Three soulful prayers

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1. Three soulful prayers

Lord, three soulful prayers
I have all along treasured.
Today I place them at Your Feet.
May I always remain awake
To see Your Face.
May I always remain conscious
To feel Your Grace.
May I always remain
A descendant of Your Grace.

2. Movement

Doubt moves not forward.
Faith runs not backward.
Fears crawls not forward.
Courage marches not backward.
Love runs forward, upward and inward,
And never backward.

3. Our earth-birth evolves

Our earth-birth evolves
When our animal ego
Is dissolved.

Our divine life begins
When we love
Inner Reality's lustre-moon.

4. His life covered

His truth-life covered
Below, above.
His love-life covered
Within, without.
His bliss-life covered

5. One accepted second

Countless rejected hours
Have taken me away
From God-Heart.
One accepted second
Will bring me back
To God's Feet,
My Haven-Home.

6. Just yesterday

The night that greedily devours,
Just yesterday he saw.
The day that devotedly aspires,
Just today he is seeing.
The sun that eternally illumines,
Just tomorrow he will become.

7. Fruitless and hopeless

Fruitless is my hesitation-ignorance.
Hopeless is my determination-somnolence.
Lifeless is my action-dullness.
Godless is my darkness-oneness.

8. Good-bye

Good-bye, my sad earth,
I shall always remember
Your sacrifice-sea.

Good-bye, my strong Heaven,
I shall always remember
Your illumination-flood.

9. You call it, I call it

You call it dedication,
I call it the length of aspiration.

You call it aspiration,
I call it the height of dedication.

Dedication becomes, aspiration becomes.
Dedication becomes
God the Body;
Aspiration becomes
God the Soul.

10. Chinmoy-reality

In Heaven

On earth

In the Supreme

11. I am helpless

True, my body is not submissive,
But what can I do?
I am helpless.

True, my vital is impulsive,
But what can I do?
I am helpless.

True, my mind is not pure,
But what can I do?
I am helpless.

True, my heart is not sure,
But what can I do?
I am helpless.

12. Do not imagine

Do not imagine!
The animal in you
Becomes jealous
If you imagine.
Do not think!
The divine in you feels sad
That you are a hopeless case
If you think.
Just act and become,
And become and act.

13. I see, I feel

I see Divinity the Doer.
I feel Eternity the Knower.
I like Infinity the Seer.
I love Immortality the Lover.

14. Abandon them!

Abandon your worries!
Confidence is your divine birthright.
Abandon your sense of worthlessness!
You are God-Eternity's Satisfaction-Light.

15. All know not

Greatness knows not
The weakness of its incapacity.

Goodness knows not
The strength of its capacity.

I know not
The usefulness of my sincerity.

16. How pure is the eye

How pure is the eye of Mother earth.
How cheerful is the eye of Father Heaven.
How soulful is the eye of my earth-peace.
How fruitful is the eye of my Heaven-Love.

17. A regular aspiration-heart

A regular aspiration-heart
Is bright like a used key
To open up God's Door.
And once you are in,
God-Peace blesses you,
God-Love treasures you
And God-Joy embraces you.

18. Three things have confused him

Three things have really confused him
And his life:
The tears of God's World,
The fears of the higher world,
The cheers of the lower world.

19. An attentive eye

An attentive eye
Does not make a mistake.

A sympathetic eye
Does the right thing.

An illumining eye
Is the right thing.

20. Scolding is a foolish thing

Scolding is a foolish thing,
But if it is done well,
It may transform someone's nature.
I may remain foolish,
But if my foolishness
Unconsciously elevates
Somebody's consciousness,
I am more than prepared
To scold.

21. In the morning

In the morning
My Lord has only two names:
Compassion and Love.

In the afternoon
My Lord has only one name:

In the evening
My Lord has no name:
I shall have to give Him
A suitable name.

22. My needs

My Indian heart
Needs more compassion.

My American body
Needs more vitality.

My African legs
Need more speed.

My Chinese head
Needs more wisdom.

My European mind
Needs more nobility.

My German vital
Needs more determination.

23. A favour

My Lord, I have all along
Championed Your Cause:
Complete and perfect manifestation on earth.

In return can You not
Do me a favour?
Can You not give me
A fraction of Your Satisfaction-Smile?

24. No hope

Earth has no hope.
Heaven has no hope.
Why, why?
God has decided that He will not
Care any more
For Heaven's consciousness-aloofness
Earth's constant silliness.

25. I cry, I try

I cry in the depth
Of despair.
I try in the depth
Of doubt.
I surrender in the depth
Of fear.

