The Wings of Light, part 15

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701. Your diamond calmness

O whistling wind, my life
And I
Long for your silver cheerfulness.

O rising dawn, my heart
And I
Long for your golden brightness.

O resting sun, my mind
And I
Long for your diamond calmness.

702. We need you

O quenchless aspiration-flames,
The God in me needs you,
You alone.

O endless desire-train,
The man in me needs you,
You alone.

O restless monkey-life,
The animal in me needs you,
You alone.

703. Celebrations

God celebrated Himself
Before Love was born.

I celebrated myself
Before Death was born.

Death celebrated himself
Before Love was born.

704. One thing I shall know

Three things I knew:
How to announce myself,
How to multiply myself,
How to entangle myself.

Two things I know:
How to give,
How to receive.

One thing I shall know:
How to become God.

705. The meaning

Is the meaning of my life-poem.
Is the meaning of my life-song.
Is the meaning of my life-story.

706. When I listened

When I listened to all sides,
I pleased none.

When I listened to you,
Not to him,
You embraced me
He struck me.

When I listened to myself,
I poisoned my life.

When I listened to God,
I transcended my desire-life
God immortalised my aspiration-sun.

707. Can you, will you?

O lustrous glow
Of my sun-life,
Where are you?
How far are you?

O bounteous flow
Of my God-life,
What are you?
Who are you?

O precious rainbow
Of my earth-life,
Can you please me, can you?
Will you fulfil me, will you?

708. My reunion

My union with God,
God and I knew.
My separation from God,
Earth and Heaven knew.
My reunion with God,
Satan knew,
And he wept for his loss.

709. The smile-worlds of the beyond

I lived in life’s stormy night
To see the face of God-Day.
I live in life’s glowing day
To export my earth-core
To the smile-worlds
Of my ever-transcending Beyond.

710. Infidelity

Lord, infidelity everywhere
In Your creation!
How do You account for it?
“Son, I really do not know.
Perhaps My Vital-fire knows.”
Lord, fidelity everywhere
In Your creation!
How do You account for it?
“Son, I really do not know.
Perhaps my Heart-vision knows.”

711. The loser

Earth and Heaven fought;
Earth lost.
With earth, God the Body lost;
With earth, God the expensive Cry lost.

Earth and Heaven fought;
Heaven lost.
With Heaven, God the Soul lost;
With Heaven, God the expansive Smile lost.

712. Try and cry

Try and try, stop not!
God-realisation is indeed
A perpetual possibility.
Cry within, cry without!
God-realisation is indeed
An immediate inevitability.

713. What music tells me

The sound-music tells me
God is Power.

The silence-music tells me
God is Bliss.

The God-music tells me
God is Experience.

714. You are bound to

Clutch and cling;
You are bound to stumble.

Love and serve;
You are bound to run.

Wait for the Hour;
You are bound to lead.

Become and Be:
You are bound to win.

715. His Empire's emperor

Yesterday touched my feeble heart
With his growing terrors.

Today touches my unlit mind
With his blazing errors.

Tomorrow shall touch my striving life
With his amazing labours.

Finally, God shall touch my dream-boat,
And make me His Empire’s emperor.

716. Heart-swan

The dawn-wind
Feeds my heart-swan.

The noon-wind
Feeds my vital-tiger.

The eve-wind
Feeds my mind-horse.

The night-wind
Feeds my body-lamb.

717. The witness

His mind-confusion is rising,
His life-perfection is falling.
Although he denies it,
God is the silent witness.
His heart-dedication is rising.
His God-manifestation is blossoming.
Although he hesitates
The entire world on his behalf proclaims it.

718. Emptiness and fulness

Emptiness of the mind
Is necessary.

Emptiness of the heart
Is obligatory.

Fulness of life-sound
Is God-preparation.

Fulness of silence-life
Is God-perfection.

719. Six comrade-souls

Six divine comrade-souls
Have decided to live together
With God’s lofty Blessing-pride.
A higher communion,
A deeper union,
A stronger realisation,
A brighter perfection,
A truer Reality,
A dearer Divinity.

720. You are great

You are divinely great.
Do you know why?
You are unbinding love.

You are supremely great.
Do you know why?
You are unattached devotion.

You are eternally great.
Do you know why?
You are unconditional surrender.

721. I pity them

She is an anxious, worried woman.
I pity her.
He is a confused, disturbed man.
I pity him.
I am a frustrated, broken-hearted life.
I pity myself.

722. My beneficial perfection

My mind
Is a superficial notion.
My heart
Is a sacrificial nation.
My life
Is an official preparation.
My God-surrender
Is my beneficial Perfection.

723. Always one-way

From the Master,
Love-message in one ear,
Out the other.
From the Master,
Devotion-message in one ear,
Out the other.
God’s Compassion-message once in,
No exit.
It is always one-way.

724. God's three circles

My heart’s aspiration
Is a member of God’s morning circle.

My life’s dedication
Is a member of God’s evening circle.

My surrender’s perfection
Is a member of God’s constant circle.

725. O Queen, O King

O Queen of Heaven,
I need your Compassion-light.

O queen of earth,
I need your patience-night.

O King of Heaven,
I need your Wisdom-shower.

O king of earth,
I need your resolution-power.

726. Right action

Right action is God-freedom.
What else is right action?
Right action is self-giving.
What is self-giving?
Self-giving is oneness-embracing.
What is oneness-embracing?
Oneness-embracing is God-becoming.

