Universal Life.
Like a child I smile and smile
And garner Immortality-Fruit.

Ami Herite Chai Amar Swarup

Ami herite chai amar swarup
Nitya sakal prane
Sakal bhalobasa amar
Chaluk tomar pane


I want to see my soul-form
Every day in all human souls.
May my life of heart-love
Flow toward You alone
O my Father, Beloved Supreme.

Ami Milate Chai Batase

Ami milate chai batase urite chai akashe
Khulite chai sakal duar mukta praner harashe
Jagite chai nutan ashai tomar sneha parashe


My heart longs to be disolved in wings of air
And fly in the unhorizoned sky.
I long to open up all my heart-doors
In the delight of my liberation-life.
May my life begin with the breath of a new hope.

Anandamayi Chaitanyamayi Satyamayi

Anandamayi chaitanyamayi satyamayi ma parame
Jagrata hao jagate jibane nitya sakala karame


Mother of Delight,
Mother of Consciousness,
Mother of Truth,
O Mother Absolute,
May I be fully awakened to You
In all my action-performance,
Action-revelation and action-manifestation.

Antara Krandana Tale

Antara krandana tale
Tomare pujibo bale
Esechinu heta aji
Ogo priyatama majhi
Asha habe saphalata
Habo ami nirabata


In the depth of my heart’s cry
I desire to worship You,
O my beloved Boatman.
May my hope-flower blossom
Into blossom-light
And offer me the height

Antare Mor Ananta Rup

Antare mor ananta rup
Bahire khudra ami
Jiban amar karo adhikar
Nikhil bishwa swami


Inside of me is the beauty of endless forms.
Although in the outer life I am useless
And of no consequence,
O Lord of the Universe,
Do capture me and claim me
As Your own, very own.

Antare Mor Jyotir Plaban

Antare mor jyotir plaban
Bahire mor alo
Jyotite aj dubiche pran
Kothao nai kalo
Jyoti dhyane achi tanmoy
Jyoti shudhu chira akkhoy
Jyotir jyoti tomai priya
Basi shudhui bhalo


Within and without me is the flood of light.
Today darkness I see nowhere.
Eternity’s Light has become my very own
And this Eternity’s Light I love only.

Anute Renute Sakala Tanute

Anute renute sakala tanute
Biraje amar pran
Ami madhumoy abhoy akkhoi
Shudhu kari madhu pan


In atom and in pollen
And in human frames
My life abides.
All beauty am I, immutable am I.
I drink my ambrosia all alone.

Aruper Rupe Phutiche E Phul

Aruper rupe
Phutiche e phul
Asimer puja lagi
Shanti shakti
Gyaner pratik
Sundara anuragi


For the worship of the Infinite
My heart-flower is blossoming
With the glow of the formless Beauty.
Peace and Power in infinite measure
My flower heart desires.
Also it longs for devoted
And unconditional oneness
With the ever-transcending Beauty.

Asha Ache Tai Achi

Asha ache tai achi
Shata nirashai buk bhange nai
Rayechi ekhano banchi
Kalo megh jabe kete
Naba aruner naba arunima
Asibe akash fete


Hope abides; therefore I abide.
Countless frustrations have not cowed me.
I am still alive, vibrant with life.
The black cloud will disappear,
The morning sun will appear once again
In all its supernal glory.

Asha Niye Chale Sudure

Asha niye chale sudure
Amar bishal nitya swarup
Heri jena asha mukure
Agyan pabe bigyan
Asha bale jai pratiti manab
Satyer pabe sandhan


Hope carries me
To the farthest land.
In the hope-mirror
I see my beauty's Form Eternal.
My outer ignorance-night
Is illumined by my inner wisdom-day.
Hope tells me that each human being
Will discover the Truth absolute.

Asim Amar Dile Prane Dhara

Asim amar
Dile prane dhara
Simar bandhan hara
Chetana aj bishwa bhuvanmoy
Paran amar sarba prane
Ananta akkoy


Today Infinity wants
To be caught by my fleeting life
And wants my consciousness
To flood the entire universe.
My transformed and liberated life
Has established its oneness
With Immortality’s life.

