The Wings of Light, part 16

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751. Transience

Earth-life is a transient cry.
Heaven-life is a transient smile.
Death-life is a transient fear.
God-life is a transient imagination.

752. Faith

Courage is the eye of faith.
Love is the heart of faith.
Truth is the head of faith.
God is the soul of faith.

753. Nobody knew

Nobody knew
About his taut confines.
Nobody watched
His slow decline.
Nobody believed
His great inner triumph.
Nobody sympathised
With his utter outer failure.

754. The supreme secret

Fear cannot please
His body any more.
Depression cannot please
His vital any more.
Doubt cannot please
His mind any more.
Insecurity cannot please
His heart any more.
Because he has discovered
The supreme secret:
That he is of God-Delight
He is for God-Light.

755. I thank time

I thank each moment
For its generous heart.

I thank each day
For its gracious life.

I thank each year
For its glorious role.

756. They are left alone

His desire-life
And the prince of hell
Are left alone.

His aspiration-life
And the prince of Heaven
Are left alone.

His God-life
And here and now
Are left alone.

757. My escorts

Pride escorted me
To the country of orphan humiliation.
Humility escorted me
To the country of high glorification.
Love escorted me
To the country of blossoming perfection.

758. The Answer supreme

No more questions!
No more questions!
I shall drown all the questions
In the Light-sea of my heart.

No more answers!
No more answers!
I have seen God’s Face,
The Answer supreme,
In the freedom-sky of my soul.

759. Why do I welcome desires?

I can live my life
Without a single desire.
Then why do I welcome desires?

I welcome desires because
My unchallenging life
Wishes God always to live
His God-life above
My desire-life.

760. My oneness-goal

Is my beauty’s body.
Is my duty’s life.
Is my sacrifice-soul.
Is my oneness-goal.

761. My peerless discovery

I am not God;
That all of you know.
I am the future God;
That you do not know.
I love you all;
I gladly share with you
My peerless discovery.

762. Perhaps they know

Where is God?
I do not know.
Perhaps my heart-flame knows.

Who is God?
I do not know.
Perhaps my soul-sun knows.

Why is God?
I do not know.
Perhaps my love-life knows.

763. You are the right person

God, why do You love me?
“Son, I love you
I need you.”

Why do You need me?
“I need you
You embody My Sound-life.”

Why do You want me to embody Your Sound-life?
“I want you to embody My Sound-life
My Silence-life needs its counterpart.
Needless to say,
You are absolutely the right person.”

764. A life of surrender

A life of surrender divine
Is the joy of Olympus-height.
A life of surrender human
Is the torture of ignorance-sea.
A life of divine surrender supreme
Is the Perfection-embrace of God.

765. Always

His heart is always new
As the morning sky.

His soul is always old
As the evening hope.

His smile is always powerful
As the blazing sun.

766. Who am I?

“Why do I need God?”
You need God
Because you need your real Self.
“Why do I need my real Self?”
You need your real Self
Because of your oneness with God.
“Who am I?”
You are the sound-fruit.
“Who is God?”
God is the Silence-seed.

767. They do not hope

Life does not hope
To see his smile.
Death does not hope
To see his face.
Hell does not hope
To see his pangs.
Heaven does not hope
To see his heart.

768. Freedom-soul

Lord, the difference
Your love and my love is this:
My love has bound Your Freedom-soul
Your love has freed my bondage-body role.

769. God is clever, God is wise

God is clever.
He does not accept
My sad but unconditional surrender.
Because He knows that if opportunity dawns
I shall challenge His authority and supremacy.

God is wise.
He accepts
My glad and unconditional surrender.
Because He knows that when the Hour strikes
He will turn me into another God.

770. Your life of lustre

Smile, unreservedly smile!
Your life will be
The lustre of a rose.

Dance, unerringly dance!
Your life will be
The lustre of the moon.

Cry, soulfully cry!
Your life will be
The lustre of the Supreme.

771. Why?

Death, why do you sleep so much?
Life, why do you cry so much?

Earth, why do you fear so much?
Heaven, why do you ignore so much?

Man, why do you doubt so much?
God, why do you forgive so much?

772. I take care of God

Do you know who takes care of me?
Do you know who takes care of God?

God takes care of me
With His Compassion-height.
I take care of God
With my surrender-light.

773. God gave me

When my life was a slumbering will
God thought of me compassionately.
When my life was a conquering will
I thought of myself proudly.
When my life was a surrendering will
God gave me His Heart to smile,
God gave me His Eyes to devour,
God gave me His Face to reveal.

774. I play

When I meditate
Inside a mountain cave,
I play with God’s secret Soul.

When I meditate
At the foot of a banyan tree,
I play with God’s vast Sky.

When I meditate
Inside my heart,
I play with God’s sacred Breath.

775. When will you return?

Father Supreme,
When will You return?
“I shall return
Before you think of Me.”

