Union and Oneness

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1. Union and oneness

A happy union reigns supreme
When beauty's light
And duty's delight
Meet together.

A happy oneness reigns supreme
When earth's cry
And Heaven's smile
To each other lose.

2. Union

Union with God
Is not and cannot be total satisfaction.
But oneness with God
Is total and constant satisfaction.
Union is not oneness.
Union can be withdrawn.
Union is not and cannot be always safe;
It cannot be eternal.
But oneness can never be withdrawn.
Once oneness is established,
No matter on which plane,
Everything is established.
Then abiding satisfaction takes place
In the aspiring heart.

3. Oneness

Oneness with our role
Makes us feel
That we can eventually become great.
Oneness with our soul
Makes us feel
That we can eventually become good.
Oneness with our goal
Makes us feel
That the goal,
The soul
The role
Are of us,
In us
For us.
Because the Source is for us
The flow is also for us.

4. Sincerity

Real sincerity
Is the sincerity
That sees reality
The way reality wants to be seen,
And that becomes the reality itself.
Real sincerity
Does not see reality
With its own eye.
Real sincerity
Sees reality
With the eye of reality itself.

5. Simplicity

Is the most
When we run along the road
Of Eternity's

6. Surrender

Let us surrender to God
Not only what we have
But also what we are.
What we have
Is a real inner cry for God.
What we are
Is our conscious or unconscious oneness
With ignorance.
Let us offer both
To the Pilot within.

7. Compassion

Write down how many things you want.
Meditate on how many things you need.
When you write them down
You will see
That you want millions of things.
When you meditate
You will notice
That you need only one thing
And that is God the Compassion,
God the eternal Compassion.

8. Light

The human in us
Does not want light.
The animal in us
Knows not the existence of light.
The divine in us
Knows that it is nothing but light itself.

9. The future of the world

Your life of perfection
Is the future of the world.
Your life of satisfaction
Is the future for the world.
Your life of unconditional surrender
Is the future in the world.

10. Smile

When my inner cry is pure
God's outer Smile is sure.
My ascending cry
God's descending Smile
Ever shall remain.

11. Truth

When I make a promise
I make friends
With truth.
But when I keep a promise
My existence becomes
Another name for truth.

12. Selflessness

Selflessness is:
I am of God,
I am for God,
Him to please,
Him to serve
In His own Way
At every moment
Is my heart's selflessness.

Selflessness is
What we call selflessness today
Becomes God-awareness tomorrow,
The day after, that very thing
Becomes God-oneness,
Eternity's God-oneness.

13. Devotion

Devotion in the heart
Is the expansion
Of our Divinity's real life.
Devotion in our entire life
Is the fastest speed
To reach our destined Goal.
Devotion is the strongest magnet
That pulls us to our Eternity's source:

14. Gratitude

Is life's ever-climbing tree
That enjoys God's
Ever-transcending Height,
His Infinity's Delight,
His Immortality's Life
His Perfection's Smile.

15. Aspiration1

Imagination was aspiration.
Inspiration was aspiration.
Now aspiration is inspiration.

When imagination was aspiration
I felt that I was of my Inner Pilot
I was for my Inner Pilot.

When inspiration was aspiration
I felt that I could fly
To my Eternity's Beloved Supreme.

When aspiration is inspiration,
When the real becomes conscious
Of its existence in us,
God the unmanifested Reality
Becomes not only the manifested Reality
But the only Reality
In the world of glowing hope,
In the world of flowing reality.


  1. UO 15. In the original first edition, the third line read 'Now aspiration is aspiration.'

  2. 15

16. Consciousness

The human in us
Cries and climbs
And climbs and cries.
The divine in us
Smiles and descends
And descends and smiles.
Is the connecting link,
The golden thread that unites
Our heart's climbing cry
Heaven's descending smile.

17. To be free

Why do I want to be free?
If I want to be free
Because the rest of the world is bad,
Then God will ask me
To create another world of my own
Since His creation has failed me.

But if I want to be free
So that I can be of greater service
To my sisters and brothers,
To God's entire creation,
Then God in me selects the hour,
And at that choice hour
The aspiring human in me achieves
Freedom from life's ignorance-night.