Bachan Maner Atite

Bachan maner atite
Nitya jyotir nadite
Dubiche chitta mor
Khule geche aj sahasra ankhi
Ruddha jatek dor


Beyond speech and mind,
Into the river of ever-effulgent Light
My heart dives.
Today thousands of doors, closed for millennia,
Are opened wide.

Basiyacho Bhalo Dharanir Dhuli

Basiyacho bhalo dharanir dhuli ta nahe karinu bishwas
Ke srijila balo dukkha dainya maran jatana upahas


I am ready to believe that You love
the Dust of this world.
But tell me, who has created poverty,
suffering, wild mockery
And death pangs, if not You?

Bela Jai Bela Jai Jiban Nadir Mohanai

Bela jai bela jai jiban nadir mohanai
Maramer byatha praner abeg aji sandhyai dube jai
Bela jai ogo bela jai
Niyata amar shrabane manane
Kara jena bale jai


Time is passing by in the confluence of life-river.
The urge of the heart and the pangs of the heart
Have lost their existence-life in the evening of my life.
Who are they that constantly remind me
Of the arrival of my life’s sinking eve?

Bhalobasi Ami Atal Baridhi

Bhalobasi ami atal baridhi
Asim sunil ambara
Bhalobasi ami khuliya dharite
Ruddha supta antara


Fathomless white ocean
I love,
Boundless blue sky
I love.
I also love
To keep wide open
My long-closed heart-door.

Bishwa Bhuvan Karite Apan

Bishwa bhuvan karite apan
Diyo bhalobasa buke
Jena nahi kande ekti prani o
Tri jagate kotha dukhe


O grant my heart love!
Grant my heart oneness-love
To accept the whole world
As its own.
I do not want to see any suffering
In the hearts of all the three worlds.

Bishwaruper Dhyane Tanmoy

Bishwaruper dhyane tanmoy amar e tanu pran
Jibane jagate heri jena taba bijayer abhijan


My body and heart are in the meditation-trance
That enjoys the Universal Form of the Lord.
How I wish to see this Victory-Form
In all that I do and all that I am.

Chetana Amar Akashe Batase

Chetana amar akashe batase
Mukta sakal bandhan
Ami nai ar ache shudhu ek
Shashwata prema spandan
Nikhil bhuban amar apan
Amar nijer deha
Bahire amar keha nai ar
Par nahe aj keha


My consciousness flows
In the sky and in the air.
All my bondage-life has
Achieved liberation.
There is nobody except love,
Eternal love vibration.
The outer world is mine.
My body in the outer world no stranger,
It is all my oneness-song.

Chinta Atite Maner Atite Sundara

Chinta atite maner atite sundara
Sarthak karo man pran deha antara
Sarthak karo anadi kaler sanchoy
Shri charane diyo ashroy


Beyond thought and beyond the mind,
O beautiful One, You abide.
Do fulfil this body, vital, mind and heart of mine.
May I have this sense of fulfilment
In all my achievements,
Taking shelter at Your Feet divine.

Danto Chahini Datar Haste

Danto chahini datar haste karechi amare dan
Mukta hayechi chira jibaner hate jata abhiman


O all-giving Hands,
Today I have offered You my aspiration-life.
Completely free am I today from ignorance-night.

Dharanire Basi Bhalo

Dharanire basi bhalo
Esechi namiya hasiya hasiya
Andhare anite alo
E lila tomar ogo lilamayi
Nami toma barebar
Bhenge sab dor antara mor
Karo aji adhikar


Loving this world,
I have entered into this life of darkness-night
With the hope to transform this sombre world.
This is not my game, this is Your own world-game.
I bow to You again and again.
Smashing asunder my life’s somnolent door, Mother,
Today capture and claim my heart for good.

Dibya Jiban Asibe

Dibya jiban asibe
Pratiti paran hasibe
Sakal debata namibe jagate
Dharanire bhalobasibe


The life divine shall dawn.
Each human life shall smile.
All the cosmic gods shall descend,
Loving this world of ours.

Ghumer Deshe Swapne Ese

Ghumer deshe swapne ese ghuri pathe pathe
Ar katokal ghurbo miche na jani ei srote


In my dream, I come to the world of sleep
And endlessly walk along.
Alas, I know not how long
I shall have to follow this course helplessly.

