United Nations Meditation-Flowers and To-morrow's Noon

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Sri Chinmoy Meditation at the United Nations

WE BELIEVE and we hold that each man has the potentiality of reaching the Ultimate Truth. We also believe that man cannot and will not remain imperfect forever. Each man is an instrument of God. When the hour strikes, each individual soul listens to the inner dictates of God. When man listens to God, his imperfections are turned into perfections, his ignorance into knowledge, his searching mind into revealing light and his uncertain reality into all-fulfilling Divinity.

Part I — United Nations Meditation-Flowers and To-morrow's Noon

Sri Chinmoy delivered these short inspirational talks during meditations that he held at the United Nations.

The seeker in me2

The seeker in me says, “I wish to see God.” But do I not know that God is continually looking at me?

The seeker in me says, “I wish to love God.” But do I not know that God is continually loving me?

The seeker in me says, “I wish to give God my life’s best achievement: surrender.” But do I not know that God has already given me His Eternity’s best achievement: oneness?

Seeing is a two-way experience. Loving is a two-way realisation. Giving is a two-way perfection.

Experience makes us infinite. Realisation makes us eternal. Perfection makes us immortal.

Infinite is dream. Eternal is reality. Immortal is progress.

Dream is God the cosmic Seed. Reality is God the cosmic Fruit. Progress is God the universal and transcendental Tree.

UNM 2. 18 January 1977


O my heart’s possibility-seed,
In you I see my mind’s hopeful plant,
My life’s soulful flower and
My soul’s fruitful food.

O my heart’s possibility-seed,
You embody my promise-dawn,
You reveal my success-sun,
You manifest my progress-light.

O my heart’s possibility-seed,
This moment you are my caterpillar-dream,
The next moment you are my butterfly-reality.
This moment you are my rainbow-beauty,
The next moment you are my satisfaction-prosperity.

O my heart’s possibility-seed,
In God’s entire creation
I have only one possession
And that is you, only you.

O my heart’s possibility-seed,
With you, my journey’s Eternity;
In you, my goal’s Infinity.

O my heart’s possibility-seed,
You gave me my inspiration-capacity,
You are giving me my aspiration-Divinity,
And you will give me my realisation-Immortality.

O my heart’s possibility-seed,
You are at once unveiling the universal art
of my life’s mystery
And granting me the transcendental picture
of my soul’s victory.

UNM 3. 28 January 1977


Sorrow, my sorrow, my world-sorrow,
You have given me a pure heart.
Sorrow, my sorrow, my world-sorrow,
You have granted me a wise mind.
Sorrow, my sorrow, my world-sorrow,
You have given me a brave vital and a sleepless body.
Sorrow, my sorrow, my world-sorrow,
You have given me two most precious gifts:
Patience-seed and perseverance-fruit.
Sorrow, my sorrow, my world-sorrow,
You warn me timely, you correct me soulfully
And you perfect me unreservedly.
Sorrow, my sorrow, my world-sorrow,
You have taught me how to walk along the road of Truth.
You have taught me the secret of self-giving.
You have given me universal Love
So that I can become the Transcendental Soul.
Sorrow, my sorrow, my world-sorrow,
It is from your infinite bounty
That I have developed an eternal hunger to devour
The infinite Light and Delight of my Beloved Supreme.

UNM 4. 28 January 1977

Now is the only time5

I hear a still small voice in the depth of my heart.
It tells me that now is the only time for me
To become great in the outer world,
And that now is the only time for me
To become good in the inner world.
My greatness is from God the omnipotent Creator.
My goodness is from God the omnipresent Liberator.

Now is the only time to do God’s Will.
What is God’s Will?
God’s Will is that I should never try to earn anything from God.
I cannot earn anything from God.
Indeed, that is an impossible task.
Indeed, that is an absurd notion.
I can only cheerfully accept from God
What God unconditionally gives me.
Needless to say, God grants me at every moment
What He has and what He is.
But alas, where is my receptivity?
I know God has a special Will for me.
He always wants to take the initiative.
He wants me to follow Him.
He tells me that I am not going to lose my personal freedom.
On the contrary, I shall increase my freedom,
For His Freedom-Vision is carrying me to my destination
Which is flooded with Perfection-Delight.
In this connection, I have also discovered something very important.
There is a great difference between these two realisations:
I am one with God’s Will and God is one with my will.
I am one with God’s Will. What does it mean?
It means that I am swimming in the ocean of God’s Wisdom-Delight.
God is one with my will. What does it mean?
It means that God is more than willing to be with me in my ignorance-night
With His infinite Compassion-Light.
To know God’s Will, surrender is the real way.
Indeed, that is the road for me.
I can weather all the storms of my inner life and outer life
When my existence becomes unmistakably and unreservedly
A surrendered flower-heart.
God tells me. “True, you do not know Me, but your surrender-life knows.
True, you do not love Me, but your gratitude-heart loves.
Your surrender-life is my cosmic Vision-Seed.
Your gratitude-heart is my cosmic Reality-Fruit.

