One thousand lotus petals, part 2

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Kanur Lagiya Ganthinu E Mala

Kanur lagiya ganthinu e mala
Kanu rai asilona
Taito jiban nahi habe mor
Rupantarer sona


I have made this garland for Kanu,
But Kanu has not come.
Therefore, my life will not become

Ke Jabi Go Nadir Opar Ai Go Ai

Ke jabi go nadir opar ai go ai
Bela jai jai
Hethai asha hothai bhasha
Hethai chaowa hothai paowa
Hethai maran hothai jiban
Ke jabi go nadir opar ai go ai
Bela jai jai


Who wants to go to the other shore of the river?
On the other side is the Golden Shore.
Come, come, time is passing by.
Here is hope.
There is response.
Here is seeking.
There is achieving.
Here is death.
There is life.
Come, come, all those who want to come
To the other shore.
The time is passing by.

Akashe Amar Batase Amar

Akashe amar batase amar ek ananta chetana
Hanibo nashibo nimeshe ajike dharanir ghana bedana


My infinite consciousness-light
Pervades the sky and ether.
Today I shall strike and destroy in a twinkling
The world’s intense sufferings.

Hiya Tatini Bahiya Jai

Hiya tatini bahiya jai
Ashar bindu nai
Jiban bedane maran jatane
Taba pade jachi thai
Mor dhudhu maru majhe
Mor dibanishi raje
Ami je tomar ekata balar
Keha je sangi nai


My heart-river flows,
But there is not a drop of hope.
Therefore, O Lord, I seek Your Feet
Throughout the pangs
Of my life and death.
Day and night inside me
Is a barren desert.
I am Yours.
No one else is my companion.

Gagane Phutilo Chand

Gagane phutilo chand
Shuni ongkar nad
Amrita asha jage
Shutibra anurage

Kata Gan Ami Geyechi Dharai

Kata gan ami geyechhi dharai kata gan ajo baki
Bhitare bahire sangit majhe amare khunjiya thaki
Gabhir byethai kande hiya mor swaruper dekha nai
Subishal ei bhaba parabare ami je bhasiya jai


How many songs have I sung?
How many more have I still to sing
here on earth?
Within and without I have been
searching for myself through my songs.
With deep pangs my heart cries;
My self-form is not visible yet.
In the vast life-ocean, I am floating all alone.

Nayan Nehare Bishwa Bhuban

Nayan nehare bishwa bhuban
Herena tahar pran
Tai ankhi duti ruddha kariya
Jogi kare tar dhyan
Shruti shudhu shune bahirer katha
Shunena oishi bani
Sangjata tai shrutire kariche
Satya tapasa gyani


The eye sees the entire world
But it sees not its own life;
Therefore, keeping the two eyes closed,
The Yogi meditates on You,
O Lord Supreme.
The ear hears only
The messages and the clamour of the outer world.
It hears not the messages
Of the highest Heaven;
Therefore, the true seeker of wisdom
Always tries to keep his ears
Under his perfect control.

Hiya Pakhi

Hiya pakhi egiye chalo
Dekhona ar pichhe
Bishwa jaha dite pare
Ta je tuchchha michhe


O bird of my heart,
Fly on, fly on.
Look not behind.
Whatever the world gives
Is meaningless, useless
And utterly false.

Jishur Swapna Sarga Rajya

Jishur swapna sarga rajya
Bastabe rup dite
Narayan aj murta holen
Dhulimoy dharanite
Bidhatar joy dharanir joy
Bishwa bashir joy
Suchita hateche sata jugar
Ajike abhyudoy


To manifest the reality-form of the
Kingdom of Heaven of Jesus,
Today the Lord Supreme
Has descended on earth,
The earth of sand and dust and ignorance.
Lord’s Victory, world’s victory
And the victory of humanity
Are giving birth to a new era
Of new illumination and new perfection.

Nai Nai Nai Ami Ar Nai

Nai nai nai ami ar nai
Shudhu achche ek chhaya
Sahasa sonali alor jhalake
Seo je harai kaya


No, no, no! I no longer exist.
What exists is only a fragile shadow.
And that, too, has lost its existence-life
In a golden lightning spark.

Madhurata Jetha Nai Ami Nai

Madhurata jetha nai
Ami nai tatha ami nai
Madhur sadhana
Madhu aradhana
Japi madhur nam madhumoy
Tai madhumoy niyata amai
Madhu dhyane kare tanmoy


Where sweetness is lacking
I am not there, I am not there.
Sweetness-discipline and sweetness-worship,
Sweetness-invocation I always do.
Therefore, I am in self-trance,
In sweet, ambrosial meditation.