If I want to be free
To love the world,
To be part and parcel of the world,
Then God is all eagerness
To grant me freedom.
But if I want to be free
Because the world is full of ignorance,
The world is nothing but a devouring tiger,
Then God feels that I am not the right person
For Him to grant freedom to.
He will grant me freedom
Only when He sees that this freedom
Is for dedicated service,
For the transformation of the human race.

18. Gratitude

Earth's gratitude
Heaven's plenitude
Are one and inseparable.

Human heart's gratitude
Divine soul's plenitude
Are one and inseparable.

19. Transformation

Transformation of the mind
Is all we need.
Once the oldest member of our family
Is transformed,
The younger members of the family,
Will automatically and spontaneously
Be transformed;
The transformation of the mind
Is of paramount importance.

20. Aspiration

What we called aspiration
We call that very thing realisation.
And tomorrow
We shall call that very thing

21. Expansion

The expansion
Of human consciousness
Is the beginning
Of divine revelation
In and through
The seeker.

22. Certitude

Remain in the heart always,
Soulfully and unconditionally.
Then the soul's certitude
Will become
Your constant and eternal Friend.

23. Eternal

To be an eternal cry
Of the heart,
In the heart,
For the heart,
Is to grow into
The eternal satisfaction-life
Of the ever-transcending Beyond.

24. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a divine gift,
And this divine gift
We get from higher worlds.
Enthusiasm lost,
Life-satisfaction is lost;
God-perfection in man
Remains a far cry.

25. Oneness

Oneness with the silence-light
And oneness with the sound-might
Can make the real seeker
An eternally perfect instrument
In the Heart of the Supreme.

26. Courage

To speak ill of the world
Needs courage,
But fortunately or unfortunately
Everybody has that courage.

To love the world
As one's own,
Very own,
Needs courage.
Unfortunately, most of us are wanting
In that courage.

The courage of the heart,
The courage of the soul
We badly need,
And not the courage
Of the unruly,
Demanding vital.

27. Discipline

If you discipline your life,
God not only will play with you,
But also will teach you how to play
Most soulfully and most satisfactorily
The way He Himself plays
In His cosmic Game.

28. Compassion

God's Compassion
Is the magnet
That pulls us up
To His Silence-Height
His Perfection-Light.

29. Purity

Is man's conscious and constant
In his life of aspiration-cry
In his life of satisfaction-smile.

30. Service

Service is the illumining light
That fulfils the divine,
Perfects the human
Transforms the animal
In the seeker.

31. Capacity

When capacity is of real necessity,
Capacity knocks at our door
To enter into our life.
When capacity is not of real necessity,
Capacity likes to remain
A perfect stranger.

32. Patience

Patience is the divine friendship
That we enjoy with divine Time,
The ever-lasting Time,
That has far transcended the snares of death
And the frustration of bitter failure.

33. Light

The real light
Is within
And not without.
The real light
Is self-giving
And God-becoming.

34. Victory

The animal victory
Lies in utter destruction.
The human victory
Lies in tremendous hesitation
In total suspicion.
The divine victory
Lies in constant and conscious
Self-expansion and God-manifestation
In the seeker's ever-aspiring heart.

35. Determination

Determination is in our dynamic vital,
In our challenging vital,
In our transforming vital.

Will power is in our immortalising soul,
In our God-fulfilling dream,
In our God-satisfying divinity.

36. Sincerity

Sincerity is the first step toward purity.
Purity is the first step toward self-discovery.
Self-discovery is the first step toward
God-revelation is the first step toward
God-satisfaction and man-satisfaction
All at once.

37. Salvation

Salvation is the foot
Of God the Satisfaction-Tree.
Liberation is the middle
Of God the Satisfaction-Tree.
Realisation is the top
Of God the Satisfaction-Tree.

38. Soulful

Live in the heart.
All the soulful qualities,
Of the ever-lasting, ever-illumining Real
Will beckon you,
Will claim you
As their own,
Very own.

39. Freedom

What is real freedom?
Real freedom is not to strike someone
At one's sweet will.
Real freedom is one's mastery
Over the attachment-world,
Over the temptation-world,
Over the uncompromising,
Unaspiring human world.
Real freedom lies in acceptance of reality
And in perfection of reality.
Accept, transform, perfect:
That is the real freedom.