Jadi Toma Chai Dekha Nahi Pai

Jadi toma chai
Dekha nahi pai
Jeyona tabu bhalo
Antare theke antaratama
Antara karo alo


If and when I want to see You,
I see You not,
I shall not mind.
I wish You only to remain
In the depths of my heart
In silence,
Illumining my crying heart.

Japi Madhu Nam Shudhu Abiram

Japi madhu nam shudhu abiram
Janani amar janani
Jibane amar sakali tomar
Tumi amar sarani


I repeat Your sweet name incessantly, Mother,
O Mother of mine.
All that I have and I am in this life is Yours.
You are the only way leading me to my supernal Goal.

Japi Shakti Mantra Shakti

Japi shakti shakti shakti mantra shakti sadhan kari
Shakti moder sakal karma nitya ache dhari
Shyama moder dhyane gyane
Shyama moder prane
Shyama ebar niye chalo shakti abhijane


We repeat the Shakti Mantra,
We follow Shakti path.
In all our actions,
We need the Power that holds us.
Mother Kali Power is in our meditation
And in our wisdom-light.
O Mother, this time do take us
To discover the Power Absolute.
Do carry us into the inner world.

Je Jibane Tumi Acho

Je jibane tumi acho
Ar nai kichu
Karechi kamana prabhu
Se dibya jiban
Je jibane tumi nai
Ar sab ache
Kripa kare se jiban
Diyona kakhan


The life that You embody
Is all I want.
I long for that life divine.
Your Compassion I implore.

Kali Karali Ma Pralaya

Kali karali ma pralaya
Pralay nachan rakta banya
Kali karali ma pralaya
abar kena ma abhaya


Mother Kali, Mother Karali,
Mother of the world-transforming
And world-illumining fiery Dance,
O Mother, You are at once
The destruction-flood
Of Concern-Light and Compassion-Ocean
For our heart’s aspiration-flame.

Kalpana Eso Nami Kalpe Loker

Kalpana kalpana kalpana eso nami kalpe loker
Jyoti dhara sama eso antara jani asim tomar rupe
Rupayita karo bishwa jiban namiya akuti dhupe


O imagination-queen,
Do descend like the flow of imagination-world.
O my Pilot Supreme,
Do descend with Your Aspiration-Flames
And illumine the life of the entire universe.

Kande Hiya Toma Lagi

Kande hiya toma lagi
Sei mor sukh
Khane khane dekha peye
Ghuche jai dukh
Tumi achho ami achi
Ar nai keha
Shudhu ek pran ar
Ache dui deha


My heart cries for You;
Therefore I am happy.
Your presence banishes all my sorrow’s night.
When I obey you, I alone exist
And nobody else.
Two outer frames with one
Soul-existence life.

Kari Nirbhar Kari Ashroy

Kari nirbhar kari ashroy charane satya akkhoy
Satya amar chira jibaner prana priyatama sanchoi
Katha kaje ar chintai jena satya sarathi ese
Niye chale more ananta pane satyer uddeshe


I depend on You.
Your Feet of Truth always shelter me.
Truth is my Eternity’s only achievement.
In my words and deeds, may the Charioteer of Truth
Who carries me, drive his Truth-Chariot
To the Reality unknown.

Karo Sundaro Karo Nirmala

Karo sundaro
Karo nirmala
Bishwas hok chira achapal
Sundara chira sundara
Kari nirbhar charane tomar
Bikashita karo antara


Make me beautiful, make me pure,
Make my faith unperturbed.
O Eternity’s Beauty,
Your Feet are my haven.
Do allow my heart
To blossom at Your Feet.

Ke Jai Ke Jai Charana Parashe (1)

Ke jai ke jai
Charana parashe phutaye kamal
Alokito kare antaratal
Kare sathe sathe dubite gabhire
Ingite bale ai


Who passes by, who passes by,
Blossoming the lotus with the touch
of His magic Feet?
Behold, He illumines my inner world
And inspires me in silence supreme
to dive within.

Ke More Bhulaye Rekheche

Ke more bhulaye rekheche
Ke more hethai eneche
Kar sandhane ghuri nishidin
Ke amare bhalobeseche


Who has forced me to forget the real in me?
Who has forced my earth-descent, who?
Alas, I do not know!
I also know not where is He and who is He
Whom I constantly love.