UNM 5. 1 February 1977

Part II — Aphorisms


To love is to see man in God. To serve is to see God in man.


Ungratefulness strengthens the animal in us, weakens the human in us and shortens the divine in us.


Do you want to be happy? If so, then either push your desire-life aside or pull your aspiration-life inside.


To err is human, but only a special person has the God-given capacity to forgive.


We shall eventually give to God what He has already given to us: Eternity’s soulful cry and Infinity’s fruitful smile.


To have cheerfulness in utter helplessness is to start climbing up the Realisation-tree and to start climbing down the Manifestation-tree.


I have discovered two places where God is not. He is not in my ingratitude-heart and He is not in my non-acceptance of life. No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot be where God is not.


Yesterday my cheerfulness was my unparalleled achievement. Today my soulfulness is my unparalleled achievement. Tomorrow my willingness will be my unparalleled achievement.


No two friends are as intimate as cheerfulness and confidence.


A spiritual Master was once asked: “Why do you talk so much?” His immediate answer: “It satisfies. It satisfies the human in me and it satisfies the divine in my spiritual children.”


Our best performance on earth is to employ God’s Compassion. God’s best performance is to destroy our imperfections.

UNM 16. 4 February 1977.

Like me7

Like me, do you dare to believe
That the finite has taken full responsibility
For revealing the Infinite?

    Like me, do you dare to believe
That the life of duality has taken full responsibility
For revealing the sole Absolute Supreme?

    Like me, do you dare to believe
That the life of sorrow has taken full responsibility
For revealing the life of Delight?

UNM 17. 8 February 1977.

How do I know?8

How do I know
That I shall have a better opportunity tomorrow
To pray to God and to meditate on God?

How do I know
That I shall have the same opportunity tomorrow
To pray to God and to meditate on God?

How do I know
That I shall have any opportunity tomorrow
To pray to God and meditate on God?

How do I know
That God will stay with me tomorrow
In spite of my lengthening lethargy?

How do I know
That God will stay with me tomorrow
In spite of my increasing insecurity?

How do I know
That God will stay with me tomorrow
In spite of my staggering impurity?

Such being the case,
I shall have to depend only on today.
Even today is too much.
Stark temptation and wild frustration
May kill me if I wait for God-realisation
Until the end of the day.

To be sure, there is no tomorrow, not even a today.
All I have is now.
All I can ever have is now.

With now, my preparation begins.
In now, my realisation dawns.
For now, my perfection glows.

UNM 18. 11 February 1977

I am happy9

I am happy because I always choose the right moment.

I am happy because I am a good listener.

I am happy because I keep my voice down.

I am happy because I do not try to convince others.

I am happy because I do not complain.

I am happy because I do not do two things at the same time.

I am happy because I never think of two objects at the same time.

I am happy because I have realised the truth that the most important thing in my life is self-improvement.

I am happy because I unreservedly accentuate the good in others.

I am happy because I have considerably cut down on my desiring needs.

I am happy because I follow my thought-control programme every day.

I am happy because I never quit.

I am happy because every day I purify my heart by offering my heart of gratitude to the Absolute Supreme.

I am happy because I know that my love of purity works wonders.

I am happy because of a soulful daily prayer of mine, and that prayer is:

“O Beloved Supreme,
O Eternity’s Pilot Supreme,
Do transform the world
Starting with me, my life, my all.”

I am happy because every day I cry and cry to see the Real in me. The Real in me is my oneness divine, unreserved and unconditional, with the Will of my Beloved Supreme.