727. He knows

He knows.
He knows the impotence of his brutal rage.
He knows.
He knows the importance of his forgiveness-gaze.
He knows.
He knows what he can do:
He can criticise the omnipotent God,
He can utilise the compassionate God.
What he cannot do without
Is his surrender.

728. Birthless and deathless

Bottomless was his desire-sea.
He knew it,
His vital-tiger knew it.

Topless is his aspiration-sun.
He knows it,
His heart knows it.

Birthless and deathless
Shall be the realisation
Of his Perfection-goal.
He shall know it,
His life-river shall know it.

729. He was happy with his life

His village-life was transparent.
He was happy.

His city-life was inconsistent.
He was happy.

His God-life was silent.
He was happy.

730. I love you dearly

Believe it
Once and for all:
O heart of night,
I love you dearly.
O soul of day,
I love you deeply.
O Role of God,
I love you constantly.
O Goal of creation,
I love you freely.

731. Guilty

The guilty body hides.

The guilty vital fights.

The guilty mind defends.

The guilty heart surrenders.

732. He lived to make them happy

He lived unrevealed
To see the jealous earth happy.

He lived unmanifested
To see the callous Heaven happy.

He lived for Truth
To make God happy.

He lived for Love
To make himself happy.

733. Tell me

Tell me mind,
Why are you not steady?

Tell me heart,
Why are you not ready?

Tell me vital,
Why are you persistent?

Tell me body,
Why are you dormant?

Tell me God,
Why are You hesitant, reluctant yet expectant?

734. Do you know who came to see me?

I was alone in the night.
Do you know who came to see me?
My old friend, Doubt, venom-Doubt.

I was alone with the light.
Do you know who came to see me?
My present friend, Faith, nectar-Faith.

I was alone with God.
Do you know who came to see me?
My bosom friend, Love, Eternity’s Love.

735. Your friendship

Your friendship with humanity
Is not secure.
Therefore you always go
Out of your way
To please humanity.

Your friendship with God
Is unimaginably secure.
Therefore quite often
You manage
To forget Him.

736. Your evolving love

You loved life’s
Undivine pleasures, undeniably.

You love life’s
Divine joys, unreservedly.

You shall love life’s
Universal oneness, unconditionally.

737. Nothing is real

Nothing is real!
No, not even my heart.
Therefore I do not pray.

Nothing is real!
No, not even my soul.
Therefore I do not meditate.

Nothing is real!
No, not even God.
Therefore I do not love.

738. In the assembly of cosmic gods

To fascinate humanity,
My heart sings God’s Bliss-songs
In the assembly of human souls.

To fascinate Divinity,
My life sings man’s sorrow-songs
In the assembly of cosmic gods.

739. The guardian

God the Compassion
Is the guardian of my cottage-heart.

God the Liberation
Is the guardian of my earth-life.

God the Perfection
Is the guardian of my soul-reality.

740. Songs of passing time

Childhood sings
The songs of strange curiosity.

Adolescence sings
The songs of blind carelessness.

Youth sings
The songs of cold indifference.

Maturity sings
The songs of deepening nostalgia.

Dotage sings
The songs of orphan helplessness.

741. Why should my God love you?

If your God is so great,
Why does He not think of me?
“As long as you allow your stupid mind
To think of you,
Why should my God think of you?”

If your God is so kind
Why does He not love me?
“As long as you treasure
Your insecure heart,
Why should my God love you?”

742. The touch

The cold touch of the earthly years
Weakens you and frightens you.

The warm touch of the Heavenly years
Inspires you and liberates you.

The silent touch of Eternity’s years
Fulfils you and immortalises you.

743. From my own personal experience

You want to know what I think of God?
I will tell you what little I know of Him
From my own personal experience:
He has kindness.
He is good.
At times
He is cute, too.
Now do you want to know something
Of my personal connection and relation with Him?
Ah, you want to know!
Then just listen:
He is my surrendered heart’s perfect slave,
My desiring vital’s compassionate Master.

744. You refuse

You refuse to go with man
He is too small.

You refuse to go with God
He is too great.

You refuse to go with Heaven
Heaven’s soul is indifferent.

You refuse to go with earth
Earth’s body is malignant.

745. My business, God's business

My business is to spend;
My Lord’s business is to send.
What do I spend
What does He send?
His Compassion-flood.
My business is to receive;
My Lord’s business is to give.
What do I receive
What does He give?
His Perfection-sun.

746. I am proud of my God

I have sent all my teeming desire-thoughts
Into life-long exile.
Therefore my God is proud of me.
My God uses His birthless and deathless Will
Most scrupulously and most unsparingly.
Therefore I am proud of my God.
I repeat:
I am proud of my God.

747. All for you

His mind is dry and barren,
His heart is warm and fertile.
All his earthly achievements are all for you.
His soul is dreaming and planning,
His Goal is fulfilling and becoming.
All his Heavenly achievements
Are all for you.

748. You are

O mind, my mind,
You are a life-long curiosity.

O heart, my heart,
You are a life-long obscurity.

O life, my life,
You are the dance of futility.

O God, my God,
You are my only necessity,
You are my Self-Form-Reality.

749. Perfection incarnate, destruction incarnate

He is great
When the silence-sea captures him.

He is small
When the sound-volcano captures him.

He is perfection incarnate
When he unveils God.

He is destruction incarnate
When he veils himself.

750. My greed

There is no difference
My mind and my unsatisfied greed.

There is no difference
My vital and my dissatisfied greed.

There is no difference
My heart and my fleeting greed.

There is no difference
My body and my constant greed.