The Wings of Light, part 14

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651. Your prophetic eyes

Your prophetic eyes
Tell me that you are
The only God in Heaven.
But I suspect you.

Your prophetic heart
Tells me that I am
The only God on earth.
I love you
And I shall always love you.

652. O my silence

O my silence-heart,
I love you and love you.

O my silence-life,
I need you and need you.

O my silence-soul,
How near are you, how near?

O my silence-goal,
How far are you, how far?

O my silence-God,
Where are You, where are You?

653. Your turn

Willing or unwilling,
You must go to God.

Willing or unwilling,
You have to realise God.

Willing or unwilling,
God will make you
Another God
Before long.
Ah, He has already resigned.
Now yours is the undisputed turn.

654. I have every right

Since my soul
Is so weak,
I have every right to leave
This soul and look for another.

Since my goal
Is so uncertain,
I have every right to leave
This goal and look for another.

Since my God
Is so blind and deaf,
I have every right to leave
This God and look for another.

655. My mystic inspiration

My mystic inspiration
Starts in my Determination’s silence-green.

My mystic aspiration
Starts in my Purity’s silence-white.

My mystic realisation
Starts in my Expansion’s silence-blue.

My mystic manifestation
Starts in my Perfection’s silence-gold.

656. My wishes

My dear wish
Is to love God.
My heart is the witness.

My dearer wish
Is to serve God.
My soul is the witness.

My dearest wish
Is to fulfil God.
I have two witnesses:
Heaven and earth.

657. My newborn life

My newborn tongue
Only speaks of God.

My newborn heart
Only lives for God.

My newborn life
Only lives in God.

My newborn soul
Only reveals God.

My newborn Goal
Only manifests God.

658. Look at their stubbornness

Look at this stubborn shore!
It refuses to receive my boat.

Look at this stubborn boat!
It refuses to be a little more
Devoted to the shore.

Look at these stubborn passengers!
They just refuse to thank
The boat and shake hands with the shore.

Alas, I am lost in the confusion
Of indifference-sea.

659. Our Master

He is our hopeful Master,
For what we can do.

He is our mournful Master,
For what we have already done.

He is our soulful Master,
He knows and tells us
That we all are destined to be
The direct representatives
Of God on earth.

660. Between

My life is between
The sea and shore
Of God’s unwritten Compassion
And unfailing Love.

My soul is between
The earth and Heaven
Of God’s unseen Cries
And manifested Smiles.

661. Don't be so sad

O my Boatman,
Don’t be so sad.
I am not as useless
As you think.

O my Boat,
Don’t be so sad.
I am not as heavy
As you feel.

O my Shore,
Don’t be so sad.
I am not as irresponsible
As you imagine.

662. Silence

What you can do:
You can criticise silence,
You can ignore silence.

What you cannot do:
You cannot sit even one fleeting minute
In silence.

Yet one day
It is you and you alone
Who will marry silence
And become inseparably one
With silence-sky.

663. What shall I do with them?

What shall I do
With my stupid mind?
It is afraid of vastness.

What shall I do
With my stupid heart?
It is afraid of oneness.

What shall I do
With my stupid life?
It is afraid of duty.

What shall I do
With my stupid soul?
It is afraid of earth-reality.

664. Who will read my poems?

Who will read my poems?
Since he has so many
Important things to do,
I just forgive him.

Who will read my poems?
Why not?
He has to,
Since it is He who
Has written all these poems
In and through me.

Naturally He has to
He always does,

665. I know not why

To be exact,
God loves you more than
He loves me.

To be accurate,
God has all eternity for you
For me He does not have
Even a minute to spare.

To be precise,
God is always and ever
Partial to you,
Yet I love God.
I know not why,
And never shall I know.

666. In his childhood

In his childhood
He slept.
He does not sleep now.

In his childhood
He smiled.
He does not smile now.

In his childhood
He saw
The face of darkness.
He now sees the face of Light.

In his childhood
He played
With ignorance and its brood.
He now plays with God and His children.

667. The life of God-Beauty

The life of outer beauty
Is an expensive force.
The life of God-Beauty
Is an all-loving,
all-fulfilling force.

668. His youth remains

His youth remains,
He is ninety years old.

His youth remains,
He loves the quintessence of life:

His youth remains,
God has always much work
To accomplish in him,
Through him, on earth.

669. A short note

I went to visit my original Home.
Alas, my parents were not there.
I missed their presence badly.

I was told by the sun,
The moon and the stars
That my parents left their Home
To visit my home on earth.

I came back home hurriedly
Only to find a short note:
“Son, your father, God,
And your mother, Goddess,
Need you here on earth
And nowhere else.”

670. Here on earth

I am not alone.
I am with the mists
Of brooding doubts
There on earth.

I am not alone.
I am with the snows
Of blossoming faith
Here on earth.

I am not alone.
I am with the heaving sighs
There on earth.

I am not alone.
I am with the illumining smiles
Here on earth.

671. The patient

When a patient goes to a doctor
He offers his money-power
To the doctor,
He offers his suffering-power
To God,
He offers his love-power
To his body.

672. In praise of marriage

In praise of human marriage:
It knows how to cry.

In praise of divine marriage:
It knows how to try.

In praise of marriage to God:
It knows how to fly.

673. What is next, please?

Father, I have seen Your Face.
What is next, please?
“Daughter, then love Me more.”

Father, I am loving You more.
What is next, please?
“Daughter, promise you will always take part
In My Cosmic Game.”

Father, I shall always take part
In Your Cosmic Game
And unconditionally.
What is next, please?
“Nothing, absolutely nothing,
My sweetest child.”