I am happy not because I am for my Supreme Pilot, not because my Supreme Pilot is for me, but because my Supreme Pilot eternally is. His very existence here on earth, there in Heaven, is my satisfaction. When I try to have Him for myself, I pull Him into my desire-life. But when I am for Him, I carry my desire-life into Him. In no way do I want to bind my Beloved Supreme. From now on my satisfaction, my supreme satisfaction, will lie only in my discovery of the fact that He alone eternally is.

UNM 19. 15 February 1977

Spirituality speaks to simplicity10

Simplicity, you have been for long years my soulful guide. It has always been my valued privilege to work with you.

Simplicity, you tell me that I do not need any mental equipment. I do not need a degree of erudition. What I need, according to you, is a vast wealth of experience. Although this wealth is of the inner world, it is unreservedly for the outer world.

The world of crying aspiration needs you. The world of smiling dedication needs you. The world of prayerful humanity needs you. The world of meditative divinity needs you.

Simplicity, you have been serving God the Creator in God the creation through the long millennia.

Simplicity, alert you are, dynamic you are. In you there is always an inner urge for new and illumining realisations. In your heart there is no place for the static, stagnant, barren and dead realities. Your heart is unreservedly involved in determining man’s soulful success and fruitful progress.

Simplicity, you are great. You do not house mental narrowness, vital laziness or intellectual indifference. Simplicity, you are good. Your very existence on earth grants the Truth-seeker, the God-lover, the rare capacity to combine in his life beauty with power, duty with delight and expectation with satisfaction.

UNM 20. 22 March 1977

Courage versus humility11

Courage challenges the world. Humility illumines the world. Courage strongly urges us to stand up for our own rights. Humility soulfully inspires us to stand up for God’s rights alone.

Courage is not aggression. Aggression is man’s destruction-force. Humility is not humiliation. Humiliation is man’s rejection-force. Courage is man’s self-determination. Humility is man’s oneness-distribution. Self-determination eventually succeeds. Oneness-distribution constantly proceeds.

Courage is man’s conquering force. Humility is man’s unifying force. Courage feeds the divine human in us. Humility feeds the unifying and immortal divine in us.

The seeker in us uses courage to conquer the teeming doubts in the mental world. The seeker in us uses humility to constantly gain faith, to increase faith in God’s universal Oneness and Light.

Courage is the struggle, birthless and deathless, between man’s victory and defeat, between man’s joy and sorrow, between man’s smiles and tears, between man’s acceptance and rejection, between what man has and what man is. What man has is sound-satisfaction and what man is is silence-perfection.

Humility is man’s divine and supreme Glory-bird that flies from God’s Infinity-Dawn to God’s Eternity-Day and from God’s Eternity-Day to God’s Infinity-Dawn.

With courage we manifest God in our own way. With humility, God manifests Himself in and through us in His own Way.

UNM 21. 19 April 1977

We must not give up!12

Let us keep going. We must not give up. Although the dragon-thoughts of frustration assail us, we must not give up! There is definitely a goal, and this goal must needs be ours. We must not give up!

Although Heaven does not feed our heart’s cry regularly, although earth does not entirely support our spiritual journey, still we must not give up!

Let us invoke the presence of our indomitable courage-fount to help us conquer the feelings of loneliness and unworthiness. We must not give up!

Although the world does not appreciate us, although the world does not see the beauty and the light in us, we must not give up appreciating the world. Indeed, this world of ours is also an instrument of God. Like us, it considers God-realisation, God-revelation and God-manifestation as its bounden duty. Therefore, we must appreciate the world. After all, what is appreciation? Appreciation is self-expansion. Self-expansion is oneness-awareness, and oneness-awareness is truth-distribution. We must not give up!

Although we do not have a sunny present, although we had a foggy past, although we suspect inclement weather in the near future, we must not give up!

With our mind’s resolution, our heart’s determination and our soul’s illumination, we shall eventually succeed in life. Success is our choice. Progress is God’s choice. Man chooses to become. He becomes confidence-lion within and confidence-elephant without. God chooses to give. He gives us His universal Light constantly, unreservedly and unconditionally. He gives us His transcendental Delight constantly, unreservedly and unconditionally.

We must not give up! Let us prepare ourselves for God’s choice Hour. We must not give up!