40. Purity

Cry for purity
The way a child cries for its mother.
Cry and cry,
For there is no other way to invoke purity,
No other way to inundate our earthly existence
With purity.
Cry and cry.
Inside the soulful cry
Purity-seed germinates.
This seed will one day grow into a tiny plant,
And then into a banyan tree.
Cry and try, try and cry.
There is no other way
To sow the purity-seed
And to see it grow into
The purity-banyan tree.

41. Self-offering

The self-offering of the lower self
Is the self-offering
Of what we have temporarily accepted
As our own.
The self-offering of the higher self
Is the self-offering
Of something which we eternally are
But unfortunately
Are not aware of.
Our false life we are claiming as our own.
Our true life, natural life,
We are not claiming as our own.
The higher life is our true life.

42. Obedience

Is not blind self-giving
To another individual.
Is not the play of compulsion.
Has to be full of inner recognition
Of our high, higher, highest part
Playing its role
In different human beings.
Is the acceptance of our higher life,
Of which we are not yet conscious.

43. Realisation

First we have to know
What our ignorance-realisation
Has given us.
When we are frustrated
With our ignorance-realisation,
We shall cry for nectar-realisation.
And that nectar-realisation lies in our
Conscious, constant self-giving
To our own Source,
Which is the ever-transcending Delight
Of the Beyond.

44. Nectar

If we give what we have,
If we give what we are
To our Source,
Then it is not only possible and practicable,
But inevitable
For us to drink nectar.
What do we have to give?
We have to give what we see,
We have to give what we feel,
We have to give what we claim,
We have to give what we are
In the outer world
To the Source.
This moment we are ignorance-prince;
Next moment we are aspiration-prince.
This moment we represent darkness and ignorance;
Next moment we represent light and delight.
Whatever we represent at any moment
Should be offered to the Lord Supreme.
If this moment we represent ignorance,
Then we must offer it.
If the next moment we represent wisdom-light,
Then we must offer it.
Then at every moment
We can drink from the fount
Of divine nectar-delight.

45. Humility

Is the expansion of one's real reality
In a sweet, illumining and fulfilling way.
Is not the helpless surrender
To something or someone else.
Is not a frightened child.
Is real receptivity in us.
If we receive with devoted humility,
Then immediately our receptivity-vessel increases.
Is the secret of secrets
For self-expansion,
For world-inspiration
For world-transformation.

46. Transformation

The transformation of the body
Comes last.
The transformation of the heart
Comes first.
How does the transformation of the heart
Take place?
The transformation of the heart takes place
When a seeker can consciously feel
That he is not the body
He is not of the body,
He is for the body.
To be for the body does not mean
To be satisfied with the animal propensities,
To wallow in the pleasures of ignorance.
But if the seeker cries
For the transformation of the body
And the body-consciousness,
Then the seeker becomes perfect.
Once we transform the body,
This body can then be utilised
For God-manifestation on earth.

47. Purify

How can I purify my mind?
I can purify my mind
Only by looking at a flower
And praying to God
To make me as pure as the flower.
How can I purify my mind?
I can purify my mind
Only by looking at the moon
And praying to God
To make my mind as peaceful as the moon.
How can I purify my mind?
I can purify my mind
Only by looking at a candle flame
And praying to God
To make my mind as one-pointed
As the flame.
By looking at a flower,
By looking at the moon
By looking at the candle flame
I can purify my mind.
Once purification takes place in the mind,
Slowly and steadily
The body and vital become pure.
Mental purity comes first
For the illumination
Of the entire body-consciousness.

48. Responsibility

Our first responsibility
Is to please the omnipresent God,
The Source, the Inner Pilot.
First we have to please God
Who is our Heaven-Friend
Our second responsibility
Is to please our nearest and dearest ones
On earth,
Those whom God wants us to claim as our own.
Our third responsibility
Is to please ourselves.

49. Purity

Is the real divinity
In the heart of a human soul.
This divinity
Ultimately makes us feel
That the Absolute
Is not only the Absolute
But also
The Supreme Beloved
In us,
For us.

50. Light

In our life of aspiration
With the outer light
We see,
With the inner light
We become
With the Light of the Supreme
We know what we eternally are:
God's Dream-Boat
God's Reality-Shore.

Editor's preface to first edition

The poems in this book were composed spontaneously by Sri Chinmoy from words given by his disciples at various Centres.

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