Shunya Bakke Biraje Purna

Shunya bakkhe biraje purna
Simar bandhan jetha bichurna
Shashwata sei mahanandamoy
Purna ghoshichhe srashta bijoy


Inside emptiness
Fulness abides.
And inside fulness
The bondage of the finite
Is totally smashed.
Once we are there,
We hear the supreme Victory
Of the Absolute Supreme.

Ke Uthila More Daki

Ke uthila more daki
Hriday gahane thaki
Oje mor pran pakhi
Se jage aj ekaki
Puta analas ankhi


Who is awakening my heart today?
Ah, it is my soul-bird.
My soul-bird looks around with its all-loving
And all-illumining vision
Where purity reigns supreme.

Jishu Jishu Nam

Jishu Jishu nam
Japi abiram
Jishu chetanai
Pran dube jai
Jishu sabakar
Pitar dharar


Jesus, Jesus!
Sleeplessly and breathlessly
I repeat the Name of Lord Jesus.
Deep I dive
In His Consciousness Universal.
He is the Father of the world.
For all He is.
The second version of translation:
We meditate on the Christ.
We repeat His Name countless times.
Without the Christ Consciousness,
Our life is totally lost.
Christ is for all.
He is our Divinity’s Son
And humanity's Father.

Mishe Phula Dale Pare Rabo Ami Tomar

Mishe phulla dale pare rabo ami
Tomar ratul charane
Jiban kusum shripada kamal
Sajabo param jatane
Sei phula dale mishe rabo ami
Na chari jiban marane

Hao Aguan Hao Aguan

Hao aguan hao aguan
Oi shuno paramer aowban
Hao aguan hao aguan
Chira sathi ananta abhijan


On you proceed, on you proceed!
Hearken the Invitation-Call
Of the Absolute Supreme.
On you proceed, on you proceed!
The eternal Companion is inviting you to join Him
In His birthless and deathless Expedition.

Jago Jharna Jago

Jago jharna jago
Jago kala jago
Nai kichhu ar dainya
Kebal alor banya


Awake, Fountain, awake!
Awake, Art, Awake!
Nothing poverty-stricken today.
All-where the flood of Light.

Naba Naba Rupe Naba Naba Bhabe Karo

Naba naba rupe naba naba bhabe
Karo more rupayan
Hatasha sagare nahi dube jena
Mor tanu prana man

Kato Usha Elo Kato Usha Gelo

Kata usha elo kata usha gelo
Nahi ghuche ghuma ghor
Gyan ankhi hai nahi khule mor
Nahi khule hiya dor


O, how many dawns
Have appeared and disappeared?
Yet, my sleeping world
Has not come to an end.

Madhavi Latar

Madhavi latar madhur madhuri
Sugopane kare mor hiya churi
Urdhe akashe nimne batase
Nachi aji ami maha ullase


Sweet, soft and translucent creeper
In silence steals away my heart.
Above me, the vast sky.
Under me, the wind blowing.
Today I dance in ecstasy supreme.

Ami Jabo

Ami jabo ami jabo ami jabo hridaya pure
Agni sadhak bahni premik phutechi aj agun sure
Lobher bandhan moher shasan
Doinya jatan bhagna swapan
Abasheshe ek nimeshe ajanate bahu dure
Simar kole asim dule
Kanur benu jiban mule
Mahashiber pralay nachan nutan srijan jore ghure

[Note: Sri Chinmoy borrowed this tune from the Bengali
devotional song "Phire Chalo". The lyrics of this song were
written by Sourindra Mohan Mukhopadhyay and the melody
was composed by Raichand Baral. The song was featured
in the 1933 film "Chandidas" and made immortal by the
blind singer Krishna Chandra Dey]


I shall enter into my heart’s citadel-city.
I am a worshipper of the Fire God;
I am a lover of the Fire God.
I have blossomed today
Into the melody of fiery flames.
The bondage of possession-greed,
The iron control of dark attachment,
The torture of penury,
The pangs of my shattered dreams
Have at last disappeared in a twinkling
into the farthest, remote unknown.
On my finite lap the Infinite is swinging.
The ever-intoxicating and ever-energising
Flute of Sri Krishna
Is the very origin of my life’s journey.
The Destruction-Dance of the great Lord Shiva
Ushers in a new creation
Encircling fast my earth-bound life.