Kripar Daner Kangal Karona

Kripar daner kangal karona
Karona karona karona karona
Karona karona amar e antar
Jukta rakhiyo chitta amar
Tomate nirantar


O, make not me and my life
Helpless and destitute.
Keep my devoted heart
Eternally united with
Your Compassion-Light.

Ma Ma Bale Dakre

Ma ma bale dakre o man ma ma bale dak
Shyama mayer charan tale shaber mato pare thak
Mundamali shyama amar kande shib shaber buke
Sab haye jai shiber mato kandisna ar praner dukhe


O my mind, cry,
Uttering the name Mother, Mother.
Lie down at the feet of the Mother Kali
Like a vanquished corpse.
My Mother Kali is dancing
On the heart of Her divine consort, Shiva,
In enormous mirth.
I, too, like my Mother,
Shall dance and sport eternally.

Ma Tor Ruper Aloi (1)

Ma tor ruper aloi
Chokh dhendheche
Taito dekhi kalo
Tui je amar praner pran
Tui je amar alo
Maner kali praner kali
Charane tor jatoi dhali
Tatoi ma tor adar bere jai
Sakal kali dhuye dite
Apan kare amai nite
Shyama amar ai ai ai


Mother, Your Beauty divine has blinded me.
Therefore, I see darkness all around.
You are the life of my heart,
You are the Light supreme.
The darkness of my vital and my mind,
The more I offer it to You,
The more Affection, Love and Compassion
You shower on me.
My Mother Kali, I beckon You.
I shall offer You all my darkness
And You will replace it with infinite Light.

Ma Tor Ruper Aloi (2)

Ma tor ruper aloi
Chokh dhendheche
Taito dekhi kalo
Tui je amar praner pran
Tui je amar alo
Maner kali praner kali
Charane tor jatoi dhali
Tatoi ma tor adar bere jai
Sakal kali dhuye dite
Apan kare amai nite
Shyama amar ai ai ai


Mother, Your Beauty divine has blinded me.
Therefore, I see darkness all around.
You are the life of my heart,
You are the Light supreme.
The darkness of my vital and my mind,
The more I offer it to You,
The more Affection, Love and Compassion
You shower on me.
My Mother Kali, I beckon You.
I shall offer You all my darkness
And You will replace it with infinite Light.

Madhumoy Usha Deva

Madhumoy usha deva jibaner naba aruner udayan
Antare kare antara tama devarupe karo rupayan


Sweet dawn has appeared,
Beautiful day has dawned.
O my Inner Pilot,
Do make my life
Sweetness-light and beauty-delight.

Madhurata Jetha Nai Ami Nai

Madhurata jetha nai
Ami nai tatha ami nai
Madhur sadhana
Madhu aradhana
Japi madhur nam madhumoy
Tai madhumoy niyata amai
Madhu dhyane kare tanmoy


Where sweetness is lacking
I am not there, I am not there.
Sweetness-discipline and sweetness-worship,
Sweetness-invocation I always do.
Therefore, I am in self-trance,
In sweet, ambrosial meditation.

Mago Bara Hale Karbo Ami

Mago bara hale karbo ami
Tomar Anek kaj
Dadar mato habo jeno
Rakhal daler raj
Garu niye mathe jabo
Khelbo jala khela
Phirbo ghare bhevona ma
Prati sandhya bela


Mother, when I grow up,
I shall work very hard for You.
Like my elder brother,
I shall be the leader of the cowherds.
I shall take the cows to the green field.
I shall play water games.
Mother, do not worry;
When the evening sets in
I shall definitely return
To You, my heart’s home.

Mago Juddhe Jabo Balo Jadi Marbo Asur Raj

Mago mago mago
Juddhe jabo balo jadi marbo asur raj
Tomar sathe theke mago karbo tomar kaj
Balo jadi hate pari sabar sera lok
Tribhuvane thakbena ar jara mruttyu shok


Mother, I shall go to the battlefield
And destroy the formidable foes,
If such is Your Will.
Again, if You want,
I shall stay beside You
And devotedly do Your work.
If You want me to be a matchless man
On earth,
That, too, I can become,
And I shall cast aside sorrow,
Dotage and death from this earth-life
At Your express Command.