674. To shorten your journey

To quicken your faith,

To frighten your doubt,

To enlighten your life,

To shorten your journey,

675. For God's sake, don't

O my mind,
For God’s sake
Don’t entangle yourself.

O my vital,
For God’s sake
Don’t strangle yourself.

O my heart,
For God’s sake
Don’t torture yourself.

O my body,
For God’s sake
Don’t belittle yourself.

676. Where is my fruitful time?

Days come and days go.
Where is my God-realising second?

Years come and years go.
Where is my God-manifesting minute?

Centuries come and centuries go.
Where is my universe-perfecting hour?

677. What is the difference?

What is the difference
A poor man
A rich man?
The poor man hurries,
The rich man worries.

What is the difference
A bad man
A good man?
A bad man knows
What he has done for himself.
A good man knows
What he has yet to do
For both God and man.

678. The day I wanted to sail

The day I wanted to sail
With doubt,
Our boat did not start.

The day I wanted to sail
With fear,
Our boat sank when the journey
Was three minutes old.

The day I wanted to sail
With love,
God immediately jumped into our boat
And on we sailed.
Both love and I just
Slept, sang and danced in the boat.
But God did something more:
He led us all the way
With His Nectar-light.

679. I need

O rose-petals of joy,
I need your fragrance.

O God-secret of self-mastery,
I need your light.

O love-perfection of life-mystery,
I need your patience.

680. The answer

Beauty demands an answer.
Love commands an answer.
Duty expects an answer.
Searching needs an answer.
Oneness neither demands nor commands
An answer;
Oneness neither expects nor needs
An answer.
For oneness itself is the
Answer of answers.

681. Four lost things

I have been searching and searching
For four most precious things.
Alas, I know not when and where
I have lost them:
My childhood innocence,
My adolescent courage,
My inner poise,
My supreme smile.

682. Bull, deer and lion

The Bull in me
Fights for the Freedom vast.

The Deer in me
Runs for the freedom of the Beyond.

The Lion in me
Enjoys the freedom of the ever-transcending

683. My choice

Whom am I going to choose: God?
Ah, He has already
Chosen me, my all.

Whom am I going to choose: Ignorance?
Alas, I have already
Chosen her, her brooding

684. We love each other

I love my Master
He tries within me,
He cries for me.

My Master loves me
I am an infant soul,
I am an orphan life.

685. Why they love God

My mind loves God
God can.
He can illumine the mind.

My heart loves God
God has.
He has all love for the heart.

My soul loves God
God is.
God is all.

686. Rainbow Bridge

O Rainbow Bridge,
In you I see
The mounting face
Of aspiration-race.

O Rainbow Bridge,
In you I feel
The descending grace
Of Compassion-Embrace.

Your love of duty
Is your Beauty’s Height.
You are the Bridge

687. Three necessities

Scholarship is necessary
For those who want
To arouse the sleeping world.

Hero-worship is necessary
For those who would like
To inspire the impotent world.

Godship is necessary
For those who wish
To reach the golden Shore
of the Beyond.

688. Achieve!

Achieve self-control!
At your feet
Every living soul.

Achieve God-light!
At your feet
The eternal night.

Achieve God-compassion!
At your feet
The world-salvation.

689. Become

Become a blossomed mind.
God’s Compassion you are bound to find.

Become a dedicated heart.
God’s Delight without fail
Will play its part.

Become a surrendered ray.
God’s Pride will immediately
Give you His eternal Day.

690. God was highly pleased

He renounced
His pleasure-life
His joy-life.
God was highly pleased.
God gave him
God gave him

691. No greater gain, no stronger strength

No greater gain
Than selflessness;
No greater loss
Than forgetfulness.

No stronger strength
Than forgiveness;
No stronger weakness
Than self-indulgence.

692. What is delight?

What is Delight?
Divinity’s Light.

What is Divinity’s Light?
Reality’s Height.

What is Reality’s Height?
Immortality’s Right.

693. Your life

Your life is a life
Of God’s constant Grace.
With Heavenly gods
You have your eternal place.

Your life is a life
Of unconditional surrender.
God’s Height and God’s Depth
Are anxious to have you
As their peerless treasure.

694. No higher pride, no greater joy

No higher pride
Mother Earth contains
Than the man
Whom Divinity maintains.

No greater joy
Father Heaven owns
Than the man
Whom ignorance disowns.

695. Two lords

O body, you have two lords:
A sweet lord,
A silent lord.
Serve your sweet lord, heart.
Serve your silent lord, soul.
Your heart’s aspiration-flame,
Your soul’s illumination-joy
Will transport you
Into the world of the cosmic gods.

696. Love

Love is peace on earth.
Love is bliss in Heaven.
Love is God’s hospitality
To man.
Love is man’s dignity
In God.

697. God proudly pleases you

Your love never failed.
You are ever hailed.

Your peace never died.
Doubt-clouds from you hide.

Your joy never ceased.
God proudly pleases you
And you alone.

698. No disgrace

Poverty is no disgrace;
Just face the blows of the world!

Incompetence is no disgrace;
Just face the laughter of the world!

Defeat is no disgrace;
Just face the evils of the world!

Ignorance is no disgrace;
Just face the impatience of the world!

699. An unfortunate birth

With no sincerity,
Life is an unfortunate birth.

With no humility,
Life is an ignoble birth.

With no purity,
Life is a useless birth.

With no spirituality,
Life is an unthinkable birth.

700. He has nothing to give

He has nothing to give;
Earth does not need him,
Heaven does not want him,
Death avoids him,
Hell ignores him.
God’s Compassion thinks of him,
God’s Love meditates on him.