UNM 22. 22 April 1977

What is my next duty?13

What is my duty? I have stopped dining with ignorance-sea. I have stabbed darkness-night. I have given a smart slap to frustration-giant. I have boxed the ears of anxiety-twinges. I have broken the nose of jealousy-impurity. I have kicked off my insecurity-world.

What is my next duty? I have literally taken the life-breath out of pride-autocracy. I have soulfully embraced humility-light.

What is my next duty? I have unlearned everything that I have learned from this insufficiency-world.

What is my next duty? Simplicity’s life I have become. Sincerity’s heart I have become. Purity’s soul I have become.

What is my next duty? I have seen God face to face. I have loved God’s Earth-Body and God’s Heaven-Soul all at once.

What is my next duty? My vision has inseparably become one with God the Silence in Heaven. My mission has inseparably become one with God the Sound on earth.

What is my next duty? My next duty, my only duty, is to beg the present God the Creator to transform Himself into a new Creator. I shall then urge the new Creator to create a new world which will be known as Infinity’s Satisfaction-Delight, founded upon Immortality’s Perfection-Light.

UNM 23. 3 May 1977

On a birthday14

On our birthday the Absolute Supreme reminds our soul about the promise that it has made to Him. On our birthday the soul reminds the body, the physical consciousness, about the promise that the physical has made to it.

The soul’s promise to the Absolute Supreme is God-manifestation through conscious and constant cooperation with the body-consciousness. The body’s promise to the soul is cooperation and unreserved and unconditional manifestation of the Supreme. When these two promises are fulfilled, the human being becomes a perfect instrument and perfect representative both of Heaven and of earth.

UNM 24. 20 May 1977

A special meditation15

[To seekers below thirty years of age.] Today we shall do a special type of meditation. We shall focus our attention on various places. When we concentrate on the top of our head, we shall imagine a conch. And when we focus our concentration inside the mind, inside the head, we shall imagine a beautiful rose. Then, when our concentration is inside the heart, we shall imagine a beautiful lotus. And when it is around the navel area or below the navel area, we shall imagine a few jasmine flowers.

A conch signifies divine victory. When we meditate on the top of our head, on the crown centre, then it will help us to blow the conch, to sound the divine victory. Then, when we meditate on the head proper, on the mind, the beauty and fragrance of the rose will help us to illumine our unlit human life. When we meditate inside the heart, the beauty and the fragrance of the lotus will help us identify ourselves with the soul. Then, when we meditate around the navel area, the jasmine flowers will help us purify our impure body-reality.

It will be safe and wise to start with the navel area. So for a few seconds please meditate on the navel area and imagine a jasmine flower and establish purity. The jasmine signifies purity. Then come to the heart centre and there imagine a lotus. Imagine a lotus and identify yourself with the soul. When you come to the head, kindly imagine a rose and then illumine your unlit human life. Then come to the top of the head and imagine a conch, the divine victory. Imagine that it is announcing the divine victory, your victory.

[To seekers over thirty years of age] Now let us do a different type of meditation. We shall focus our concentration first on the heart, then on the third eye, and then on the head. While concentrating inside the heart we shall imagine a boat, a golden boat. While concentrating on the third eye we shall imagine the sky. And while concentrating on the top of the head, on the crown centre we shall imagine the sun. The boat is your own Eternity’s boat, the sky is your own Infinity’s self-expansion and the sun is your own Immortality’s new creation.

So let us start with the boat. We shall imagine the boat inside the heart. This boat will be our Eternity’s boat, our own Eternity’s boat which is sailing inside us. And then, when we meditate on the third eye, we shall imagine the sky and our own Infinity. Our own Infinity’s expansion we shall observe. Then we shall meditate on the crown centre and imagine the sun, which is our own Immortality’s new creation.

UNM 25. 10 June 1977

My lifelong friends16

Simplicity is my lifelong friend. My simplicity-friend has cut down my desire-tree.

Sincerity is my lifelong friend. My sincerity-friend has snapped my guilt-conscience-chain.

Purity is my lifelong friend. My purity-friend has secretly told me that love is the only force, the illumining force, fulfilling force, the supreme force.

Divinity is my lifelong friend. My friend divinity teaches me how to live always inside the Source and how to live only for the Source, the perennial Source.

Immortality is my lifelong friend. My friend Immortality tells me that here on earth my heart’s inner cry is the only thing immortal, and there in Heaven my soul’s smile is the only thing immortal.

