To-morrow's dawn

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Life means opportunity. Opportunity means a fresh start. A fresh start means a satisfaction-dawn.


Do you want to know something incredible but absolutely true? The heart of the universe is your soulful smile.


Be pure, be pure! Lo, God is fast approaching to teach you how to throw yourself into His Perfection-Arms and Satisfaction-Heart.


An open mind is what you ultimately can have. A receptive heart is what you eternally are.


I learn from the roots of all religions the message of compassion-height, and I see in the branches of all religions the message of perfection-light.


To love only your own religion is to love the body-reality of sound-division. To love all religions equally is to love the soul-immortality of silence-oneness.


There are countless human voices; only the divine voice is wanting.


Our inner world goes to rack and ruin if we do not consciously go beyond the blind belief-barrier of unawakened religion.


As the years advance upon you, the desiring man in your human life remains at your journey's start, whereas the aspiring man in your life divine not only runs towards the destination, but also reaches the destination.


You are appreciative. Therefore, you are good. He is sympathetic. Therefore, he is better. I am loving. Therefore, I am by far the best.


Because you are ignorant, I am afraid of you. Because you are innocent, you are not afraid of me.


Non-resistance is the supreme power that eventually conquers the disproportionate power of militarism.


Your mind-idea was meaningful. Your heart-ideal is soulful. Your life-reality shall be fruitful without fail.


Yesterday you returned good for evil. Therefore, you were good. Today you are transforming the very existence of evil. Therefore, you are not only becoming perfect, but you have already become perfect.


Don't persecute me. I shall hate you. Don't proselytise. I shall suspect you. Don't command me. I am not yours.


Outer poverty means starvation. Inner poverty means destruction.


Glorify man. God will love you more. Glorify God. Man will suspect you evermore.


You do not have to go to Heaven to hear God speak. Just consider your heart to be a radio receiver with an adequate tuning system.


The barber perfects the hair on your head. God perfects the love in your heart.


Birth is good; death, too. Who wants to see the same undivine beings indefinitely?


Presently, aspiration. Momentarily, realisation. Eventually, satisfaction.


Money-power and wisdom-light quite often enjoy avoiding each other.


The source of my belief is my mind's union with the earth-reality. The source of my faith is my heart's oneness with the Heaven-vision.


The authority of the mind and the responsibility of the heart can easily become inseparable friends.


Resist not anything or anyone; only love God more.


I have only two responsibilities: one is to serve God everywhere, the other is to make myself good and to love all.


We all make mistakes. But if our aspiration is sincere, then our promises to become perfect can easily be fulfilled.


Insecurity-ant destroys. Security-elephant rebuilds.


Yours is the thought-power that strangles you. Yours is the will-power that saves you.


If you are familiar with appointments, how can you be unfamiliar with disappointments?


Cooperation is when I willingly become your slave.


You call him selfish precisely because he does not have the willingness to serve you.


You want me to tell you what I think of your mind. Well, I can only say that I prefer an impurity-hut to your mind.


You want me to tell you what I think of your heart. Well, I can only say that I prefer your purity-heart to all the religious temples put together.


When I use my mind-mirror, I look exactly like a panther. When I use my heart-mirror, not only do I look exactly like God, but I am God.


Another name for prayer is concern. To show genuine concern for humanity is to become a supremely chosen instrument of God.


Try to think soulfully. If you can think soulfully, God will not only have a place for you in His Cosmic Plan, but will also make you a perfect instrument of His.


A small hope of man and a big Smile of God are inseparable.


It is never too late to forget one's strangling insecurity.


You do not believe in God. That is your business. I not only believe in God, but I also want to become another God. Indeed, this is my only business.


You are telling me that since God does everything in and through you, even if you do not think of Him, pray to Him or meditate on Him, you are not to be blamed. After all, you are not the doer; God is the only Doer.

I am telling you, if you really believe what you say, how can you remain on earth even for a fleeting second without remembering God consciously, praying to Him devotedly and meditating on Him soulfully? For is God not part and parcel of your consciousness?


Easily a mind of wisdom-light can challenge ignorance-night. Easily a heart of purity-sea can challenge death-dart.


If you want to divinely enjoy a material object, then first enter into it inwardly to see the Face of your Beloved Supreme. If you can do that, then you will not only enjoy God's supreme Presence, but also enjoy the material object one hundred times more. See God first in everything. Then yours will be the enjoyment-happiness unparalleled.