Mane Prane Dehe Simar Bandhan

Mane prane dehe simar bandhan niyata amare dahe
Ami simahin asimer srote chalechi satata bahe
Mukti amar niyata sange shakti amar nai
Jibane amar tomar bijoy kebali niyata chai


The bondage of the finite binds me
And stifles my body, vital and mind.
Yet within my heart is the liberation-river
Flowing toward the endless and infinite Source.
Alas, power in the outer world —
I have none.
I desire nothing
But Your complete Victory
In my inner life and outer world.

Mohalata Mohalata

Mohalata mohalata mor abanir mohalata
Shuna shuna dakiche amai sudur desher asimata
Mohalata mohalata priyatomer dekha pabo
Jedin tomai mukti gane phulla hiyay chhere jabo


O attachment-bond, O attachment-bond,
O my world’s attachment-bond,
The Infinity of the farthest clime is beckoning me.
O attachment-bond, O attachment-bond,
I shall meet with my Beloved Supreme
The day I leave you with cheerfulness-heart
And liberation-song.

Mrittyu Taran Abhoi Sharan

Mrittyu taran abhoi sharan nitya amiya dipti
Antare nam japi dina jam jachi shashwata tripti


O Chaser of death,
O my eternal Haven-Lord,
In my heart of worship
I behold You and have grown into
Your Perfection’s satisfaction-smile.

Mukti Amar Gan

Mukti amar gan
Mukti amar chira jibaner ekti matra dhyan
Amar mukta pran
Sakaler prane jena sada pai deba jyoti sandhan


Liberation is my life,
Liberation is my only meditation-peace.
When my liberation dawns
In the near or distant future
I shall discover God-Light in all the human beings
In God’s entire creation.

Naba Jibaner Asha Nabatar

Naba jibaner asha nabatar alo niye eso prane
Mukhe dao naba bhasha
Bandana kari gan asha kalyani sarthak karo
Ananta abhijan


O life-course of a new life,
Do grow into a higher and more fulfilling life.
May a new sound-life inspire
My God-manifestation-life.
O benevolence-hope, fulfil me,
Crown my Eternity’s journey with victory’s light.

Nadi Chale Jai

Nadi chale jai
Sagarer pane
Na jani kena je
Paraner tane
Patanga ase jyotir sakashe
Karite jibana dan
Temani amar kareche paran
Asimer abhijan


The river flows toward the sea.
I know not what urges the river-heart to flow.
The sea has a magnetic pull.
As an insect offers its life to the flame,
Oh, how I wish to offer my Infinity’s life
To the all-transforming Flame-Beauty.

Nai Nai Nai Ami Ar Nai

Nai nai nai ami ar nai
Shudhu achche ek chhaya
Sahasa sonali alor jhalake
Seo je harai kaya


No, no, no! I no longer exist.
What exists is only a fragile shadow.
And that, too, has lost its existence-life
In a golden lightning spark.

Nami Parama Satya Sundara

Nami parama satya sundara
Asimer bastaba rup
Satya swarup ambar
Chetana amar satya akashe
Miliya haye jak akkhoy
Niyata kebali ami jena rahi
Satya sandhane tanmoy


O absolute Truth Beauty,
O Reality-Form of Infinity,
May my consciousness become one,
Inseparably one, with Yours
By losing its existence-life
In Your boundless sky.

Namiche Aj Ananda Plaban

Namiche aj ananda plaban
Mridul paban prane kare nanda bahan
Bhangiche mor sakal bandhan khuliche sab dwar
Mile geche byetha bhar jato andhakar


Today, the flood of delight
Inundates me, my all.
All my bondage-shackles
Are smashed and broken.
No more heart-pangs,
No more darkness-life.

Nirabata Nirabata

Nirabata nirabata
Tumi amar atma ushar asimata
Nirabata nirabata
Tumi amar deha nishar asha lata


Silence, silence,
You are the Infinity
Of my soul’s dawn.
Silence, silence,
You are the hope-vine
Of my body’s night.