My Beloved Supreme is my lifelong Friend. My Friend, my Beloved Supreme, tells me that here on earth His Grace is my only salvation, and there in Heaven His Face is my only satisfaction.

O my simplicity, sincerity, purity, divinity, Immortality and Beloved Supreme friends, to each of you I offer my own Eternity’s gratitude-heart, my own Infinity’s oneness-source, my own Immortality’s perfection-delight.

UNM 26. 8 July 1977


Expectation is frustration, especially when I want to possess the world. Expectation is frustration, especially when I want to lord it over the world. Expectation is frustration, especially when I want the world to surrender to my will.

Expectation has its justification when I love the world and want the world to offer me a gratitude-heart. Expectation has its justification when I pray to God for the betterment, for the transformation, for the illumination of the world and want the world to offer me a gratitude-heart. Expectation has its justification when I sincerely, devotedly and unreservedly try to elevate the earth-consciousness according to my capacity and want the world to offer me a gratitude-heart.

Expectation is nothing short of satisfaction when I wait devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally for God’s choice Hour to arrive to liberate, illumine, transform, perfect and fulfil me. Expectation is satisfaction when I feel in the inmost recesses of my heart that God is not only my sovereign Lord, the Absolute Supreme, but also my Friend, my eternal Friend and only Friend. Expectation is satisfaction, especially when I know that God has done everything for me in the inner world. This discovery of mine is founded on my faith, my inner faith in Him, not because He has done everything for me, not because He is all Love for me, but because I have realised something else that is infinitely more significant than all this. My realisation is this: my God, my Lord Supreme, my eternal Friend, is everything in and through me. He is expanding and enlarging His own cosmic Vision in and through me. When I realise my expectation of what He has done for me and what He is to me, my life has its soulful purpose and fruitful delight.

When I use the human in me to serve any purpose, my expectation becomes frustration. When I use the divine in me to serve any purpose, my expectation has its justification. At that time expectation itself is justification. But when I use my Lord Supreme, my eternal Friend, to fulfil something, my expectation is satisfaction, for the expectation is the Vision-Light, and the satisfaction is the Reality-Delight. They are one and inseparable.

UNM 27. 12 July 1977

Part III — To-morrow's noon


Altruism is good, but to know what God’s Will is and act accordingly is infinitely better.


If you feel ambivalence towards humanity, I assure you, God will forgive you, humanity’s soul will forgive you, but your own inner oneness-heart, which wants constant divine fulfilment on earth, will not forgive you.


It seems that we are in an absurd situation: on the one hand we desperately try to ameliorate our life of aspiration; on the other hand we cherish our teeming doubts and our darkening frustrations.


If you are amenable to the reasoning mind, then your life will be a fruitless, continuous start; but if you are amenable to the aspiring heart, then yours will be the life of immediate start, immediate progress, immediate finish and immediate satisfaction.


Although you are amoral, you have a fair chance for your nature’s transformation, for you strongly believe in God’s all-forgiving, all-illumining Compassion.


To have aplomb is to compel success to come and touch your feet instead of your running after success.


O ascetic soul, I did love you once upon a time, but now I love to live with and die for life’s acceptance-soul.


As God’s unconditional Compassion permeates humanity’s entire being, even so, humanity’s gratitude-heart can permeate God’s entire creation.


The study of etymology will undoubtedly make you a learned and great man. But if you know how to climb up the aspiration-tree in the inner world, then you become a wise man, which is infinitely more important than to become a learned man or a great man.


A prevaricator is he who not only exploits God’s Transcendental Truth, but also squanders God’s Universal Bliss.


A nefarious person is he who has destroyed his heart’s beauty long before he has made his nefarious attempt to destroy God’s Reality-Beauty in others.


If you are spontaneously gregarious, that means you have already taken a long stride to see the heart of oneness on the face of multiplicity.


A simple and sincere seeker finds it extremely difficult to mix with either the intelligentsia or stark fools.


When there is a fight between impurity and purity, humility’s role as the intercessor is of tremendous importance.


An intransigent person can never have peace of mind.


In the inner world, there is but one intrepid hero and that hero is our sterling faith.


Only a true and genuine seeker will not and cannot foment trouble for any human being on earth.


If you get a thing in a fortuitous manner, your happiness will not or cannot last for good.


With aplomb, you entered into the world. With aplomb, you can easily return to the Source.