26. Lord, I love You

Lord, I love You
Because You are great;
I love You
Because You are good.
Your greatness inspires me
To be great like You.
Your goodness elevates me
To be good like You.

27. Yet he is not afraid

Doubt strikes him
Like a thunderbolt,
Yet he is not afraid of doubt.
He invokes faith.
In faith he sees Divinity's Face.

28. A terrible oath

Don't You know
What a terrible oath I have taken?
I shall not leave You
No matter what You do,
No matter what You say,
No matter what becomes of me.
Lord, I cannot leave You;
And You cannot ignore me.

29. Her tragedy

When he heard about her tragedy
He smiled and said to her:
"You deserve it!"
When she heard about his tragedy
She cried and said to him:
"Not you, but I who needed it!"

30. Hate me if You have to

Hate me if You have to.
Scold me and insult me
If You want to.
Punish me if that is what You want.
But, for God's sake, O Lord,
Don't leave me.
That will be too much!

31. Sacred joy, secret sorrow

My God-realisation
Was a sacred joy.
My God-manifestation
Is a secret sorrow.

32. I am happy

I am happy
I have smiled
At the Beauty
The Universal God.

I am happy
I have cried
For the Reality
The Transcendental God.

33. Mind-road and heart-road

Do you know
You are so unhappy?
You are unhappy
Your mind-road is dangerously overcrowded
By notorious travellers.
Try your heart-road.
Your own luck will travel
With very few fortunate travellers.

34. Your new song

Your life does not
Have to be so dull.
Just sing a new song
To replace your frustration-song.
Your new song is:
"God is all for me."

35. Who will remember?

Will anyone remember me
When I am gone?
My untiringly expecting,
My sleeplessly demanding
My constantly frustrated

36. Out of my element

How long can I remain
In ignorance-night?
Not for long.
Because there I am out of my place-element.

37. What is progress?

What is success?
What is success?

What is progress?
What is progress?

38. Song and dance

Mine is one joyful song.
God's is one thankful Song.

Mine is one perfection-dance.
God's is one Satisfaction-Dance.

39. Two songs

Compassion: God's Life-Song.
Gratitude: My life-song.
From this very moment
I shall be singing these two songs
In God's own Way.

40. He will be only too happy

You do not have to use your eyes;
You can use God's Eyes.
He will be only too happy
To grant you His Eyes.

You do not have to use your ears;
You can use God's Ears.
He will be only too happy
To grant you His Ears.

You do not have to use even your own heart.
You can use God's Heart.
God will be only too happy
To grant you His Heart Universal.
He will without fail,
He will.

41. I am not like that

I am not like that.
I am not as bad as you think.
I do pray in the morning.

I am not like that.
I am not as bad as you think.
I do meditate in the evening.

I am not like that.
I am not as bad as you think.
I do offer my gratitude-heart
To my Beloved Supreme
At midnight.

42. They do not love

What are the three main reasons
Why people are not happy?
People are not happy
Because they do not love.
People are not happy
Because they do not love God.
People are not happy
Because they do not love God
In God's own Way.

43. Enough

You say:
Seeing is not enough.
I say:
Feeling is enough.
And our common Lord God says:
Becoming and nothing else
Is more than enough.

44. Failure incarnate

I am sorry that you cannot trust the Bible.
Do one thing:
Try to trust God.
If even that you cannot do,
Then you must dare
To trust yourself.
Here, too, if you fail,
(I definitely hope you won't),
I will have no other choice but to call you
"Failure incarnate."

45. I looked

I looked at the morning dew.
Humility captured my heart.

I looked at the ocean.
Immensity captured my heart.

I looked at the sky.
Infinity captured my heart.

46. When love suffers

When love suffers
It is surprisingly meaningful.

When the lover suffers
It is singularly soulful.

When the Beloved suffers
It is supremely powerful.

47. Blessings

An unbelievable blessing:
An unimaginable blessing:
An incomparable blessing:
An unbelievable,
ever-fulfilling blessing:
Complete and constant oneness
With the Will of our Beloved Supreme.

48. When calamity comes

When calamity comes
God becomes real.
Until then
God seems to be seemingly real.

49. Be prepared

Be prepared.
The Supreme will soon come
And knock at your door.
Be prepared.
He will then touch your heart.
Be prepared.
Then He will examine your life.
Be prepared.
Finally He will feed your aspiration-breath
And help you don your dedication-uniform.

50. Do you not remember?

God once secretly told you that He loves you.
Do you not remember it?

God once openly told you that He needs you.
Do you not remember it?