Nirban Pare Pare Labhechi Janam

Nirban pare pare labhechi janam
Jyotir jyotite ananta parabare
Shanti shakti mukti amar
Chira jibaner sathi
Ami asimer dhyane tanmoy
Nitya dibasa rati


On the other shore of nirvana-life
I have taken human incarnation
In the effulgence of light.
Peace and power in boundless measure
Are my eternal comrades.
I long to remain in trance
All day and night.

Nitya Ekhan Jedike Takaye Dekhi

Nitya ekhan jedike takaye dekhi
Eje sei jan jare khunjitechi eki


Lord, I see You all where,
Yet I search for You and long for You.
I know not why, but it is all true.

Nitya Jena Chitta Bhare

Nitya jena chitta bhare
Tomai mago saran kare
Amar praner pran
Ami tomar lilar sathi
Antare mor hajar bati
Nitya purna gyan


Mother, may my heart invoke You
Unreservedly and unconditionally.
You are the life-breath of my body’s life.
You are the light of my soul-sun.
I am Your companion eternal.
In Your Cosmic Game, out of Your Infinity,
You have granted me infinite wisdom-light.

Nitya Mukta Asimer Ami

Nitya mukta asimer ami ekti ujhal dhara
Karuna sagare jyotir jyotite hayechi atma hara


I am a bright star in the infinite sky.
In the sea of my Lord’s Compassion-Light,
I am unreservedly and self-amorously lost.

Niyata Tomare Chahina

Niyata tomare chahina
Ei to amar dukh
Amar mulya karo kache nai
Ei to amar dukh
Gopane asiya gopane pujiya
Gopane pariba jhari
Keha chinibena ei bana phule
Keha rakhibena dhari


I do not always want You;
Therefore, I suffer excruciating pangs.
Nobody values me. I am left all alone
In silence, worshipping the fountain-life.
Nobody will know, nobody will stop me,
Nobody will bind me.

Oi Shuno Oi Dake Shyama Ma

Oi shuno oi dake Shyama ma
Swapan sathi amar shyama ma
Akash dake batase dake
Dake shashi tara
Dake amai naba arun
Dake jyochna dhara


Hearken! Mother Kali is calling me.
The companion of my dream,
Mother Kali, is calling me.
The sky, the wind, the stars, the moon
Are calling me.
The morning sun and the flow
Of the full moon night are calling me.

Pathe Jakhan Chali Shyama

Pathe jakhan chali Shyama
Tui je chalis sathe sathe
Prati kajer phanke phanke
Ma tor parash mile dinerate
Tabu bhabi shyama bujhi
Amai chereche
Kandar mato kandina tai
Dure rekheche


Mother Kali, when I walk along the street
I see You accompanying me.
At the interval of each new undertaking
I feel Your gracious presence.
All day and night Your presence envelops me,
Yet I know not why I feel You have deserted me.
Is it because I do not cry soulfully
That I feel You are away from me?

Prane Jata Chila Byethar Bhar Kareche Aj

Prane jata chila byethar bhar
Kareche aj pulak adhikar
Ashru amar prem jamunar dhara
Anande aj dube ache chitta atma hara


The weight of my heart pangs
Has won ecstasy’s Source.
My life-tears have grown into love-delight today.
Both my earth-life and my Heaven-life
Are flooded with all immortalising Delight.

Prati Chintai Prati

Prati chintai prati chintai
Prati kaje ar prati kaje ar
Pratiti khudra dane
Chali jena sada shudhu toma pane
Amrita sandhane tapan taraka katoi apan amije tader bhai
Simar bandhane jena nahi kheli asime dubite chai


In each little thought,
In each little work,
In each little self-giving,
May I feel Your Presence
And may I move towards
Your Smile of Nectar-Source.
I am the comrade of the sun and the moon.
No longer shall I struggle
In the bondage-net of the finite.
I want to lose my existence-life
In the sea of Light and Delight.

Purna Kariya Ditechi Sampiya

Purna kariya ditechi sampiya
Shunya kariya patra
Jatabar dhali nahi hoi khali
Britha chesta matra
Ogo narayan shuna nibedan
Ahanger sima rekha
Dhuye muche diye nirmal kare
Antare dao dekha


I have been trying to empty my inner vessel.
No matter how hard I try, I fail.
O Lord Supreme, my soulful appeal:
Obliterate my ego-life and make me pure
For Your Arrival supreme.