Do not speak ill of humanity. Humanity will ostracise you. But if you speak ill of divinity, divinity will not only forgive you but also illumine you and fulfil the Supreme in you at His choice Hour.


The human way is bound to remain stereotyped, unless the divine way liberates the human way. The human way is to catch the reality and smile at the reality. The divine way is to feel the reality as one’s very own and to dance with the reality in eternal oneness.


A stilted life casts a slur on humanity’s inner progress and divinity’s pride inside human beings.


Since God’s Will is inscrutable, the best thing for us is to pray to become one with God’s Will and derive joy from it rather than try to understand God’s inscrutable ways.


To say that God is only for others and not for you is the height of your insidious and unbecoming attitude towards God the all-loving and all-nourishing Source.


A life of insouciance indicates an abrupt end of oneness-beauty inside the universal heart.


The maudlin sentiments of humanity are the cause of the world’s downfall in Reality’s oneness-height.


You will realise God only when your aspiration carries all its appurtenances — belief, simplicity, generosity, sincerity, humility and purity — to the highest height.


The outer laughter creates pandemonium when the inner cry is totally dead.


If you deliver a panegyric and don’t mean it, then your insincerity-dog will always follow you.


Needless to say, each human life is fraught with teeming dangers; but the brave will always win in the battlefield of life.


To do the wrong thing and to try to escape nemesis is nothing short of futility.


If you want to claim the whole world, then become a perfect stranger to nepotism and offer yourself only to those who deserve you.


God-realisation will always remain a far cry if you are niggardly at every moment in your self-giving to God.


An insincere and impure person carries with him a noisome odour.


The nominal president of our life is the mind. The actual president of our life is the will-power.


The cosmic gods were nonplussed when they saw our faith-warrior losing to the doubt-warrior in the battlefield of life.


His life is nothing but a hackneyed expression of his self-styled pious and complacent ideas.


The inner life of aspiration is more than willing to constantly give and make the outer life a breath-taking panoramic view.


If you follow verbatim the Master’s instructions, then your goal can never remain a far cry.


The real fool is he who thinks that the act of surrender is an exorbitant price for God-realisation.


Do not yield to frustration, for God-Compassion is running very fast towards you in order to save you, please you and fulfil you.


Neither your aridity nor your austerity can bring God closer to you, for that task is meant only for your surrender-heart.

43. A

A sophisticated life is not only a divine failure but also a human failure.


Our doubting mind is usually distraught by the absence of its brood: frustration and destruction.


Nothing is so hard as to dissuade the mind from doubting the reality’s Existence-Bliss.


A seeker of all-illumining and all-fulfilling harmony must have a discerning ear for any dissonance either in the vital world or in the mental world.


Love and serve humanity sincerely. Your name will be disseminated constantly over God’s special Radio.


If you have a solicitous heart, then rest assured that God has a blessingful Eye.


Sobriety in all things may not always be attainable, but it is always desirable.


A sincere seeker must never be afraid of the doubting mind. On the contrary, he should take the doubting mind as a skittish animal.


A sceptical person has to remain always a stranger to the bliss of oneness-reality.


It is the height of stupidity to attempt to dissemble fear, doubt, anxiety and frustration in the spiritual life. Fear, doubt, anxiety and frustration must be brought to the fore before they can be transformed.


Insincerity and impurity are undoubtedly sinister forces in the life of a seeker.


It is a deplorable mistake to think that faith’s position as the chief leader is a sinecure in the spiritual life, for it is faith that functions, performs, illumines and fulfils us more than anything else.

Part IV — Appendix

Editor's preface to the first edition

Since the spring of 1970, Sri Chinmoy has been conducting meditations and lecturing at the United Nations as spiritual leader of the United Nations Meditation Group, recently renamed Sri Chinmoy Meditation at the United Nations. This book is a collection of some of Sri Chinmoy's inspirational talks, essays and aphorisms published during 1977 in the monthly bulletin of the meditation group under the titles "United Nations Meditation-Flowers" and "To-morrow's Noon."

Other volumes of Sri Chinmoy's lectures and answers to questions which he was asked at the United Nations include The Garland of Nation-Souls, The Tears of Nation-Hearts, Reality-Dream, Union-Vision, Bicentennial Flames at the United Nations, and Flame-Waves, Parts 1-11.