Jibaner Sheshe Maraner Deshe

Jibaner sheshe maraner deshe
Priyatame mor heribo
Ei asha niye khudra amire
Bahudure phele rakhibo


At the end of my journey’s close,
In death’s country,
I shall see my Beloved Supreme.
Having nourished this hope,
I am casting aside my little ego-‘i’
Into a far-off land.

Kalpana Mor Kalpana Maner Alpana

Kalpana mor kalpana maner alpana
Karisna ar jalpana nai je bedana

Ki Sundaro Nitya Mukta Nilambara

Ki sundaro nitya mukta nilambara
Man pran dehe eso neme tumi he sundaro

Khama Karo Khama Karo Dharo Mor Hat

Khama karo khama karo
Dharo mor hat dharo

Ke Jai.. Amare Bale Jai Keno Ami Kandi

Ke jai ke jai ke jai amare bale jai
Kena ami kandi dibanishi hiya anginai

Kali Ma Amar

Kali ma amar Kali ma amar
Tumije tomar karuna apar


My Mother Kali, My Mother Kali,
You are your Compassion infinite.

Jiban Amar Maran Amar

Jiban amar maran amar
Sabar tushite chahe
Bidhatar joy sabar hridaye
Paramanande gahe


Both my life and death are eager to please
Each and every human being on earth,
And my life and death are singing
In ecstasy supreme
My Lord’s Victory in the heart of humanity.

Jante Habe Balte Habe Amar Guru Jagat

Jante habe balte habe
Amar guru jagat guru
Amar gurur pada tale
Dibya jiban halo suru


I must realise and I must proclaim
That my Guru Supreme
Is the Guru of the entire universe.
I embarked on my life-divine journey
At His Feet,
And my Guru is the Supreme.

Kare Rakhi Dure

Kare rakhi dure
Kare rakhi kache janina
Jani shudhu hai
Param pitare manina


Some I keep far away,
While others I keep very close.
I do not know why.
Alas, I only know that I do not obey
My Father Lord Supreme.

Jegechi Aj Nabin Ushar

Jegechi aj nabin ushar
Mukti dake
Pelam ami apan kare
Bishwa make


Today a new liberation-dawn
Has awakened me.
Therefore, today I can claim
The World-Mother as my own,
Very own.

He Param Pita Charan Tomar

He param pita charan tomar
Bandana kare jabo
Tomare tushile tomar lagiya
Paramananda pabo


O my Lord Father Supreme,
I shall go on and go on
Worshipping Your Feet.
If I satisfy You for Your own Fulfilment,
I shall receive Bliss Supreme.

Sab Habe Thik Thak

Sab habe thik thak
Basanare dure rakh
Shantir dekha pabi
Ore boka jetha jabi


Just keep your desire-life far away.
Everything will be all right.
O fool, no matter where you go,
Peace will come and stand before you.

Eso Ananda Pranavananda

Eso ananda pranavananda
Eso eso eso aj
Eso animesh eso paramesh
Dhara adharar raj

Mahima Tomar Ke Bujite Pare Tumi Maha

Mahima tomar ke bujite pare
Tumi maha dyuti dharar andhare
Ogo mahiyan ogo gariyan
Shudhu kripa sudha tomar saman

Jyotirmayi Mayer Sathe Jyoti Niye Khela

Jyotirmayi mayer sathe
Jyoti niye khela
Dekho amar chidakashe
Amar jiban bhela

Minati Janabo Pranati Ante Ei Asha Niye Rabo

Minati janabo pranati ante
Ei asha niye rabo
Tomar charane jiban maran
Kari jena anubhaba

Krishna Prabhu Jeyona Chhariya Amare Kabhu

Krishna Krishna Krishna prabhu
Jeyona chhariya amare kabhu


Krishna, Krishna, Lord Krishna!
Lord, do not go away leaving me.

Namo.. Buddha Deber Karuna Moitri

Namo namo namo Buddha deber
Karuna moitri nir
Hethai asutosh shib bholanath
Chira achapal sthir

Je Besechhe Bhalo Ei Dharanire

Je besechhe bhalo ei dharanire
Se peyechhe shudhu byetha
Parane tahar dhelechhe abani
Kuruper malinata
Tabu nirbhoy chale sei bir
Prithir bojha niye
Ahaba ante habe upanita
Prabhur charane giye


He who has loved this world
Has only got excruciating pangs.
The world has thrown on him all ugliness,
filth, dirt and impurity.
Yet the hero marches along,
Carrying the burden of the entire world.
At the end of his teeming struggles
He will go and stand at the Feet
of the Lord Supreme.