Pushti Amar Tushti Tomar

Pushti amar tushti tomar charam sarthakatha
Ke diyechi hai jibane amar kebal akkhamata


Your satisfaction is my fulfilment
And my perfection-light,
Yet I know not who has given me
All the world’s incapacities.

Rupe Rase Preme Asiyachi Neme

Rupe rase preme asiyachi neme
Anadi asim hate
Ami simahin biram bihin
Chalechi jibana srote


With beauty, love and delight
I came into the world.
Long forgotten my arrival hour,
For it was in the hoary past.
Endless am I, happily following
The course of Eternity’s Life.

Sakal Jiban Amar Apan

Sakal jiban amar apan
Keha nahe mor par
Nikhil bhuban amar basan
Amar apan ghar


All human lives are dear to me.
Nobody is a stranger to me.
The whole world is mine,
My soul-garment and my own peace-vest.

Sakaler Prane Tomare Heriya Basiya

Sakaler prane tomare heriya basiya tomare bhalo
Haye jete chai mane prane dehe rupantarita alo


Seeing Your Life in every heart
And loving You in every aspiring heart,
I wish to become totally one —
Body, mind and vital —
Singing the song of transformation-light.

Sakaler Sheshe Asibo (2)

Sakaler sheshe asibo
Sakalere bhalo basibo
Dharanir mato kariya jatan
Sabare bakkhe rakhibo


After all have come, I shall come.
After all have loved, I shall love.
Like the compassion and patience-world,
I shall keep humanity’s life
Safe in my heart’s light.

Sakaler Sheshe Asibo (1)

Sakaler sheshe asibo
Sakalere bhalo basibo
Dharanir mato kariya jatan
Sabare bakkhe rakhibo


After all have come, I shall come.
After all have loved, I shall love
Like the compassion and patience-world,
I shall keep humanity’s life
Safe in my heart’s light.

Satya Amar Pran

Satya amar pran satya amar dhyan
Niyata kebal jena kari shudhu
Satyer sandhan satyer nai shesh
Satyer par satya rayeche asim nirbishesh


Truth is my life.
Truth is my meditation.
Always I seek for ever-transcending Truth.
This Truth knows no end;
This Truth transcends itself in Infinity’s Light.

Satya Swarup Bhagaban

Satya swarup bhagaban
Satyer dhyane tanmoy karo
Darashan karo dan


O Lord, O Truth Supreme,
May I lose myself at every moment
Contemplating You,
Your Compassion-Light.

Shramiker Byatha Shilpi Bujhena

Shramiker byatha shilpi bujhena shilpir byatha kabi
Kalpana kare bujheo bujhena ankena hiyar chabi


The pangs of the labourer are beyond the artist’s grasp.
The pangs of the artist are beyond the poet’s reach.
Here the flight of imagination fails
Because the soul-paintings of heart’s oneness are missing.

Shyama Amai Pagal Kare De

Shyama amai pagal kare de
Ke bale ma shyama baran
Ma je amar kancha sona
Chandra surya charana tale
Kato dev devito jaina gona
Ma tor charan tale raibo pare
De ma amai pagal kare


Mother Kali, turn me mad
By granting me divine ecstasy.
Mother, who says that You are black?
You are pure gold.
At Your Feet the sun and the moon sport,
And also the cosmic gods sing and dance.
Mother, my only desire is to be
Always at Your Feet,
Remaining a God-intoxicated,
Mad human being.

Sima Mile Jak Asimer Buke

Sima mile jak asimer buke ananda parabare
Deva jibaner madhu sangit bajuk e bina tare


May the finite lose its existence-life
In the heart of the Ocean of Delight.
May my heart-lyre play the ecstasy-music
Of Transcendence-Height.

Simar Majhare Akash Pratim

Simar majhare akash pratim
Asim apar parabar
Ache taladesh naha go ashesh
Taranga sama durbar
Bahire amar katai lahari
Antare ami sthir
Ami parabar asim apar
Chira bidrohi bir


Inside the finite, I see the infinite ocean
And the sky.
There is no end to my life.
I have become indomitable wave.
In my outer life, I am volcano-waves.
In my inner life, I am the bottom
Of the calmness-sea.

