Twenty-five Aspiration-Flames

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Let us pray to God to grant us the capacity,
Out of His infinite Bounty,
To sleeplessly serve
    the peace-aspiring world.

Let us pray to God
To give us the most beautiful face
Of a oneness-world-family.

Let us pray to God
To give us the most powerful heart
Of a oneness-world-home.

TAF 1. 3 February 1987


A long twenty-three years ago my Beloved Supreme Absolute brought me to America to be of most soulful service to Him in the West. He blessed me with His infinite Hope, infinite Inspiration and infinite Aspiration to serve Him in the West.

You are my sweet children. You are my service-plants. You will one day become huge banyan trees. I am not only helping you; I will make you realise the Absolute Supreme and I will manifest Him in and through you at His choice Hour.

You are my choice children. With you and in you I see the perfection of humanity's heart and life. Love the Supreme in me infinitely more. Be devoted to the Supreme in me infinitely more. Lo, yours will be the sleepless joy and breathless satisfaction. Yours will be the complete perfection that humanity has been longing for centuries and centuries.

TAF 3. 13 April 1987


Peace in the world's oneness-home
Is the supreme fulfilment
Of humanity's
Birthless and deathless promise
To God.

TAF 2. 27 April 1987


As your spiritual Father,
I am crying and I shall be crying
Inside your minds for Illumination,
Inside your lives for Liberation,
Inside your hearts for Realisation,
Inside your souls for your attainment
Of God's ever-transcending Vision,
Inside your Inner Pilot for His sleepless,
Birthless and deathless Satisfaction
In you and through you.

TAF 4. 21 June 1987. Father's Day Message.


At last I have pleased my Lord Supreme,
But I wish to please Him more,
Infinitely more.

TAF 5. 18 October 1987


My Beloved Supreme powerfully loves me.
Therefore, I have His Infinity's Happiness.
My Beloved Supreme compassionately needs me.
Therefore, I am His Immortality's Peace.

TAF 6. 18 October 1987


I love my Beloved Supreme only,
Not because He has done
So many things for me unconditionally,
But because He is my life's only Hunger,
My heart's only Meal,
My soul's only Satisfaction
And my birthless and deathless
Eternity's All.

TAF 7. 18 October 1987


My son, the unknowable can be known.
My son, the unknown can be known.
My son, the known can easily
remain unknown.
My son, the knowable can eternally remain

TAF 8. 21 October 1987


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
It is now so clear to me that
You do not care for me.
My Lord, You do not care for me.
Is it because my mind is insincere?
Is it because my heart is impure?
Is it because I criticise You
Inwardly and outwardly every day?
Or are there some other reasons
Why You do not care for me?

"My child, if it is true that
I do not care for you,
Then it is not because of
your mind's insincerity,
Not because of your heart's impurity,
Not because of your cruel criticism of Me,
But because you dare to live
And do succeed in living
Without My Heart's Compassion,
Love, Blessing and Light."

TAF 9. 24 October 1987


My mind tells me that my heart
Is not a sincere God-lover.
My heart tells me that my mind
Can never be transformed
And will never be transformed.
But my Lord Supreme is secretly telling me
That both my mind and my heart
Are totally mistaken.
He is telling me that my heart
Is definitely a sincere God-lover,
And that my mind will before long
Be transformed —
Amazingly transformed
And unimaginably transformed.

TAF 10. 25 October 1987


My heart's spontaneous faith in my mind
Is a divinely beautiful dream.
My mind's implicit faith in my heart
Will be a supremely powerful reality.

TAF 11. 25 October 1987


My sisters and brothers,
You want to know from me
How I make tremendous progress every day,
Every hour, every minute, every second.
I am telling you my supreme secret:
I keep dreaming, dreaming and dreaming
God-Dreams sleeplessly.

TAF 12. 25 October 1987


I have lost my mind's purity.
That means I have lost much.
I have lost my heart's faith.
That means I have lost more.
I have lost my love of God.
That means I have lost all,
I have lost everything.
I have lost God the powerful Creator.
I have lost God the beautiful creation.
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Do tell me how I can regain
my mind's purity,
My heart's faith and my love for You.

"My child, go and sing inside
your heart-garden.
You will regain your mind's purity.
My child, go and play with the blue-gold child
Inside your heart.
You will regain your heart's faith.
My child, go and meditate with the breath
Of your newly-acquired blue-gold child-friend.
You will regain your love for Me."

TAF 13. 15 November 1987


Because of my outer courage
My Beloved Lord Supreme,
Out of His boundless Compassion,
Is giving me what He has:
Bliss, His Eternity's infinite Bliss.

Because of my inner courage
My Beloved Lord Supreme,
Out of His boundless Affection,
Is giving me what He is:
Fulfilment, His Infinity's immortal Fulfilment.

TAF 14. 15 November 1987


My soul is God-Eternity's God-lover.
My heart is God-Eternity's God-dreamer.
My mind is God-Eternity's God-seeker.
My vital is God-Eternity's God-warrior.
My body is God-Eternity's God-server.
My life is God-Eternity's God-enjoyer.

TAF 15. 21 November 1987


My soul is of God
The Vision Transcendental.
My heart is for God
The Compassion Universal.

TAF 16. 6 December 1987


Only because of my soul's
Birthless and deathless surrender unconditional
To God's Will,
God has forgiven me countless times,
And He may do the same
Forever and forever.

TAF 17. 6 December 1987


Even when I am shamelessly ungrateful
To my Lord Supreme,
He forgives me immediately,
And my soul forgives me ultimately.
But I want to dislike my heart,
My mind, my vital and my body
Vehemently and ceaselessly.
I shall not forgive them so easily.

TAF 18. 6 December 1987


During the entire day
If I do not please my Beloved Lord Supreme
Even once,
Then in the evening
My soul helplessly and pitifully cries
Like a child completely lost
In a thick forest.

TAF 19. 6 December 1987


My Pilot Supreme most powerfully loves me
Because my soul knows
Who my Pilot Supreme is
And where my Pilot Supreme is.

My Pilot Supreme most affectionately loves me
Because He knows
That soon my heart will start loving Him

TAF 20. 6 December 1987


My hopeful heart
Is the most powerful blessing
From my Lord Beloved Supreme.

TAF 21. 14 December 1987


My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme,
Most compassionately You are telling me
That You are responsible
For the perfection of my life.

My Lord, I wish to tell You
That from today on
I shall be fully responsible
For the satisfaction of Your Heart.

TAF 22. 14 December 1987


What have I left undone?
I have not yet entered
Into the Heart-Garden
Of my sweet Lord Beloved Supreme.

What else have I left undone?
I have not yet claimed
My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme
As my own, very own.

TAF 23. 14 December 1987


I know, I know
That my little heart-cries
Are the harbingers
Of the world-seekers' Heaven-Life
On earth.

TAF 24. 14 December 1987


May my heart-sorrows
Not only purify my aspiration-life
But also awaken all human beings
Who are enjoying their life-long

TAF 25. 14 December 1987