Silver thought-waves, part 1

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Ability is the soul's flow and the body's glow.

Ability is accomplishment. The outer accomplishments we see with our outer eyes. The inner accomplishments we see with our inner eye.

Our present ability-friends tell us that our future ability-friends are on their way. At any moment they may arrive. We shall cheerfully and unreservedly welcome them.

Ability is our inner life's strength and our outer life's length.

Ability is confidence. Confidence smiles. Who enjoys the smile most? God the aspiring and transcending man.

Ability tells us what we can do for ourselves. Ability's cheerful and soulful surrender to God's Will tells us what God's infinite Satisfaction-Power can and will do for us.

Ability unused, man is man the sad failure. Ability used, man is man the eternal runner. Ability divinely used, man is man the quick-blossoming God.


Absence in the physical world is frustration, if not suspicion.

Absence in the spiritual world is division, if not destruction.

Presence is the winging Satisfaction-God for us. Absence is the sinking dissatisfaction-man in us.

Presence quickens our oneness-joy. Absence dampens our newness-hope.

Presence strengthens and enlightens the human in us, and lengthens and fulfils the divine in us.

Are we helpless? No.

Are we hopeless? No.

Are we useless? No.

Then why do we have to be absent?

Were we present? Yes.

Are we present? Yes.

Shall we be present? Yes.

Therefore, instead of our running toward the Goal, the Goal itself is fast approaching us.


Aspiration is our achievement in the inner world. Dedication is our achievement in the outer world. Surrender is our achievement in the higher world.

In Heaven we achieve a fruitful smile. On earth we achieve a soulful cry. In us we achieve a prayerful life.

Anything worth having is worth offering. An aspiration-heart is a shining example.

The achievement without a second is happiness. Happiness is the fulness of God in man.

Achievement on earth, appreciation from God and admiration from Heaven always love to live together.

Achievement is our earth-life's duty fulfilled. Achievement is our Heaven-life's beauty manifested.

When we achieve, our hearts become divinely soulful. When we receive, our lives become unreservedly fruitful. When we believe, our yesterday's desire-world and our today's aspiration-world become supremely meaningful.

Because we achieve, we believe. Because we believe, we achieve. Because God the Lover is in us and because God the Beloved is for us, we believe and achieve all at once.


Action need not be wisdom, but wisdom is not only action but the fruitful fulfilment of action.

The sense of responsibility is the beginning of action. The sense of willingness is the speed of action. The sense of selflessness is the grand culmination of action.

Hesitation is a bad enemy of action. Procrastination is a worse one. Readiness is a good friend of action. Devotedness is a better one.

Silence is the God-action of God for His entire creation. Sound is the man-action of man for man himself. When a noisy action proceeds, the goal quickly recedes. When a soundless action proceeds, the goal itself approaches the seeker's onward speed.

Actions reveal thoughts. Thoughts reveal the mind. The mind reveals the greedy man in us.

Action is the harbinger of earth's perfection. Perfection is the harbinger of the manifesting man's satisfaction and the evolving God's Satisfaction.

A great action makes us feel that the world needs us. A good action reminds us always of its source: God the Author of all good.


To sit at the foot of a tree is to appreciate the beauty of aspiration.

To sit on the branch of a tree is to appreciate the beauty of dedication.

To see oneself as the tree itself is to become the beauty of God-expansion and the beauty of God-Height.


Earth-bound consciousness tells me that I am of ignorance and I am for ignorance, that my source is darkness and my journey is darkness, that at the end of my journey's close, into darkness I shall retire.

Heaven-free consciousness tells me that I am not the pilgrim, I am not the road, I am not the journey, but I am the Goal itself. This is the message that we receive from our Heaven-free consciousness.


Concentration is the penetration of the mind into an object or subject.

Meditation is the enlargement of one's inner being.

Contemplation is the divine enjoyment of one's higher self.


Earth's courage is sacrifice.

Heaven's courage is concern for earth's transformation.

God's Courage is to feed the past, play with the present and dance with the future in the immediacy of today. God's Courage fulfils itself in unconditional self-giving.


When we aspire, our dedication is unconditional self-giving to the Cause, to the Source, to the Supreme Reality.

When we do not aspire, our dedication is nothing short of unrecognised attachment to an unconscious reality, to an unconscious life.


An unaspiring man has countless duties. All his duties are self-imposed.

An aspiring man has only one duty, and that duty is to see the Face of God in himself and in others, and to grow into God's own Face. This is his only God-ordained duty.


Belief tells me that I can be of God if I want to; I can claim God if I want to.

Faith tells me that God has already accepted me. Whether I want to accept Him or not, He has already accepted me. God has claimed me as His very own. Whether I condescend to claim Him or not, He has already claimed me as His very own.

Faith knows that our acceptance or rejection of God will not determine God's acceptance of us. Faith knows that it is God who does everything in and through us, not the other way around.


On earth, forgiveness is a sweet experience, a necessary realisation. Forgiveness is the expansion of one's reality-light and divinity-height.