The more we can endure suffering, the sooner the strength of suffering dies out. Therefore, let us sow the seed of endurance inside our aspiring heart.


My journey's start: self-enquiry. My journey's end: self-mastery.


Alas, why am I such a fool? Why do I allow my anxiety-enemies to stay inside me when I know perfectly well that they are real culprits? Is it not they who invite sorrow to darken my heart's door?


Our straying thoughts tell us where we live. We live inside the insecurity-cave. Our adamantine will tells us what we are. We are all God-representatives on earth.


You do not have to understand; just believe. You do not have to believe; just keep your eyes wide open.


In the spiritual life, when we are bereft of purity, we are lost. When we are bereft of faith, we are totally lost.


In the spiritual life, fearlessness not only expedites our journey, but also brings our goal closer to us.


How to overcome destructive criticism? Just love a little more. That's all.


How long can we remain separated from each other, O God the Compassion? Let us be friends once again!


My prayer tells me that I can eventually become. My meditation tells me that I eternally am.


A universal lover is simply he who is embraced by the transcendental Beloved Supreme.


Come rain, come shine, I shall always listen to the still, small voice within.


Be divinely active. God the Light will inspire your heart and God the Delight will bless your life.


God loves.
Do I?
I try.
God satisfies.
Do I?
I shall try.


To know the divine God, you must be a human God at least. A human God is he whose life has become an unconditional surrender.


I shall not give up; I shall accept. I shall not just accept; I shall transform.


Ingratitude strengthens the animal in us, weakens the human in us and destroys the divine in us.


Do you want to be happy? If so, then try either to push your desire-life aside or to pull your aspiration-life forward.


To err is human. But only a special person has the God-given divine capacity to forgive.


We shall eventually give to God what He has already given to us: Eternity's soulful cry and Infinity's fruitful smile.


To have cheerfulness in utter helplessness is to start climbing up the realisation-tree and to start climbing down the manifestation-tree.


I have discovered two places where God is not: He is not in an ingratitude-heart and He is not in a non-acceptance of life. No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot be where God is not.


Yesterday my cheerfulness was my unparalleled achievement. Today my willingness is my unparalleled achievement. Tomorrow my soulfulness will be my unparalleled achievement.


No two friends are as intimate as cheerfulness and confidence.


A spiritual Master was once asked: "Why do you talk so much?" His immediate answer was: "It satisfies the human in me and the divine in my spiritual children."


Our best performance on earth is to employ God's Compassion. God's best performance on earth is to destroy our imperfections.


I receive God as my due. God receives me as His benefits.


Compassion-salvation is good. Concern-illumination is better. Love-realisation is by far the best.


The body's painful experience is the soul's fruitful opportunity.


Oneness-satisfaction is a zoom lens which we can focus at our sweet will.


A world-mocking mouth should always be replaced by a world-loving heart.


God's Will means divine Perfection on earth. God's Will means supreme Satisfaction in Heaven.


Aspiration-cry prepares. Wisdom-smile waits.


Eternity's cry I was. Infinity's smile I shall be.


There is another world — a higher world — but my constant frustration and I are perfect strangers to that world.


In life we belong to Infinity's Sound. In death we belong to Eternity's Silence.


The heart of illumination is bound to guide when the mind of confusion seeks its light.


A oneness-heart is not the end. It is only the beginning of an ever-transcending and ever-fulfilling life.


I adore my transcendental Vision. I love my universal Reality.


My mind tells me to plan. My heart tells me to dream. My soul tells me to proceed.


My aspiration is my mountain-cry. My aspiration is my fountain-smile.


Try to believe in your next thought: you are definitely going to become another God.


Whoever is anchored in his purity-heart is completely secure.


Your life of self-giving proves that you will not swerve from the path of oneness.


The doer in me needs God. The hearer in me God needs.


Man the giver and God the Lover are but one person.


There is only one short cut to God-realisation: an inner cry and an outer smile.


Accept first, and then you will understand.


What gifts do I value? A pure heart and a sure life.


My past was God's preparation in me. My present is my adventure with God. My future will be God's Satisfaction-Oneness with me.


Don't be afraid of your meditation-power. Don't be a fool. It is your meditation that can and will give you the indomitable courage to conquer all your other fears.


My past boss was possession. My present boss is renunciation. My future boss will be God-acceptance in all and God-acceptance for all.