“Son, My son,
When will you return?”
I shall return
Only when You give me Your Throne.

“Son, then take it, take it.”
Father, I need it, I need it.

776. The end of school

The end of Heaven-school.

The end of earth-school.

The end of man-school.

The end of God-school.

777. Magical, radical and practical

My vision-life is magical;
Therefore the world admires me.
My reality-life is radical;
Therefore God loves me.
My God-life is practical;
Therefore I honour and treasure myself.

778. My flawless lives

My silence-life
Is birthless and flawless.

My sound-life
Is deathless and flawless.

My perfection-life
Is endless and flawless.

779. A home far away

Fear is a home
Far away from God.

Love is a home
Far away from man.

Realisation is a home
Far away from Heaven.

Perfection is a home
Far away from earth.

780. Sick of it

Mind, be still!
I am sick of your wild restlessness.
Heart, be pure!
I am sick of your vast impurity.
Soul, be certain!
I am sick of your constant uncertainty.

781. God's tortoise and God's deer

I am God’s tortoise.
I do not have to worry;
Slow and steady wins the race.

I am God’s deer;
I have no time to waste.
Lo, God’s silver Grace is beckoning me.

782. O messenger, where are you?

O messenger of Dream,
Earth needs you.
Where are you?

O messenger of Reality,
Heaven needs you.
Where are you?

O messenger of Silence,
Life needs you.
Where are you?

O messenger of God,
Death needs you.
Where are you?

783. Watching

My earth is thirsty;
Alas, no nectar-sea within my reach.

My Heaven is hungry;
Alas, no nourishing-sky within my reach.

My human birth is crying;
Alas, no saving hand within my reach.

Yet God is watching,
Carefully watching.

784. The freedom-sky of oneness

Human life is motion and evolution.
Divine life is the silence-sea.
God-life is the Freedom-sky of Oneness
The body of the finite
The soul of the Infinite.

785. Their ways

Is the unknown way of the body.

Is the unappreciated way of the soul.

Is the misunderstood way of God.

786. My life

Lord, my life is a flute
Out of tune.

Lord, my life is a meditation
Out of practice.

Lord, my life is an accident
Out of danger.

787. I was determined

I was determined
In my seeking.
Therefore I am really successful.

I was determined
In my God-becoming.
Therefore I am divinely successful.

I was determined
In my surrendering.
Therefore I am supremely successful.

788. To love God is to become God

To love God is to need God,
To need God is to see God,
To see God is to breathe God,
To breathe God is to become God.

789. What you have and what you are

To live with man
Is to live with what you have.
To live with God
Is to live with what you are.
What you have: God-aspiration.
What you are: God-realisation.

790. Intuition, transformation and perfection

Intuition: what is it?
It is the record speed of the inner Light.

Transformation: what is it?
It is the manifested glory of the inner Light.

Perfection: what is it?
It is the constant self-transcendence of the inner Light.

791. Tomorrow's necessity

Yesterday’s stupidity
Failed to love her.

Today’s insecurity
Fails to reach her.

Tomorrow’s necessity
Will love her and reach her,
Treasure her and manifest her.

792. She is

Indeed, She is the veiled deity.
Indeed, She is the concealed Queen.
Indeed, She is the unrevealed Mother.
Indeed, She is the unmanifested Godhead.

793. Her name

That is her secret name.

That is her sacred name.

That is her birthless and deathless name.

794. O Sister of earth

O Mother of Heaven,
Thy love I implore.

O Daughter of God,
Thy smile I adore.

O Sister of earth,
Thy absence
Neither humanity
Nor Divinity
Can endure.

795. Her heights, her depths

Her nights are God’s silver trances.
Her days are God’s golden dances.
Her heights are God’s diamond discoveries.
Her depths are God’s eternal mysteries.

796. How to make God smile

When I pray,
The Power of God smiles.

When I meditate,
The Light of God smiles.

When I love and serve,
God Himself smiles.

797. Not a repetition

She tells the world:
Life is not a fruitless repetition.

She tells the world:
Death is not a helpless repetition.

She tells the world:
Love is not an eyeless repetition.

She tells the world:
God is not a useless repetition.

798. Through her

Through her eyes,
Earth’s thousand tears burn.

Through her heart,
Heaven’s thousand smiles shine.

Through her life,
God’s thousand lives blossom.

799. Her occupations

She energises the spheres
Of divine activities.

She immortalises the realms
Of silence-trances.

To man she offers her vision-flames
Of the emerald Beyond.

To God she offers her promise-noon
Of Infinity’s life
Eternity’s love.

800. Look up, my life!

O my life of failure-sighs,
Look up!
Challenge once more
The victory of ignorance-night.
Arouse the lightning speed
Of your spirit-sky.
Lo, in you abides the Emperor
Of transcendental Triumphs.