In Heaven, forgiveness is a supreme necessity. The cosmic forces at times unnecessarily lord it over us. They exercise their power on earth beyond necessity.

In God, forgiveness is the living Breath that transcends itself each time it is used.


For two reasons I need God's Grace: I need God's Grace to see His smiling Face; I need God's Grace to win the cosmic Race.


Happiness is in self-giving. Self-giving is a secret and sacred message which we get from acceptance of earth as it is and Heaven as it is: self-giving for the final transformation of earth and for the complete manifestation of Heaven on earth. If we do this, then happiness is ours.


In the spiritual life there is no such thing as humiliation. Nobody can humiliate you. But if your own inferiority complex tortures you, that is humiliation. If there is no inferiority, then there is no humiliation. If there is a feeling of oneness, then there can be no humiliation.

If my legs feel that they belong to this body, the same body that my head belongs to, then how can my legs suffer humiliation? But if the legs maintain a sense of separativity, then naturally they may feel inferior to the head, because the brain is developed and can compel the legs to go wherever we want to go. But if the legs feel that it is they who carry the head and all the rest of the body, then the legs will not feel inferior.

Humiliation is only the result of our self-imposed standard. Nobody can humiliate us if we have a sense of oneness. When we separate one part of our existence from another, that is the beginning of our humiliation.


Inspiration is at once the real mother and the real father of imagination.

Imagination is the private tutor of aspiration.

Aspiration is the only pride of God the Dream-Boat, God the eternal Journey and God the Reality-Shore.


Intuition does not expose. Intuition does not impose. Intuition only brings forward the hidden reality. It brings to the fore the message of cosmic harmony.

Intuition is not merely to see the Truth faster than the fastest. Intuition is to throw ourselves into the love-light and oneness-light of self-discovery and God-discovery .


He is a fool who cries for joy in the outer world.

He is a greater fool who does not bring to the fore the joy of the inner world.

He is the greatest fool who does not do the first thing first — who does not invoke God the constant, eternal Joy first and foremost.


Liberation is freedom from self-imposed ignorance. Liberation is enjoyment of God-Height and God-Light ordained by God Himself.


We do not grow from darkness to light, but we grow from lesser light to greater light. From bright light to brighter light, from brighter light to brightest light we grow.

Light is our existence. Bright light is our belief in our existence. Brighter light is our faith in our oneness with God. Brightest light is to become conscious and constant representatives of God here on earth and there in Heaven.


With human love I try to see what I can do for others, and what others can do for me.

With divine love I see what God has already done for me in and through me, what God is doing in and through me for others, and what God wants to do for me in and through others. What does He want to do? He wants to smile in and through all of us the Smile of Oneness-Height and Perfection-Light.


The soul's luminosity is constantly crying to us, in and through us, to accept it and to utilise it. What for? Only to discover what we eternally are: God's conscious Light and God's constant Need.


When we try to manifest God in our own way, what we actually manifest is our puny little ego, our unconscious or uncontrolled ego.

But when we try to manifest God in His own Way, we see and feel that we are fulfilling the promise that we made to God before we came into the world-arena, into the world of creation and manifestation.


If we obey God out of fear, then God will shed bitter tears. If we obey God out of love, but with an ulterior motive, then God will shed bitter tears. But if we obey God because that is what we have known how to do from time immemorial, then God will offer us His Eternity's Smile. Not out of fear but out of oneness we have to obey our Inner Pilot.


Who is to determine my progress? You? No. He? No. Myself? No. Earth? No. Heaven? No. Then who is to determine my progress? My progress has to be determined by the sole Doer in me, my Inner Pilot. Only he who does the task has the right to determine the progress. The Doer in me is the Inner Pilot. He Himself has to determine the progress that He makes in and through me.

Psychic cry

The psychic cry is the cry of the heart which always transcends not only its own limits, but also earth's limits. The possessor of a psychic cry is the lover of God's Smile and the fulfiller of God's Dream.


Silence is God's Beginning-Height. Sound is God's Continuation-Might. God's Compassion of the inner world for the outer world is God's Perfection-Delight.


Sincerity is to discover the Truth in its own way. Sincerity is to reveal the Truth in its own way. Sincerity is to know what God consciously and constantly wants from us. Sincerity is self-awareness for God-manifestation.


Sweetness is the conscious revelation of inner wealth: the wealth of oneness, the wealth of perfection and the wealth of the many for the One.


Love is Truth. Truth is Love. With Love the Truth, man finds his place in the Heart of God. With Truth the Love, God finds His place in the heart of man.


Vigilance is of paramount importance to make the fastest progress. Vigilance is of tremendous need when earth fails to see what we eternally are. Through vigilance we smash the pride of ignorance-night and inspire world-height.


Will-power is the light of the soul that reveals and manifests God on earth in the physical, in the vital, in the mind and in the heart. When it manifests God in the physical, it is dedication. When it manifests God in the vital, it is determination. When it manifests God in the mind, it is illumination. When it manifests God in the heart, it is realisation of the Absolute.

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