I have understood man; therefore, I know who God is.


I love the world. Therefore, God trusts me. I trust the world. Therefore, God loves me.


Where to find God? Inside you. Where to find good? Around you.


You tell me that my mind is very possessive. I tell you that this is an old story. Now I will tell you a completely new story: my heart is quite progressive.


True, you are today's slave. But you will be tomorrow's God, without fail.


Give unconditionally: this is the meaning of God. Receive cheerfully: this is the meaning of man.


Take off the mask. Let the world see the real you. I assure you that the world will be happy and blessed.


You do not have to say that you are young. You have just to feel that you are young. Lo, the miracle of miracles: God, the eternal Child, is playing with you.


Gratitude is the multiplication of our heart's oneness-love.


Look up, my dear friend. The real you is looking at you from the Himalayan heights of the aspiration-tree.


The source of your frustration-night is your possession-cry. The source of your satisfaction-day is your renunciation-smile.


Duty you perform; beauty you become.


Two places for everyone to live: a gratitude-heart and a spontaneity-life.


Your present job is your own life-illumination. Your future career will be God-distribution.


Unless you see God's Wholeness, you cannot see your freedom.


I cherish only one strength: my cheerful surrender to God's Will.


What has made me great? My aspiring heart. What has made you ordinary? Your doubting mind.


God-denial is unreality's last breath. God-acceptance is reality's first breath.


Self-competition is self-transcendence. World-competition is ignorance-performance.


My Lord loves me for what I am. My dear world, can you not do the same?


Self-offering comes from our prayer to God. Self-faith comes from our meditation on God.


A perfect seeker is he who knows how to bow his head, open his heart and offer his soul.


Do not plan your life in advance. It is not fair to take away God's job.


Not to plan does not necessarily mean irresponsibility. It can mean a cheerfully surrendered oneness with God's Will.


Why am I resigning from the world? I am resigning because I clearly see that there are people who have more wisdom and more compassion than I have. They, too, should be given a chance. I want to be fair.


Why am I resigning from the human life? I am resigning because I thought that the human life was something else. I thought self-giving was another name for the human life.


The transformation of your life is guaranteed if you just change the attitudes of your life.


God is most practical; therefore, He does not suffer. Let us also try to be practical if we really want to be happy in the world of our aspiration.


Be prosperous. You will love yourself.

Be generous. The world will love you.

Be pious and gracious. God will love you.


In the long run your spiritual achievements will far outshine your other achievements.


You the thinker will eventually die. You the seeker will eternally live.


You love God. Indeed, this is your first triumph.

You need God. Indeed, this is your second triumph.

You have surrendered your little "i" to God. Indeed, this is your third and last triumph. There is no other triumph left. God loves you and the world adores you.


Your affluence will disappear when you die. Your influence may disappear before you die. Your ignorance will never disappear unless you accept God for God's sake.


Now that you know how to laugh at ignorance, you are more than ready for the monumental task of conquering ignorance.


Do you know how you have won? By virtue of your tremendous personal charm, you have won all the human beings. By virtue of your incredible energy, you have won all the divine deities.


God loves you. Indeed, this is your supreme discovery. You love God. Indeed, this is your absolute invention.


Because of his sure mind, Aristotle was accepted as the absolute authority in every field of thought. Because of your pure heart, you will soon be accepted as the supreme authority in every field of oneness-delight.


An idealist wants to become great. A realist wants to be come good. What I want to become is a great smile and a good cry.


God's Compassion and man's realisation are always indistinguishable.


An unexplored self must needs remain unknown.


I do want you to think. But I want you to take time to think. I do want you to dream. But I want you to take time to dream. I do want you to aspire. But I do not want you to take time to aspire.


People cry to have a free access to the divine mystery-world. But, alas, they do not know that countless mysteries swirl around them on all sides. Why? Because they have kept their heart's door shut and have left their mind's door wide open.


Science is spirituality revealed unconsciously. Spirituality is science concealed lovingly.


A man of science says, "Nature is not totally spent."

A man of spirituality says, "God is never spent."


Science and spirituality complement each other. Science is for the manifestation of spirituality. Spirituality is for the realisation of science.


A few moments of meditation on God the Compassion is undoubtedly the prescription for man's untold impurity.


A life of service and a heart of faith can easily show us the face of happiness.


My sincerity is apt to brighten my life. My purity is apt to enlighten my heart.