Simar Majhare Parina Rakhite Dhari

Simar majhare
Parina rakhite dhari
Asim amare
Niyechi baran kari
Nai ar bhasha
Nai kona asha
Nai kona smriti rekha
Parama shunye
Aneka punye
Peyechi amar dekha


Infinity has accepted me.
Alas, I cannot house Infinity.
No words have I, no hope have I.
Long lost have I my reminiscence-light.
Yet my old virtuous life
Has made me see the great Silence-Light.

Sundara Karo Madhumoy Karo

Sundara karo madhumoy karo akkhoy karo jiban
Eso sundara eso madhumoy sri charane dao sharan


O, make me beautiful,
O, make me blissful,
O, make my life one everlasting reality.
O beautiful One, O blissful One,
Just for a fleeting second
I desire Your Haven-Feet.

Sundara Madhumoy

Sundara madhumoy
Eso sundara madhumoy
Eso antare eso chintai
Eso pratyushe eso sandhyai
Naba naba bhabe eso nirabadhi
Sundara madhumoy


O beautiful One, O blissful One,
Do enter into my heart’s cry,
Do enter into my thought-life,
Do enter into my purity-dawn,
Do enter into my sublimity-eve.
With new form’s light,
Do constantly enter into my heart.

Sundara Shib Mrinmoya Jib

Sundara shib
Mrinmoya jib
Kare toma abahan
Shraddha bhakti
Amita shakti
Antare karo anayan


O beautiful Lord Shiva,
Earth-children are invoking You,
Your Compassion-Presence.
Do come into my heart
Of love and service
With Your boundless Power-Light.

Sundare Basi Bhalo

Sundare basi bhalo
Sundaratama antare mamo sundare dip jwalo
Sundar aj akash batas sundar mana pran
Jibane marane mileche amar sundar sandhan


O beautiful One,
Do kindle beauty’s lamp
In this aspiration-heart of mine.
Today everything is beautiful.
The sky, the air, my body, vital and mind,
All are beautiful.
The birth and death of my life
Have discovered Eternity's Beauty today.

Sundari Premika Sundari Sevika

Sundari premika
Sundari sevika
Sundari ramana
Sundari gahana
Sundari pabita
Sundari savita


I invoke Thee
O lover supreme of the Absolute Beauty,
O server supreme of the Absolute Beauty,
O dancer supreme of the Absolute Beauty,
O indweller supreme of the Absolute Beauty,
O world-purifier of the Absolute Beauty,
O world-redeemer of the Absolute Beauty.

Swapane Asiya Madhur Hasiya

Swapane asiya madhur hasiya
Jeyona swapane chali
Bikashita hao purna kariya
E jibane pale pale


Appearing in my dream,
You grant me the life-illumining smile.
Do not go away.
Do reveal Yourself in and through me
By making my life complete
And perfection-whole at every moment.

Swapne Hasi Swapne Kandi

Swapne hasi swapne kandi swapne kari khela
Swapne shudhu basiye diy jiban nade bhela
Swapna sheshe shudhui smriti
Byartha asha kalpana
Phire jabar byastata ar
Maya tyager jalpana


In my dream-life, I smile and cry.
In my dream-life, I sail my effulgence boat.
Alas, when my sweet dream-life
Goes back to sleep,
My earth-life of frustration
Immediately captures me.
In vain, I am trying and crying to free myself,
My earth-life-attachments, from illusion.

Tomar Range Rangiye Dao

Tomar range rangiye dao
Ebar amai bhasiye dao
Dibya jyotir srote
Andhar more ache ghire
Bhasi ami nayan nire
Mukta karo sakal
Bandhana hate


Tint my heart with Your Beauty’s flow.
Let me flow with Your Beauty’s waves.
Alas, darkness has covered my entire existence.
I swim in the sea of my tears.
Lord Supreme, do liberate me
From bondage chain.

Tomar Range Rangiye Dao

Tomar range rangiye dao amar jato kalpana
Mago amar chitte jago nitya puja bandana


O Mother divine, do illumine my imagination-wings
With Your Beauty’s all transcending Light.
Mother, my life grows into a ceaseless aspiration-flame
And a deathless heart.