Ekti Katha Ekti Sur Eki Jhankar

Ekti katha ekti sur eki jhankar
Nam dhare ke dakchhe jena amai barebar
Kothai achhi kothai jabo nai jena thikena
Ghumer ghare karchhi shudhu ami becha kena
Kata bhangi katai gari katai kari asha
Hiya khani dhekechhe mor andhar sarbanasha
Alor pakhi alor pakhi abar eso phire
Jyotir dhara bahan kare namo amar shire
Dak ditechho urdhe jete jabo keman kare
Bandhi je mor paran khani ekti andhar ghare
Alor pakhi alor pakhi alor pakhi alo
Prane amar rekhona ar ektu andhar kalo


One thought, one tune, one resonance:
Who calls me ever and anon?
I know not where I am,
I know not whither I shall go.
In dark amnesia,
Myself I buy, myself I sell.
All I break; again, all I build.
All I hope to be mine, mine alone.
Alas, my heart is eclipsed by dark and wild
O Bird of Light, O Bird of Light,
With your glowing and flowing flames
do enter into my heart once again.
You are calling me to climb up and fly into
the blue,
But how can I?
My heart is in prison in the strangled breath
of a tiny room.
O Bird of Light, O Bird of Light,
O Bird of Light Supreme,
In me, I pray, keep not an iota of gloom.

Na Pari Tomai Bahite

Na pari tomai bahite
Na pari tomai sahite
Na pari tomai khamite
Pari shudhu hai bandhite


Carry You I cannot.
Suffer You I cannot.
Forgive You I cannot.
Alas, only bind You I can.

Supreme.. Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu

Supreme Supreme Supreme
Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
Guru deva Maheshwara
Gurureva param Brahma
Tasmai sri gurabe namah


Guru is Brahma the Creator.
Guru is Vishnu the Preserver.
Guru is Shiva the Transformer.
Guru is verily the visible Supreme Being.
I bow to that Guru.

Priyatam Ase Bahiya Bahiya Ajike Sonar

Priyatam ase bahiya bahiya
Ajike sonar tari
Alor banshari niteche amar
Trishita paran hari

Srashta Amar Jagater Jyoti

Srashta amar jagater jyoti
Atma bijayi bir
Janani amar bishwa janani
Ei janiyachhi sthir
Ami chinmoy nahi mrinmoy
Mukta jyotir dhara
Jyotir jyotite dubiya rayechhi
Haiya apana hara


My Creator is the Light of the universe
And the supreme Hero-Conqueror of the Self.
My Mother is the Mother of the universe.
Indeed, this is my absolute realisation.
I am the consciousness supreme
And not earth’s ignorance-dream.
I am the light-flow
From the freedom of the Beyond,
Immersed and self-amorous
In the sea of Infinity’s Light.

Tomare Rakhibo Hridaye Gopane

Tomare rakhibo hridaye gopane
Tomare rakhibo jibane jatane
Tomare rakhibo madhur swapane
Tomare rakhibo ashru nayane


O my Pilot Supreme, in secrecy supreme
I shall keep You in my aspiration-heart.
O my Lord Supreme, with my soulful concern
I shall keep You in my dedication-life.
O my Liberator Supreme,
In my sweetness-dream I shall keep You.
O my Beloved Supreme,
In the tear-flood of my eyes I shall keep You.

Badala Nabhe Madala Baje

Badala nabhe
Madala baje
Pagal halo hiya hiya


My heart is now enjoying
A God-intoxicated insanity
Because of the sound of wild thunder
And the charming kettledrum of the blue-vast sky.

Jiban Amar Tomar Charane Rakhibo

Jiban amar tomar charane rakhibo
Maran amar tomar anke patibo


My life I shall keep at Your Feet.
My death I shall place in Your Lap.

He Shiva Shankara Namami Shankara

He Shiva Shankara namami Shankara
Shiva Shankara Shambhu
He Girijapati Bhavani Shankara
Shiva Shankara Shambhu
[Traditional Shiva bhajan]

Jibane Chahina Marane Chahina

Jibane chahina marane chahina
Tomar charan chahite
Chahi shudhu ami jibane marane
Taba pada tale rahite


I do not want to leave
Your Compassion-Feet,
Either in my lifetime or in my death.
I want only to remain at Your Feet.