Just a little smile always changes life for the better.


The outer education is preparatory to the inner vision. The inner vision is preparatory to God-Satisfaction.


Fasting thinks. Praying does.

Fasting thinks that it can open the doorways to the Presence of God. Praying actually does open the doorways to the Presence of God.


Your personality is responsible for your popularity. Your popularity is responsible for your manifestation of God-Beauty on earth.


O Heaven-freedom, I do not know where you are. O earth-bondage, I do not want to know where you are.


God praises the man of science. God blesses the man of spirituality.


Why do I believe in science? I believe in science because it is for man in God. Why do I believe in spirituality? I believe in spirituality because it is for God in man.


Science wants to know God the Creation. Spirituality wants to know God the Vision. I wish to know God the Compassion.


The confluence of science and spirituality is inevitable, for science loves the outer man and spirituality loves the inner man.


Science says to man: "I shall always give you." Spirituality says to man: "I shall always liberate you."


My science-teacher asks me to speculate and experiment. My spirituality-teacher asks me to experience and realise.


Science says: "Poverty and suffering, get out of the world-house!" Spirituality says: "Aspiration, come inside the world-home."


Purity is the heart's soul-deep happiness.


Concentrate! You will be happy in the permanence of earth.

Meditate! You will be happy in the permanence of Heaven.

Contemplate! You will be happy in God's Silence-Trance and man's sound-glance.


The peak of our dreams is a satisfaction-soul.


To bridge the aching gap between man and God there is one thing: concern.


Self-deception and God-Satisfaction cannot live together.


Be not insecure. Insecurity will wreck not only your present heart-cave, but also your future life-room.


You cannot expect even a wisp of delight if you do not have a oneness-heart and a satisfaction-life.


An ounce of gratitude-heart can save you from the crushing load of dissatisfaction.


Impurity is definitely a voluntary delay in your God-attainment. Something more: it is a conscious turning away from God.


If your doubting mind tells you that it is living a happy and prosperous life, don't be gullible enough to believe it. For a doubting mind to have happiness is an absolute impossibility.


A true seeker and lover of God is he who refuses to be like the other members of the present guilt-ridden society.


Inner turmoil is bound to rob a seeker of his poise and peace if he does not love his soul much more than he loves his body.


If you cannot forgive others, then try at least to forget their names and forms.


Pray and meditate around the clock, if possible. You will see that God Himself will carry your mighty contributions around the globe.


Are you tense? Are you tormented? If so, then do one simple thing. Just allow your lips to be parted in a smile.


The animal in man laughs and dies. The God in man cries and smiles.


The difference between man and God is this: man knows what to do and God does it for him.


God knows! He really knows all about your sincerity, humility and purity; therefore, you can easily skip the recital of them.


Humanity's greatest gift to divinity is gratitude. Divinity's greatest gift to humanity is certitude.


In the spiritual life days may merge into weeks and weeks into months, but you will not be able to make any progress unless you become devotedly sincere to the Supreme Pilot within you.


As in a split second God's Compassion can illumine us, even so in a split second we can unreservedly please God.


Just take one slow step in God's direction. Lo and behold, God has already taken ninety-nine steps in your direction and is standing right in front of you.


God's Compassion-flood is always within the reach of a tearful heart.


The seeker in us does not have to know how many miles away he is from the moon and the sun, as long as he knows the latitude and longitude of God's unconditional Compassion.


The thinking mind is international. The loving heart is supranational. The illumining soul is universal.


Physical laziness does not know that it is doing something wrong. Intellectual laziness knows perfectly well that it is doing something unhealthy, yet it continues to do it.


Let us have full faith that our heart of love will bring forth the divine energy requisite for satisfactory God-oneness and God-manifestation on earth.


We love God to see His Face. God loves us to feel our heart.


We must make friends with necessity and sincerity if we at all want to march forward in our eternal quest for excellence and transcendence.


To smile with divinity is a formidable task. To cry with humanity is a noble task.


Yesterday I enjoyed my body's possession. Today I am enjoying my life's renunciation. Tomorrow I shall enjoy my heart's transformation.


To get happiness you do not have to wait for your life to end. Just look for it in the right place. The right place is your self-giving heart.


Gratitude, you are my heart's beautiful flower. Gratitude, you are my life's soulful fruit.


I am happy because I have a mind of trust. I am happy because I have a heart of love. I am happy because I have a life of gratitude.

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